Idol Headlines for 12/21/12

Carrie Underwood performs at the Amway Center in Orlando, FL.
Clay Aiken performs at City National Grove of Anaheim in Anaheim, CA.
Phil Stacey performs at Beech Springs Camp Ground in Louann, AR.
Brooke White performs at Heritage Academy in Mesa, AZ. Read more at American Idol

Scotty McCreery, Demi Lovato, Megan Hilty and Chris Mann appear in Christmas in Washington. TNT 8/7 pm.

Simon Cowell’s Mouth Says LeAnn was Sober, Face Says Otherwise – Simon Cowell — who normally says exactly what’s on his mind — was holding back BIG TIME on the subject of LeAnn Rimes last night … ’cause while he insisted the singer was sober, he DEFINITELY couldn’t say it with a straight face. Simon was outside Mixology at The Grove in L.A. last night, when we asked about LeAnn’s bizarre duet with Carly Rose Sonenclar on “X Factor” this week … the one that left people thinking she was hammered. Simon told us he thought the performance was “interesting” … and he didn’t believe LeAnn was on drugs or alcohol at the time. Buuut … the giant poop-eating grin on his face makes it hard to believe the words that were coming out of his mouth. – See the Video at TMZ

Carly Rose’s Family LeAnn Rimes Threw This Little Girl Under the Bus! – Carly Rose Sonenclar’s family is royally pissed off at LeAnn Rimes for — as they put it — trashing their daughter’s “X Factor” performance Tuesday night. Sources connected with the family tell us … the 13-year-old girl’s mother is livid that Rimes would dare say Carly Rose was “nervous and had trouble hitting the right notes” when she sang “How Do I Live.” As you know … Carly Rose did a duet of the song with Rimes on the show. People on social media went crazy after the performance, claiming Rimes was drunk. Carly Rose’s mother and other relatives are telling people they can’t believe LeAnn threw their daughter under the bus, and that it was clear — Carly Rose was a pro and even out-performed LeAnn at her own song. – Read more at

SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The X Factor: A Social TV Throwdown In Infographics – SpongeBob, in fact, averages 80,000 social interactions per episode. Still impressive, but chum compared to the 615K comments per episode gathered in by “The X Factor,” which Bluefin Labs deems the victor for broadcast — because it used per episode numbers as its ultimate measure. And actually, say Bluefin’s numbers, neither Sponge nor X actually reign supreme. That goes to “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” which drew in 1.1 million viewers per episode. – Read more at Forbes

Reba McEntire: I Wouldn’t Be Surprised if Kelly Clarkson, My Stepson Brandon Blackstock Elope! – Reba McEntire wants to make sure that Kelly Clarkson’s wedding to her stepson Brandon Blackstock is a family affair – but admits that she wouldn’t be surprised if the two decided to elope. Shortly after Clarkson, 30, announced her engagement via Twitter Dec. 15, she and Blackstock, 36, called McEntire and her husband Narvel. “We were having our Malibu Country cast Christmas party at our house here in L.A. and Narvel got the call from Brandon during dinner and he said, ‘I’ll call you right back,'” McEntire told Us of the momentous occasion. “And then we got upstairs and each got on the phone and got to talk to both of them.” “[Clarkson] said a while back, ‘Don’t be surprised if we elope!’ And I said, ‘I will not be surprised!'” she continued. – Read more at US Magazine

Taylor Hicks joins Tim Brando Show

Nikki Reed: Paul McDonald & I Are Flattered By Comparisons To The Civil Wars – “We are obviously inspired by groups like The Civil Wars. In no way do we feel that we can compare ourselves to them, but it gives us something to work towards,” Nikki said. Now that she’s done with “The Twilight Saga,” Nikki has plenty of time to focus on making music with her husband of a little over a year. “We sure are, we are writing this month and recording in February,” she told the mag. “We hope to have something out in the beginning of next year.” – Read more at Access Hollywood

Catching Up with Brooke White – Yesterday Season 7’s 5th place finalist, Brooke White took a moment out of her busy schedule to talk about her recently released album, White Christmas. When asked why she decided to release a holiday album Brooke replied, “We were that weird family that always listened to Christmas music and so you know after all the records that I’ve recorded … I just felt like it was time.” Brooke told us about her favorite song on the album. “You always go through phases with records where one minute you really love a certain song and then later on down the road one starts to grow on you. I really love “Last Christmas” which originally wasn’t in my plans to record. The song’s been recorded so many times and I just thought it’s been overdone, but I still loved it so much I just thought, ah I’m just going to do it anyway.” – Read more at American Idol

