Idol Headlines for 05/24/12

Adam Lambert will appear on Bravo’s ‘Watch What Happens LIVE’ tonight at 11:01pm ET

Phillip Phillips’ ‘American Idol’ Win: Experts React – he confetti has fallen, the tears have dried and at the end of season 11 of “American Idol” we have … another WGWG winner. You can’t blame the fans for picking Phillip Phillips?, they voted, in record numbers, in fact, of 132 million. They clearly had their minds made up a long time ago. And with his emotional breakdown as he was attempting to strum the coronation song?, “Home,” the normally unflappable, soft-spoken pawn shop worker provided the show with one of the most riveting moments in an otherwise dull season. We have our own ideas about who deserved to win what this year?, but MTV News reached out to a number of “Idol” experts to see how they felt about Phillips’ triumph. – Read more at

Phillip Phillips steps onto ‘American Idol’ treadmill – The winner has been declared. A nation has decided, and we went to bed on Wednesday finally knowing that American Idol No. 11 is, in the words of dozens of Twitter commenters, another “white guy with guitar” (WGWG). Rest easy, America. Phillip Phillips, a 21-year-old would-be troubadour with husk in his voice, a twinkle in his eye and a smile tailor-made for winning over the world’s grandmas, got the majority of the 132 million votes cast for the long-running Fox music competition. – Read more at the LA Times

Ace Young: How I Planned a Live TV Wedding Proposal – “I called [producer] Nigel [Lythgoe] directly last week and said, ‘I want to do this. I’m going to do this. Is there any way I could do it at the show?’ ” Young told PEOPLE at the Ford-sponsored American Idol season 11 finale post party. “He said ‘Yes, I’m not going to tell anybody until the day of … [and] I want you to figure it out with Ryan [Seacrest].” – Read more at People

See Diana DeGarmo’s Engagement Ring! – What a gem! For his surprise proposal on American Idol Wednesday night, Ace Young selected an 18-karat yellow gold, platinum and diamond engagement ring to present to longtime girlfriend Diana DeGarmo. The David Webb sparkler, which features a 1-carat fancy yellow center stone, also boasts two side diamonds weighing .2 carats.
Young helped to design the ring, after hearing DeGarmo drop a hint. “A month ago, she said, ‘Gold needs to come back,’” Young told PEOPLE after Wednesday’s finale. “I was like, ‘I agree,’ so mental note. – Read more at People

Scotty McCreery tweets, “Welcome to the family man. Proud of you @PPhillipsAI11

Your New ‘American Idol’ Is (Surprise!) A Laid-Back Dude With An Acoustic Guitar – Being named “Phillip Phillips” kind of makes Phillip Phillips sound like he was created like a Cabbage Patch Kid, and after his manufacture, someone said, “What should we call him?” And somebody else said, “Phillip!” And then the first person said, “Phillip what?” But by then, the well of creativity had run dry. “Phillip … Phillips!” A star is born. – Read more at NPR

‘American Idol’s’ Jimmy Iovine on Jessica Sanchez’s Coronation Song: ‘It Did Bomb, Didn’t It?’ – “Phillip had that country base and that young-girl thing going on, that’s hitting the button lots of times,” said the music industry veteran, who got his start as an engineer for the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks. As for Sanchez’s power ballad “Nothing Changes”? “It did bomb, didn’t it?” Iovine remarked. “The song didn’t work well live.” Sanchez had her choice of “three or four different songs,” he added. “We don’t force the kids to do anything.” – Read more at The Hollywood Reporter

Steven Tyler says both Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez will be successful after ‘American Idol’ – “The last two get record deals and she sings so beautiful, she’ll be on her way,” Tyler says of the 16-year-old Sanchez. “She’ll have a great career.” As for Phillips, Tyler says he admires that Phillips kept doing his own thing throughout the season. “He just don’t care and that’s beautiful. I said from the first, I thought he’d win, only because he’s so vulnerable,” Tyler says. “I think he’s going to be a movie star. I don’t know why but I just think that but I look at his face and I see James Dean.” – Read more at Zap2it

Which Celebrities Attended The American Idol Season Finale, And Who Was The Winner? – Another year, and another season of American Idol has run it’s course. But before we tell you who the Season 11 winner is, we wanted to discuss who turned up for the results show. As expected, AI alumni swarmed. One of the most famous of this group is Carrie Underwood, who arrived looking super glam in Badgley Mischka along with her husband, Mike Fisher. Jordin Sparks looked lovely in white along with Jason Derulo. – See the Photos at VH1

