Idol Headlines for 05/16/12

‘Idol’ favorite would continue winner monotony – LOS ANGELES (AP) — “American Idol” viewers could be in for a serious case of deja vu if Phillip Phillips wins on the Fox talent contest’s 11th season finale next week. While the soulful strummer from Leesburg, Ga., has certainly proved he can be a risk-taking showman by transforming songs like Usher’s “U Got It Bad” into searing acoustic covers, a victory for the 21-year-old would prove something that everyone has suspected for a while: “Idol” voters prefer humble Caucasian heartthrobs over, well, anyone else. – Read more at the Associated Press

Dateline’s 20th Anniversary Special To Air Tuesday, May 22 at 10p/9c – Highlights Featured From the Work of Esteemed Correspondents Chris Hansen, Hoda Kotb, Josh Mankiewicz, Keith Morrison and Dennis Murphy.  (The special will air Hoda’s interview with Carrie Underwood) – Read more at Futon Critic

Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, and Carrie Underwood to perform at 2012 Walmart Shareholders meeting – In just a few short weeks, Fayetteville will be full of folks from all over the world visiting during the annual Walmart shareholders meeting on Friday, June 1. As usual, the world’s largest retailer has booked a few concerts in the days leading up to the event, and Walmart spokesperson Dianna Gee confirmed that Carrie Underwood, Aerosmith and Cheap Trick will perform during the festivities at Bud Walton Arena this year. Underwood and an unnamed “special guest” will perform at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, May 29, and Aerosmith and Cheap Trick will perform at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, May 30. – Read more at

‘Duets’ Cast on Britney Hosting ‘X Factor’ – At the Entertainment Weekly/ABC upfront party on Tuesday night we chatted with the superstars of the upcoming reality show Duets, getting their take on Britney Spears’ new job on The X Factor. “I think it’s cool,” said Kelly Clarkson. “People love her. Everybody wants to root for her. “I’ve always been a Britney Spears fan,” Robin Thicke added. “You’d be hard pressed to get me to not like Britney Spears.” – Read more at ET

Kelly Clarkson with Modern Family Stars  Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet



Kelly Clarkson & Robin Thicke’s Upfront “Duets” Duo – Excitedly attending the press event for her new network television home, Kelly Clarkson was spotted working the black carpet at the Entertainment Weekly & ABC-TV Upfront VIP party on Tuesday night (May 15). Joined by Robin Thicke, the former “American Idol” winner looked stunning in a v-neck colorful knee length dress and nude platform sandals as she flashed a big smile for the awaiting photographers. See the Photos at celebrity-gossip

Carole King Named BMI Icon at 60th Annual BMI Pop Music Awards – LOS ANGELES, May 16, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Global music rights leader Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) honored the songwriters and music publishers behind the year’s most-performed songs tonight at the organization’s 60th annual Pop Awards, held at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills.
Carole King received the BMI Icon Award recognizing her “unique and indelible influence on generations of music makers.” The tribute to King featured Haley Reinhart, who delivered an inspiring performance of “Beautiful”; Colbie Caillat offering a soulful rendition of “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”; and Peter Noone of Herman’s Hermits capping off the tribute with “I’m into Something Good.” – Read more at Marketwatch

Carrie Underwood was presented with a plaque at the Grand Ole Opry on Saturday, May 12, to celebrate the No. 1 Billboard debut of her new album, Blown Away. – See the Photo at GACTV

Carrie Underwood Blown Away playlist

Carrie Underwood discusses “Blown Away” track by track

American Idol’s Michael Lynche Releases First Single – (Stache) American Idol finalist Michael Lynche has delivered his debut single “Who’s Gonna Love You More”. Lynche co-wrote “Who’s Gonna Love You More” with Jason Pennock (Babyface, Far East Movement, Natasha Bedingfield) and Jamie Jones (Michelle Williams, The Pussycat Dolls) who also produced the track. Known as “Big Mike” to America and deemed “a versatile stand-out” on season nine of Idol by Blog Critics, Michael became the front-runner after bringing one of the judges to tears during his performance of “This Woman’s Work.” – Read more at Anti-Music

