X Factor UK Season 9: Grand Finale

Christopher Maloney was kicked off the X Factor only last night and he is already persona non grata.

According to TV Guide, tonight’s show airs at 7:40pm BST (2:40pm EDT, 11:40am PDT) on ITV1 (120min). The Xtra Factor airs at 9:40pm BST (80min) on ITV2.

Where to watch the show? If you are in the UK or can get UK IP, watch on ITV.com. Possible alternatives: TV Nutters, TVPC.com.

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Potential winner’s singles:

Jahmene Douglas – Let It Be (The Beatles)

James Arthur – Impossible (Shontelle)

My my. Christopher Maloney was kicked off the X Factor only last night … And apparently he is not welcome in Manchester tonight.

Colin Robertson @Cod_Rob
Oh dear. Chris Maloney has been booted off tonight’s final show for turning up pissed. #XFactor

#xfactor saying Maloney QUIT rather than was pushed. Big row with producers. He won’t be on tonight’s show.

An X Factor spokesman said: “Chris decided he longer wanted to be part of the X Factor Final and has gone back to Liverpool.”

Mark Jefferies @mirrorjeffers
X Factor’s @ChrisMaloney77 has been kicked out of tonight’s group song. He was late for rehearsals and “smelt of alcohol”.

X Factor say it was @ChrisMaloney77 decision to leave, but my understanding is he was “not in the right state” to perform.

Not sure if @ChrisMaloney77 will turn up tonight, would be sad if he’s not there. He left venue earlier saying “didn’t want to be part of it”.

X Factor spokesman said: “Chris decided he longer wanted to be part of the X Factor Final and has gone back to Liverpool.”

During rehearsals, @ChrisMaloney77 allegedly called the lovely @carolynnepoole a c***. That explains her tweet earlier…

I’ve met @carolynnepoole loads of times and she wouldn’t hurt a fly so cant believe she warranted that kind of abuse.

Carolynne Poole ?@CarolynnePoole
X Factor can also create monsters it would seem!

Christopher Maloney quits The X Factor final after being ‘hungover’ and ‘abusive’ at rehearsals
The X Factor singer is on his way back to Liverpool after appearing hungover and verbally attacking a fellow contestant
X Factor finalist Christopher Maloney has dramatically quit his planned appearance on Sunday’s show after appearing hungover at rehearsals.

The Scouser, who failed to land enough votes on Saturday night, then went out with pals and was seen returning to his hotel at 4am this morning.

He was then abusive to staff who went to get him to rehearse a group song and then verbally attacked Singer Carolynne Poole when he arrived at the venue.

After returning to the hotel, he was due back for more rehearsals at 11am but turned up at midday with production sources saying he was “worse for wear”.

Contestants also say they could also smell alcohol on his breath.

A show source said: “He was still drunk after being up all night boozing and was abusive to the production team and other contestants. He said he was leaving and didn’t want to perform in the Final tonight.”
Read more: Daily Mirror

Well, that was quick.

Anyway, it’s Jahmene Douglas vs. James Arthur battle. Boys will perform their coronation songs tonight (see above). Jahmene will reprise Robbie Williams’ “Angels” and James Arthur will reprise No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak”.

Tonight’s guest performers are: One Direction, Rihanna, Emeli Sande. Taylor Swift will be watching her new boy toy Harry Styles in the audience/backstage. One Direction will perform their new single “Kiss You”.

Christopher Maloney left the competition last night and Nicole Scherzinger is now the last judge standing with her two boys Jahmene Douglas and James Arthur.

One Direction, Emeli Sande and Rihanna will entertain us tonight.

The judges arrive. Nicole and Tulisa look fantastic. All 4 are dressed to the nines.

X Factor finalists perform a medley of various Christmas tunes. No MK1, No Chris Maloney. Rylan Clark has a special entrance. Jahmene and James show up at the end.

Recap of Jahmene’s and James’ performances and comments. The boys will perform after the commercial break again. Get ready for more cringe worthy comments from the judges.

