Idol Headlines for 12/9/12

Clay Aiken performs at The Wilbur Theatre in Boston, MA.
Carrie Underwood performs at Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Canada.
Constantine Maroulis performs in Jekyll & Hyde The Musical at the AT&T Performing Arts Center in Dallas, TX.
Taylor Hicks performs at Bally’s Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV.
Daughtry performs at the Akoo Theatre in Chicago, IL.
Mandisa performs at the Hits Deep Tour in Philadelphia, PA.
Lee DeWyze performs at Tin Angel at Serrano in Philadelphia, PA. Via AmericanIdol

Beautiful Fiasco: Adam Lambert As You’ve Never Seen Him Before

On keeping up appearances: “The way I look at it, there’s just as much pressure [on men], but men aren’t supposed to talk about it. It’s supposed to seem easy, but men, especially in the public eye, are just as worried as women are.” On being a posterboy for the LGBT community: “For the general audience, they look at the way I style myself and they go, ‘Errrr, that’s gay,’ but you ask a handful of gay guys and they’re like, ‘I would never wear that!'” – Read more at

Phillip Phillips Talks Christmas In Georgia & Going “Home” For The Holidays – The All-Star Christmas is based on the Holidays, so what was Christmas like at the Phillips house? “It was awesome, I always had good home food and opened up presents,” he said. “Santa Claus is coming to town.” His favorite gift as a kid was a Power Wheel– or “P-p-p-Power Wheel” as he called it. Despite his many successes, Phillips doesn’t like to brag, and never rubs his newfound fame in the face of his two older sisters. “I always tell my family to tell other people not to talk about it,” he said of his new notoriety. “I just wanna chill.” But Phillips’ family is very proud, and he’s definitely looking forward to seeing them for Christmas. – Listen at 96.5TIC

Jennifer Hudson: Behind the Scenes Lucky Magazine Shoot

James backs up TV show exposure with experience – I just thought I could get seen and pick up management, but yeah the 9 months before I auditioned for ‘Idol,’ I didn’t have a day off,” James said. “I was doing shows five or six nights a week or multiple gigs in a day. Those are all, of course, four- or five-hour gigs just splitting up the money, loading in and out and doing it all.” At the age of 27, James was one of the oldest contestants on the ninth season of the reality television show. He was also one the contestants who had the most experience on the road. According to James that was what really helped him personally as a competitor. James was in the Top 3 before being eliminated. – Read more at Lubbock Online

Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald’s Smiley Shopping Stop – Enjoying some holiday shopping together, Nikki Reed and her husband, Paul McDonald visited Barneys New York in Beverly Hills on Friday (December 7). The “Twilight” star looked lovely in a black-and-white patterned top, black pants, and black shoes as she smiled and laughed with her hubby. – Read more at Celebrity-Gossip

Carly Rose Sonenclar on Diamond White Elimination- ‘X Factor’ Top 4 Party

Grammys Screwed Bieber … He Deserved a Nom – Justin Bieber deserved at least ONE Grammy nomination this year for his hard work … but no … he got shafted by the uppity snobs at the Recording Academy — so says Simon Cowell. Simon was out in L.A. Thursday night — for the launch of his new X Headphones — when we asked about Bieber’s Grammy snub. He told us, “You know what? He deserved one [nomination], I think. But they can get a bit snobby sometimes.” But Simon’s not worried about the Biebs, adding, “He won’t be crying too much. He’s doing fine.” – Read more at TMZ

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  • seashellz51

    Love the Fiasco cover for Adam. Just wanna say that he is still gonna be one handsome man when he gets about 20 years older. ;)  I definitely thought of Anderson Cooper in that pic.

  • jdanton2

     Jordin Sparks is performing during the halftime show for the 49’s game today. supposedly she is doing Celebrate and No Air.