William Levy Surprised by Success on Dancing with the Stars – “Being born in Cuba and being raised in that kind of country and that kind of life, you never expect anything from life,” he says. “You just go out there and give your best shot, and whatever happens, happens. I never thought about any of this.”? “I just knew when I came to this country that I had any chance to do what I decided to do,” Levy, 31, says. – Read more at People

Dancing With the Stars Backstage Scoop: Eliminated Couple Sound Off! Plus, Who Shared a Kiss? – Dancing With the Stars whittled the intense competition for the mirror-ball trophy down to the final three couples tonight, eliminating a fan favorite (and truly talented) celeb hoofer in the process! We caught up with the eliminated couple after the show to talk about their shocking elimination so close to the finale! Plus, who was kissing? And what does Peta Murgatroyd have to say about those pesky rumors that she’s dating Maksim Chemrkovskiy?! – Read more at EOnline

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  • justmefornow

    Phillip pretty much has this in the bag, has for a while now.

    I was suprised to see Joshua has moved into favored for 2nd place. I really don’t care who wins, none of them thrill me or sing the kind of music I would buy, but if I had to pick, I’d like to see Joshua win. He’s got a great voice and puts on a nice show. 

  • windmills

    Kelly was looking absolutely gorgeous at the ABC upfronts yesterday! I’m excited about a new round of media from her thanks to the show and also Dark Side getting started. 

    Dateline NBC is broadcasting a new Carrie interview next Tuesday May 22nd according to this press release. It’s apparently Dateline’s 20th Anniversary special:

    Hoda Kotb / Carrie Underwood

    At the ripe age of 22, Carrie Underwood was the winner of “American Idol’. Almost seven years to-the-day later, she has become a multiplatinum, Grammy-winning artist, topping the charts with a dozen #1 Billboard singles. Her fourth album, “Blown Away,” was a major accomplishment, as Underwood co-wrote eight of the album’s 14 tracks – a long way from the one song she co-wrote on her debut album. Hoda Kotb, who first sat down with Underwood after her Idol win, will catch up with her all these years later.

    I remember that old Dateline interview. They had footage of Carrie’s Opry debut. Should be a nice look back.

  • Roger Kramjet

    That is a pretty scathing article from the Associated Press about the same old same old WGWG syndrome. The comparison between P2 and Lee Dewise is pretty harsh. I am not saying it doesn’t ring true for me but it is pretty harsh.

  • Trina

    Well both Jimmy and Nigel have pretty much said the same thing, that no one person is dominating the votes like Scotty did last year. Nigel said more specifically no one has been the top vote getter two weeks in a row. That tells me no one has it in the bag, even Phillip. I believe his win is about as definite as the P2/Colton F2 that was supposedly so untouchable.

  • Anonymous

    Slezak’s comments were pretty harsh LOL.  (But I liked them).  Lindsay Parker is delusional if she blames the voting patterns on an imaginary block of “young” voters.  Has she ever attended the tour?  

    I think it’s likely P2 will win, but maybe there’s a chance it will be someone else.  I’d prefer to see Joshua win, but I’m not that invested.  I don’t have much interest in the remaining 3 – all of my favorites have been booted :(.  

  • Anonymous

    I expect we will see the AP theme crop up all over the press if P2 wins.  It is an easy high horse for them to mount, and appeals to reader’s who like to opine about fairness issues as we blog posters do.  We are seeing a variation of this theme in many of Adam’s reviews this week.  I do not think a P2 win would be good for Idol.  Jessica would be the best being a girl and a minority, killing both the white and the guy in one win.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah. I get why some of the audience would think it’s the young tween/teen girls. I really had no idea it was mainly older women that watched and voted before I went online/message boards last year for S10. Again, I don’t think it’s just the soccer moms and grannys voting though. Tweens, teens, women in their 20s, GUYS (they won’t admit it though LOL) they all vote too.

  • Anonymous

    Gee I mentioned the WGWG syndrome a week or so ago and got pummeled :). But I pretty much agree with the article. I am not sure what the demographics are or the voters (the mixture of teens vs. Mid-age ladies) but I do think the audience for this show has very specific tastes.-

  • Joseph

    The AP article is a watershed moment. It’s being picked up by over 1,000 American newspapers this morning, as well as online publications. If Idol continues to have winners of one type, these yells will get louder, until Idol is a bit of a joke, and X factor or The Voice kill it dead in it’s tracks.

