Idol Headlines for 03/23/12

Live at American Idol: Who Fangirled Over Liv Tyler? Plus, Who Danced With Audience Members? Elise told us after last night’s performance show! “I’m going to bring decorations for the bottom-three stools just in case,” she said with a laugh. “Erika and I are going shopping after this and just get some streamers, maybe a marker to sign the stool, because no matter how good we did, I’ve been in the bottom three the last two weeks, so I’m just kind of getting comfortable.” After the show ended, Erika chatted with the three judges about their decision not to use their one save on her, telling them they made the right decision and that they should use it for when America does something “really crazy.” Their response? “This is crazy.” Executive producer Nigel Lythgoe also came up to Erika to tell her, “If it means anything, Jimmy Iovine said you were the best last night.” – Read more at EOnline

Kimberly Caldwell draws on her passion for tattoos in Oxygen’s new ‘Best Ink’ Caldwell’s body of work – “American Idol” contestant turned TV show host Kimberly Caldwell is a tattoo convert, so when she heard producers on a new ink show needed a host, she wanted in. “This seemed really right for me,” says Caldwell, now host of Oxygen’s “Best Ink,” launching March 27 at 10 p.m. “Tattoos are something I love, and it’s something that keeps me interested. I knew it was something I wanted on my résumé.” Caldwell says the idea is that the series will add some cool to her work history. Read more at New York Daily News

As times change for the former ‘Idol’ star, Casey James stays the same – “I woke up, and my music was available for everyone,” James says by phone. “It’s a real good feeling. I think I feel now more relaxed than I’ve felt in two years…. I really haven’t had a second to stop and think about it at all. It’s really been go, go, go, go, go.” “Everything that I’ve done for the last two years, every single move that I made, song that I wrote, everything that I’ve been working so hard on, it’s all kind of coming to pass,” James says. “But also, in a funny way, at the same time it’s paying off, it’s once again setting me up for the future in a whole new way.” – Read more at Star-telegram

‘American Idol’ viewing party for Heejun Han – MYFOXNY.COM – Fans of Heejun Han gathered at a Burger King restaurant in his native Flushing neighborhood to send positive vibes during “American Idol” elimination night. Fans held their breath when the local “Idol” contestant ended up in the bottom two. But in the end he made the cut. “Idol” Season 9 contestant Mike Lynche, also from Queens, joined the party to show his support. See the Video at MyFoxNY

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  • J04SuperMaN

    Haha. I like how Elise/Ericka were embracing the Bottom 3 ridiculousness.  The party idea is pretty funny.  I wish it would have been discussed/explained a little more when it happened though! I think Elise being safe from the Bottom 3 threw it off a bit. They both have good sense of humor. I will miss Ericka.  She should have been around for at least a few more weeks!

  • Anonymous

    New release date for Adam’s album — May 15!!!


    #Global superstar @adamlambert will release his highly anticipated 2nd album “TRESPASSING” on May 15th 2012! Details:

  • Anonymous

    OMG Adam! Finally we will be getting that album, I can’t wait. 

  • Anonymous

    I think they have to embrace it, because that’s where they will be until they are voted off. 

  • No Thanks

     Great, now release a new single, like NOW.  Because BTIKM ain’t doing what it needs to do.

  • Anonymous

    Adam Lambert release date now has a separate post

  • Pam

    Overnight ratings from tvbythenumbers.  More info will be on the page soon.

    Fox won the night with adults 18-49 and total viewers, but American Idol was down 13% to a 4.0 adults 18-49 rating.  Touch’s official premiere did OK post-Idol, but it was down seven tenths (18%) from its special preview in January that drew a 3.9 adults 18-49 rating. Especially given that there were no dramas on CBS last night at 9pm, it will be interesting to see what happens next Thursday.

    NBC’s Community dropped half a point with adults 18-49 with a 1.7 adults 18-49 rating. But if I’m a Community fan, based on its off network syndication deal with Comedy Central announced last week and Sony’s history of wheeling and dealing to get to enough episodes for stripped syndication, I’m not any less optimistic about Community’s prospects (likely to be renewed) than I was last week.

    NBC’s Awake was another story. It  fell 25% to a 1.2 adults 18-49 rating and it’s prospects for renewal move towards grim (as opposed to Grimm, which has already been renewed ).

    ABC’s Missing fell 24% with adults 18-49 from last week’s premiere to a 1.6 rating.

  • Pam

    Ratings post has been edited.

  • Anonymous

    Another Vangie Youtube commercial with David A. especially funny because it is all about food and David loves food.  He will try anything.  Those of us who follow him on twitter know that a large percentage of his tweets are about food or a restaurant where he ate food.

    The final show of the series was shown today.  A real tear-jerker with a bittersweet ending.  Sorry to see it end.  David and related tweets WWTT every day of the 25 episodes.  Now we wait for the Forevermore CD and today a fan video is coming out letting David know that we will be waiting for his return.  I know we will be getting bits and pieces along the way besides the CD that will come out in the fall.

  • djafan
  • Anonymous

    I am listening to a somewhat grainy ustream of David’s Forevermore album.  It is pretty much all love songs, and if anyone was worried that David can’t sing a love song because he hasn’t been in a serious relationship, they can quit worrying about that.  He sings these with such feeling.  No autotune needed here just David’s voice front and center.  Can’t believe he did this in a week or more like 5 days. Can’t wait to hear the real thing..the one I am listening to has that grainy ustream sound to it.

  • djafan

    Fan made video for David A, unbelievable worldwide participation.  I spotted Jambajim with his sign for David A and Matt Giraurd too.  Great guys.

