GMA Cleans Up Mariah Carey Pitch Problems for the West Coast (VIDEO)

Mariah Carey’s appearance on Good Morning America this past Friday turned out to be a comedy of errors. At one point, she accidently swore (exclaiming “oh sh*t) and then popped her dress, nearly having a wardrobe malfunction.

But when sexy R&B singer, Miguel, joined her onstage to perform their new single “#Beautiful”, Mariah had issues hitting the notes in her celebrated whistle register. To put it bluntly, THE PERFORMANCE WAS PITCHY, DAWG. At least that’s how East coast viewers of GMA heard it. The West coast was a completely different story.

Here’s the East coast feed. YIKES right?

Now listen to the West coast feed. And through the magic of sound editing, Mariah sounds awesome! Likely, Mariah was singing to a backing track. It would be easy to cut out the sound from her mic and bring up the vocal on the track. VOILA.

It’s no wonder that she decided to tape her performance for the  American Idol finale, even if it was badly lip synced.

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  • heartly

    Being out west, I had read about her performance before it happened here and how it was rather trainwrecky. I decided to watch it anyway just for laughs and it didn’t seem so bad to me…. now I know why! lol I still got my laughs out of the whole appearance too.

  • Miz

    Heh. I saw the comments in the other post about how bad she was. Well, I watched it out here and she was great. I guess the East coasters weren’t being overly critical after all.

  • Frederick Rupp Cristiano

    Thats kind of sad :( I hope its not permanent. Thats signature Mariah.

  • Ronnie D

    Here is the “legend” in all her glory. lol. What a charlatan. No wonder she couldn’t judge on Idol, she probably knew she couldn’t get up there and sing those songs better than any of the contestants, including Lazaro.

  • breakdown

    This is just wrong.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Pathetic and disappointing. Mariah’s voice is just a fading shadow of what it once was.

  • Kariann Hart

    Yet do we want lip- syncing her songs? You wonder if it is worth attending Mariah’s concert?

  • abbysee

    Wow, that’s sad. I was wondering even with the recording of Beautiful, she didn’t sound at all like herself. I don’t care about the whistle crap, but the tone of her voice. It’s shot. That being said, she’s neither a charlatan, nor does it diminish what she’s done in the past. She is still a legend. Comparing her to Lazaro is going waaaay to far. Some people never had voices to begin with. I hope it’s temporary.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I guess that it all depends. I would never attend the concert of someone who lip synched, but evidently there are many who do. Thing is, Mariah became famous and renowned for her voice, so it’s a different situation in her case, so maybe her fans will be disappointed.

  • Kitwana

    She is a legend, but age catches up with everyone. I think the conventional thinking is women reach their vocal peak in late 20’s or early 30’s and men in their mid-30’s. Mariah’s done many, many live concerts throughout her career. These must have taken their toll. I can’t think of any “diva” whose voice has held up to their earlier high standards after their mid-30’s. Even Christina Aguilera’s recent live performances – including of the national anthem – have been rough. Celine Dion’s voice appears to have held up into her 40’s but she lives a very unique lifestyle for a popstar, having been married since she was relatively young and having never really partied or ever had a “wild” phase of her life. It will be interesting to see if the Kelly, JHud and Adam Lambert’s voices hold up as they approach their mid-30s. I doubt it. Even Josh Groban can’t sing today the way he did in his mid to late 20’s. Luckily we have YouTube videos.

  • Ronnie D

    I agree. It almost parallels when Whitney Houston had her “comeback” before her death, and she actually sang live! lol. Sounded horrible and couldn’t hit the the high notes, but at least she sang live.

  • Ronnie D

    She is resting on her laurels and past achievements, and is pretending to be this high and mighty princess when she doesn’t even have the talent anymore. That isn’t a legend to me.

  • ptebwwong

    This is just wrong by all parties involved to “fix this” for the west coast. I like Mariah’s music. But I can’t accept a live appearance of a artist being altered in a different time zone to sound better. I don’t care if it’s Mariah, a music legend, or if it was a new artist. It shouldn’t have been done.

  • abbysee

    Well thank goodness many people don’t have your unrealistic ideas about talent. Just because her voice is gone, it doesn’t take away from how great she was. Most legends are shadows of their former selves, yet they are indeed legends. Maybe you don’t like her public personna, but that really shouldn’t have a thing to do with her voice.

