John Park, Katelynn Epperly and Paige DeChausse – Pre-Idol Music

Check out Pre-Idol music from a few of last night’s Chicago contestants:

John Park, the Asian dude with the awesome R&B voice:  Here’s John singing a few songs with an a’cappella group (shades of Anoop Desai and the Clefhangers)  Coming Home, Falling Slowly, and more from Purple Haze.

Katelyn Epperly,  the curly-haired gal who sang Duffy sings  Almost Lover at the piano, and Bridge Over Troubled Water with a choir.

And, Paige DeChausse, the blusey-voiced girl Simon called “indulgent”, and Kara and Shania had to convince Randy to let through sings Rock Me Right and Angel From Montgomery with the Chicago Blues Angels.

  • itsalleternal

    The complete list of those who made it from Chicago:

    Angela Martin
    Charity Vance
    John Park
    Justin Ray
    Katelyn Epperly
    Kenneth Ellis
    Lee DeWyze
    Marcus Jones
    Nick Lynch
    Paige DeChausse
    Sean Butler

    2 are missing videos; one is Keith Semple (reportedly disqualified according to some posts due to lack of visa, like Carly Smithson in season 5), not sure the other one.

  • chessguy99

    I was just thinking of all the similarities between John Park and Anoop. Besides being college guys in the school’s primo a’cappella group, they both got extended judge chit-chat in their audition segment.