Glee Project 2 – Party Rock Anthem – Video Preview!

The Glee Project premiered last night. Did you watch? Already, we’ve got a full preview of next week’s music video. The Top 13 play spin the bottle as the perform “Party Rock Amthem” by LMFAO. The scene is a take off of the Season 2 “Blame it On Alcohol” episode when Blaine gets drunk and suddenly thinks he’s bisexual…or something. Not one of my favorite episodes, actually.

Remember season 1 when Cameron quit because he was uncomfortable kissing anyone other than his girlfriend? Good times.

Check the video out below.

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  • Axxxel

    Wow, that was a tough video…
    everybody looked as if they were having a good time at the same degree… how to pick the bottom 3…or the winner… maybe from the rapping… joking…

    Love the kisses, very cute and superficial. and better editing than during that party in the actual Glee episode.
    Wonder who is the mentor ?  Kevin Mc Hale because of the rapping ? Darren Chris because of the goofy dancing ? Both of them because both (especially Kevin Mc Hale) of them appeared in that party video of “Last Friday Night” of Katy Perry ?

  • Corey Iversen

    The black chick must quit or something, because I didn’t see her once in the video? 

  • LisaJ

    Hmmm… you’re right, she’s not there.  I was trying to guess the homework winner based on the extra video time but it was hard – maybe Nellie or Abraham?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah I only see 12 kids in this video instead of 13.  Looks like Taryn left already.  And we all know what that means…. early DRAMA!!  Or not. Who knows with this show.

  • SamC

    hahahaah if they had to do this last year cameron would have quit earlier. 

  • Axxxel

    If I were Cameron, I would have approached the girls’ lips and at the last moment go for a hand kiss,forehead or cheeck kiss…

  • Louisa Moon

    Samuel Larsen’s the mentor (he won the Dance-ability homework assignment last year, so maybe that’s why).  I’d say Abraham probably won because the party’s at his house, and he gets the most dancing parts.  Also, I think his style would look best to Samuel.  I think we end up with a real life love triangle in this episode because Charlie’s got a crush on Aylin who gives Blake a big, long (not in the video) kiss in the spin-the-bottle scene, and who has already said she thinks Blakes hot.  Judging from the supertease, and the fact that she tweeted last night that she now thinks Charlie is hotter than Blake, Charlie and Aylin eventually get together.