  • abbysee

    To make a point, Diana Ross who is indeed legendary, came on idol and was awful. Dionne Warwick as well. The group Chicago, stunk up the joint. I don’t know if folk think they were legendary, but they sold a crapload of music in their day. It’s only because Mariah has a certain reputation that this is even truly newsworthy. Most don’t even attempt to sing live anymore. At least if you go back a few years you can still see how good she was.

  • abbysee

    It’s done more often than you know. Truthfully it goes even further than people want to admit.

  • Le Viet Anh Nghi

    Out of the 90s vocal trinity, only Celine can sing live properly now ;(

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I agree that Mariah was a great vocalist in her day and that legend will be intact. Still, I find it sad and a bit pathetic when singers like Mariah who were renowned for their vocals are now having to “fix” their performances, like on Idol and GMA. Perhaps, it’s only a temporary condition, but both Idol and now GMA? Maybe, Mariah needs to be more realistic about her vocal abilities. Sure she has an ego, but I don’t want to see her embarass herself.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    As I understand it, Celine has been incredibly careful about preserving her voice. She doesn’t talk at all the day of a performance.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    That was another sad case. I don’t think that Clive Davis did Whitney any favors by pushing her into a comeback.

  • Maya100

    There is no better example of the need for proper singing technique than Mariah. She used to have a spectacular voice – and it really seems that she sang it out. She should be in the prime of her voice.

  • Maya100

    And she’s taken a lot of lessons. She knows how to sing.

  • bearcatnat

    Wow, that was incredibly sad. I can’t help but wonder if the odd way she is sitting and kicking her legs has anything to do with her inability here. Just doesn’t seem like very good posture to be hitting any good notes, let alone those super high ones. I also wonder if she attempted to sing live thinking she would show America she can TOO still sing live after the Idol fiasco…then….this.

  • alt28023

    Bless her heart for trying. Everyone’s voice changes as they age, so I don’t expect her to sing as well as she did in the 90s. Plus its been evident for years now that she struggles with her voice. But hey, she sells records and I’m sure that’s all she cares about at the end of the day.

  • Warble

    That’s just not true about the prime voice being in the 20s. My father is a trained classical singer and sings with many female classical singers. If you look into it, you’ll see that the human voice doesn’t fully mature until the late 30s and stays in its prime until at least 50.

    That’s why singers like Celine and Ethel Merman in her day, and Patti Lupone, Bernadette Peters, Betty Buckley, Barbra Streisand and even Susan Boyle still had terrific voices at age 50 and above. Patti Lupone is almost 70 and can belt with the best of them. She’s lost none of her range. Barbra sang spectacularly until 60, and still sings well. Mariah couldn’t even sing the low notes.

    Most of the top opera singers are in their 40s. The top three sopranos in the world are 42, 48 and 54 – their voice are incredible and they hit the same notes as when they were 30.

    Josh Groban’s voice has lowered because his voice has reached its prime. His range is just as big, but a few notes lower overall. That’s very normal for men who start singing in their teens.

    The only reason a woman loses her range before 50 is illness or a catastrophic event or bad technique or treatment of their voice.

    Here is one of the opera singers I mentioned – she’s 46 here, I think.

    And here’s Patti Lupone at age 60 (This is 3 hours after finishing a full show, one of 8 per week – and she never missed a show)

  • ptebwwong

    Really? Obviously, there’s auto-tune, lip synching, etc. to help artists sound better. But I didn’t know this could be done by shows/networks. So I’m guessing this is not the first example of an artist or network doing this.

  • ladymctech

    When Mariah and Miguel performed this song on Idol, I thought it was pretty awful. So even the editing for the West coast didn’t make it sound any better IMO.

  • Warble

    There are many singers who continue to sing well for decades.

    I think it is interesting that the Broadway singers, cabaret performers, crooners and classical singers are ridiculed on shows like Idol, and yet, the legends in those businesses usually manage to maintain their voices into their 60s. Perhaps it is because they have to perform, no matter what. If they can’t, their careers are over. So, they learn how to sing and take care of their voices.

  • Listening

    Umm i’m not giving Mariah any credit if she can’t actually hit those notes anymore because of age or vocal problems don’t lie to us and edit everything in the studio to make yourself sound great. So you don’t have it now the thing is you had it. So i’ll be in awe of you and honor you for that don’t make me lose respect for you by lying about it and faking it and altering it in the studios.