  • blackberryharvest

    Picture of Demi Lovato, Scotty McCreery, Chris Mann, and more visiting Children’s Hospital(They are singing at Christmas in Washington tonight to benefit the hospital):

    MMMotorsports Emme Hall
    Great that @ddlovato @conanobrien @scottymccreery @iamchrismann @meganhilty came by Children’s Hospital 2 C the kids.

  • Nadine_Bitch



    Wow, totally different look for Adam but he still rocks it! His features are really extraordinary  no matter what color of style his hair is. Can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures tomorrow, I think!

  • Esther Macha

    Curious what James Durbin,s new tattoo means. I like the TCB Elvis reference but I don,t understand what the other letters stand for.

  • HMc

    TCB- taking care of business; “A. BA DEE” is an old tattoo both James and his wife have this tattoo … its something their little boy use to say when he was a baby … unfortunately I don’t remember what it means. 

  • Loretta

    Here is a tubie of Adam singing Mad World with Cyndi Lauper last night.

    This duet is amazing.  I have been a huge fan of Cyndi’s for years and years.   Just love how Adam sings Mad World.  So good.

  • justmefornow

    One fan site’s guess. I think they’re probably right:

  • asifclueless
  • tucker davis

    Adam looks like he has lost weight. I actually like his hair combed almost normal…lol.

  • bridgette12

    Love the cover, he looks like a handsome businessman. 

  • loveroftalent

    Yes I agree he will be still so gorgeous when he is older…When I first seen a picture from this photo shoot, I thought of George Clooney….But I can the Anderson Cooper look also..

  • loveroftalent

    I love his hair whatever way he chooses to do it…He is so fortunate that he has the features that he can rock any look….IMHO.

  • Axxxel

    next move .. Adam Lambert bald !! joking…

  • ladymctech

    I hope Lee does well in Philadelphia tonight. The venue looks like a really nice place, and they did a great writeup about him on their website.

  • Caro3278sweet

    I’m really liking that toned down look from Adam. He’s got incredible bone structure doesn’t he?

  • Caro3278sweet

    “It opens doors for you and what you do from there on, it doesn’t do anything other than that,” James said. “I’m not putting it down, but nobody is going to give you a free pass or play you on the radio or book you for a show simply because you were a contestant on a TV show. It’s great for, you know, building awareness once you’re there and in that situation what you do with it is up to you.”

    Words of wisdom. Casey knows exactly what’s going on. It really does help that he had 10+ years of experience not only in singing and playing, but dealing with day to day $$ details, bands, tours, bar owners, etc. 

    James said that he will continue to tour into the next year promoting his current album as well as the singles from it, “Let’s Don’t Call It a Night,” and “Crying on a Suitcase.” James also plans on releasing another single from the album and road testing a few new tunes.“I will probably continue to do that maybe through the next year, but we are going to be bringing out new material to test the waters on it and prepare to make an album,” he said. “There will probably be another single off of this album and my idea is to kind of play the best of this album and start trying out new songs that might go on the next album.”

    A third single. Rah. And already plans for a 2nd album. Double rah. 
    It will be interesting to see how his label plays this. I remember last year, when the XMas freeze hit, I believe LDCIAN was hovering around the 30 range. I had some real concern that it wouldn’t recover, but boom – It came back after the holidays and gave Casey his 1st top 20. COAS is clearly a stronger song with radio, giving him another T20 much more quickly. Will the label push this after the holidays?
    Honest? I really want them to take Drive for a…drive. It’s so catchy, it would be a very good summer song and it’s just so… Casey. I will say overall, it appears his label is still on board with him. I hear no hints of pulling the plug and going indie in his interviews.

  • yksask

    Some of Clay`s concert from last night. Puts me in the Christmas mood.

  • loveroftalent

    haha..Please no…He has too gorgeous of hair to try going bald for awhile, but you with Adam, you never know…He gets bored so quickly that I would not be totally shocked if he did, but totally bummed out….

  • Lexie O’Neill

    Scotty is performing at the actual Christmas In Washington tonight…and the McCreery parents are sitting next to President and Mrs. Obama.