  • Anonymous

    Look at the last two winners of The Voice.  Idol was supposed to be dead when Xfactor & The Voice came on board but it has managed to survive and leaving them in the dust.  As long as the ratings hold, AI is not going anywhere regardless of who wins the show in the end.

  • justmefornow

    Nigel says a lot of things, probably most for manufactured drama and ratings. Everyone knows he full of sh*t. Since vote totals are a secret, he can say just about anything he wants.
    I really don’t care who wins, but Vegas odds probably care more since money is involved.

  • ladymctech

    Keep in mind that Slezak was a devout Crystal fan in S9. I remember a comment to the effect that he thought Crystal could sell out the Prudential Center in Newark all by herself. I’m still waiting for that…

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t think that article was all that harsh. Except for mentioning Lee’s low sales, it does not diss any of the previous winners, which is a nice change. And it actually praises Philip’s ability to flip songs. It simply says that it will be the same old same old if Philip wins. 

    I’ve seen a lot harsher articles about the whole “WGWG” trend on Idol than this.

  • heartly

    Here’s an Access Hollywood interview from yesterday with Kelly, Robin and John (who seems very…. relaxed).  Kelly talks about how she thought with her prior experience that this would be easy but it’s a lot of work.  Talks about what kind of judges the four of them are and she says they got together before the show started that they didn’t want to be the type of show that cuts people down.

    Today they also announced a 5 date UK tour plus one date in Ireland.  I expect them to announce the rest of the European dates soon and her Australian dates are expected to come out shortly too.

    Kelly tweeted a picture of her with Reba now that they’re “part of the
    ABC family”. I saw the trailer for Reba’s show Malibu Country and it
    looks terrible so I hope Kelly’s able to stay away from that mess.

    From the trailer they ran yesterday, it just looks like a Reba (the show) reboot.  I guess people that went to the pilot taping say it’s different though.  With the Friday night time slot, I don’t think they’re probably expecting much.  Time will tell I guess.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think it’s scathing at all.  They were very fair to Phillip, and gave him his due for having a good personality that people are attracted to, and for his ability to rearrange songs.  The person who wrote the article stayed away from the usual fan complaints about the past four winners, and actually pointed out that the musical styles of the last four are not the same, which is something that is often ignored, when this subject is always brought up.

    I think it was the quotes by Slezak and Lyndsey Parker that weren’t as well thought out, even though they had some good points too.  I think Slezak is wrong about Phillip’s post AI success being important, but he and Lyndsey are right about the harm that will (has been done), if people believe that only white males have a chance of winning the title.

    Phillip is facing the toughest competition that the show has had in four seasons, maybe longer, so I’m still not convinced that he will win.  Things like showing Phillip flirting, showcasing his personality, and what seems like a homecoming package that will focus on  his family, may help him, esspecially if Jessica and Joshua’s packages don’t have that personal touch, will help him, so anything can happen.

  • Anonymous

    It would be nice if the media could just wait to see what happens before they get their collective panties in a twist.  I guess they want to make sure Phillip doesn’t succeed if he gets the win, though.  Sound familiar?  The foot stomping is highly entertaining to be sure.

  • Anonymous


    Nigel said more specifically no one has been the top vote getter two weeks in a row.

    Wow, I missed this.  This isn’t surprising, and it’s good news.  A lot of people guessed that this was the case, because it seemed like every week someone new had the best performance of the show, and this would explain why the compilation cds are charting so high on Itunes, even if the one day when the singles charting on Itunes made it look like people weren’t buying a lot of the individual songs.   People have said that this top ten has been evenly matched.

  • Anonymous

    Wasn’t Colton in the top 2 for betting odds also?

  • Anonymous

    I doubt the Voice would kill it, that show is already on it’s way down.

  • Anonymous

    Lindsay Parker is delusional if she blames the voting patterns on an imaginary block of “young” voters. Has she ever attended the tour?

    Undoubtedly she has. And in the cheap seats, it’s still families.