    Now I don’t know if this was some kind of aberration/ you know just a one time thing and she can actually still hit those notes. But something was going on w/ the attempt her face just looked messed up. And she was laughing like she knew it,it was just weird. Don’t know for sure but my best bet is she’s lost it.

    Mariah should just accept it it happens to everyone. Christina and Whitney neither of them had the same voices as when they were younger but they worked w/ what they got.

  • Listening

    Also why did Good Morning America even bother editing the performance for the West Coast everyone would know the truth anyway. It really doesn’t make sense maybe Mariah made a stink and made them do it or simply asked and they were like well whatever.

    I mean changing it for the west Coast didn’t hide anything they’re gonna find out and Mariah looks worse for trying to cover it all up.

  • hellomusicgirl

    Most of those you name here are classically trained singers who have been taught proper technique. That really does make a huge difference in perserving the quality of voice over the years. Maybe I just don’t know enough about them, but I’ve not heard many current singers mention much about learning vocal technique or continuing to keep up on it as their voices change.

  • Jake W.


  • taylor

    Mariah’s first two songs sounded good, and that was on the original East Coast feed and also on videos from fans taken at the show. Also, her two live warm-up songs sounded really good. (from fan videos) If it weren’t for the fact that 4 out of the 5 songs sounded fine, I would agree that her voice was going or was gone, but that’s not the case.

    Miguel sounded off here too and I know he can sing live, so the whole thing was just pitchy in parts. Whether something was off with the sound system or one of them threw the other one off, IDK?

  • H.A.

    Being taught proper techniques makes a huge difference. A lot of singers today don’t take of their voices. You can pretty much tell whose voices will be shot as they get older. I don’t know about JHud but I think Kelly has been vocally trained since she’s been a teenager. Adam was vocally and classically trained since he’s been a teenager and often see his vocal coach and when he does long tours his vocal coach travels with him. It’s good to start early in your career.

  • taylor

    Someone has a very good nanny or a saint for a husband! lol Celine has three kids. It would take a lot of help from others to keep from talking half of the days of every week for five years.
    At age 40, I’d make Mariah’s choice and talk to my babies everyday of their life!

  • H.A.

    That was awful. I felt so bad for her. All those drugs took a toll on her.

  • jennyl2

    lmao! There are worst things that can happen than having a bad live day. Mariah should just admit she’s human. I still love you Mariah! The crowd seemed to enjoyed it that’s all that matters.

  • Warble

    Yes, the technique of singing is being lost in pop music, but then, careers seem to be shorter overall and most music played on the radio doesn’t require big voices (just look at what happened to Melanie Amaro).

    Lady Gaga is classically trained and knows how to sing. I believe Kelly Clarkson has taken a good number of lessons of the years, but I may be mistaken. Of course, Adele has had to start taking lessons to get her voice back. and preserve it.

    I have read that Cyndi Lauper is classically trained and does vocal exercises every day. She sounds incredible today – even better than when she was younger. It’s not surprising that singers like Pat Benatar were classically trained.

    When I say “classically trained” I don’t mean classical music – just basic singing technique based on decades or more of knowledge.

  • Kariann Hart

    Very true! Tony Bennett had a terrific voice in his youth. He now compromises on what he knows he can do. The same with Cher and Stevie Nicks. They know their strengths and try to focus on those notes. I almost felt like Mariah was high.

  • Kariann Hart

    I’d like to add Rosemary Clooney to that list. Patti Page held up well. Oh, Bette Midler has lost a little, but she is said to be making a comeback. Didn’t Tom Jones do well on Idol?

  • Kariann Hart

    Seems I heard something about Lea Michelle or was that Rachel Berry who takes good care of her voice?

  • Kariann Hart

    I remember there being a problem with the sound equipment when Diana Ross appeared. Sad about Dionne Warwick as she had the most beautiful songs to sing. We expect the sound to be like the original. That very seldom happens. I felt sad about Aretha Franklin as I know she was struggling.

  • Kariann Hart

    Darlene Love has performed the song “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” every year since 1986 on the David Letterman show. He says it is one of his favorite parts of Christmas. She still has a lovely voice.