  • katy

     Wow! Clay is killing it with this medley. Love him singing this jazzy version. He just keeps getting better with this tour & the crowds are loving him!

  • Hazelnut

    It’s nice to see so many of the AI non-winners doing so well. Kelly and Carrie are great, but everyone who makes it to the top group is good and I hope they have a lot of success.  My heart belongs to Clay, but I don’t begrudge any of them success.

  • yksask

     That must seem a bit sureal. Good for Scotty.

  • YankeeFan08

    Don’t forget Adam will be on Starting Point on CNN with Soledad O’Brien tomorrow at 7:00 AM ET.  Also, he will be on The Wendy Williams show on Fox at 10 AM ET.  It repeats on BET in the evening for those who don’t get it on Fox.  Check your listings for times.

  • Lexie O’Neill

    Here’s a pic of all of the performers plus Joe Biden…

    Courtney L.E ?@PlanetLovatics#DemiUpdates Demi with Chris Mann, Diana Ross, Megan Hilty,Scotty McCreery, Joe Biden,Conan O’Brien and PSY. And I agree it must feel surreal…I can’t imagine trying to make small talk, sitting next to the Obamas in the McCreery parents’ case or someone like Diana Ross (even though tweets said she wasn’t around for rehearsals much) but still…

  • girlygirltoo

    Kris’ EP “Waiting For Christmas” is now available on iTunes in several countries outside the US, including Malaysia, The Philippines And Australia! It’s not up on US iTunes yet, but should be by tonight or tomorrow. :)

  • gferna

    Adam can’t have a bad shot. He just can’t have a bad shot….  But he has to remain thin…  His father has ballooned in just a couple of years, so he has a genetic handicap.  Just good eating and exercise.

  • tripp_ncwy

    Stefano to participate in AEG’s Season of Giving Padres Contra event

  • tripp_ncwy

    Add Europe to the mix, UK & Italy.

  • tripp_ncwy

    Kris Allen @KrisAllen

    I see that #WaitingForChristmas is out everywhere except for the US now. Just a few more hours though. Hope the rest of the world is enjoying it.

  • Xentusk

    I put all my videos from Haley’s First night at the Cosmopolitan (Dec. 6th) in Las Vegas in a chronological playlist.  For a total of 2 hours of performances

    It includes all 19 performances from the first night and 4 from the second, including a performance of ‘Moanin”, sans Casey, that has Haley scatting like she’d never scatted, as well as some time for her band members, Keith Phelps and Courtney Leonard, to shine.

    A more relaxed and playful Haley in the framework of Jazzy performances resulted in possibly her best public appearance.  Really good exposure for her, and she did well.  By the end of both night’s performances that I attended, the famous Champagne bar was ringed with people stopping to listen to her, many of who became new fans afterward.

    She and her band really excelled in the Jazz numbers including “Song for my Father” “God Bless the Child” “Summertime” and the 11:30 minute performance of Miles Davis’ “All Blues” and of course “Moanin'”

  • girlygirltoo

    glad to hear the shows went so well. did she say anything about plans for 2013?

  • Xentusk

    I was able to have extended conversations with her both nights.  The conversations were positive without ever really mentioning directly about the split from Interscope.

    I didn’t go there as a reporter, but as someone that felt I wanted to give Haley the exposure that Interscope, for whatever reason, did not do.  She has the talent and personality, I wanted a way for everyone else to see it, to showcase it,  and maybe convince someone with the wherewithall to sign her and give her the opportunity to be the success I know she could be.

    I’m still annoyed they (Interscope) did nothing to highlight her participation at Lollapalooza or Carnegie.  Someone brought up a Simon saying that Idol isn’t in the business of making other people money.  In other words, Idol didn’t want someone else to profit from people they helped build fan bases for.  Or they would rather sign them, then do nothing to support them, rather than let them get signed by someone else, taking their ‘Idol built’ fan bases with them.