    “WE WILL BE HERE”, LAUNCH OF #DA2014. A worldwide love letter of support for @DavidArchie

  • luvadamlambert

    BTW a LOT late but Colton’s piano man was AMAZING

  • Anonymous

     I personally think Elise is the most gifted girl on the show this year. I love her voice. I’m not really watching the show – basketball has taken over our TV. But I’m taping and just watching the performances. So, I’m not getting any of the “stories.” One thing I’ve noticed is that Jimmy is not the firecracker that he was last year. Heejun is the only fun one but he doesn’t sing as well as the others. Colton was great this week and he has major style and looks – I bet the girls are voting for him big-time. I need to watch Joshua’s song from last week b/c I hear it was great. He was just OK with Billy Joel, but imho has the best voice of the guys. I really like Px2, and I bet he has a lot of girls crushing on him. I think he is the best all around musician on the show, although Colton made me give him another look in that realm this week. Jessica sings beautifully, but to me, Elise has a real style that is not as generic as Jessica. But Jessica could probably be turned into a pop pricess – maybe.I thought Hayley was good last night. She is sexy and the guys love her. It’s about time a girl got the Idol crushes. All these years it’s just been the girls crushing on the guys. Speaking of hot girls  – what ever happened to Pia?Just saw that James Durbin is opening for Evanescence in April. I wonder if he will have any more dates with them during their short 4-week stint in the US before they head back to Europe? It looks like he has seven dates with Buckcherry so far, and a number of dates without anyone. So, it looks like kind of a smorgasboard for his spring tour – haven’t seen any summer dates yet.

  • windmills

    They haven’t done a star rating yet but here’s the All Music review of Casey James’s album.

    And yet that’s kind of the appeal of Casey James: for as commercial as it is — and make no mistake, this was designed to be a hit wherever it may be accepted — there is the soul of a musician evident beneath the heavy gloss, the sense that James is attempting to reshape his favorite sounds for a wide audience. Perhaps the record would have been stronger, or at least a little more individual, if it was a little less polished, but it’s hard to fault a former American Idol for favoring slick sounds, particularly when he’s found a way to gamely indulge his own passions within this cool, clean setting.

  • Anonymous

    I was glad to see that Almond, the squirrel, made an appearance.  That fan video is just so inspiring.  I sure hope David gets to see how much he is loved.   There were so many very clever entries.  It has been a big day in Archuletaville.  Gonna miss that young man.

    Also, saw MyDearWriter sent one in. He sure does make his mark wherever he goes…and always in a positive way.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    My zap2it TV listings have this for the Today Show this Monday, March 26:

    Authors Ben Nemtin, Dave Lingwood, Duncan Penn and Jonnie Penn; panic
    attacks; secret superfoods; Today’s buzz; spring cleaning; singer Clay
    Aiken; Lauren Alaina performs.

    I’ve read that Clay is on the 4th hour with Hoda and Kathie Lee, but it sounds like he’s not performing.


    Lauren Alaina is taking a break from tour to make her first solo appearance on the ‘Today’ show on Monday, March 26, where she’ll perform her new single ‘Georgia Peaches.’

    The ‘American Idol’ alum is hitting the press circuit, which means fans will get to hear more from the singer on shows like ‘Fox and Friends Sunday’ and ‘ABC News Now.’ Of course, she’ll also be attending the Academy of Country Music Awards on April 1.

    Right now, the Georgia native is opening for superstar Jason Aldean, but she’ll also be hitting the road for Sugarland’s ‘In the Hands of the Fans’ tour, kicking off on April 5. It looks like Lauren has a busy year ahead!

    Check out the video for ‘Georgia Peaches’ below, and make sure to set your DVRs for NBC on Monday, March 26 at 10AM to see the 17-year-old perform the song live.

    It looks like Lauren will be performing during the 4th hour of the show.

  • Anonymous

    Haha the whole Elise/Erika bottom 3 thing reminds me of “Kristy’s seat.”

  • Anonymous

    So did Jim Cantiello!!! with his David Archuleta Sweatshirt on it!!

  • LVD

    I really like that review. 

    Casey performed Drive this morning on FOX4 Good Day. Here it is:

  • Anonymous

    THR’s Idol Hangover upcoming guests: Lee Dewyze (performing a song) 
    March 30  &  Kris Allen Apr 6 !

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for posting the fan Launch Video that was made for David A. What a touching video. David has such amazing worldwide fans that will be there for him when he returns.

  • GS61_A

    Spring/Summer tour info for James Durbin starting to come out. Several dates already announced with Buckcherry and first date opening for Evanescence announced:

  • Anonymous

    The guy on Pulse who runs the  Upcoming 2012 Album Releases thread

    May 22, 2012
     Haley Reinhart – Listen Up!  
    Kris Allen – TBA 
    *based on the latest label release schedule.

  • Anonymous

    This reviewer did a great job of understanding Casey and his music!

  • Anonymous

    Love that he is playing something different and picked “Drive” to perform on this show! Casey and Blaine sounded great together!

  • Chris

    That’s a pretty good line up.  Not the most popular time for the Today show (7-9a) but this is the most national TV promo for her album Lauren’s had in a long time.

    Maybe going back to Idol, LA, making connections helped.

  • Anonymous

    I hope not for either. That’s John Meyer’s release date, I’d prefer a more open week to competition. I’d also like to space out my spending and not have to buy two at once. Lol. May is going to be a spending month, though. 

  • Anonymous

    Whoa…James is actually playing with Evanescence?!!!  That is absolutely unbelievable!  So happy for him, they are such a great band.  Isn’t he also up for that award for best rock vocalist against Amy Lee from Evanescence?  I’ve always liked Evanescence.