David Archuleta - Majestic Theater - Dallas (Plus, Christmas Parade!)

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David Archuleta performed at the Majestic Theater last night in Dallas to benefit the Dallas Children’s Medical Center.

Unfortunately, there was a strict “No Camera” policy. We’ve got a few videos, but a few of them are audio only. Check them out after the jump.

Today, at 10 am, David will join the Children’s Medical Center of Dallas hospital patients, and Santa Clause for a parade through Downtown Dallas. He’ll sing a special number while riding on the “Sounds of the Season” float.

Last night’s Setlist: “Something About Love”, “The Other Side of Down”, “A Little Too Not Over You”, “My Kind of Perfect”, “Elevator”, “Falling Stars”, “First Noel”, “Pat a Pan”, “Melodies of Christmas”, Encore: “Crush”.

Update: Added video of David performing on the float at today’s parade. Over 400,000 people were at the parade, and estimated that over half a million dollars was raised.

Video Source: YouCanCallMeTina, hazeleyd71, ArchuletaFanScene, HushcatsTX, AmandaClaire09, mandy101888, horsegerbil

Video after the JUMP…

The First Noel

Melodies of Christmas

Something Bout Love

The Other Side Of Down

My Kind of Perfect

Pat a Pan


Falling Stars

David Waves to the Crowd

David Archuleta singing “Melodies of Christmas” on the Sounds of The Seasons Float at Today’s Parade

News Report from Today’s parade

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  • frogcooke

    hopefully more come up. Tina’s(youtubes) are mainly audio(though near the end of tfn isnt, and part way through moc theres vid)

  • frogcooke

    oh here is the tosod vid on youtube, same person

    i always have issues with twitvid. lol

  • kmd

    David looks and sounds great. Like the new band. Too bad about the strict no camera/video policy at the theater. I am sure they had to be careful even getting these videos.

  • frogcooke

    yeah, security was even uptight about no standing during the concert as well. So… lol. Here’s hoping.

  • kmd

    I just saw that David’s show last night in Dallas was Sold Out. Not sure of the exact number but maybe 1500 or more? David can still bring them in for a concert. Way to go David.

  • joelhss

    Well, I am glad we at least were able to get a look at him, and he sounded great as usual. He is certainly so much more comfortable on stage. What I love the most is that his audience(from what I read on twitter)was very diverse…little ones, middle age, and older folks. Also, someone said there were many “college age young men”. I noticed that at the Fort Wayne concert. His concerts are clean but fun. Only complaint I heard was that it was too short. Leave them wanting more, I guess.

  • larc

    I just saw that David’s show last night in Dallas was Sold Out. Not sure of the exact number but maybe 1500 or more?

    The venue claims a maximum capacity of 1667 if boxes and the pit are used for seating. Otherwise, it’s 1607. Of course, there’s no way to know now how many tickets were offered for sale.

  • KathyH

    Love the vids. The sideways TOSOD vid doesn’t help my migraine but I had to watch it several times anyway to catch the “huh” he’s been putting in there. Huh!

  • heidijoy

    People that were there say it was a packed house and the proceeds go to the Children’s hospital where David visited earlier. He sounded fantastic and is quite the performer. Yes the audience was thrilled and left wanting more!! Great guy..great cause.

  • frogcooke

    Over 400,000 people at the parade, and estimated over half a million dollars raised. vid from the news covering it:

  • frogcooke

    So good to hang out with this kid again I can’t believe it’s already been 3 years since we met! Time flies http://twitpic.com/3cuuzf

    The sideways TOSOD vid doesn’t help my migraine but I had to watch it several times anyway to catch the “huh” he’s been putting in there. Huh!

    the youtube i posted up thread of TOSOD isnt sideways. ;)

  • LCT

    David you have come a long way in three years! You are radiating confidence amidst that talent and gorgeous looks!

  • frogcooke

    from melinda: Lamar Fillies pose with @DavidArchie http://plixi.com/p/60955416

  • sasha1591

    OMGosh…we need a 2011 tour…this is killing me!! He is soooo amazing!!

  • sue

    Ok Archie just made my day with that “one foot in front of the other” dance jig. I am smiling from ear to ear. David is nothing but joy and love. I LOVE “TOSOD”!!!!!! YES tour 2011!!!!!!!

  • djafan

    David brought IT last night. Tour is going to be amazing.

    According to tweets and twitpics the venue was filled to capacity. The thing some weren’t happy about was the no standing up rule. I found that strange. But maybe because of the type of venue, it would block others view. None the less, David’s continued growth as a performer and interviewee is very apparent. And as always his vocals are incredible.

  • goboywonder

    These videos from last night’s show make me even more excited to be attending his Anaheim show on the 12/29. I sure hope there isn’t a no standing policy there. Loved his dance groove on OSOD. I also really like MOC.

    eta, David certainly seems to be dressing in a more mature fashion. Looking great!

  • Kitwana

    He is just getting better and better with age and experience. I think that turning 20 may be one of the best things that happen to David career wise. Maybe the public will finally stop thinking of him as a “teen/tween idol” or as a “kid” but rather as an incredibly talented artist.

  • houstonrufus23

    I was there and he was excellent. MKOP was killer as was TOSOD and Noel. The theater was really beautiful–had never been there. It was packed and the crowd really liked him. Crowd was very mixed with people of different ages. I don’t think I’m speaking out of turn to say David is a born singer but has been evolving over time as a performer. So I was delighted to see him even more confident and comfortable. Each time I see him, it’s different in that way. You can tell he loves performing these songs because he helped write them. It was a great time.

  • heidijoy

    Nice to hear from someone who was there houstonrufus23. Someone put up a video of him singing 2 plus years ago in Dallas and yes the singing was beautiful but his performing skills,speaking and confidence have definitely grown. He is blossoming into quite the young man and is enjoying himself. Glad you and others had a good time. Hear they made a lot of money for the Children’s hospital as well.

  • frogcooke


    pat a pan(mainly audio):

    my kind of perfect was just awesome!

  • LK10

    I was there and he was excellent.

    You are so fortunate to have been there. I am excited about the motab, although we won’t get to see the regular stuff. Christmas stuff is good though. I will have to wait until the tour- Any news about that yet?

  • frogcooke

    nope, no tour news yet.

  • KathyH

    My Kind of Perfect was GREAT!

    Also waiting impatiently for tour news, esp. since I couldn’t do the MoTab concerets.

  • cmom

    That live version of My Kind of Perfect is, well, perfect! I have to say that his voice was in top form at that concert. The song is very beautiful. Putting Archuleta on the stage at the Grammy’s singing live would be something to see (hear). Nothing but the voice and the piano.

  • mhel

    great job david archuletaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! so very proud of you!!!! that’s all!