    The whole Interscope era felt like they did more to hide her (hardly any performance opportunities…no tour etc), than promote her.

    So I avoided talking about Interscope.  She was very sweet, once she found out the videos came out after the first night (I told her after the first show I was worried the bass might be too loud and distorted).  She insisted that I then sit back and relax, enjoy the second night’s performance without worrying about recording.  I told her I didn’t want to miss any new songs she might perform.  She assured me that she would let me know so I could record it, and why I only recorded four songs on the second night.  She wanted me to enjoy the show.  Almost insisted that I do :D

    Luckily, I did record her exceptional performance of Moanin’ from the second night, that she didn’t do the first.

    I heard a few things here and there about the near future, but without confirmation, I’d prefer not to say in case it messes anything up, or turns out to be false.

    Needless to say, Haley and her band performed with the freedom and exuberance, as if splitting from Interscope, allowed them to perform the way they wanted.  I’ve been to Haley’s LA album Debut, Lollapalooza and Carnegie Hall, and by far…. wayy far, these were Haley’s best performances

  • yksask
  • tripp_ncwy

    Kris Allen’s Waiting for Christmas – EP is now available on iTunes in the US.

  • TheOther

    The World From The Of The Moon and Home closed the week in the Top 10 on ITunes. This is a good sign considering that 4 of the albums in the Top 10 are holiday music. What’s even more surprising is that after the debut week, Rhianna’s new CD has not been able to move ahead of Phillip.

  • girlygirltoo

    Oh, ok, thanks

  • girlygirltoo

    Yay!  Listening now. Can really hear Andrew’s influence in some of these arrangements. Kris sounds good on all the songs, but I really love the lower register on White Christmas :)

  • Nadine_Bitch

     I like Oh holy night.

  • Ratna12

    Listening to Kris’ EP : Waiting For Christmas, sooo good.

  • girlygirltoo

    Yeah, I’ve always loved his interpretations of that song. He performed it for his AOL sessions back in 2009, too.

  • elliegrll

    I’m still annoyed they (Interscope) did nothing to highlight her participation at Lollapalooza or Carnegie.  Someone brought up a Simon saying that Idol isn’t in the business of making other people money.  In other words, Idol didn’t want someone else to profit from people they helped build fan bases for.  Or they would rather sign them, then do nothing to support them, rather than let them get signed by someone else, taking their ‘Idol built’ fan bases with them.The whole Interscope era felt like they did more to hide her (hardly any performance opportunities…no tour etc), than promote her.

    Interscope is a record label, but a lot of the things that you are referring to are the responsibility of an artist’s manager.  They are the the ones who would have to book tours, get the artist gigs, and help bring exposure to both of these things.  Haley was co-managed by both 19 and Red Light, so blame them for the lack of a tour.  

    Interscope allowed Haley to make an album that fit her, but they learned that there’s not a lot that they can do, if an artist doesn’t have good management, and if radio isn’t going to be open to giving the artist a chance.

  • Anny_nanny

    As a result, she parted ways with the label, but retained managment. I don’t understand anything!

  • Xentusk

    OK thnx for clearing that up

    I admit to being ignorant of who does what in this industry.  Until Haley, I was not that ‘avid’ a viewer of Idol or many of their alumni, so am not versed in how it works

    I guess I’m mistakingly referring to TPTB that control those things for Haley as “Interscope” and I apologise for that ignorance.

    I’m just so frustrated at the inaction and seeming apathy, that it felt like such a missed opportunity.

    Thinking about it, I do remember that recent article from…Grady Smith?

    He reminded upset tweeting Haliens that it was Interscope that allowed Haley to make “Listen Up!” and let her be so involved in making it.

    He is right, and I do appreciate that she got that opportunity from Interscope.

    Thnx again for clearing that up :)

  • Anny_nanny

    Haley had the opportunity to make a magnificent disk. ?????????’t know what to do with it, but the album turned out, I think it will be better on a small record label. But its management is not like me.
    I remember Scotty changed mgmt, but kept the label?