    EW did a demographic breakdown last year; I imagine it hasn’t changed that much, even with the ratings dropoff.

    AI was still the #1 show in the 12-34 demographic, Top 4 in the 2-11 demographic, and top 5 in the male 18-49 demographic. (And it was NOT Top 5 in the over 50-demo, interestingly enough.) It’s not impossible to believe that teens are texting a disproportionate share of the votes, given that they tend to create a disproportionate share of texts in general, without a survey saying otherwise.

    My fundamental issue is that P2’s fans either don’t know or don’t care that a win for him is going to give him a huge media backlash, less time (bad) and/or input (arguably worse) on his major label debut, and less opportunity to recover from apparently quite necessary surgery.

    Sure, the money’s really nice, and the only guaranteed part, but unless one thinks that he isn’t going to get signed otherwise (doubtful), there’s just not a lot of upside for him taking the title over the other two outside of the cash. And given his persona, it’s to his benefit not to appear that motivated by it.

    Plus, if J&J are in the final, that would be the third year in a row of a guy and girl in the same basic genre battling it out (folk/roots rock, country, R&B). That would please me on its own merits, even if I didn’t think they’d generally outperformed him.

  • Tinawina

    Oh for the love.

    Now it’s a media conspiracy against Phillip’s future sales? Maybe they are talking about it because it is true. We’ve had kind of a run on a loose type lately, and adding one more might be problematic. Phillip is heading towards the finals looking like he has a strong chance to win. It’s a story.

    I don’t get why its such a hard thing for people to wrap their heads around. Do we need to have 10 in a row before anyone can talk about it? Yeesh.

  • claudia powell

    I would not say Idol is leaving everyone in the dust.  Not at all.  Idol is still strong and has a particular market though.  But the other shows are way more diverse and it’s pretty much been a given that P2 would win even before the show started.  P2 is cute and all, but Lee gave some better performances that actually moved me.  There is absolutely NO way P2 would have made it on The Voice or X-Factor – he can’t really sing. (But has absolutely everything else that the traditional Idol fanatic voter looks for)

    And I agree about the Idol concert make-up.  I certainly see it dominated by middle-aged people looking for a good time and enjoying themselves.  Which is fabulous and all inclusive.  I just don’t think the power voters are mainly young teens having to go to school and busy with friends and social internet activities.   

    I don’t anticipate a lot of power voting at this point except for P2. The show’s almost over and it’s been a good year and I doubt most care who wins that much.  (except for P2 who would attract the fanatical voters).   I’d love to see Josh win, but I don’t have time, or desire, to vote more than 10 times.  He basically got to the end which I wanted, and it’s futile against P2.

  • Anonymous

    “Do you think GOD would let the black man win against Clay Aiken twice in a lifetime?” Arsenio Hall on “The View” this morning.

    He says Clay is a really nice guy but Aubrey did some pretty tacky things behind the scenes. (Including showing off the “members” of the mainly black men that she dated in front of him).

    “Clay Aiken is like Sara Lee. Nobody doesn’t like Clay Aiken! But I’m going to beat him!”

  • justmefornow

    I have no idea. I was just curious after reading that AP story and looked up Vegas odds for this week.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure Phillip will sell well if he wins, because Interscope will work hard to promote him. Last year’s top 2 were promoted to radio immediately after the show.
    RCA was out of the Idol business after Season 9, and didn’t give Lee the typical big Idol promotion. One single, one video (only four weeks before his album drop), little advertising.
    Without a radio presence, most albums won’t continue to sell.

  • Anonymous

    There is absolutely NO way P2 would have made it on The Voice or X-Factor – he can’t really sing. (But has absolutely everything else that the traditional Idol fanatic voter looks for)

    There are a whole lot of people who were cast onto The Voice and XF, who can’t really sing.  And Chris Rene made the top three of the XF by copying the AI playbook.  The second original song that he did last season that had like five words in it, earned him a spot to the finals, and I’m sure that it helped that he was strumming a guitar as he “sang” it.  Melanie is a throwback idol contestant, and Josh is a WGWG.  The only difference for him is that he’s too old to be on AI.

