Glee Season 3 Spoilers – “Hold On to 16″ – Episode 8

GLEE: Finn (Cory Monteith, L) and Blaine (Darren Criss, R) observe the competition in the "Hold on to Sixteen" episode of GLEE airing Tuesday, Dec. 6 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Adam Rose/FOX

Glee spoiler time!  Production on Episode 8, called “Hold on to 16″, directed by Bradley Buecker. The episode is set to air on December 6 on FOX.

Fox’s official episode summary: MCKINLEY HIGH HOSTS SECTIONALS ON AN ALL-NEW “GLEE” TUESDAY, DECEMBER 6, ON FOX GUEST STAR CHORD OVERSTREET RETURNS TO THE GLEE CLUB In an attempt to recruit a few more members, Finn tracks down former teammate Sam Evans (Chord Overstreet) and convinces him to come back to the glee club. Tina comes to the defense of Harry and encourages him to pursue his dream while McKinley prepares to host the big sectionals performance in the all-new “Hold On To Sixteen” episode of GLEE airing Tuesday, Dec. 6 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (GLE-308) (TV-14 D, L, S)

Glee Season 3 Spoilers – Episode 9 – Extraordinary Merry Christmas

So, what does this all mean? We’ve got some spoilers from anonymous Glee sources and little bits of info revealed by cast members in interviews.  Important plot points include: The return of Sam (Chord Overstreet) to McKinley High.  We’ll meet his parents for the first time (Tanya Clark and John Schneider). Quinn (Dianna Agron) tries to get back with Sam, but he’s having none of it, as he hopes to re-unite with his summer love, Mercedes (Amber Riley)

The kids get ready and compete at Sectionals (See song spoilers below).  Sadly, McKinley has been divided in two, with Shelby Corcoran’s (Idina Menzel) all-girl Troubletones, featuring Santana (Naya Rivera), Mercedes, Brittany (Heather Morris) and Sugar (Vanessa Lengies) vs. the rest of New Directions.  The third competitor is the group lead by Harmony, marking the return of Glee Project runner-up, Lindsay Pearce (Harmony and her group freaked Rachel and Kurt out in Ep. 1 with an amazing performance of “Anything You Can Do”/Anything Goes”).

The Evil Gay Warbler, Sebastian (Grant Gustin) returns! He and Kurt (Chris Colfer) have a delicious confrontation at the Lima Bean, after boyfriend  Blaine (Darren Chris) steps away for a minute.

There’s more plot development in the Mike Chang (Harry Shum Jr.) vs his Dad story arc (Mike Chang Sr. shows up after Sectionals), and it looks like Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) plays a significant role in the plot development, as she visits Mike’s dad at his office.

Also, while Finn (Cory Monteith) and Blaine have been at odds since the latter joined New Directions, they join forces for a common cause, while Sam and Blaine have a disagreement.  Also, Quinn confronts Shelby at school, presumably about baby daddy, Puck (Mark Salling).  In the meantime, Rachel (Lea Michele) and Quinn have become friends again, for now.  Quinn, still feeling stressed, has a breakdown with Will (Matthew Morrison)  Sources: TWOP and TWOP

UPDATE: Also, according to tweets from Lindsay Pearce and Idina Menzel (see below), several So You Think You Can Dance contestants were on set shooting, including Kent Boyd and Comfort Fedoke.

UPDATE: Some of the members of the Jazz Ensemble join New Directions in order to allow the group to re-qualify for sectionals (ND needs at least 12 members) (Via TWOP)

UPDATE: Sam is a stripper!