  • irockhard

    Yes but Scotty wasn’t on the same management as Haley.

  • irockhard

    She parted ways with Intersocpe because they dropped her, it wasn’t because she wanted to leave them, she didn’t initiate the parting.

    She has to stay with 19 Management until her contract with them is up, unless she can somehow get the courts to get 19 to release her, I think that’s what Kelly and Clay did years ago, but it’s not easy and comes at a cost.

  • irockhard

    It’s really strange how 19M was able to line up a tour and various other gigs for James and Casey A but not for Haley. Tours are usually scheduled months in advanced, could they really not find any interested headliners? Was Haley too picky? I just don’t understand why they didn’t get her out touring.

  • arkboy

    So, it’s all come down to Adam’s hair. Nothing else to talk about, let’s discuss yet another change of color & style. Good grief!

  • usedtobelucy

    Good news late: Elliott finally gets his platinum record in the mail …. Only took ’em five years to send it to him. heh.

  • tripp_ncwy

    World Vision:
    “Kris Allen, host of this year’s True Spirit of Christmas Tour, shares his perspective on the life-changing impacts of clean water.”

    [Video] Water is life for every child!

  • loveroftalent

    Adam is coming on next on CNN…

  • tripp_ncwy

    Ronald McD House NY @rmhnewyork
    Psyched to have @mdoolittle in the House tomorrow night for #MakeADifference evening! #beat #cancer

    ETA: Glad to see she will still be joining Kris & Lee for the event. Idols represent.

  • potatorocks

    Who is responsible for getting the platinum records to the artists?  The label?  Does Hickory Records still exist?  Whatever happened to that Uncle of Elliott’s who was in the business?  Can’t that guy help Elliott to find an audience?  It is so hard to believe there isn’t any kind of a market for him in the USA.   I don’t think Elliott is someone who  necessarily has to write his own songs.  It isn’t his strength.  Elliott should find a songwriter who can write stuff that is worthy of his voice.  Maybe he is happy with his career but selfishly I would like to be hearing more of him.

  • justmefornow

    I love how a year later “Stand Up” is still being used by the NFL. Last night it was played during primetime NBC’s  Packers / Lions game.

    It still surprises me when I hear it on TV when I don’t expect it, lol.
    (Great game last night, btw, in the snow!)

    Randy Bishop ?@Randy_Bishop10
    Good moment, my fantasy kicker made a 46-yd field goal in the snow and afterwards they played #StandUp by @DurbinRock into the commercial

  • lovetheusa1776

    He was incredible – pretty full Melvin.  But so handsome.  And his ease, fluidity, sense of humor, intelligence – all came through.  The man belongs on the screen – the bigger, the better.

  • irockhard

    I’m hoping James can get more song placement opportunities like that but next time with songs he wrote so that he can benefit. I think Wind-up might also be benefitting from Stand Up in addition to the songwriters. If I’m right that sort of thing also helps to compensate the label for lack of airplay.

  • justmefornow

    You’re probably right. That’s why Wind-Up must have included in on the album too when it wasn’t originally planned for MOABD. A 360 deal seems to be a smart move nowadays to keep an artist signed to their label, especially for Rockers who don’t get a lot of radio play.
    The NFL actually played it a lot this year. I myself heard it twice on Sunday Night Football, the Bears had it on their website set to highlights from the season, and the Texans played it every week in rotation at their stadium.
    Also, it was used last winter during College Basketball playoffs and this past spring also during Baseball season.

    It would be great to get the same tie-in with a song from album#2, maybe a WWE placement as well as with the NFL, NCAA, and MLB, preferably a song James wrote, I agree.