Jennifer Lopez Dishes About Her Future As An ‘Idol’ Judge [AUDIO] – Will Jennifer Come Back For Another Season of ‘Idol’?: “I love this show, I love it. We’ll have to see how everything falls, but it’s not because I don’t want to be here,” Jennifer explains. “I got two little coconuts. It’s a lot of weighing and balancing and deciding.” Listen to the Interview at Ryan

Steven Tyler Talks Up New Aerosmith Album at ‘Idol’ Finale – Steven Tyler spoke about the new Aerosmith record, Music from Another Dimension, during a press conference at last night’s American Idol finale. “It’s the kind of thing where it represents who you are,” the frontman and Idol judge said. “Who are you? We don’t know. Sometimes our music speaks for us so this album – as Joe Perry said on one of his solo records – ‘Let the music do the talking,’ and this one does.” The album is slated to drop August 28th, and Aerosmith premiered the album’s first single, “Legendary Child,” in a performance during last night’s show. – Rolling Stone

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  • windmills

    The new Country Weekly and the new Entertainment Weekly have commentary from some big country acts about the reality show effect. This is the aftermath of Eric Church’s comments about reality shows.

    Country Weekly (George Strait on the cover) has an article discussing the dues paying question. The author of the article is Ken Tucker, the managing editor of Country Weekly. He comes down on the side of Vince Gill, who is quoted saying it doesn’t matter how you get to Nashville, what matters is the talent and what you do once you get there. Vince says he doesn’t begrudge Carrie being known to “100 million people” because of Idol and he says if the likes of Roy Acuff had had the opportunity to do a show like American Idol, he would’ve too. 

    Entertainment Weekly (Summer Must List cover) has a feature interview with Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw and asks them about Eric Church’s comments. Tim McGraw says the same thing as Vince – he doesn’t care how people get their shot, the truth will stick eventually (basically what Jennifer Nettles said in her Duets interview with Country Weekly: the cream rises to the top). Kenny Chesney says he accepts there are different ways to go about getting a career but he does like the way Eric’s gone about it the best – Kenny feels it’s the most honest. But, Kenny also says you can’t deny Carrie Underwood’s success. 

    I feel like that’s the consensus in the country industry on reality show alums now, especially since there are a lot of them going to Nashville now. It’s basically a wait and see thing: they’ll give you a shot at first, maybe more easily because you have that exposure, but it’ll take a few years and at least 2 albums before the skepticism starts to go.

  • Guest

    From Fox Research

    Due to final 7 minutes not counted in the Fast Nationals, #AmericanIdol is projected to deliver a 6.3 A18-49 and 21.5 million Total Viewers

  • Mike M

    I think all three of these guys are pretty level headed, and I would have been surprised if they took shots at reality show contestants entering their space. Their wait-and-see attitude about these contestants is more than fair.

    I think most of the big country stars realize there is a lot more than talent and hard work involved. Timing, for instance, means a lot. Take the aforementioned Eric Church. A few years ago country radio, and for that matter country audiences, would not have touched his music. It is fortunate for him that he came along at a time when the genre was opening up to a more pop-rock sound, and he has the talent to take advantage of it. Just as Carrie had the talent to take advantage of her break. Hopefully, Scotty, Lauren and whatever others come along will be able to do the same thing.

  • YankeeFan08

    Adam will be on Bravo’s ‘Watch What Happens LIVE’ tonight: 11:01pm-11:31 PM ET.  It will repeat tomorrow.

  • Anonymous

    love that pic of scotty and phillip together

  • Lexie

    Scotty’s been very classy welcoming P2 and congratulating him…

    I appreciate Tim, Vince, and so on…I don’t think any of the country idolettes expect anything less than to work for success.  Oh, and Vince was quoted in Scotty’s deluxe album booklet saying what talent he has:)))

  • justmefornow

    They look like brothers. lol

  • mmb

    lol I thought the exact same thing when I saw the photo….

  • Anonymous

    Adam will be on Bravo’s ‘Watch What Happens LIVE’ tonight: 11:01pm-11:31 PM ET.  It will repeat tomorrow.

      I hope Adam is prepared to discuss really bad reality television shows, because that’s what he’ll be asked about. lol.

  • YankeeFan08

    That’s too funny!  I’m not familiar with the show at all.  I figured it was another chance to see Adam on TV for anyone who’s interested.

  • Anonymous

    I watched John Mayer and Dan Rather on WWHL last night and there wasn’t much reality show talk. It helps that there’s no housewives leading lol

  • Anonymous
  • callmecrazy

    Andy Cohen/Watch What Happens Live show is HILARIOUS!  Adam was Andy’s “mazel(sp?) of the day” the other night regarding Adam’s topping the album charts.