  • springboard2

    The fact that Mariah was so grossly off pitch makes me think that the problem wasn’t her voice but more likely the sound system, otherwise she would have had trouble hitting some notes only, and the whole thing was off.

  • kk

    Well that must be hard for her, since she performs in Vegas 5-6 days a week, sometimes two shows a day.

  • Incipit

    IMO, whatever the problem with the sound, human or mechanical or a combination of both – it doesn’t subtract from anything Mariah has done in the past. The world would be weird if it worked that way – everyone turning in their laurels retroactively. Odd.

    But she’s not my cuppa tea – if it weren’t for Mariah Carey Theme night on Idol in 2008 and ABMB, I wouldn’t know her songs at all, didn’t listened to any of them on purpose before that, or since.

    I have a completely different concern, ever since mj put up those pictures, and now I wonder if that is an authentic John Henry Belter American Rococo Revival chair she is sitting in, worth upwards of 5K – and if someone spray painted the wood white – because if it is – I will volunteer to hunt the barbarian down with a horsewhip.

    Heh. The idea that it may be so bothers me a lot more than a vocal hiccup on the lifetime record of a Pop Diva.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I know and it requires discipline, more than most people have.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Good point. Even though Tony’s voice has declined (which he has admitted publicly), he compensates so well and is still amazing at interpretation and phrasing, which in his genre of music is even more important than having a great voice. I respect that approach a lot more than trying to maintain a perception that nothing has changed, and even worse, to do it so clumsily that you aren’t fooling anyone. To me, it’s disrespectful of your audience.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “Umm i’m not giving Mariah any credit if she can’t actually hit those notes anymore because of age or vocal problems don’t lie to us and edit everything in the studio to make yourself sound great. So you don’t have it now the thing is you had it. So i’ll be in awe of you and honor you for that don’t make me lose respect for you by lying about it and faking it and altering it in the studios.”

    I agree. I don’t lose respect for any artist if their vocal abilities decline, but I do lose respect if actions are taken to mislead people into believing that nothing has changed.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Yes, it was an incredibly clumsy effort.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “I have a completely different concern, ever since mj put up those pictures, and now I wonder if that is an authentic John Henry Belter American Rococo Revival chair she is sitting in, worth upwards of 5K – and if someone spray painted the wood white – because if it is – I will volunteer to hunt the barbarian down with a horsewhip.”

    lol Actually, it’s very cool that you could ID the style of that chair. It prompted me to google some images, and the chair that Mariah was sitting in sure looked like one of that style. Considering that it was Mariah, maybe it was an authentic chair? I also really dislike it when lovely furniture/woodwork is ruined by painting over it.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Yeah, maybe Celine’s not talking is overkill and now that she has kids, she may not be so strict about that “rule”, but the point is that over the decades, Celine has taken care of her voice, and I’m sure that the constant care and concern is responsible for her maintaining the high quality of her voice for so long.

  • waynestrong

    Both singers sucked

  • Incipit

    Heh. fuzzywuzzy, in another chapter of my life, I was in the business, for @15 years…and I ran into more barbarians than I wish to count. They still torque my jaw.

    But there’s a relationship to attitudes to music there too – and crossing the line…and augmenting voices mechanically, or what to do when the vocals start to fade. All worth talking about – but spray painting antique furniture is like someone doing a dance remix of “Permanent” (Yes, someone did.)

    Some things are just ‘wrong’. IMO. Of Course.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    What’s interesting is that Mariah’s goofy behavior, wardrobe malfunction and cursing on GMA were widely reported and have overshadowed the “fixing” of her vocals between the east and west coast broadcasts. Interestingly, E! was one of the few sites that pointed out the difference. ;)

  • fuzzywuzzy

    It sounds like you have led an interesting and varied life, Incipit. Very cool! I understand the analogy too. It’s like everyone has his/her idea of what is or is not “acceptable” in masking (or enhancing) what is “authentic” or “real”, and that applies to singers as well as furniture (and a whole lot of other stuff). :)

  • bridgette12

    I’m certainly not going to pay good money to watch someone lip sync. I respect great artist who realize that they are not the great performer they once was and make adjustments to be able to perform with what they have now. I remember seeing a video of the great Leotyne Price doing a special performance of God Bless America after she retired. This woman was in her seventies and even though she had lost a bit of her operatic voice, she still sounded amazing. It brought tears to my eyes of this woman walking up on stage, head held high and delivered a performance that brought everyone to their feet.
    Mariah is not the artist she once was and need to admit it at least to herself and stop embarrassing herself with these stunts. She don’t need to do that, she’s Mariah Carey.

