Carrie Underwood Closes Out 2013 CMA Fest With “Paradise City” Cover, Brad Paisley Duet (VIDEO)

Photo credit: Larry McCormack for The Tennessean

Carrie Underwood closed out the 4th and final day of CMA Music Fest 2013 with a set last night at LP Field. There was drama last night due to incoming stormy weather that no doubt sent the CMA crew taping for August 12’s ABC airing of CMA Music Festival: Country’s Night To Rock into a panic. After all, Carrie was set to close the actual festival, but they had already filmed (on Thursday) Little Big Town introducing Carrie as the kick-off performer with her cover of “Paradise City” by Guns N’ Roses, and that wasn’t the only performance of hers planned for the special.

Due to the need to get several big names including Carrie on stage for performances, most of the night’s performers played shortened sets. Earlier performers Brad Paisley and The Band Perry played only two songs apiece, and Jake Owen was restricted to one (witnesses report he made his unhappiness about this clear when leaving the stage). Carrie made it on stage for what turned out to be a 4 song set, also shortened from its intended length, but one where she brought Brad Paisley back for their hit duet “Remind Me.” Check out videos from her performance:

“Paradise City” via legallyblonde52987

“Paradise City” (with outro) via Sydney Smith

“See You Again” via legallyblonde52987

Remind Me” (with Brad Paisley) via muziccitymuzic

“Before He Cheats” via Loken980

After Carrie’s set some Jake Owen fans blamed Carrie for the restrictions on Jake’s set, though the reality is this was the CMA’s call and driven by TV considerations. After seeing some of his irate fans tweeting Carrie (Carrie responded to one and made a general comment about people making stuff up), Jake Owen clarified:

Once Carrie was on stage (and the show producers ensured she got her “Paradise City” and current single “See You Again” performances in for the TV special), she tried to give fans as much of a show as possible, because there wasn’t going to be time to set up another act for a separate set. She did manage to bring Brad Paisley back on for their duet, which may also be included on the ABC special.

The ABC special will conveniently air the day before Carrie releases her Blown Away Tour DVD on August 13th. Check out more pictures of Carrie performing at LP Field last night via The Tennessean

Photo credit: Larry McCormack for The Tennessean

Photo credit: Larry McCormack for The Tennessean

Photo credit: Larry McCormack for The Tennessean

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  • pj

    Nice to see Carrie rocking out… that’s my fave G&R song. :-)

  • Nicole P.

    Thanks Windmills for always being in the know about country music…I was wondering what had happened. That was good of Jake Owen to tweet and say it wasn’t Carrie’s fault!

  • J3$$!C@

    To make me feel better, I just tell myself Carrie only looks that pretty because she has professionals who do her hair and make up. Yep. Love her outfit and of course she sounds AMAZING. I like when
    Carrie lets loose and rocks out.

  • FinalFantasy13

    that paradise cover will probably close the show.. that has to be one of her best performances ever imo.

  • AHotDamnMess

    …..those legs <3

  • windmills

    As I mentioned in the post, Carrie’s Paradise City cover will open the ABC show. Little Big Town filmed the intro on Thursday introducing Carrie as the 1st performance and said she’d be taking people to “paradise city.”

    I’m assuming they actually got clearance to air the cover ahead of time because it will be a huge *facepalm* if they didn’t.

  • Gina

    “Paradise City” a rock song at a country music festival. How did she ever manage not to get booed off the stage. I find country music fans and the country music industry incredibly hypocritical.

  • Nunya Biz

    Why should people be restricted to liking only one type of music? This attitude doesn’t make any sense to me.

  • windmills

    Heh. Well let’s face it, the fact that Lenny Kravitz and even Kelly got full sets this year at CMA Fest is an indication the ABC special was going for a crossover audience. Carrie opening the ABC show with Paradise City is not the way I would want a country music presentation started, not because she didn’t rock it (she obviously did) but because this is supposed to be a country show.

    I’m down with the cover as part of an overall country set though. I would’ve loved to hear Carrie’s full set, she’s sounding especially great on all the songs here.

  • Mikas

    Carrie is just sooooo good! Not an easy song to sing and not an easy band to cover. Amazing job!
    She make it seem so easy…

  • Diana Adams Tyler

    Carrie sings that a lot at her concerts. Hasnt been booed off yet. Jason Aldean joined her singing it at one of her concerts.

  • Diana Adams Tyler

    Carrie told Oprah she does her own hair and makeup on tour, plus her own cooking and laundry. Says she loves the grocery store lol.

  • J3$$!C@

    Dammit Diana, why do you want to depress me? LOL j.k.

  • wonderings

    Wow, huge bummer that sets were cut so short due, essentially, to TV obligations. (Or are they extra extra careful about weather since that horrible Sugarland accident? Many acts have played through rain & wind before….)

    I was surprised at just how rocking and heavy that Paradise City cover was! Definitely not country. Carrie sounded great and quite Axl-like in spots, but she always cracks me up a bit when she “rocks out”. Country Barbie isn’t the most convincing as a badass, even with the cliche outfit of ripped shirt, headband, & back pocket scarf. Did Axl ever shine up his legs before going on stage? ;-)

  • Stacyjames

    Stunning post! Just what I was looking for!