  • Trina

    Betting odds arent always accurate. These betting sites arent exactly being fed supersekret info about vote totals. I use to work with someone who was a regular putting money on AI and Survivor and you would cringe if you knew the money he lost because those so called “odds” told him to bet on Adam Lambert and Bo Bice as the winner.

  • Anonymous

    I just hope everybody who agrees with the article votes HARD for Jessica and Joshua tonight.

    I actually wouldn’t be surprised if Nigel himself planted this article as a subtle way of bussing Phillip :)

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure Phillip will sell well if he wins, because Interscope will work hard to promote him.

    But in order to “work hard to promote him,” given the type of artist he wants to be, they need to
    a) highlight his songwriting, which means not just giving him the songs like they did for SMcC and LA last year, yet still keeping to an early timetable, and
    b) working around his illness and surgery while still keeping him in the spotlight (it didn’t work out so well for Bo Bice).

    Seriously, DeWyze may have had an enthusiasm gap at RCA, but I think Phillips is going to have much greater challenges even if Interscope backs him.

  • justmefornow

    I agree, stupid and risky. That’s why I don’t gamble.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    That was a nice appearance by Arsenio and it was interesting when he said that he wanted a talk show again. He was using his son as an excuse for not being in public for 17 years, which I don’t think that many people buy. I’ve read that Magic Johnson may start his own television network and that’s how Arsenio will get another talk show. It’s also interesting that he’s appearing on “The View” solo at this time, before the finale, rather than make a joint appearance with Clay as is happening elsewhere.

  • Anonymous

    Oh for the love?  I don’t think Phillip has any business winning, and I don’t want him to win, but why start attacking him now when he could very easily be voted off this week?  The screeching is getting so loud that it may have the opposite effect of creating sympathy for him.  I haven’t liked Phillip at all this season and have no intention of voting for him, but I really don’t like seeing any of these guys constantly attacked.  And, yes, I do think the constant media drumbeat ends up hurting these guys down the line.

  • Tiffany

    I agreed with the article in that this all started when they allowed instruments to be played.  Maybe Idol should quit that practice.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    ” Lindsay Parker is delusional if she blames the voting patterns on an
    imaginary block of “young” voters.  Has she ever attended the tour?  ”

    Yes, she is delusional. lol Since the viewing demographic of Idol has aged (median age 49+ years) and with the advent of power texting, those two factors combined have caused a shift in the votes for a particular kind of contestant, typified by P2. There’s no problem with Cook and Kris winning, as they are good live vocalists, but Lee winning was bad for Idol because for the first time, someone who was a poor, pitchy singer live not only wasn’t culled out earlier, but actually won, and that opened the door for an even worse and more pitchy vocalist like P2.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, DeWyze may have had an enthusiasm gap at RCA, but I think Phillips is going to have much greater challenges even if Interscope backs him.

    I agree.  To elaborate on what you said, no genre is easy for an Idol to enter, but Phillip is aiming for one that hasn’t been open to any idol alum, and one that requires that artists have a certain level of credibility.  Phillip is going to have the AI connection count as a strike against him, but people who like his style of music will also come down on him for the meme that he sounds like Dave Matthews.

    I won’t put it past Jimmy Iovine to try and force Phillip to make pop music, but that’s exactly what RCA tried to do with Lee Dewyze, and we know how that turned out.  Like RCA, I don’t see Interscope taking the time to develop Phillip, and being okay with waiting for him to establish a reputation as a Triple A artist. They’ll have at least two other artists from this season who fit well in the current pop scene, which may impact how willing they are to help Phillip.

  • julia

     Wow, I missed this.  This isn’t surprising, and it’s good news.

    Either that or it is total spin designed to give people the impression that it is still a competition? 

    i think the timing of this AP article is very interesting myself.  The top 2 hasn’t even been decided yet they have an article, complete with idolblogger quotes about how terrible it would be if we had another wgwg winner?  To me that suggests somebody somewhere is worried and they are trying to stir up votes against the wgwg!

  • Anonymous

    Very true about the betting odds-I wonder if the “experts” who determine them know the show and the voters at all?
    What the fans of the person who goes out in third or fourth place do has to be a factor. At least some of them will continue to vote. Hollie fans might vote for Josh because of their friendship and perceive Jessica as a rival.
    Casual voters who prefer singers with a big vocal range would be more likely to vote for Jessica or Joshua-whichever was the last one standing against Phillip. If Nigel is telling the truth, that no one has a big advantage in votes, that could mean a win  for Jessica or Joshua.