  • Incipit


  • fuzzywuzzy

    “Mariah is not the artist she once was and need to admit it at least to herself and stop embarrassing herself with these stunts. She don’t need to do that, she’s Mariah Carey.”

    I agree completely. Mariah risks losing respect, not for her declining vocal abilities, but for trying to maintain the illusion that nothing has changed in ways that are transparent and don’t fool anyone.

    Is this the performance that you are referring to by Leontyne Price?

    She came out of retirement at the age of 74 to sing at the Gala Tucker in 2001 after 9/11.

    Just. WOW!

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I think that it’s more than that, otherwise why was there obvious lip synching/fixing of her Idol performance?

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I think that it’s more than that, otherwise why was there obvious lip synching/fixing of her Idol performance?

  • Larc

    Poor performances don’t get singers booed and hooted off the stage nowadays. Too bad. There was a time when that definitely would have happened.

  • bridgette12

    Yep, that’s the performance. She absolutely is one of my favorite operas singers of all time. The woman had such power and distinctive sound that she stood out from other opera singers.

  • Amy Beth

    I don’t expect Mariah to wear mom jeans, but maybe just a tiny acknowledgement that she’s in her 40s, not her early 20s. Instead of fighting her age, she should bask in the fact that she has lasted a good long time in a fickle business.

  • Ronnie D

    I agree, it was very sad. That is what puzzles me. Mariah is far from a drug user and smoker, from what I can see. So what is her excuse? Maybe she just hasn’t taken the time to work on her vocals like most athletes work on their skills.

  • Beaugard Stevens

    People are being too hard on Mariah Carey. She is at least trying to sing LIVE, other performers her age have long abandoned even to attempt it. I noticed that kelly clarkson didn’t hit her whistle note either when she recently attempted “Natural Woman” again- and she’s much younger than Mariah. Mariah has a lot of pressure to be perfect, she’s still a great singer and tries to really sing- she should be cut some slack. It might not have even been her idea to change the West Coast feed- don’t blame her for things you are not sure of.

  • Ronnie D

    Shirley Bassey, who is 76, sang at the 2013 Academy Awards. This is the difference between a Legend and a “Pop Icon” I guess you could say. I concede though, that artists like this are very rare, and Mariah will never be one IMO.

  • Reflects On Life

    Why was she sitting in a chair singing that song in the first place? And why was she so punch-drunk? Maybe she didn’t stand up to hit those high notes cuz she was afraid she’d pop that dress zipper again.

  • taylor

    “Why was she sitting in a chair singing that song in the first place? ”

    Because Miguel is vertically challenged. He’s like Bruno Mars. lol
    She’s 5’9″, he’s shorter than short.

  • taylor

    Mariah’s other four songs were fine, it was this one that feel apart. Her fans were happy.

  • tucker davis

    Seriously?? I always thought Mariah was short. Learn something every day!

  • taylor

    She sang two out of three songs fine on the East Coast feed. I taped it. I watched the other two songs done in shoundcheck on youtube and they were good. I know Miguel can sing live, because I have heard him do so.
    Mariah sang her medley live 3x for the AI show. People who were there and contestants tweeted about how great she sounded.
    Does Mariah still have the voice she had 20 years ago? No. Can she still sing well enough on a limited basis to give some good performances? Yes. Is she a perfectionistic Diva, who is lulzy most of the time? Oh yeah, always has been! ;)

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “Does Mariah still have the voice she had 20 years ago? No. Can she still sing well enough on a limited basis to give some good performances? Yes. Is she a perfectionistic Diva, who is lulzy most of the time? Oh yeah, always has been! ;)”

    Oh, OK. I don’t follow Mariah (have never been a fan), so this was the first time that I had seen her perform live in a very long time. Still, it seems odd that both her Idol and GMA performances needed “fixing”. As for her behavior, ” lulzy most of the time” may be a good description. lol

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Could be. Vocal cords are muscles and need to be kept in shape in order to function optimally, just like any other muscles.