  • Guest

    Always love the red carpet pics – here’s Taylor and his hot date looking mighty  fine!

  • Anonymous

    Videos from Kris’ in-studio appearance at WWFS in NYC the other day:

    Kris Allen Performs “The Vision Of Love” and “Live Like We’re Dying” via @fresh1027ny 

  • raya

    Since we’ve got a couple of high school senior idols this year, and by that I mean seniors that actually attend regular high school when possible, apparently it’s DeAndre’s graduation today and by all accounts he should make it home in time today to walk with his class.  It’s California, so I assume they are on a different schedule than say Scotty in North Carolina.  Kind of cool that his Idol schedule just happened to work out so as he didn’t have to miss out on his major senior events.

  • Pam

    That’s a nice pic of Scotty and Phillip.  Come to think of it, they almost do look like brothers there.  Heh

  • Anonymous

    I think Taylor gets the trophy for best dressed male Idol, huh? Love the George Clooney comparison, except I think he’s got it all over George. lol

    He’s been Mr. GQ this week with the Idol finale and the Race to Erace MS Gala last Friday!  It’s almost time to Vegas, baby! ;)

  • Anonymous

    i dont know if this is the right thread to post in, but we never did see casey james on this season of idol which was very unfortunate since he came in third in his season, and had his album come out. season 9 just seems to have disappeared in many ways

  • Just Me!
  • Nele621

    I think Taylor was far from Mr. GQ this week, unless sloppy fitting and wrinkled suit pants are desireable for GQ.

  • Whiskey

    Sony star power

    Poised to steal music crown from Universal

    When Sony Music chief Doug Morris left rival Universal Music Group last
    year for his current gig, he wanted nothing more than to dethrone the
    perennial US king of album sales.

    Sony gaining on Universal US market share after Adam Lambert success


  • windmills

    Mike M: I think most of the big country stars realize there is a lot more than talent and hard work involved. Timing, for instance, means a lot. Take the aforementioned Eric Church. A few years ago country radio, and for that matter country audiences, would not have touched his music. It is fortunate for him that he came along at a time when the genre was opening up to a more pop-rock sound, and he has the talent to take advantage of it. Just as Carrie had the talent to take advantage of her break. Hopefully, Scotty, Lauren and whatever others come along will be able to do the same thing.

    I agree with your point about there being a lot more than talent and hard work being involved, especially timing. But with Eric – he’s been getting country audiences on board for for at least 5 years. Chief may be his breakthrough album as far as radio but his sophomore album Carolina has sold over 500k copies and showed a lot of consistency as far as sales. His debut album Sinners Like Me is also approaching 500k sales. He’s also had a string of t20 singles starting with his debut album. And, he had developed quite the rabid fanbase through all his touring. 

    So, it’s true the timing had to be right for him to become the next big thing in the country world. But, it’s not like country audiences and country radio weren’t touching him a few years ago. Then again a few years ago country music was already swinging towards rock. IA he needed this climate to become as big as he has with this album.

    Whiskey: Sony star power
    Poised to steal music crown from Universal

    Sony’s had a good start to the year with Adele’s continued success, One Direction, and now the big openings by John Mayer and Carrie but Universal’s got Bieber next month and Taylor Swift in October which will enable it to grab marketshare right back. I’m pretty sure Universal’s got another biggie lined up for sometime in 2012 too but the name’s escaping me right now.

  • Anonymous


    Adam Lambert adamlambert

    @ HaleyReinhart I love this album! Your voice is so sexy!

  • Tiffany

    I have Eric’s album Chief but he is another one that needs to keep a filter on.  He alienated a lot by his comments against people from reality tv shows and judges on them.   Specifically, Miranda Lambert was very offended, especially when she had taken him on tour.  He apologized to her and others, except he didnt apologize in his written statement to Blake Shelton.  Also, when on tour with Rascal Flatts, he wouldn’t get off the stage when his time was up to perform.  He kept running over so they booted him out of the tour.  He then went to all cities the tour was scheduled for and reserved a small venue and got out the word to come watch him there, not the tour.  Again, he keeps slamming doors that he might need later on.  The people you pass on your way up are the same as the ones you pass on the way down.

  • Anonymous

    I see WGWG meme finally hit mainstream. It was about time ;)

  • Pam

    I hope this wasn’t posted elsewhere and I missed it.

