Keith Urban and Mariah Carey Set to Pretape American Idol Finale Performances

American Idol judges, Keith Urban and Mariah Carey, will be pre-taping performances for this week’s Idol finale.

Keith is pre-taping on Tuesday (Most likely he will perform the new single he’s been teasing, scheduled to be released this week.) Mariah is set to pre-tape a medley of her biggest hits on Wednesday.

This, according to an email from the company that handles seating for television audiences.

The American Idol finale is set for Thursday May 16 at The Nokia in Los Angeles. Keith and Mariah will, of course, be pre-taping there.

Ex-judge, Jennifer Lopez, is also set to perform. Adam Lambert will perform a duet with 3rd place finisher, Angie Miller. The Band Perry will sing with 5th placer, Janelle Arthur and Frankie Valli will perform with the Top 10 boys.

(Thanks, @blkeener!)

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  • Valarie

    I’ll prepost my opinion of the pretaped performances. Yawn. I used to be somewhat of a fan of both Keith and Mariah, but their stints on Idol completely cured me of that lapse in judgement.

  • bridgette12

    I don’t understand why these two would pre tape when they are going to be there in person at the finale. Why don’t they perform live?

  • usedtobelucy

    Uh, why? ….

    They really have no sense of irony at all, do they?

  • bridgette12

    Are you going to give us a post analysis of their pretaped performances. Do you think they will show Keith and Mariah sitting there live watching themselves perform on the screen. It’s unbelievable and these people are considered to be superstars.

  • Pat H

    I just got a ticket voucher e-mail for these pre tapings. I am not going.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Is it possible that the stage couldn’t be set up in time within the space of a commercial break?

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Yes, part of the “payment” for being judges. I wonder if Nicki will perform/pre-tape a performance as well?

  • bridgette12

    Maybe they get Randy to do a pretaped instrumental performance as a going away present.

  • H.A.

    I wonder why they need to pre-tape. How much staging does Keith need with just his guitar.


    Did anyone know if Phillip is still gonna be performing the 15th?

  • Madilo

    i would like to know too, hope he’s able to perform

  • H.A.

    I’m starting to feel that being on American Idol can ruin/tarnish your image. I used to be a big fan of Steven Tyler. His whole Rock&Roll image was intact until I started seeing and hearing him speak 2x a week. I really didn’t want to know that all that drugs completely left him brain dead. I’m seeing a lot of weaknesses being exposed. As for the Idol contestants once their initial debut album and all the promo runs out until the next winner the Idol stigma starts to kick in. I think Kelly, Carrie, Fantasia escaped the stigma because Idol was still culturally relevant. I think being associated with Idol is getting more cheesier and cheesier.

  • jdanton2

    Lazaro and Curtis tweeted about Jordin Sparks doing something today . either rehearsing for the finale or taping something.

  • matt89

    didn’t he cancel a number of college tour dates because of an illness?


    Well, I hope he rest and He gets back his healt, but shows on idol could really help his sales



  • Miz

    That is my guess. There will be a lot of production and staging going on. Since they are both there already, might as well get it out of the way on Wed.

  • Susan Reiter

    I am very anxious for any news of what song Adam Lambert and Angie will be dueting on. Thank God with Adam you can expect a live performance! Since Angie has been eliminated, should take some stress off of her for the evening. The duet should be fabulous!

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Oh good! Season 6 is the only season that hasn’t had an alum perform on the show this year. Glad to see that Jordin may be on the finale.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Maybe Mariah needs more staging, but didn’t Keith just perform live on the show a few weeks ago?

  • Q3

    If they have Adam and Jordin on the show, I would love to see the two of them do something together.

  • Q3

    I can’t wait to know what it will be but I hope it is a song from Trespassing! And I hope that Angie loosens up a bit now that the competition is over. Perhaps they can get “Cuckoo” ;)

  • girlygirl

    I hate the pretaped performances. It’s not so bad watching on tv, but if you are in the actual live audience, it is so boring to watch a pretaped performance. There is absolutely no energy in the audience, everyone just sits there. And if you actually attend the tapining of the performance, they generally run through it multiple times before they decide they are done.

    There’s no reason why Keith and Mariah couldn’t perform live. They don’t need fancy production, just go out and sing.

  • girlygirl

    Did Lauren and Carrie sing one of Carrie’s songs when they dueted at the S10 finale? Or did Josh & Fantasia duet on one of her own songs? I honestly don’t remember.

    If they did, then maybe Angie & Adam will duet on one of his songs. But if they just covered someone else’s songs, then I would expect Angie & Adam to cover someone else’s song as well.

  • milwlovesadam


    I’m pre-bored already.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Lauren and Carrie dueted on “Before He Cheats” at the S10 finale.

    Josh and Fantasia dueted on “Take Me to the Pilot” at the S11 finale.

  • Lexie O’Neill

    I’m not sure about Josh and Fantasia, but Lauren and Carrie did a Carrie song.:)

  • Laura Corn

    I hope Mariah doesn’t do the “I’m so sexy” again like last night . That was hard to watch. Bad enough that’s all Jlo can do so I think I would rather watch Nicki instead. Why the big secret who is singing with top 2?

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Keith performed live a few weeks ago, so I don’t think that he needs a lot of time for setting up, but Mariah may want more elaborate staging. lol

  • fuzzywuzzy

    There are clues that Kree may be singing with Kacey Musgraves and Candice with JHud.

  • windmills

    Kacey will be playing in Ft. Wayne, Indiana the night of the finale, opening a show for Kenny Chesney (Kacey’s tour schedule) so she unfortunately won’t be Kree’s finale duet partner.

  • Diana Adams Tyler

    Idol judges should perform live like those on the Voice.

