Jessica Sanchez Covers Mega Magazine (PHOTO)

Jessica Sanchez will grace the  cover of the Philippines fashion magazine, MEGA, as one of the country’s top news makers of 2012, according to the MEGA Facebook page.

The American Idol Season 11 runner-up is described as a “global Filipina loved and idolized by millions.”   The report inside the magazine will discuss her background and plans for the future.

I  love the styling–modern, but with a traditional Asian flair.  Jessica looks like a princess.

What do you think?

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  • mardale

    She should be Kim!!!

  • Trisha26

    She looks way too old. She’s 17. And the embellishments in the hip area aren’t doing her figure (which is fine) any favors.

  • halo9125

    The picture is lovely with one small caveat- if it didn’t say it was Jessica, I would have no clue who that is. 

  • Miz

    She looks gorgeous and very exotic. I don’t like how the embellishments make her hips look (huge), but otherwise a very pretty dress.

  • danperez90

    If she dont make it in the USA, her career will be huge on phillipines, so im not worried bout her

  • jobeob987

    Jessica looks beautiful.  The dress is gorgeous with the exception of the extra material over the hips which broadens them.  Just say no to that, Jess.

  • H.A.

    Jessica Sanchez Looks stunning.

  • Tommyo2000

     She looks Diva’licious …  the most stylish Idol ever? …

  • fantoo1

    She looks very pretty.

  • Alar

    A similar ” Pocahontas ” look that she had singing the National anthem at the 2012 NBA Finals brings out her exotic features.. Jessica is strikingly grown up in this cover .. and to think that Seventeen magazine (Dec 2012 issue) is just out in newsstands and she’s featured there too ..but has an all-teen this was quite a surprise ( a nice one ) ..

  • loveroftalent

    Such a stunning and talented young lady..

  • Reginald

    Jess gets more and more beautiful every time I see her. I love this cover shot! 

  • ali_359921

    Beautiful …  Can’t wait 4 the album

  • sweetmm

    Look great, the fashion is appropriate for the type of magazine I guess.  It caters more of the high end fashion instead of teeny boppers hence the more mature polished look.  The make-up had also play a part in making her features different from the norm.

  • Jenny Williams

    She’s gracing the cover of another Magazine over there. Total Girl

  • Jenny Williams
  • tibitibis

    She looks great , beautiful and stylish …..and the dress ….i want that Dress lol, very pretty :) I’m curious about the kind of music she gonna put out , she certainly has The Voice so i hope they give her real good music.

  • Jenny Williams

    And here’s the behind the scenes video for the Mega Magazine shoot : Jessica is a natural at this.

  • roarpen

    Wow – GREAT picture of her. You go girl!

  • Garrett Clayman

    She is perfection and a superstar in the Phillipines, can she just become one in America. Now.

  • Klaine

    If they did a movie of that or better yet Miss Saigon, Jessica could follow the JHud school to stardom

  • Eileen99

    Wow, Jessica looks beautiful.  I love that dress & her hair/makeup. 

  • sweetmm

    I must say the make-up & styling is gorgeous!!!  I hope she takes note and adopt these looks :)

  • Kariann Hart

    There is one photo of Pia in a long, black, backless evening gown that is gorgeous.  Being that Jessica is still a teenager, we’ll see if she will be most stylish.  She is petite.  I bet she weighs about 95 pounds!  Lovely young lady.

  • Taylor

    Wow! A beautiful cover of a beautiful young woman!

  • George Wilson

    She looks “high-fashion”!!!

  • lovesickheroine

    Here’s the video of her cover shoot. She’s friggin gorgeous

  • Alar

    The Facebook page of Mega Magazine ( Public ) had more on the shoot ..
    I was happy to see that LA make-up artists Denika Bedrossian ( who also does Miley Cyrus ) and Judd Minter were responsible for the look .. They’ve been doing all her Ad endorsements during the AI Tour ( Philippines ) and the recent Red Carpet Events in Hollywood.

  • TackyZacky

    I must say Jessica has become the epitome of “exotic” – an “exotic chameleon” at that.

    Why the girl can effortlessly swing from an image that gives the impression of a “fragile little kitten” to one coming across as a “sleek lithe panther”! :-)

  • SullyD

    Loved it :)

  • ??EvHeaD??ozzy??

    did they photoshop her to make her look a bit more… Asian?

  • Lion's DENN

    the girl knows how to “smize” – to quote from tyra banks’ school of modeling:) and a chameleon she is. hopefully, she puts those qualities to good use at acting. looking forward to watching her on glee.

  • Henrique Mendes

    I understand what you mean, but I confess I find it a little weird when the term “exotic” appears.

    I agree, she is gorgeous!

  • Jon Arbues

    she look like this megia on that pic.. hehe..

  • Axxxel

    I think the dress makes her look more Asian.

  • George Wilson

    She should be in TEEN VOGUE. Someone send her there!!!

  • Tess

    Interesting that I haven’t heard one word about her music.  Seen some fashion shoots, know that she has an upcoming guest roll on Glee, though with its ratings I doubt few people will see it.  Has she recorded or released anything, done any touring since the Idol tour, been on any TV in the states?

    Nice looking girl and does justice to the clothes she wears.  Any other claims to future fame?

  • J

    She has recorded and likely finished her album. We are just waiting for Interscope to release a single, and eventually announce the album release date.

  • Tess

    oh you mean like Pia…still waiting, waiting. (though I think I heard she got dropped along with Hailey).  i just don’t think that interscope knows what to do with her.  Maybe they are going to see if any interest comes with her Glee gig.