    From PR Newswire:

    American Idol Final Runner Up Jessica Sanchez Is Proud To Give Thanks To The Troops In Her First Televised Performance After Series Finale On PBS’s National Memorial Day Concert

    WASHINGTON, May 24, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — After an impressive showing at the finale of AMERICAN IDOL, sixteen-year old singing sensation Jessica Sanchez is honored to pay tribute to the service and sacrifice of all our men and women in uniform, their families at home and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.  Sunday, May 27 marks Sanchez’s first television performance since AMERICAN IDOL.  She will perform the “National Anthem” as well as her rendition of “The Prayer” (by Celine Dion) on the NATIONAL MEMORIAL DAY CONCERT, airing live in HD on PBSfrom the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol from 8:00 to 9:30 p.m. ET, before an on-site audience of hundreds of thousands, millions more at home, as well as to our troops serving around the world on the American Forces Network.

    Read more at the link.

  • Susan Reiter

    I am not familiar with the show on Bravo that Adam is going to be on but no matter.  Adam on my TV LIVE is always a treat! 

  • heartly

    ORTC interview with Kelly where one of the few things she says is that through the process of Duets, it’s made her realize that she’d like to be part of some sort of artist development in the future.  She’s loving the mentoring aspect of the show, pushing people and seeing someone do something that they didn’t think they could do.

  • Anonymous

    I agree, I am being a bad sport about the fact that they did not have Casey J. on when he had a new album to promote.  Almost all Idols with a major label like Casey J. get to promote their first release on Idol.  Now it is almost two years later than the usual release schedule, but he still should have gotten the promo IMO.  For one thing, I think he is one of the most charismatic and charming of the alums, and without a doubt the best guitarist.  IMO the season nine cast was the victim of a show that for many reasons was falling apart at the time.

  • Anonymous

    Blog Critics: 
    Interview: Kris Allen Discusses the Making of Thank You Camellia

    Read more:

  • Anonymous

    19 Entertainment @19News
    .@KrisAllen 2 perform #TVOL @ the National Memorial Day Parade in DC. Visit parade to find out where to watch it on TV!

  • Willis

    Some news coming from the wrestling world:
    “WWE Magazine’s Informer column says that a male
    former American Idol runner-up is in negotiations to perform at this
    year’s SummerSlam pay-per-view.”

    Looks like Durbin’s time has come! Some have speculated it’s Adam, but I’m sure they’re talking about James.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

     Oh, they’re discussing Bravo’s lineup then?

  • Anonymous

    Kris Allen @ KIIS FM Party   (full set) 

  • justmefornow

    I think this has been in the works for a while since James was a guest at Wrestlemania in Miami in April.
    BTW, 80,000 fans were in Miami in April and SummerSlam in LA is apparently a similar event.

    Very Nice exposure.

  • Anonymous

    Woah, pretty cool to see Adam name checked as contributing to Sony’s success! Tells me they appreciate him. Thanks for posting!

  • Anonymous

    A shame they don’t “appreciate” all their artists.

  • Anonymous

    Watching Adam and Beth Ditto on Watch What Happens: Live. Love, love, love both of them. They are totally hilarious.  

  • Taylor

    Ryan also name checked Carrie. They have the x-Idols back to sing on the show, even when they don’t have new albums out. AI even gives a select few the goodbye song. They award the Idols with their Platinum awards when they come back on. How else should they “appreciate” them?

  • LaurelG

    Great show on WWHL. Did I hear Adam say he would be doing 6 shows with Queen? Did they add one recently? (Maybe I lost track, but that was news to me.)

  • YankeeFan08

    Adam and Beth Ditto were hilarious.  I love unfiltered Adam.  He did say six shows with Queen. I’m missing one too.

    London (3), Moscow, Wroclaw (Poland) and Kiev (with Elton John).

  • LaurelG

    Hmmmm. A mystery show. Is the Olympics still a possibility?

    ETA: lol, okay, no mystery.

  • clearone

    Oooo this has to be James!  How cool for him!

    Adam at a wrestling event?  Uhm……….don’t think so. 

  • Anonymous

    ” I agree, I am being a bad sport about the fact that they did not have Casey J. on when he had a new album to promote.”

    I think bad-sportism is justified for this kind of thing. I don’t see why they can’t have everybody on who has music to sell. I know I’ve said this before….but Mandisa has had three Grammy nominations, and they’ve never had her on.

    And, I know, it’s all about the ratings and the corporate ties. Miley Cyrus will bring in an audience; Jimmy knows Lisa Marie. …. So what benefits the suits always trumps what would benefit the fledgling artists. But I’ll never stop being bummed out about it.