1. Jahmene Douglas – “Angels” by Robbie Williams

This is Jahmene’s song of the series. Jahmene dedicated his first performance to his mother and now he is doing it again.
Jahmene is once again joined by a choir. He has angel wings, made by the lights in the background. And “Angels” is one of those special British songs, especially popular at the funerals. The start was a bit weak, but overall he did great.
Louis: You are in final, you are a fantastic role model, you are a living proof that dreams do come true. People please vote for Jahmene, I want him to win.
Tulisa: This is one of my favorite songs you did on the show.
Gary: You’ve been battling with this competition and you past …
Nicole: You just bring so much spirit and hope to the show, you really are an angel …

2. James Arthur – “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye

Oh, he is not doing “Don’t Speak”. Uh, IMO, “Let’s Get It On” was one of James’ more overrated performances. He is singing the song to Nicole and Tulisa. Some dancers are pretending to be his band on stage and
Louis: Every week you brought something new to the competition. You are real, you are honest. Nicole, you are the best mentor ever on the X Factor.
Tulisa: … You are an artist, James Arthur.
Gary: You are going to get developed by your label, but you don’t need it. I am ready to download your album right now.
Nicole: I’m honored to …

Wow, that was quick.

The competition was also tough between the judges. We get a recap of the season from the judges’ perspective. Well, Nicole won this year’s battle.

And now, a nice video of Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burke, Olly Murs, One Direction, JLS, Little Mix, Cher Lloyd … all bragging about their success.

NEXT: 5 solo artists … that went in ONE DIRECTION and became the biggest X Factor discovery EVER. And they didn’t even win!
They are performing “Kiss You”. Girls are going crazy in the audience. Was Zayn give Nicole’s microphone?

TOP 3 visited Downing Street 10 and sang Christmas carols for children that came to see them. Winner’s single is a charity single this year. All profits got to “Together for Short Lives”.

Emeli Sande is the second guest performer tonight. She has the best selling album in the UK this year, she performed at the Olympics ceremonies twice …
She is performing her newest single “Clown”. Music video for it was released this past week and this is what Emeli has to say about this song:

“It’s about how I felt when I was trying to get signed, I was going for all these meetings and people were looking at me like ‘What do we do with you’? It’s about not allowing yourself to be judged by others or to be taken for an idiot. I feel the video reflects that.”

Emeli got her record deal the old fashioned way. It will be different for James and Jahmene.

Mr. Rio Ferdinand sits in the audience. He is a big soccer star in the UK. James Arthur is his favorite.

Time for the winner’s singles. And journey videos.

1. Jahmene Douglas – “Let It Be”

Another choir-assisted performance. WOW, that arrangement is SOMETHING. I’m just afraid Jahmene missed too many notes and was flat half of the time.
Louis: You have so much soul and passion. People, please vote.
Tulisa: I’m so happy you are in the final. You both deserve it so much.
Gary: This is very simple. People are voting for you because you have an unbelievable voice and talent.
Nicole: Thank you so much for that beautiful performance. You are the greatest blessing to me and the show.

Caroline Flack talks to Jahmene’s camp outside.

2. James Arthur – “Impossible”

So, James is covering Shontelle’s hit. From what I gathered on some music forums, this wasn’t a big hit in the UK. I’m not sure the lyrics are really appropriate for this moment or charity single?!
Louis: That was a powerful performance. You are a ready-made artist. You are gonna get a big record deal.
Tulisa: From the second I saw you perform, I got you.
Gary: You came to this competition as a true artist. You’ve never lost your dignity in this competition.
Nicole: You’ve proven tonight that everything is possible. Your life is never gonna be the same after this.

Caroline talks to James’ family outside.

ANOTHER recap of this weekend’s performances. 28 minutes until the end of the show.

Rihanna is performing next, for the bazillion-th time in the last three seasons. She is performing her next single “Stay”. Oh snap, she actually sounds BETTER than Jahmene and James. Time for red alarm? Rihanna finishes with “We Found Love”.

Voting is now over. Results after the break. I’m so ready. Are you?

Oh, I’m reading on Twitter Chris Maloney appeared in Manchester with his partner and wanted to join the other finalists for the group number, but TPTB didn’t let him. He is now doing damage control via Twitter. Unsuccessfully.

Time for the results!

Nicole walks Jahmene and James on stage.

The winner of X Factor 2012 is James Arthur.

TPTB got their desired result.

James is giving me the Matt Cardle vibes, so I will just wish him luck. He is going to need it.

He performs “Impossible” again. His still sounds awful. :( Where are the days of Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke?

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