Jennifer Hudson on Weight Loss, Family Murders – Dateline (VIDEO)

Jennifer Hudson was profiled on NBC’s Dateline Sunday. She was promoting her book, “I Got This”, which is mostly about how she lost weight and keeps it off.

The interview touched on much more than Jennifer’s slimming secrets. She talked about her time on Idol as “The Big Girl”, Her big break in Dreamgirls, and the tragic murders of her mother, brother and nephew.

She broke down several times speaking about the tragedy. She was supposed to be in Chicago the day her family was murdered, but her boyfriend David convinced her at the last minute to meet him at his wrestling match. After the devastating loss of her family, she said it was her brother’s voice telling her not to feel sorry for herself–that got her back to work.

Check out the interview here in 3 parts.

Part 1

About losing weight, learning to sing in the church, launching her singing career, rejection because of her weight, Idol and Dreamgirls.–L9_C78Dqc

Part 2

Why she turned down Precious, photoshopping her album cover, meeting David Ortunga, The last minute decision that saved her life, The family murders, Jennifer’s return to show business (She breaks down talking about her brother), Singing “You Pulled Me Through” at the Grammys (She cries talking about the support she received. “I was lifted up by love.”)

Part 3

Jennifer’s weight loss and her book, More on her family. The foundation she began in her nephew, Julien King’s  name. (Jennifer was so overcome with emotion talking about her nephew, she had to stop for a minute),  Her son and upcoming wedding. She describes her wedding dress.

The Today Show

Jennifer discusses her weight loss with The Today Show. About “living in the moment” in the face of tragedy, her son David.

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  • Anonymous

    Truly touching interview. Jennifer Hudson truly is an inspiration to my generation & I think every one needs that.

  • Teresa Renee Parvin

    Go away J-Hud. I am so over you and you bragging about your weight loss.

  • Anonymous

    ^ Sounds like someone’s jealous!

    Anyway, gotta say – great interview. She’s truly amazing.

  • Kirsten


    “Circle of Life” did not propel her into the Idol Top 12 as claimed at the 6 minute mark of the first video. That was her Top 9 performance. They go on to say that she was eliminated two weeks later which she was, but if CoL got her into the top 12, she would have been eliminated 11th (two weeks later) and not been on tour. She was eliminated 7th.

    This is a very, very simple fact to check. She sang “Imagine” in her semi (Fantasia and Diana advanced) and “I Believe in You and Me” in the Wildcard (to be Randy’s pick and make it into the top 12).

    I also have a bone to pick with the implied claim that she was eliminated because she was chubby. The year before, Ruben won and he was way chubbier and even Kim was a bit chubby to finish in third. Jordin was not a size 0 when she won and Lakisha and Melinda were not either (coming in 3rd and 4th that year). Idol viewers don’t seem to factor size into things. Her “booming” performance style and “giving as good as she got” to the judges probably had a bigger effect on her success. Talking back to the judges has rarely been a recipe for success on the show.

  • Tinawina

    I watched this last night. I thought she came off well. To me she was quite poised and very sincere. It was hard not to like her more by the end of the interview.

    ITA Kirsten, I did chuckle a bit at how he Dateline people framed her time on Idol.  LOL. Her ‘tude did more to hurt he than anything else.

  • Kirsten

    I watched this last night. I thought she came off well. To me she was
    quite poised and very sincere. It was hard not to like her more by the
    end of the interview.

    Yes. She was fabulous. And may I say her sone is a total cutey.

  • Anonymous

    Jennifer certainly is beautiful. If I had lost so much weight (which I really need to do), I would talk about it too! Certainly it isn’t something she can hide, is it? Kudos for her for doing the work and snagging the endorsement deal!

    More importantly, kudos to her for plowing ahead through all the tragedy in her life. So many people would be derailed by such an event. I’ve often wondered how her sister is fairing in light of her losses and her sister’s successes!

  • Miz

    Thanks for posting the interview since I missed it. That was very moving and I teared up a few times as she related her story. She is a much stronger woman than I am. 

  • Anonymous

    Jennifer was wonderful on the Today show today. She came across as really sweet. I remember her when she was on Idol and she seemed kind of angry and edgy. She seems like a different person. Very inspirational.

  • Silas Warner

    I think the meme that Frenchie would have won if she wasn’t disqualified can finally be given a decent burial. She showed us how uneven and sketchy her singing really is on The Voice. She had one good song on Idol which does not a winner, much less a finalist, make.

    The weight issue is gender specific in my opinion. Ruben’s weight was never critiqued or even mentioned but the “chubby” ladies certainly heard it all.the.time.

  • Anonymous

    Jennifer looks great and is quite an inspiration.  I wish her well. 

  • windmills

    Really enjoyed this interview with Jennifer, thanks for posting the caps MJ. It was nice just seeing some extended footage of her talking because it gives more of a sense of her real personality. And seeing those tears well up in her eyes and her voice getting all choked up, I just can’t even begin to imagine but I can feel the cry coming too.

  • stargazed

    Thank you, MJ, for posting the interview.  Jennifer is an amazing talent and an amazing young woman.