  • Goodvibes27

    Idol producers wouldn’t get someone as hip and upcoming as Kacey Musgraves anyway. They would rather roll out the old fossils.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Oh, OK, thanks. Kacey tweeted that she was going to LA and Angie tweeted that she was looking forward to meeting her, so that’s why I speculated that she might be singing with Kree at the finale.

  • windmills

    Kacey was in the audience (with Nashville songwriters Sarah Buxton and Kate York) supporting Kree at this week’s performance show. Every time they cut to the group of ladies they labeled “Kree’s friends,” that was them.

    I rolled my eyes a little that the couldn’t at least acknowledge Kacey by name, but Sarah Buxton and Kate York are no slouches either and maybe they didn’t want to emphasize the fact that Kree has high profile friends in country music.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    lol I don’t know what Kacey looks like, so I didn’t catch that. Yeah, I can understand why the show didn’t want to acknowledge Kree’s friends by name.

    ETA: I also didn’t see anyone identify her on the discussion thread of the show.

  • H.A.

    Cuckoo is not a song for Angie and Adam. If I had to pick a song from Trespassing it would be Underneath. The song plays more to Angie’s strength. I would have Angie at the piano and do a tone down version of Underneath.

  • everything

    The night should be about Angie Miller and to show case her. Lambert is just playing a supporting role. She is a very talented song writer. Why can’t it be one of her songs?

  • windmills

    Yeah, I meant to mention it and then got lost in everything else I was writing. Oops!

    Conveniently, Kacey herself instagrammed a screenshot of her with Sarah Buxton and Kate York:

    That’s Kacey at the very left, then Sarah Buxton, then Kate York. This was Kacey’s comment on her Instagram:

    It was SO incredible being able to support one of the most amazing girls I’ve ever met first hand. Her spirit & voice is captivating and at 22 is more a legend than most could ever dream of becoming. Proud. We love you, Kree!!@kreeai12

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Thanks! Cool that they were there in person to support Kree.

  • bridgette12

    She has songs? I don’t think they are going to be singing anything that Angie wrote. Unless she’s recorded something that actually sold, then most likely that’s not going to happen.

  • HermeticallySealed

    And in Season 10, the night was to showcase James, but he still sang Judas Priest’s song. In 8 it was about Allison, but she still sang Cyndi’s song. etc, etc. Usually, when a contestant sings a duet with a guest, they sing one of the guest’s songs. Don’t see why that should change just because a guest once was on the show.

  • RalphResty

    Keith Urban performing again? For the second time THIS YEAR? Why? His last performance was too bland. The contestants’ performances he was judging were much better than his. And how about Nicki Minaj? Why isn’t she performing?

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I’m sure that they would be great together, but I think that singing with Angie is enough participation for Adam. This show should be about celebrating the contestants, like it was on the finale with Kris and Adam back in S8.

  • dy

    I hate to admit it, but his stint on Idol has made me less of a Keith fan (and I was a big one). There are some things I wished he had done differently. The other three I didn’t really expect much from.

  • Face

    LOL… all sorts of ironic…
    if you were conspiracy minded you could read all sorts into this… i.e. maybe this is how TPTB feel they can ensure control of how the judges respond post any firing announcement…. i.e. Keith, if you don’t turn up and do what we ask top 2 night, even though we just shit canned you… then we wont play your pre-recorded segment to promote your new song on the finale?!
    plus maybe it’s their way of allowing for any over running on finale night…
    or, maybe it’s purely practical… i.e. they pre record Mariah’s greatest hits and have several versions (the 3 minute, the 5 minute, the 7 minute etc…) and just play whichever one is the right length for the time they have left at that point?!?

  • vdawg

    Whats the big deal, Idol has always had pretaped performances every year.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    For me, the “big deal” is that Mariah is supposed to be a legendary vocalist, so I have an expectation of her performing/singing live because of her reputation. I have no such expectation of someone like JLo, who would lip synch even IF she performed live.

  • Valarie

    Contestants are expected to be ‘professional’ immediately after getting fired, by performing live one last time. The pros are allowed to phone it in. That has to be one of Idol’s biggest ironies, ever.

  • L. R. M. L.

    In this interview after Thursday’s show, Kree says Casey Abrams is her singing partner. Odd pairing to me.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    What an insult to Kree.

  • Axxxel

    Wouldn’t that be a great idea…duets of Idol alumns… nice idea for Idol season 13….

  • Axxxel

    Heard from gossip that Rihanna would be on the finale… Imagine Adam and Angie singing the Stay/underneath mash up.. . Then again, because both Adam and Angela have among others some highschool musical theater background… I still think they would sing a broadway tune.

  • Axxxel

    hhm Maybe Keith and Mariah will do some comedy skit to honor Randy.

  • L. R. M. L.

    I was going to mention that I was hoping she was kidding. Hope she was. Like Casey but hoping for a better match for Kree.

  • ShellyAtwood

    They’re pre-taping because Kree is performing with Keith and Mariah Candice.

  • ShellyAtwood

    Because Keith is singing with Kree and Mariah is singing with Candice. Their pre-taped performances do not involve contestants.

  • ShellyAtwood


  • ShellyAtwood

    Kree with Keith. Mariah with Candice.

  • bridgette12

    So what, they can’t sing more than one song live per night.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Is this your speculation or is there a source for this information?

  • 1MzLiz

    One thing worse that Idol’s format this year (if anything could have been) were the letters which all simply boiled down to ‘so and so’ didn’t vote the way I felt he should have, so I don’t like him anymore. That particular judge infuriated fans because he didn’t simply vote ‘country’. But, he was asked to join the panel to judge everyone. Had he only voted for Kree, then he would have been justly criticized.

  • Kariann Hart

    Maybe Phillip will appear on video tape with a message of support?