  • loveroftalent

    He did do great…It always amazes me how at ease he can be in any situation and how he puts others at ease at the same time…

  • irockhard

    Some view 360 deals as cheating an artist as artists traditionally don’t make much from record sales or airplay (unless they are the songwriters) so touring and merch is their only real income. But with 360 deals the label involve themselves more in the artist’s career beyond merely trying to get the artist airplay. I’d say for new artists in today’s climate, espcially those of the niche variety, it’s best to start on a 360 deal.

  • bridgette12

    I think that’s a talent that a lot of people don’t have. It really shows when he’s in foreign countries and there’s a language barriers, yet he’s able to relax and go with the flow. If he’s relaxed and articulate, it makes the job easier for the person interviewing him. 

  • YankeeFan08

    Great job by Adam!  He’s such a natural in front of a camera.

    Looks like another TV appearance for him today.  How did we not know about this (at least I didn’t)?

    Hope everyone had a gr8 wknd! FunMonday show 2day– @adamlambert is here live! Plus, inside Z100’s #JingleBall & @TeenVogue winter trends!

    It airs on NBC at 12:30 PM ET.

    Three TV appearances in one day!  Awesome!!

  • tripp_ncwy

    Michael Slezak @MichaelSlezakTV
    Reality Check w/ @mdoolittle: How’d Trevin & Terry Go Top 4 on @NBCTheVoice? Plus: @TheXFactorUSA’s Emblem3 Exposed!


  • justmefornow

    For new artists trying to establish themselves, with it being harder and harder to get airplay, I agree. 

    Perhaps if Haley, for example, had a 360 deal with Interscope, they would have been more invested in getting her a touring mate, she could have toured and made the label more money, and she might not have been dropped for her poor sales. I hope an Indie label will pick her up on a 360 deal, that would be the way to go for her.

    And someone like Adam as well, with poor sales, but a good touring artist would benefit from a 360 deal so as not to get dropped from their label for poor sales as well.
    Does he have a 360 deal with RCA?

  • YankeeFan08

    About to make my debut on @WendyWilliams!!!

  • bridgette12

    Wow, the day just keeps getting better. Never get enough of seeing Adam charm new people.

  • asifclueless

    Adam Lambert about Divas,  CNN

  • irockhard

    Adam most certainly does not have a 360 deal with RCA. The contracts that 19R broker with major labels are not 360 deals, and the fact that he’s still with 19R is proof to me that there’s been no change in Adam’s contract. RCA simply picked his 1st option but due to his sales of Trespassing and 3 flop singles I doubt RCA will pick up his next option.

    I’m pretty sure that Casey A and Naima are also on 360 deals because, like James, they’re also on indie labels and there’s no mention of 19R. Stefano possibly too as there’s no mention of 19R for him either.

  • Nadine_Bitch

    He’s such a natural. It’s so short though, want to watched him talk and 
    I liked his answer to the lady host when she said ”What happened to American Idol? We do not know the contestants now, what we hear were all about Mariah/Nikki Minaj…”
    Then he answered: ”Well, it hasn’t started yet. When it start, we will know about the contestants.”

    Thanks for the vid, As if ;)

  • justmefornow

    Seems like the labels were a little smarter lately with these 360 deals, especially with non-winners like everyone we’ve been talking about.
     Scotty and P2 are doing very well so far, but probably all non-winners signed going forward should be on 360 deals. The days of blockbuster sales coming off Idol seem to be over, except for a few actual winners.

  • bridgette12

    I laughed when she asked Adam that question, because it crossed my mind that she didn’t have a clue when this show comes on. Liked the way Adam answered the question, just hope it does become about the contestants and not all about the juvenile behavior of some of the judges.

  • irockhard

    But the labels that are giving the Idols 360 deals are the indie labels outside of UMG because that’s what they’re doing with the other artists on their roster anyway.

    Interscope isn’t signing Idols to 360 deals, as we’ve seen with Haley.

  • bscfan

    I’m wondering if the reason that Idols signed to Interscope don’t have 360 deals is because of 19R.  Those idols already have a kind of 360 deal with 19R since I believe 19R gets a share of the money they make touring. So maybe 19R is just licensing the album stuff to Interscope and doesn’t want to give them a share of the touring revenue. Or maybe the artist doesn’t want to be sharing touring revenue with both 19R and the record label. Is this a possibility?