UPDATE:   Rachel, who was suspended in episode 7 for stuffing the ballot box for Kurt, reaches out to Quinn.  She offers to give Quinn vocal lessons to help New Directions win against the Troubletones.  Quinn, who knows that Puck and Shelby slept together, tells Rachel she’s going to get Shelby fired.  Rachel tries to talk Quinn from outing Shelby right before the Sectionals competition.  Rachel’s suspension is over the day after sectionals.  Quinn is waiting for Rachel as she leaves Figgins office.  Quinn has decided not to tell on Shelby because she realizes it’s not in daughter Beth’s best interest.  Quinn is grateful for Rachel’s insight. The two are now friends.
(Via Tumblr)

UPDATE:  (Source)

NEW (Added 11/28): Will acknowledges that they can’t qualify for sectionals due to lack of members, so Finn tries to help by suggesting getting Sam back at McKinley. Rachel and Finn find  Sam working in a “questionable” bar –aka a strip club. Rachel and Finn get him to return to McKinley by convincing his parents that he can stay with friends. Santana welcomes Sam back in the only way she could – by having kept a journal of Trouty Mouth insults at-the-ready.

Will is teaching the guys to dance, and Sam suggests they use their male sex appeal to help win, since they lost much of the sexiness when the girls left. The guys all agree, except for Blaine, who accuses Sam of selling himself. A fight nearly breaks out.

Blaine takes out his anger on the gym’s heavy bag.   Blaine and Finn have a heart-to-heart (Finn felt jealous/threatened) and they decide to work together, buckle down, and give it their all for competition

Meanwhile, Tina visits Mike’s dad at work and tells him how much Mike loves to dance. She tries to convince him to support Mike’s dreams, but this seems to put up a wall between Mike and Tina on the night of Sectionals.

Mike’s dad shows up at sectionals, says that he is proud of his son and supports his dreams. He wants him to apply to dance schools and promises to help, but Mike has already missed the deadlines. However, Tina didn’t – she applied for him!

Sam tells Mercedes that he’ll fight to win her back.  Quinn asks Sam to help her raise Beth. He finds this ridiculous and tells her to stop trying to grow up so fast.

Quinn confronts Shelby and says that she’s going to tell on her for sleeping with Puck. Their conversation mirrors that of Quinn and Sam’s; Shelby wants Quinn to stop growing up so fast. Shelby doesn’t love Puck. She accepts that her career is over and apologizes to Quinn.

NEW UDPATE (Added 11/28) (Source)
The third group at Sectionals is Harmony’s, which makes Rachel and Kurt nervous.



Song Spoilers (Updated)

  • Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith – Sam and New Directions
  • Buenos Aires from Evita – Harmony’s (Lindsay Pearce) group’s  Sectionals performance

The Troubletones – Sectionals – Survivor – Destiny’s Child / I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor – TroubleTone’s  Sectionals performance. (Santana/Mercedes lead. Santana dances with Brittany)

New Directions – Sectionals – ABC – Michael Jackson / Control – Janet Jackson / Man in the Mirror – Michael Jackson – New Directions’ Sectionals performance (ABC: Tina leads, with Mike & Kurt.  Mike’s dad comes in during this scene to watch. Control – Quinn opens it. Artie leads the song with Blaine. Man in the Mirror – Finn, Puck, Sam and Blaine) (Via TWOP)

ABC – Kurt, Mike and Tina

Control – Quinn, Artie, Blaine

Man in the Mirror – Finn, Puck, Sam and Blaine

We Are Young by Fun –  Finn, Rachel, Sam, Quinn,& Mercedes

Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith – Sam and New Directions

Buenos Aires from Evita – Harmony’s (Lindsay Pearce) group’s Sectionals performance.

So, what happens after  Sectionals?  We don’t know yet, but the cast is currently shooting Episode 9, called “Extraordinary Merry Christmas” and this leaked photo reveals the Troubletones and New Directions reunited in the choir room:

Cast spoilers:

  • Chris Colfer tells Billboard “New Directions are getting ready for Sectionals coming up. Chord Overstreet comes back to join the glee club. Actually I have a huge dance number tomorrow [Nov. 7] for the Sectionals episode. I hope it’s not too hard, because if it’s hard we have to rehearse longer.
  • Chris also tells Billboard that Kurt will run for Student Council, but it’s not clear if that happens in episode 8.
  • Grant Gustin (Sebastian) tells E Online! “in [episode eight] I am straight up in your face and rude to Kurt,” he reveals. “We tell each other exactly how we feel about each other. It is a very fun interaction. Blaine and Kurt are together and Blaine steps away and so the truth makes its way out, if you will.”
  • Grant tells EW: “There’s definitely a little more tension and drama in episode 8,” he says. “But there’s also a fun set-up for how Sebastian will return in a very exciting way that I will not give away yet.”
  • Chord Overstreet tells EW: ““Finn (Cory Monteith) and Rachel (Lea Michele) are looking for somebody to help them with sectionals … So they bring [Sam] back to school. He tries to kind of pick everything back up where he left off and he realizes that everything has has changed a little bit since he’s gone. He has to kind of re-adapt a little bit.”
  • Chord on getting back with Mercedes:   TV Guide: “”He tries to pick up where they [Mercedes]  left off, regardless of her new boyfriend,” the actor, 22, says. “He’s trying anything that he can right now to get her back. Really. Everything…She’s just mixed up and confused because, you know, when you’re interested in two guys at once, you don’t really want anyone to know it or say it out loud,
  • Chord on Sam’s stripping career THR:  ” Rachel (Lea Michele) and Finn (Cory Monteith) head to Kentucky to find a secret weapon to help New Directions go head-to-head with the Trouble Tones at Sectionals, where they find Sam showing off his abs and performing with White Chocolate.”
  • Sam is the Inspiration for “Hold on to 16″: “Sam had to grow up a lot faster than he was ready to so he could help support his family and help with their living situation,” Overstreet says. “You get to be young once so hold on to it and don’t take it for granted. Sam missed being able to be himself and be young and not have a big plate of responsibilities and he’s going to try as hard as he can to get that youth back.” (THR)
  • Sam brings his stripper moves to New Directions and Sectionals? “I think Sam’s new dance moves will play a big factor and add that edge,” he says. “You’ve got a group of talented people who are ready to whoop some Trouble Tone tail.” (THR)


  • Lea Michele tweets, “Rise and shine! Heading to work soon to start episode 8! Gotta have some coffee and breakfast first though!”
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Doing a scene with @DiannaAgron now:) Makes me very happy!
  • Dianna Agron tweets, “@msleamichele was so much fun! Back to the days of old!”
  • Cory Monteith tweets, “just walked into the studio, and look who I found recording tracks! @chordoverstreet welcome back homie :)
  • Jenna Ushkowitz tweets, “In the studio with @alxanders Two days in a row!!! Lotsa fun stuff comin up!
  • Alex Anders tweets, “Late night session with @druidDUDE tonight. Working’ hard!”
  • Harry Shum Jr. tweets, “Recording two super fun songs tonight!”
  • Lindsay Pearce tweets, @lindsayhpearceLindsay @grantgust (Sebastian) I just got the ep. 8 script, and your scene cracked me up!
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Morning! So excited to spend the day shooting with @chordoverstreet and @CoryMonteith we’re in a very far away location!”
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Shooting in such a pretty location today. There’s a park outside my trailer! I wanna go play!”
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Next scene up.. Traveling to a very interesting location…”
  • Idina Menzel tweets, “On set with the SYTYCD kids. Totally starstruck! Comfort right here. Shes yummy.
  • Lindsay Pearce tweets, “@Kent_Boyd and crew :)”
  • Lindsay Pearce tweets, “There is nothing better than coffee and amazing dancers who laugh with me  #HappyMondayGlee”
  • Lea Michele tweets “Wow it’s a day all about music! Haha! Just heard the final song for our Sectionals episode and it’s awesome!! Think you guys will love!” and “And it features some #Finchel singing! Finally! Haha @CoryMonteith you sound great!!
  • Dianna Agron tweets, “Dancing, dancing. And dancing.”
  • Harry Shrum Jr. tweets, “Sectionals are done. Proud of the New Directions! Good night eeeerrbody!”
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Back at work! Feels like we never left! Finally completed our #sectionals episode..Now it’s all Christmas! Got my coffee 4 another long day!