  • sdmama

    If the winner is the only one who gets signed to have record produced, it would have mattered who ‘won’.  But that hasn’t been the case. Anybody who can impress producers while on the show can get signed.  Look at Daughtry, Adam, Haley, and even Pia.  

    I see no point in complaining about heart-throb keeps winning. Let viewers vote for their favorite for whatever the reason to give satisfaction.  I think the show will die when judging/selection becomes totally objective by the singing ability, voted by music professionals who are doing blind voting and after watching the singing only.

    I will start questioning if only records that come out of Idols are of “white straight male singers with instruments”, or Jessica and Joshua get no record deal after this.  If we get three records from Top 3 this season, and even if the winner’s record sale is less than runner up, I don’t think that is a problem to the show.  I am happy to know Daughtry and Adam, and thankful that the show introduced them to us. Somebody else won those seasons is not the reason why I would stop watching the show.  

  • Emily
  • Anonymous

    Yes, she is delusional. lol Since the viewing demographic of Idol has aged (median age 49+ years) and with the advent of power texting, those two factors combined have caused a shift in the votes for a particular kind of contestant, typified by P2.

    I do think the latter factor might have more to do with it.

    If you look at the Pew figures here and here, you can see that the incidence of texting is SO much larger in the teen and young adult demographic than it is for older people.

    Age Avg. Texts Per Day
    65+ ~5
    55-64 ~10
    45-54 ~14
    35-44 ~26
    25-34 ~42
    18-24 ~50
    12-17 ~60 (median; median is typically below the mean on texting)

    Median texts per day for 14-17 year old girls ~100

    Until there’s a good survey of AI voting patterns, the people in the media who look at AI’s still strong popularity among younger viewers and the massively greater incidence of texting among younger people and conclude “teen texting is influential” are not promoting an unreasonable hypothesis. 

    I have no doubt that there is a core group of older power texters in the AI audience because they often find peer groups online that convince them such behavior is typical, when it is not for the overall demographic.  But it’s not ALL older people, all the time, because many of them don’t text as much in general.

  • Anonymous

    I do not think a P2 win would be good for Idol

    I think it would be worse for Phil than it would be for the show.  If he wins, he’s immediately thrown up against Cook, Kris, and Lee in terms of post-show fan pool.  I’m not saying that their fans are all the same, but I think there are diminishing returns — certainly among the Idol audience — which is what propels the first album.  And the singer/songwriter guitar guy is a crowded field.

    If you gave your heart to Cook in Season 7, how much of it was left for Kris in Season 8, and how much of that was left for Lee?  Enough to vote, but enough to buy?

    Honestly, I think third would be an ideal finish for Philip.  It puts him in the Reinhart position — and that’s turning out well for Haley.  She was signed without the pressure to release by October — which can only be done if there are songs lined up already.  I think Philip could be another James Taylor, but only if he’s allowed to be himself, and I don’t see that happening on the usual AI winner schedule.

  • Anonymous

    No matter what a P2 win means in the bigger picture, I would be very surprised if either of the other two potential winners sold well in their genre, even if they become the winner. Unfortunately, no matter who wins this thing, i don’t see platinum albums in anyone’s future. But over the long haul, if it’s going to be anyone who sells, i think it would be Phil. Maybe not right away, but I do think he could gather a better following than the other two, and not just because he is hot or white, rather because of his style of music.  I just think the music industry will make more “room” for him than the other two. JMO.

  • Elizabeth A. Black

    You know you are talking about Phillip can”t really sing, of which I disagree, but here’s something to think about!! Britney Spears can”t sing Taylor swift is not a real power house, lets face it Lee Dewyze was not that marketable, When they are up there on that stage they have to make you feel good and forget about everything else, and it”s the whole package, and that is what Phillip has, and believe me he will secede!!! And my favorite music is country and I am 75 years old or young  whatever!! Phillip does not have it in the bag, so lets all vote for him!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Lee co-wrote the majority of the songs on his CD, so why does one say RCA tried to make him become a pop artist?