  • Mateja Praznik

     So, does that mean Interscope has no idea what to do with female singers period? If so, why even bother with signing girls?

  • Tess

    Well so far they haven’t been able to get the public interested in their Idol fans.  It will be interesting to see if Jessica gets out ahead of the curve but I have my doubts.  She might do well in the Phillippines but that populace isn’t known for buying a lot.  So far only Lauren has been able to sell much and did fairly well touring as an opening act.  The others have all fallen into oblivion.

  • Jenny Williams

     She’s been working with some Top Producers, and she might even have a collaboration with Ne-Yo in the works. According to earlier news, her first single should be released to Radio this month, and Album will come out in a few months.

  • Jenny Williams

    It’s difficult to gauge interest. She was handicapped coming out of the gate with a bad winner’s single that was sure to flop. Lots of doubt about Jessica, but I think her level of success will depend on the quality of her material, and whether Interscope will be able to Market her as well as they marketed Phillip.

  • Mateja Praznik

     It’s been YEARS since a new female Idol alum had any significant success. I don’t think talent is a problem, because I think female contestants are on average way more talented than male contestants. But sadly, it’s been quite a while since 19 and associated label did some good A&R work with anyone, male or female.

    Are girls just not interesting enough? I don’t think so. I think part of the problem is that most of them just don’t fit into what’s at least remotely popular in pop music. As much as I loved Haley’s performances on Idol, it was always clear to me that she wasn’t likely to make it in the real world with her style. Crystal was indie and had no business competing for a major label deal (same with Lee) and while Jive understood that teenage Allison wouldn’t be believable as a real rocker, her transformation to teenage pop/rocker wasn’t well executed (A&R fail).

  • raya

    I honestly think the Jessica situation is different than the Pia situation.  I think Interscope plans on giving Jessica a good launch and has high hopes for her, but because she didn’t have a hit single off the bat like P2, they didn’t feel the need to rush out her album to capitalize off a current song or whatever.   I realize Glee isn’t the success it once was, but as soon as Jessica’s Glee arc was announced, it made sense to wait to time her album with her appearance there.  I expect we’ll be seeing a gearing up of promotion for her in the US in the next month or so.  Last I knew a single was supposed to be released some time in January.

    Not to mention while there haven’t been specific announcements about her music, if you follow Jessica’s twitter feed and what fans report, she’s been working with a lot of heavy hitters in the industry.  I have no idea what her album will wind up being like, but it seems like Interscope is invested enough in her right now to hook her up with top folks and give her a chance.

    Though I have no idea what to expect with her on sales.  Like said, I think a lot will depend on promotion and if they find the right first single for her.  Jessica has a lot of rabid fans, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to sales.

  • Miz

    For clarification, this is what *I* mean by exotic in describing her.

    • attractive or striking because colorful or out of the ordinary : an exoticoutfit | [as n. ] ( the exotic) there was a touch of the exotic in her appearance.

  • Vcc Math-Science Tutor

     On the right, its says, “Jessica Sanchez shines bright on her first cover.”

  • Spy Logic

     It says that it’s Jessica on the top of the right column.

  • Montavilla

    She looks absolutely gorgeous.  Love it!

  • No Thanks

    Jessica looks FAB!

    I’m cautiously optimistic about her prospects.  I think a single will be dropping soon.  She tweeted about shooting a music video last month and a short clip of her practicing choreography.

    She is scheduled to begin shooting her Glee arc this month.  We should be getting news of that soon.

  • smiller2851

    Jessica’s small frame can handle some great fashion. She looks stunning–I’d say she looks exotic.  Hope she keeps that make-up team close by.

  • Jenny Williams

    In addition, they’ve been some Unconfirmed rumors of a few shows in the U.S. Still no clue if these are solo shows or not, but on twitter a few people have mentioned they might be shows in  LA, San Diego, New Jersey, & Reno.
    and that details and dates are being finalized.

  • jdanton2

    Jessica looks amazing .  Article about the magazine mentions album in the first quarter and the Glee appearances in May . my guess though is the album might end up closer to the Glee appearances .

  • XoLuv2SingOx

    Jessica looks beautiful! I really hope that some of the success she’s had in the Philippines will make its way to America! She has such a gift. Her song “Fairytale” that she performed at the iHeart Radio show proved that she can show off her voice while staying true to her age and style of music. I think she could be the next Beyonce or Rihanna!!

  • renzy24

    She tweeted last December that her Album was done. Maybe she just waiting for Interscope approval to announce it. :)I don’t remember Pia announced before that she completed an album, She just keep saying she record a lot of songs but not working with any producers or song writers. So I think she’s not gonna ended up like Pia. 

    Even if Glee is not popular anymore that gig is still an exposure. 

  • Tinawina

    Jessica will be fine.  She’s very young and has many options in front of her. Even if she flops she has time to work it all out, evolve and come back. With that voice, her looks and her international appeal she’ll keep working in some capacity no matter what. It’s all good.

  • Lion's DENN

    I agree. The operative phrase is ‘international appeal.’ Even if she doesn’t make it big in the US, but she does in Asia and perhaps Latin America, many more doors will open for her. Jimmy Iovine’s words about an Asian music invasion are coming to a head – see Gangnam Psy. Jessica could well tug at its coattails, on sheer talent alone.

  • Cherry

    So happy for Jessica! There’s definitely a market niche for her, plus we need diversity. I miss the 80’s where great songs are matched with great vocalists.