Glee VIDEO Previews: Kurt and Sebastian Face Off Over Blaine, Sam Tries to Win Back Mercedes
Glee Video Previews: The Troubletones Survive, Sam & His Red Solo Cup


Promo clip 2:

GLEE – Sneak Peek: “Hold On To Sixteen”

Harry Shum Jr. and Cory Monteith talk about Sectionals and The Troubletones as formidible competiion. And watch Chris Colfer jump in t

GLEE – “Hold On To Sixteen”: The Return of Trouty Mouth

Chord Overstreet and Cory Monteith on the return of Trouty Mouth

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  • Kariann Hart

    Wasn’t Lindsay and Alex given one episode?  She really does have a great voice.  It will be so good to see the return of Sam.  Sounds like there will be some good singing going on.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see Rory in that picture. Still wondering how Sam comes back. Poor Grant. To be known as Evil Gay Warbler! But Blaine said no to the bar. It was Kurt who wanted to go. As if he was challenging Sebastian on his own turf with Blaine as the prize. Wanna see Kurt really get territorial? Sebastian transferring to McKinley and joining New Directions. And then deciding Kurt’s snark is a turn-on and going after him instead.

  • Anonymous

    They were each given two, but I’m sure Ryan reserves the right to use them as he sees fit. If one of them becomes a fan favorite, I could see him added them to the cast.

  • Kaelyn

    QUAM (Quinn/Sam relationship) MUST HAPPEN…. Ugh… i hate drama. Ryan Murphy said that would be at a minimum this year.

    Quinn and Sam (Ken and Barbie) have argubly performed two of the best duets on the show during the first half of season two (“Lucky” and “The Time of My Life”). Not meaning to fangirl here, but I was distraught when Chord decided to leave Glee. I think his character is really interesting and thought his storylines had developed so well. Even though it seems his solo career didn’t hit off, the solos he performed were all points of interest in each of the episodes they were performed (“Baby” anyone?)

    Quinn’s whole junior year revolved around becoming prom queen, which is the only reason she dumped Sam for Finn. It seems like she didn’t think Sam was popular enough to get prom king (yet) so she went with the obvious choice of Finn and stuck with him for her later-proved unsuccessful bid. Quinn truly does want a relationship with Sam, but he seems so delusional. Sam and Mercedes in the season 2 finale just seemed like two teens on a date…. Sam and Quinn really had a connection.

    Nevertheless, the Quinn/Sam plotline should be something to look forward to in this so far, wacky, season of Glee. I have high hopes for the rest of 2011’s episodes! 

  • Anonymous

    lol ~Evil Gay Warbler.  There are so many spoilers here my head is spinning.

    I think New Directions & Trouble Tones probably have some sort of reconciliation for Christmas, it would be fitting for the holiday spirit if they did.

    Would love to see Sam & Quinn together, and always need more Wemma.

    I adored Rory & his accent. He’s such a little ray of sunshine.  Hope they keep him around.

  • Kariann Hart

    Thank you, MJ.  Yes, I can see Lindsay stay on.  However, we don’t know if she is a senior or not.  I am anxiously awaiting Samuel!

  • Anonymous

    This made me laugh! And all hell will break loose. :)

  • Anonymous

    i want a Sam-Kurt bromance…  Kurt advicing Mercedes when Sam wants her back.

    @jennyl2 and 2jeffreyd95821 Sebastian will not go after Kurt. He might throw all the mean comments that we read on internet about Kurt…like Kurt being too wooden, too feminin , too childish. I think despite Kurt’s big fanbase of the female kind (does Chris Colfer still have a bodyguard ?), there are still a lot of people who don’t like how Chris Colfer is portraying Kurt… They feel that Kurt is giving gays a bad name in the eyes of the straight people… So I guess Sebastian as a more masculine gay character who likes Blaine, who is also a more masculine gay…, will rub that in Kurt’s face… Ouch…Rgds, Axxxel.