  • Guest

    It’s always hard to predict who will sell platinum. Before Scotty’s album came out, how many people were predicting platinum? Not too many…

  • Anonymous

    I think people say that because of the way the songs were produced-Lee is an acoustic artist, and when he sings the songs live, they sound much more folk rock than they do on the album. I guess RCA was going for a radiofriendly sound.
    Sweet Serendipity sung live is a bit angsty and bittersweet, unlike the album version.

  • Anonymous

    Just because Lee co wrote the songs doesn’t mean he produced them. I firmly believe a lot happened to those songs when he left them in the producers hands. He couldn’t be there 24/7 to oversee everything because he had to be on the idol tour. The media held their resentment on season 9 and Simon leaving against him. RCA was stuck in the last year of a contract they didn’t want and put in the minimum to promote him. “Marketability” is irrelevant.

    The hope for P2 is to not go the pop rock HAC route. There is absolutely no market for Idols over there anymore unless the obligatory peak in the 30s for the lead single and ~100k in sales is the goal. I believe Interscope will put in a bit more effort, especially in promotion but if they want to do anything with any of the 3 they will have to build a strong niche career first and resist the temptation to cash in in the fleeting household name status of the finalists.

  • Anonymous

    Regards the advantage of playing an instrument. I think Scotty would have won whether he played the guitar or not. My opinion of course.

  • Leandro

    “Idol” voters prefer humble Caucasian heartthrobs over, well, anyone else

    That’s true. Even if they can’t sing, which’s P2 case. It’s totally a popularity contest right now. /f he ddn’t touch the bottom on the Top5 week, he’s leading the race by more than a lap over the others.

  • Leandro

    lol, leave your money stored in a savings accounts that you’ll gain more than betting on P2.

  • Anonymous

    The reasons you give in your post to vote for Phillip are exactly why I would not vote for Phillip. In order to enjoy a performance I need to hear a singer who can actually hit the notes he/she is trying to reach or give me enough of the melody so I don’t have to spend the time listening wading through a dichotomy of sound in order to understand the progression of the song. So far Phillip has been able to deliever this on only one song, IMHO.

    I know that I am probably very much alone here but I would never spend my money on a Britney Spears product, knowing that her efforts are autotuned  and lip-synched beyond a shadow of their former selves. I would perhaps listen to a Taylor Swift CD, even if it is autotuned, as I know she writes her own music and I like that. But I would not spend my hard earned dollar on a concert or purchase that CD. I really wished she just wrote for other people.,  but then the industry could not capitalize on her great looks.

    But that really is why both ladies have reached the pinnacle of success that they have now. Granted Phillip is also very attractive so perhaps he too will find that audience if he doesn’t succeed in the singer-songwriter vein.

  • Guest

    Totally, Scotty only played guitar a few times, I doubt it had anything to do with it.

  • Anonymous

    EW Review of Thank You Camellia! Good review B+,,20596212,00.html

  • Anonymous

    One thing no one has mentioned is the power of the coronation song. If they give the finalists the traditional big ballad, Joshua or Jessica have an automatic leg up with impressing the voters over Phil!

  • Anonymous

    that is one thing i think idol still needs to work on is getting a good coronation song, with jimmy there and all the connections that idol has, i find the coronation songs havent been that strong, i think that is something they need to work on.

  • Anonymous

    I will take that review from Grady. In the past he has tended to be a little dismissive of Kris.

  • Anonymous

    A B+ from Entertainment Weekly for Kris’ album is definitely a good review :)

    Lol at the line about some of his songs sounding downright Amish compared to some of the stuff on the BB Top 100 though

  • YankeeFan08
  • mimi

    I will take that EW review too!  Very pleased :).  Grady definitely seemed to have some ‘tude toward Kris in the past.  Glad he was able to move past that for the review.  “Warmhearted” and “cohesive” sound like perfect descriptions for TYC based on the snippets.  I’m also psyched he picked “My Weakness” as one of the Best Tracks.

  • Anonymous

    Kris’ album is now streaming here:

    RT @kris__signal: !!! RT @frenchflan: Thank You Camellia stream! 