Cee Lo Green Confirms ‘The Voice’ Season 5 Return, Says Nicholas David Should Have Won (VIDEO) – “Let’s be straight about this ladies and gentlemen: I’m not leaving ‘The Voice.’ I’ll be back for Season 5. I’m going on hiatus. I’m doing a Las Vegas residency next year,” he explained. Shakira and Usher will be stepping in for Cee Lo and Christina Aguilera for Season 4. Green also stuck up for his team-member NIcholas David, who lost to Cassadee Pope from Blake Shelton’s team on Tuesday night’s finale. “I really did think that my Nicholas did have a really strong chance and I do believe he should have won,” Green maintained. – Read more at Huffington Post

NBC: “No Plans” For Rosie O’Donnell To Join ‘America’s Got Talent’ As Judge – “NBC is not in talks with Rosie O’Donnell for America’s Got Talent and has no future plans for her to be a judge,” a spokesperson for the network said. O’Donnell will still appear on NBC but in a different role. “She will be playing herself on an upcoming episode of Smash when Bombshell opens on Broadway,” the spokesperson said. – Read more at Deadline

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  • James M.

    I thought Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald were happy to be compared to the 1861-1865 Civil War >_>.

  • lisa

    I thought Nicolas David should have won also.I really enjoy his style of music.good luck to Nicolas with his career in music.very talented

  • Nadine_Bitch
  • Van

    Someone said Kelly will be singing at the Inauguration ceremony for President Obama, January 21. Someone who apparently is working on the ceremony shared the news on Kelly’s biggest fan site. I’ll wait for a press release though :p

  • sabbia

    I’m shocked anyone suggested a Reed/McDonald comparison to The Civil Wars. Any similarities stop beyond both being a guy/girl duet with the guy playing guitar. The Civil Wars is not even a husband-wife duo (as the article vaguely implies).

  • heartly

    Kelly had mentioned a few weeks ago that she was going to start a new tradition with her soon-to-be stepkids by taking them to the Children’s Hospital and hand out gifts to the kids there.  Looks like she did more than just hand out gifts today.

    Shane Tarleton ?@StarletonEnt
    Room full of kids singing along @VUMCchildren for @musiciansoncall w @kelly_clarkson thanks @ashleyarrison !!!

  • girlygirltoo

    I have no clue why Paul is so intent on teaming up with his wife on his music. What is up with that? It seems like he can’t (or won’t) do anything on his own anymore.

  • No Thanks

    A lot of Idols are nominated for the World Music Awards.  The lists are long (as it’s full of international artists) and it’s a public vote:!vote/c2414

    Multiple nods for Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Phillipx2, Adam Lambert and One Direction.

  • Eilonwy

    I’m shocked anyone suggested a Reed/McDonald comparison to The Civil Wars.

    I went looking to see if anybody had seriously made the comparison, since it had a straight-from-the-promo-packet feel. Turns out to be appear (at least) in an interview in American Songwriter, which is usually pretty level-headed as far as music publications go — but which doesn’t really expand on the comparison to explain it.

    It’s a pleasant little interview, and Reed/McDonald talk about why they write together:

    [Oops! It looks like MJ posted that link back on Dec 11 when it was fresh.]

  • girlygirltoo

    Is this same same awards that people were talking about the other week that no one in the media could figure out who was running it and seemed like an amateur thing? Or is this a different World Music Awards?

  • Hazehel

    Pop music in 2012 according to DJ Earworm –   Includes One Direction, Kelly Clarkson and Phillip Phillips.   Not bad for Phillip to be included in a pop music mashup.   I have seen a couple of others from a few weeks ago but this is the only with Phillip.  

  • No Thanks

    I dunno.  Seems to be a major event.  They put up videos from previous ones.

  • Niall

    Did my eyes deceive me or was that Allison Iraheta and her blue hair singing backup for Cassadee Pope during The Tonight Show appearance?

  • bestmusic

    Clay`s show should be fun tonight.

     Arsenio Hall @ArsenioOFFICIAL
    @clayaiken People are offering me CRAZY
    amounts of money for my tickets to your show tonight! A lady wanted to
    trade me her IPAD for ONE!

  • Leandro

    Cee-Lo might thought Nicholas should have won, but Mark didn’t and Cee-Lo was ok with that. lol

  • Valarie

    Nikki has all of that vampire money. As long as she wants to bankroll a duo, why not?