American Idol Season 9 – Chicago Auditions

What was up with Chicago?  Only 13 golden tickets were handed out in two days, and as a result, we got a show full of freaks and geeks with a few decent auditions sprinkled in.

The best of tonight:  The soulful Katelyn Epperly (but I hope all that blather about auditioning for her mother was for the TV cameras), the big voiced (and tragic) Angela Martin and R&B singer, John Park.

I wanted to hear more from Shania Twain, who had good constructive criticism (even if it was a little racy! Heh) for the hopefuls.  It was a bunch of blah blah blah from the rest of them.

Tomorrow, it’s Kristin Chenoweth in Orlando Fl, the city Randy Jackson called “weird”. That should be something.

Live blog and Videos after the JUMP…

Shania Twain is the guest judge on tonight’s hour long audition episode in Chicago IL.

12, 000 people arrive at the Chicago cattle call….

Oh look, a nod to Chicagoan, President Obama. Crowd chanting “Yes we can, yes we can” Because American Idol is just like the presidential election!

Kara loves her some Shania Twain!. Shania said she’d pee herself if she had to stand in front of the judges. TMI!

Katelyn Epperly – 19 – West Des Moines, IA – “Syrup and Honey” by Duffy – Sob story! Katelyn’s father left the family high and dry very recently. Katelyn is trying out for Idol for her mom. Oh, that’s a perfect reason! Mom living through her kids. That works (never). Oh, Katelyn’s got that soulful white-girl thing that’s been so popular lately. Kind of a Duffy thing, but sorta not. Her huge mane of blonde curly hair makes her striking. Ryan says she doesn’t sound like Duffy. Kara wants her to be a little perkier. Simon says the lights are off. But Shania thinks she’s got a voice that could sing a hit song. She gets 4 yeses. – VIDEO

Amy Lang – 26 – Westchester, OH – “Dr. Feelgood” by Aretha Franklin – She’s a Broadway baby! Really unessessary and weird flirting going on with Ryan. She drops to the ground like a narcoleptic, and then pops up to sing in a really shouty voice. Nobody liked it. All nos! She was pretty abrasive. That thing she did with her humongous breasts? Just no. – VIDEO

Charity Vance – 16 – Little Rock, AK – “Summertime” – She works at her parents hair salon. There she is, sweeping up hair! She’s got a really nice jazzy tone. It’s sweet and light, unique sounding. She sounds older than 16 (like so many do). Wonder how she handled Hollywood? Shania is giving some really good critiques! Simon likes Charity a lot. All 4 judges say yes. – VIDEO

Our first parade of truly odious singers. Oh look at all the crazy contestants!

Only 4 golden tickets have been given away so far.

Angela Martin – 28 – Chicago – “Just Fine” by Mary J. Blige – Poor Angela Martin. She’s got a sick daughter. Her Dad was killed. She had a traffic warrant that scuttled her last attempt in Hollywood. I knew she made the Top 50 last year, but had no idea about the tickets. That sucks. Angela strong, soulful voice pwns Lil Rounds. She’s got great control. (unlike Lil) Simon says she’s really talented, and needs a break. The judges really like her, and they move her on. Of course, many of you know that Angela’s mom went missing right after Christmas. This poor chick cannot catch a break. – VIDEO

A little montage of peeps getting their golden tickets.

Day 2

Curly Newbern – 26 – Chicago – “A Women’s Work” by Maxwell – His teeny-tiny falsetto coming out of his great big body is really really weird. Simon and Randy can’t stop laughing. The guy walks away before he even gets his answer – VIDEO

Alannah Halbert – 19 – Chicago, IL – She also sucks. Shania tries to give her constructive criticism, but it’s pretty much a lost cause. Chick is in a total daze. What’s wrong with her? – VIDEO

Brian Krause – 27 – Pittsburgh PA – “Tip Toe Through the Tulips” by Tiny Tim – OMG. This guy isn’t serious. He’s actually got a pretty funny Tiny Tim impression going on there. He swears he’s not joking (but, of course he is). – VIDEO

Harold Davis – 25 – Chicago, IL – “Nice and Slow” by Usher – This guy can hold a note for a really, really long time. And that makes him a champ! This dude isn’t terrible enough to be an entertaining bad audition. Why are they giving this guy screen time? He gets nos from everyone, then breaks down and cries. Oh, that’s why.  This is embarrassing. – VIDEO

No golden tickets yet!

And the parade of truly sucky auditions continue….

John Park – 20 – Northbrook, IL – “I Love Me More Than You’ll Ever Know” by Al Cooper – Says he could be the next American Idol! He’s got a nice, smooth soulful voice. A drop of sweet rain in a night of suck! Shania says she was very surprised and compliments John’s bottom end (she means tone, really) and then compliments his lips. Shania can’t stop with the double entendres! Folks are surprised that an Asian can sing soul. Didn’t they sort that out last year with Anoop Desai? 4 yeses for John Park. – VIDEO

Paige Dechausse – 21 – Morris, IL – “A Change is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke – Her entire family came to the audition in a Limo, thanks to Grandma! When Paige was young, she nearly died from an asthma attack. Simon calls her indulgent. Shania isn’t totally convinced, but says yes. Kara thinks she has potential. Randy is holding out, but Kara and Shania convince him to say yes. I dunno, I thought she was pretty good, a strong, blusey voice. Sure, she over sang and tried a little too hard, but they’ve said yes to worse. – VIDEO

Justin Ray – 20 – Marysville, IN – “Why Does it Hurt So Bad” by Justin Ray – Keith Semple – 27 – Hanover Park, Il – “Heaven” by Bryan Adams. Marcus Jones – 18 – Gary, IN – “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain – Finally, a bunch of contestants we barely get to see get passed through to Hollywood. – VIDEO

13 contestants advance to Hollywood from Chicago.

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