Glee 4 News: Jessica Sanchez Will Head A Rival Choir, Aisha Tyler Casted

Glee co-creator, Ryan Murphy reveals details about the character Jessica Sanchez will play when her episodes air next year to the Filipino press. The American Idol runner-up was recently cast in a recurring role on the FOX musical comedy. Until now, we know the singer would be filming her episodes in January, her role on the show was shrouded in mystery.

“Yes, Jessica Sanchez is joining ‘Glee,’” Ryan confirmed. We asked Ryan what her role would be and he said, “Well, when you have a voice like that, we wanted her to be in every episode this year. But she couldn’t because of the tour. She is doing an album so we worked it out that she will probably do two or three episodes so that will probably be 16, 17, 18 when we get into the regionals competition. I would imagine she is going to be the big voice star of another competing choir who gives them a run for their money.

OK. I don’t want to brag or anything. Oh what the hell. I totally called the role Jessica would play. Score! Also, for your information, the dates of the three episodes are:

4×16 – Feb 21
4×17 – March 21
4×18 – March 28

Glee typically goes on hiatus in March. These dates are subject to change, of course.

Now, for a little Glee casting news. Aisha Tyler, currently a co-host on The Talk, has been tapped to play the mother of new kid, Jake Puckerman (Jacob Artist). Jake is half-brother to Noah Puckerman (Mark Salling). The two share a dead-beat dad who has abandoned both his progeny.

Aisha is currently filming her Glee episoded. I love her! She’s a very gifted comic actress (does anybody remember her on Talk Soup?) But I’m sure she’ll get the chance to flex her drama chops as well. You know. It’s Glee. Right now, episodes 9 and 10 are being shot. SYTYCD judge, Adam Shankman is directing 4×10, which is the Glee Christmas episode.

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  • Sunny Mc

    I was hoping Jessica would become part of New Directions, sad.  Maybe she can transfer year?

  • jdanton2

    According to IMDB if i am reading it right based on last year those episodes with Jessica would be probably be in April. There are 22 episodes in total.

  • Claude Dee

    Head of the rival choir and Fin’s love interest…. Hah. Jk

  • lovesickheroine

    It was expected that she’ll play in character in a rival choir. There’s no way she’ll play a big character since she’ll be on glee for a couple of episodes and the show prolly wants to highlight her singing talent

  • sweetmm

    I truly hope she’ll be much better at acting than the previous head rival choir ;)

  • Axxxel

    good for Jessica, I also prefer to see her shine in a rival choir…

  • Kariann Hart

    I am so excited to see Jessica get this opportunity!  She’s the first American Idol to appear on Glee, right?

  • Miz

    Good for Jessica and nice props from Ryan.

    I’m thrilled about Aisha playing Jake’s mother. Also love her. Really talented and beautiful comedic actress.

  • Incipit

    I truly hope she’ll be much better at acting than the previous head rival choir ;)

    Well, assuming that she is/will be better at the acting portion of the gig – I also hope the manager of the previous head of the rival choir has enough sense not to comment about it.

    It’s a sweet opportunity for Jessica – wish her much success with it!

  • J SanchezFan Kaylo™

    Cant wait! Brilliant opportunity for her!

  • Whiteshirt

    Ryan Murphy is making a big mistake letting Lindsay go.  I think I am pretty much done with this show, but I wish Jessica the best.

    Aisha Tyler = Ghost Whisperer, where she was the best best friend ever.

  • bahogbugan_simj


    the role sounds very much like Charice’s very MEH role last time LOL

    oh yeah i’m going to spell out her name because she has one

  • ali_359921

    Do u think we should be all sensitive about the ” Charice ” role ??
    I’m not ….

  • HermeticallySealed

     Don’t think their post was about “sensitivity,” but about similarity.

  • sweetmm

    The reason I did not spell it out was because I’ve forgotten her name keh3

  • Cherry

    Thanks for the updates MJ. Can’t wait to see Jessica perform!

    One reader comment from another site suggest “her role should be a serial killer, kill all the cast and haters of the blog”. LOL