Ashley Fink Returns to Glee for “Sadie Hawkins”

Welp, we already reported the rumor. but now it’s been confirmed by TV Line. Ashley Fink will return to Glee in next month’s first episode back after the winter hiatus, titled “Sadie Hawkns”.

Ashley played Puck’s girlfriend Lauren Zizes, who joined New Directions after Kurt (Chris Colfer, and Ashley’s total BFF off set) transferred to Dalton Academy to escape the constant harassment from closeted football player, Karovsky. Lauren became Puck’s EX girlfriend in the Season 3 premiere, and has not been back since.

I’m not sure what Lauren will be up to in episode 11, set to air on January 24, but wouldn’t it be funny if she asked Jake to the Sadie Hawkins dance?

Although I always assumed Lauren was a senior…

Via TVLine

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  • Axxxel

    At first I thought Tina would have a crush on Joe Hart a.k.a “teen Jesus”… Her solo is  ” I don’t know how to love him” from Jesus Christ Superstar…and Lauren goes after Blaine or Sam..

    But if it turns out that Tina will have a crush on Blaine, then I think Lauren Zizes will go after Joe Hart.

    Nice to see Chris Colfer’s BFF AshleyFink on Glee again but I think they never have shared a one-on-one together.  

  • Axxxel

    If Lauren Zizes will go after Puck 2.0 , then she will have to clash with Kitty.. remember her clash with Santana…  Been there done that … So I hope Lauren will go after someone else.

  • supersonic

    Ashley played Puck’s girlfriend Lauren Zizes, who joined New Directions after Kurt (Chris Colfer, and Ashley’s total BFF off set)

    And there are a lot of fans out there who hate that he basically dropped Amber for her.  Can’t say that I blame them.

  • Axxxel

    This is an interesting comment…

    I still remember Chris Colfer saying in an interview that his friendship with Amber started only after their characters interacted with each other in Glee. Chris’ character never interacted directly with Ashley’s  in Glee but they ended up as friends anyway in real life. So it is a different kind of friendship. I think Chris and Amber are very different when it comes to taste and also background. I don’t think Amber was bullied in the past, and she is not really a  theater lover like Chris and Chris’s taste of music (theater, Scissor sisters) is not really Amber’s.

    Then again, Chris admitted that when he was writing sad scenes (I forgot whether it was for his book or movie), to get in  the mood, he plays Amber Riley’s rendition of the Whitney Houston song ” I look to you” that she also performed in Glee.

    And he supported  Amber in New York when she was performing lately on a Broadway revue  and Amber went to New York to support Chris at the Tribeca Festival when he launched his movie. So the Chris Colfer -Amber Riley friendship is not dead, just not that intense anymore.

    “Triangles” also happen in friendships… Just like the Amber-Ashley-Chris one… Wish I could see such drama of friendship triangles in Glee… Getting a bit bored with love triangles…

  • Axxxel
  • Caroline Bridges

    Puck is back in Lima, isn’t he? Or did he just come home for Christmas with the moms? If he’s back to stay, then maybe she’s there for him.

  • Kariann Hart

    I thought Puck came back to write and to “look after” his younger brother.