  • Pat H

    I don’t think Kelly ahs much trainging. I adore her, but I can honestly see her blowing out her voice in the future. Adam has lots of vocal training, from an early age, including opera. Not sure if there are any other Idols with that type of training.

  • taylor

    Some of these people you listed are outliers. They are rarities. There are hundreds of professionally trained singers on Broadway at the current time, who are amazing vocalists. Yet, they still won’t be around at age 70 sounding like Patti Lupone. Do you think it will be because none of the other singers took care of their voices or learned proper technique? No, it’s because 99% of normal human’s voices deteriorate with age.
    The Patti Lupones are in the 1%. They are in the very rare group who did everything right AND had genetics on their side AND were extremely lucky that they were physically resistant in that area to age. If having a voice like Lupone’s at age 70 was as simple as training and maintenance, there would be a hundred 70 year old Broadway veterens singing like her at the current time. It’s just not that simple. Patti Lupone, and those like her, have been granted a rare gift.

  • taylor

    Kelly Clarkson comes from a choral singing background in high school. Kelly started classical training during HS, hoping that music would be her ticket to a college scholarship. She was offered full scholarships to The University of Texas at Austin, University of North Texas and Berklee College of Music.

  • september21

    Mariah is one of those singers I wish I never saw in a social/speaking situation. She gave me hope as a mentor back w/cookie’s season. But for the most part, I’d rather just know her from an electronic device. She killed my buzz by talking. Kinda like Steven Tyler.
    Those for comparison that I’m pleased to see outside of a device – Usher, Blake, Adam, Smokey, to name a few. If I spent time with any of them I might think otherwise.

  • ohreli

    If you watch the whole almost-wardrobe-malfunction clip, its obvious that she is drunk. If she was drunk, then of course she isn’t going to sing well. That’s the whole story.

  • Listening

    Umm to be honest I don’t think any of the voice coaches have been good at critiquing the contestants. Most of the time they love everything a contestant performs and I believe the worst they’ve said is you were nervous, lack confidence so some notes weren’t the best but you were great. Most of the time they come off as awkward and rambling and Usher and Shakira seem sometimes they’re supposed to talk.
    I will say I love their banter well to be more specific I love anyone’s interactions w/ Blake. I simply love him especially how he acts w/ Adam, they have a very special bromance.

    But yeah as a judge Mariah does seem ramble-y as well and seems to get flustered easily.

  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    Y’know, having one’s dresses cut to fit isn’t even an acknowledgement of gently decaying infrastructure. It’s just common sense.

    Her dress was too damned tight for her to do her job. Go ahead and have a slit up to there and bare the shoulders as proof that the structure’s still in mighty fine shape… but the midsection of the dress must be cut so that it’s possible to draw a deep breath without busting the zipper, popping out the top, or otherwise embarrassing oneself.

    Busting out all over crosses the line between “maaan, she’s lookin’ fine!” and “maaaan, she’s vain!”

  • taylor

    Celine is in a tightly controlled environment. Even the humidity in the arena is controlled to the perfect
    degree. Videotaping isn’t allowed, of course, during the shows, but rumors of heavy backing tracks and lip syncing certain parts of songs have been swirling for years.
    Vegas would actually be the perfect place for Mariah. She has a ton of #1 hits she could sing to heavy backing tracks and she could stand in her OTT gowns, while dancers and billows of material swirled around her. She could make millions, dahling! :)

  • Le Viet Anh Nghi

    Celine doesn’t sing live all the time tho. She’s professional at lip-syncing, but that’s good! It doesn’t take away the good feeling of the audience as she appears to sing live.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Vegas would be the perfect gig for Mariah and very lucrative.

  • Warble

    Yes, Taylor, Patti has a rare gift, but she is one of MANY women who’ve maintained their voices.

    Broadway is filled with post-40-year-old women with amazing voices. The point isn’t 70 – yes, it’s rare to have a huge belting voice at 70. The point is the early 40s – which Mariah is. The claim was made that age is to blame for Mariah’s vocal deterioration – that’s just not supportable by facts.

    There are literally thousands, and I would say 10s of thousands of Broadway, jazz, gospel and classical female singers in their 40s and 50s singing as well or close to as well as they did at 30.

  • Kitwana

    Here’s an article from Slate about when opera singers reach their vocal peak. The timing seems to depend on the type of singing voice.