  • justmefornow

    But maybe they will in the future, that’s what I’m saying. After losing money on Haley and Pia, at least they are making a ton off P2. Maybe they overestimated various Idols fanbases and their buying power when they signed some in the past. 
    My point is going forward, they may start signing potential non-winners coming off the show this way to minimize some risk.

  • irockhard

    19E has 3 arms: recording, merch and management.

    19R benefits from sales of recordings not touring, that’s where 19M and 19Merch benefit.

    On this page you’ll see which Idols are signed with which arm:

  • irockhard

    Well they already changed the contract for runner ups – offering them single & EP deals instead of album deals, though they gave Jessica an album deal. Interscope appear to be more forward thinking than RCA.

  • justmefornow

    Waiting so late to release that album of Jessica’s even with a Glee potential tie-in is bad news. A lot more people still watch Idol than Glee and her other sales hot off AI11 were horrible for a runner up.
    I’ll be very surprised he she out sells even Haley’s numbers.

  • Nadine_Bitch

    Just watched the Wendy William Show and I loled so hard at ”He’s not attention whore like me”… lol

  • DragonFly

    Has to be a thrill for him just knowing his (singing/performing) of Stand Up is being heard by crowds like that.  It amazes anyway, the opportunities these kids take from being on the show in just situations like this (the exposure).  Even tho James didn’t write it, I’ve wondered by his performing a video for all the teams (if the videos are also being used on jumbotrons) that some $$ would come to the artist that way. 

  • bridgette12

    Hilarious! I guess he figured it’s better than being a wallflower that disappears into the woodwork.

  • Sharon S.

    oops…wrong thread.

  • irockhard

    Oh sure, he was definitely paid to film those jumbotron vids.

  • usedtobelucy

     “Who is responsible for getting the platinum records to the artists?  The
    label?  Does Hickory Records still exist?  Whatever happened to that
    Uncle of Elliott’s who was in the business?  Can’t that guy help Elliott
    to find an audience?  It is so hard to believe there isn’t any kind of a
    market for him in the USA.   I don’t think Elliott is someone who
     necessarily has to write his own songs.  It isn’t his strength.
     Elliott should find a songwriter who can write stuff that is worthy of
    his voice.  Maybe he is happy with his career but selfishly I would like
    to be hearing more of him.”

    Yeah, good questions. Having his cousin around did help Elliott hook up with a lot of individual musicians to have as his backing musicians (always excellent on everything Elliott’s done, in my opinion), get songs from and otherwise work with, and he was a producer on E’s first and second albums. I don’t know whether he’s in evidence presently, though. Have no idea what happened to that relationship.

    But the second album tanked to such a degree — and the third one even worse — that I’m not sure that there is an audience of any size for Elliott’s music at this point. I actually think there are a lot of quite good songs on his his albums, and more so on the later ones (not lyrically so much, but i’m not sure that matters much these days anyway). But I don’t see any men with styles in his bailiwick actually being big sellers, do you? Plus, I don’t really see Elliott inspiring a lot of young music lovers to think he’s hot and buying his stuff for that reason, either. I’d like to see him more, too, but he does seem to be hooked enough into the low-key music scene to keep getting jobs of various sorts. I’m sure he’d like to do more too, but only a tiny number of musicians really make it to the big time. And while he’s got one of the greatest voices I know there are a lot of other aspects of a magic combination that I just don’t think he has.

  • elliegrll

    I think that Jessica’s numbers would have been low if she released an album now.  She doesn’t seem to have a lot of support among AI fans, so why not try and develop her sound, release music that suits her, while at the same time putting her in front of the right demo that will be interested in buying her music.  There’s no guarantee that Interscope will do this or that competent people will finally be hired at 19, so that she can get propoer management.