David Archuleta Gets Ready For His Close Up! (VIDEO)

In his latest vlog, David Archuleta talks about taking acting classes in preparation for his big debut.   What is that?  Well, in the next couple of days, David will head to the Philippines to STAR in a TV5 mini-series!  He’ll be filming the show over the next few weeks.

The acting thing makes him a little nervous, although he eventually really enjoyed his acting classes.  Despite the newness of it all, he’s still excited for this latest adventure.

Fear not fans.  Before David leaves on his 2 year Mormon mission, he’s got some recording and additional appearances lined up. We haven’t seen the last of David.

Expect more updates from David in the Philippines!

Watch below.

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  • Anonymous

    He seems so happy and carefree.  I think David is one of those positive people who finds the good in everything.  It will be great to follow this latest adventure of his.  He sure does like to try new things.

  • Kitwana

    Great to hear David confirm that he will be doing some more recording before his mission.  He did some recording last year too.  I guess his does intend to release new music during his mission.  Maybe he will be able keep his streak alive of 1 new CD release each year since Idol.  I really hope he records some duets with artists and that those duets are released and promoted during his absence.  That would be a great way to keep his name out in the music world even though he may not be available.  I would love to hear him record with his friend Joy Williams of the Civil Wars, Alison Sudol/A Fine Frenzy or Anna Nalick. Just please do not do a duet with anyone from Disney,American Idol or anyone under 21 – way too predictable.

  • Violet W

    He does find good in everything. And he powers through his shyness and nerves and just goes for it, whatever it is. I cannot wait to see this mini-series. I hope we have some way to do that. Meanwhile we’ll be watching for any and all news, photos, tweets etc.  I think kariontour (road manager I think) may be going there with David (she said she was gonna be heading somewhere with one of her favorite people).   This will be fun.

  • djafan

    David is so excited.  So many felt that it was over with the mission announcement and he meant what he said when he said he’s not done yet. 

    More appearances, recording, I wonder what else will come up.  From reading here and there it seems that there are plans to keep his name and music out there during his mission.  Though I’ve read up on missions and they’re all kinds.  David said his will involve music and I have found that many missionaries are blogging about there missions.  So I have a feeling David won’t be crawling into a cave were we won’t here or know about him during his :)

  • Anonymous

    This may be a stupid question, but will he be speaking English in his role or did he have to learn some of their language?

  • http://twitter.com/peppertcanada Jean M

    Very happy for David, this will be a great experience for him (and his fans)!  Yes, he does seem to have other things in the works before he leaves, I’m sure all of this has been well thought out.  I support him in all he does and wish him only the best.  I am one fan who will definitely wait for him.  He has his whole future ahead of him and the possibilities are endless for David.  Love him, love his music, love his good heart (oh and the camera loves him too). :)

  • Anonymous

    Some were saying that David had lied when he mentioned acting lessons, recording, etc., shortly before his announcement.  I knew that David had not lied.  Doesn’t seem to be part of his DNA.  He is a good guy.  He may not tell us everything that is going on in his life (and he shouldn’t and we shouldn’t expect him to), but when he tells us something, we can be pretty sure it will happen.

  • larc

    This may be a stupid question, but will he be speaking English in his role or did he have to learn some of their language?

    I read somewhere that he will mainly be speaking English, but with a word or two in Tagalog occasionally thrown in.

  • Anonymous

    He’ll be speaking English with a few Tagalog slang/phrases.  He is casted as Filipino American.

  • djafan

    According to the Philippines David will be speaking mostly English with some Tagalog.  David is a natural with languages.    He sings in French, Latin and Spanish without skipping a beat.  I’ve spoken to him in Spanish on several occasions and he speaks it well with a beautiful accent.  I think he has been practicing for the Spanish songs.

  • Anonymous

    Love the Vlog.  So glad David touched base before leaving for Manila.  Excited about the recording and appearances.  Looks like David will be around for a few more months.  He said first half of the year.

  • http://twitter.com/sandritangel sandritangel

    I can’t wait to see David acting!! and he will be recording new music !!!

  • http://twitter.com/brindieo Brindie Olsen

    I love David and I’m glad he is doing a few things before he goes on his mission!!

  • Anonymous

    Just heard through someone else, that David sang Ave Maria for an 88 year old lady who requested him through @Twilight wish.  Twilight wish was tweeting David last week and @SunnyHilden:disqus  took the ball and arranged it.  Of course David would never tell us he was doing this prior to leaving for Manila.

  • Anonymous

    Could I love that young man any more?  He went to her house and sang to her.  I guess her clock bells started to ring while he was singing.  Here is a picture.

  • Anonymous

    I am probably one of the few fans that does not want a blog of David’s mission. I want him to truly have something that is for himself without feeling that he has to share it with fans. I want this experience to be about him and the people he will be serving on his mission.

    David does seem excited about his mini-series. I hope he has a wonderful time doing it. I am definitely interested in seeing it.

  • http://twitter.com/DorkAngel Goboywonder

    I agree also. When David went to India, he didn’t mention it until the very last minute and he stressed that he wanted it to be about the people he was going to help. I think it’s really important for him to have this time being just Elder Archuleta. Of course as a fan I really want to know how he is and how things are going. But it seems he has every intention of leaving something for his fans to help take up the slack during his hiatus and I will make due with that. Of course if something is posted or leaks by family/friends/whoever, I’m on it! ;).
    So kind of him to take time out of his day to fulfill this fan’s wish. He’s really already doing missionary work.
    I love seeing how excited he is about all that is going on in his life. He’s in a Good Place.

  • Kitwana

    Three weeks in the Philippines is the longest he has ever been in that country.  The Filipino fans, media and promoters have always treated him like a king but I’m very interested in seeing how David reacts to the sustained attention and scrutiny for 3 weeks rather than 3 days as in the past.  He’ll probably just keep smiling. I can’t imagine how jarring the feeling will be for David when he starts his mission and his life changes from that of a millionaire popstar staying in luxury suites and supported by a team of assistants to a humble missionary living in modest accommodations with a restrictive lifestyle. Hope he at least gets to bring his credit cards with him and that he will be able to visit some nice restaurants during his days off, especially if he is sent to Europe.

  • Anonymous

    Stoked to hear David will be recording before he goes… in interviews pre-announcement, he mentioned releasing singles one at a time versus an EP or album. New music released over the next two years is a smart move, Arch.

  • djafan

    The Philippines in an uproar. The name of the series is a very popular song??? Guesses are pouring in.

    Tweets from TV5 person.

    Perci Intalan @percinotpercy:disqus 

    Beginning tomorrow, we start revealing details on the mini-series of @DavidArchie @oheulacaballero and @jascurtissmith

    A rare collaboration of 3 of the country’s best actresses will be
    working with @DavidArchie @jascurtissmith and @oheulacaballero. Bongga!

    What is the title of @DavidArchie’s mini series on @TV5manila? It’s a song. A very popular song.

    @carloople @percinotpercy it’s not everyday I see a Filipino company on Perez Hilton haha >> Korek! Imagine that!

    http://PerezHilton.com > David Archuleta To Star In Filipino TV Series! shar.es/WE1Tq

  • http://twitter.com/DorkAngel Goboywonder

    A couple of days ago I was looking at David’s wiki page and someone posted under Filmography “Leya” I think. But is was removed the next day. But it has the two young ladies’ names and David… Here’s the link: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Special%3ASearch&search=Leya+drama&fulltext=1