  • Anonymous


  • Leandro

    Slezak did an itnerview with Juliet Simms –

    TVA-Line didn’t do an interview with the winner of The Voice…lol

  • Anonymous

    omg finally TYC is streaming!!!!!! woohoo :D

  • Anonymous

    Idol fans are more fans of the contestant than the music, which is why the alums see huge drops from album one to the second album, so sharing fans with other idols isn’t a problem.  It’s also not a problem in the real world, where those who like singer/songwriters have room on their shelves for more than one artist who makes this type of music.

    The downside for Phillip will come in people talking and writing about how he didn’t deserve to win, and that he only did because of his race and sex, but AI hasn’t been getting a lot of press this year, so who knows if that’s a subject that will get a lot of attention.

  • Anonymous

    Lee co-wrote the majority of the songs on his CD, so why does one say RCA tried to make him become a pop artist?

    Because they released a song that didn’t fit him.  To see that all you have to do is compare Lee’s live performances of Sweet Serendipity to the recorded version.   He changed the song’s arrangement and delivery, especially after the first week of performances, so that it would better fit is voice and style, which pretty much changed the song’s meaning.  

    ETA: But, you are right, the intention wasn’t to turn Lee into a pop singer, it was to copy the style of LLWD in an attempt to try and recreate the success that song had, and give Lee at least one song that would be played on Hot AC and Pop, even if they had to distort his voice on the recording to make it happen.

  • Anonymous

    I love the production on Blindfolded.  I was about to click back on Monster to listen to it again, but the arrangement for Blindfolded instantly caught my attention.  I’m glad that he decided to include it on the album.  

  • Anonymous

    Haley Reinhart’s 2nd single, “Oh My! ft. B.O.B.” makes it’s full debut at

  • Anonymous

    Smart and obvious choice for a second single.  That is a really good song, it could help Haley get a lot of airplay.

  • Anonymous

    where does it say this is the 2nd single? It just says “new music” on that site.

  • Anonymous

    I could have sworn it said next single. Either way, it’s the full version of a new song we haven’t heard yet. 

  • Guest

    Thanks for posting that, SchoolOfHoops ~

    I was scanning the headline thread to see if it had been posted yet before I did. What a great picture of Kris, too!  I liked this:

    ” Sure, his sensitive anthems sound downright
    Amish next to sexier sizzlers on the Hot 100, but Allen delivers his
    lyrics with an earnest confidence (and occasional swagger) that keeps
    his songs from becoming treacly, and makes Thank You Camellia a cohesive, warmhearted charmer.”

    He is a charmer, for sure. :)

  • Tiffany

    Hope its ok to post this here MJ, if not delete.  Maybe we could get a random thread for off topics?  Anyway, Idol Chatter has such a good video interview of Kellie Pickler that really shows her heart and soul.  I really enjoyed it.

  • Incipit

    Moved to Evening Headlines Thread

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Moved to evening headlines thread

  • Anonymous

    Good for Kris for the positive review. It is a good album. At least this reviewer didn’t attack who he was as a person and lose all professional integrity as a music critic. Sorry, EW I am still side-eyeing you for that ridiculous Adam review. Hopefully Kris garners more raves in major publications to create some buzz. I hate when good music isn’t rewarded.

  • Tinawina

    You know what, my post was too harsh. I should not have been so snarky so I apologize for that.

    That said, most of the anti-guitar playing guy stuff has been on Idol blogs most people don’t see, so I don’t think this one article constitutes as a constant media drumbeat that may end up helping Phillip. It has come up in the general media before but as a assing mention IMO.

  • Anonymous

     That’s exactly how I remember it ladymctech. Slezak could easily insert Crystal’s name anywhere in that article had she won S9. She would get the blame for the entire failure of that season and Lee would get to come out smelling like a sunflower. Nothing against Crystal but she was “supposed” to win. I’m sure her fans are happy she didn’t. Also, had Crystal won she only has her gender changing the 1st “G” in WGWG. She wouldn’t have “saved” the season either.

    If P2 wins….and I pray for him and his fans that he doesn’t… the only way to “fix” Idol IMO would be a) don’t cast WGWG or b) limit the voting