  • Anonymous

    I think Sebastian is voicing the opinion of the people who do not really like Kurt because he is more feminin.
    Numorous time, though some people defend the feminin portrayal of Kurt because:
    – Glee is about a showchoir … (and not e.g. a hockey team)
    – The feminin gay character has a bigger chance to be bullied than the more manly gay character and therefore fits more in the storyline…
    Just wondering what Kurt will say in response to Sebastian’s attack… Maybe something like: ” I have what you don’t have, … (fill in the blanks)” … 
    Oh well, nice try…
    Rgds, Axxxel

  • Anonymous

    What if Quinn will fall for Puck’s brother, Samuel’s (glee project) character ??? If I am not mistaken, they want to make him the “christian character” and that would suit Quinn more… I would love to see a happy ending for Quinn…even though she was  once the mean girl… Rgds, Axxxel

  • Anonymous

    Hm. Harmony is a senior, I think. She’s getting ready to apply to Nyada? But Lindsay may pop up a couple more times this season.

  • Pretty Horsey

    I don’t want Sam and Quinn together, they look like brother and sister. I love the song Time of my life but their duet was horrible and Lucky was boring.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder at the episode title. Most of the kids are all above 16 already. 

  • donny sansabel

    Where’s the original source for the song spoilers? Obviously you’re not it.

  • Anonymous

    Haha, it broke loose as soon as Evil Gay Warbler got leaked out! But why would Sam and Blaine have a disagreement? Sam: “Curse you Blaine! I was supposed to be Kurt’s loveman, not you! Jane Lynch said so!” Blaine: “No she didin’t. She said blonde guy with pouty lips. You are Trouty Mouth and you dye your hair.” Sam: “I do NOT dye my hair!”
    Kurt: “Evil Gay Warbler, this is our friend Sam. And those are Sam’s abs. Now you can stop looking at my Blaine!”

  • Anonymous

    What’s with all of the alcohol-related songs being sung by the group?

  • Anonymous

    Totally agree.  Just didn’t see or feel any connection between them.  They were cute together but extremely boring.   Like watching a TV show from the fifties – the Donna Reed show.  If you know who she is you’re old like me.  Time of my Life is a wonderful song from Dirty Dancing  but their duet was lame.  Now Lucky was sweet.

  • Sarah Kennedy

    Rory is the one singing.

  • Susan Fisher Deitrick-Oul

    Samuel put up a Christmas song he sings with the Glee kids so hopefully he is on in December???

  • RockiDreams

    I cannot wait to see Samuel Larsen.  Thanks to everyone who supplied some information on that winner of the Glee Project.  Looking forward to more of Mike Chang as well.

  • Anonymous

    Nope. Not til after the 1st of the year.

  • Sandra Ballmann

    I see that Sam will be singing “red solo cup”. This will either be really bad or really funny. Seriously, look up Toby Keith’s original, it has the worst lyrics ever (not offensive, just stupid), but its worth it!

  • Anonymous

    I totally agree.  Sam and Quinn just don’t go together to me.  Quinn needs healing of heart and mind.  Don’t pair her up yet.  Sam and Mercedes were great together at prom.  Since Cedes has been with Shane she is aloof and out of pocket with any storyline except for  singing.  Sam was happy.  Sam was a favorite of mine. They sound good together but not for competition duet partners.

  • Anonymous

    It’s about Quinn. People are telling her that she is growing uo to fast.

  • Anonymous

    I love Blane, and I cant believe he finally got the courage to stand up to Finn! I can’t wait to see Sebastian back, even though I would probably cry if Blaine and Kurt broke up over Sebastian.
    Also I never really likes Quinn, I did thik she was pretty, and in season 2 of Glee when she wasn’t a cheerleader and she was going through a tough time and actually being nice, i did start to like her. But now since she’s gone all crazy, I hate her.

  • Pretty Horsey

    They finally released all the full songs I really love We are Young.