Carly Rose Sonenclar debuts Original Song “Unforgettable” (VIDEO)

Carly Rose Sonenclar performed her first full concert since nabbing the runner-up spot on X Factor 2 in the fall at Rye Playland in Rye New York on July 29.

The young singer performed covers and tunes from the competition, but also debuted an original pop song called “Unforgettable.”

Carly has been signed by Simon Cowell’s Syco Records company. No word on when we can expect her debut album.

What do you think of Carly’s new song?

Via Popdust

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  • girlygirl

    It’s hard to hear the lyrics clearly but it sounds like a song that isn’t really age appropriate. She’s 13, right? She doesn’t have the life experience to be singing songs about serious romantic relationships.

    She sounds great in some parts and not so great in other part of the song

  • Happyhexer

    Carly sounds a little like Xenia here (whose EP I have and enjoy). I think I might like the recorded version of this song. Carly’s biggest problem right now might be her youth, because it’s really going to limit the kind of songs she can sing believably.

  • thedeviledadvocate

    I think Carly is extremely talented, and I think the song is ok. I don’t really care one way or the other about age appropriate songs and all that, because when I hear a song on my ipod or radio, if I like what I hear, I don’t care if the singer is 6 or 60. When Haley Reinhart sang “it’s been the ruin of many a poor boy, and God I know I’m one.” the song was absolutely not gender appropriate, but I’ve listened to that song many times over and still love it. Like Leno said, “Carrie Underwood did not really have to go after her ex boyfriends four wheel drive with a baseball bat to connect with the song. Johnny Cash didn’t really shoot a man in Reno, just to watch him die, but he and Carrie both sounded pretty convincing. Does it really matter that Jackie Evancho sounds like a 40 year old opera veteran? She’s 13, but a whole lot of people buy her music. I think a song is a song, and if sounds good to me, I like it, and I will buy it.

  • Amy Beth

    There’s a difference between having a mature voice (like Jackie Evancho) and singing about mature themes. And while Carrie Underwood might not have have violently attacked her exes’ cars, it was believable that she had bad BFs who made her think about doing that. It would not be believable for Carly Rose.

  • thedeviledadvocate

    I do agree that some songs would be age inappropriate no matter how well the singer sang the song. For Jackie Evancho to sing Hey Big Spender, no matter how old she sounds or how well she sang it, that would probably not go over too well.

    On the other hand, these age inappropriate songs all became big hits. Peggy March (age 14) “I Will Follow Him” Leann Rimes (age 13) “Blue” Tanya Tucker (age 13) “Delta Dawn” are just a couple of the many age inappropriate hits over the years. Or how about little Jimmie Osmond at age 9 singing “I’m Your Long Haired Lover from Liverpool”

    I’m just saying, just because Carly is only 13, doesn’t mean it is written in stone that the only avenue she has are Disney princess songs.

  • ohreli

    She sounds very good from what I can hear.

  • RustySax

    The sound mix is so poor that it’s really hard to hear the lyrics.

    But the girl can sing!

  • Dwightmare

    Sounds like Demi Lovato to me.

  • Happyhexer

    That is true in general (and I even agree with your reaction). Which is why there have been times when I roll my eyes when an artist is accused of not being able to “sell” a song, because in many cases, it’s not about the vocals, but about the visuals, and stereotyping the artist. It’s nuts to think that an artist can’t sing convincingly about a theme because they have never experienced whatever it is in real life. Hasn’t anyone ever heard of acting, or empathy? A recording artist can mentally imagine themselves in the situation or emotions of the song. So a nerdy guy can sound like a sexy girl-magnet, and a young girl can sound mature and wise. Etc. Unfortunately, that is not the music industry of today. Too much depends on image and visuals. (Yes, there are some exceptions, but it is true generally.) And so many people may find it difficult to watch a very young girl sing about too-mature themes in concerts and videos.

    I think if there were the musical equivalent of blind taste tests done with some of the artists who are considered too young, too old, too fat, not edgy enough, etc., to sell their songs, there would be a lot of surprises about the results . . .

  • Steve

    “You may only be 13, but your soul is old” noted by L.A. Reid after she nailed “Feeling Good” by Nina Simon which she released at age 32. Note that Carly has also acted in movies, television, and on Broadway. She played a great Cosette in Les Miserable at the age of seven – Cosette is an older teen who, in the feature movie from 2012 was played by someone age 27. She makes songs like “Brokenhearted” and “Stole my Heart” more believable than the original artists. She seems to connect with whatever song she sings.

    Mozart wrote a successful opera Mitridate at age 14. Are we stuck with the notion that prodigies can’t be born today?

    The age range of Carly’s fan base is significant but this one was clearly written for a teen audience and teens drive music sales. I personally can hardly wait to hear the studio version as her soulful vocal skills are phenomenal.

  • scoobynacks

    She played young Cosette who is a small child. There’s an older actress that plays Cosette as a young woman. You couldn’t have done more than skim about her involvement in that show or you’d know that. There are Youtube clips of her playing the part online. (She played Eponine in a school production, but everybody in those things is way too young for the part they’re playing and it’s just accepted). If you’d even seen the film, you’d know Amanda Seyfried wasn’t playing Cosette the entire time. Do you really know much about Mozart or is that from Wikipedia too?

    I can’t decide if you’re a positive affirmation troll or you were told to come on here and say something positive about Carly by your boss and didn’t bother to actually get too in depth with your research before you posted this.

  • Steve

    True enough, I wouldn’t know anything about Cosette if not for Carly and I didn’t see the film nor do I want to see the film. All of this is really beside the point but if you feel the need to appear intelligent, knock yourself out. Perhaps you should say something about the article, or address the topic of the current thread instead of insulting the posters less you expose yourself as a troll.

    I’m just a fan of Carly, impressed by her ability to express mature topics through music, her work ethic, and her humility. She is definitely not your typical fourteen-year-old but tends to bring out the best (as an inspiration) or the worse (by exposing their insecurities) of others.