    “Singers’ voices mature anywhere from their 20s to the early 40s, and, in general, voices that are deeper and heavier in tone take longer to develop fully. Coloraturas, or sopranos with light voices, typically reach their peaks earliest, in the mid-20s. Tenors start to hit their prime in the late 20s or early 30s, and basses sometimes have to wait until middle age for their voices to mature. Some get started earlier, of course. Soprano Maria Callas made her professional debut at 18 as Beatrice in Franz von Suppé’s Boccaccio, and basso singer Jerome Hines played Monterone in Verdi’s Rigoletto when he was just 19.”

    Age and lifestyle appear to also be relevant. This is an analysis of what happened to Whitney Houston’s voice.

    I think what Kelly has going for her is that she has never used drugs and was never known to have ever had a wild streak. Having said that, she is getting older. Here finally is an article about the lifespan of a singer’s voice. Age is not fatal to singing but does have an impact on peak performance:

  • stargazed

    Poor silly thing.

  • Warble


    Since I think you are responding to my posts, I’ll answer. :)

    Good article, except the part you quoted can be misleading out of context – if you are meaning to suggest that “peak” means hit a peak and then decline. I don’t know if they mean “prime” voice, which is the term used by opera singers when their voices have reached their full potential, but I doubt it given the ages provided.

    Of course, small voiced coloraturas will mature earlier (actually usually around 30 but some are ahead of the curve), and Dramatic Sopranos the latest (sometimes not until 40, their voices are biggest).

    But what does that mean? I’ll assume the article means they enter the early prime stage, and advance through prime to late prime and post-prime. All of this covers decades, as the article says later, although there are usually 10-15 years in there they would designate their true prime. “Peak” is long in opera, if, as the article says, they use good technique and sing the correct repertoire.

    If you check the rosters of international opera companies (usually available online), you will find very few 20-somethings, especially men and especially in leading roles. I have rarely seen more than the unusual, prodigious 20-something tenor at these companies. Their voices are too fragile at that age to be pushed like that. When you do see 20-somethings on the opera stage, with a few exceptions, you won’t see them very long.

    All of this is a bit off topic, so I’ll connect it to Mariah by saying that, if she had good technique and if she had cared for her voice (assuming she has had an injury), she could still be hitting all of those high notes. There are plenty of examples to prove the point.

    I hope she gets it together, rests, works and comes back as the Mariah her fans love.

  • Rami H

    Do we know if Mariah requested the fix I doubt it, GMA producers probably wanted a better show to broadcast to the west coast that’s why it was done, I cannot imagine she has a lot of control in this situation it’s not her show

  • ShukiKato

    MJ doesn’t like Mariah Carey, that’s obvious to anyone who’s checked out her articles this year. Anyway, fact of the matter is, Mariah performed an excellent LIVE rendition of “We Belong Together” just prior to this performance and there are viewer videos where she sounds (pretty) great on the whistles at the end of “#Beautiful”.

    Fan video: /watch?v=RVZr2W4qnpE

    Professional video with original audio: /watch?v=2HsFgkYnKXY

    Edited GMA: watch?v=ZSSd-pSUWBU

    Basically, GMA messed up the audio and replaced it with studio version vocals for the rebroadcast, but the original audio still exists and it’s still damn good.

    As for her American Idol performance? Doesn’t everybody know by now, that was edited from three live performances the previous day and brushed up with some dubbing. Again,

  • mtlfan2

    she’s far from singing as spectacular as when she was in her prime but i think she does still sing very good. No one has spoke about how early it is in the morning as an aggraveting factor and for some artist, it’s more rough imo

  • Dianne

    I don’t think she acted drunk at all, just the same ole Mariah. I haven’t followed her career that much but I thought she was nice on Idol and take her diva antics with a grain of salt.

  • raymarhead

    As Mariah Carey would say, this was #crap.

  • ohreli

    I also really liked Mariah on Idol. I thought she often had the most constructive comments, and felt that she came off as charming and likable. Nicki sometimes acted drunk, but I never thought that about Mariah. The GMA clip showed her in a totally different state—kind of out and control and giggling every three words. That’s why I thought she was drunk (or high)–she didn’t act that way on Idol. (But since Idol and GMA are the only thing I have to go on, and you sound like you have been following her for longer, I’ll take your word for it that its ‘the same ole Mariah!)