Ashley and Pudsey Win Britain’s Got Talent (VIDEO)

I have 100% NOT been paying attention to the current season of Britain’s Got Talent. It took news reports to tell me that the season finale aired last night on ITV.

The winner? Ashley And Pudsey. NO. They aren’t a singing duo! Pudsey is a dog. Yes, a dog act won Britain’s Got Talent, 2012. God bless them.

Suffice it to say, Simon did not find his new Susan Boyle. There’s always next season.

Ashley and Pudsey’s Final performance.

Ashley and Pudsey’s Winning Moment

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  • No Thanks

    As bizarre as it sounds, Simon Cowell is actually thrilled to bits.  As mean as he is to humans, he’s a total sap when it comes to animals.

    I think it’s virtually guaranteed that there will be a super cheezy “Ashley and Pudsley” children’s movie and/or TV series in the very near future.  Which will probably make a shit ton of money. Kind of like Benji in the 80s.

    The marketing possibilities are endless.  Never under estimate the power of an adorable animal.  After all we’ve hot YouTube videos like “Dramatic Hamster” getting millions of hits every month.

  • Bentley1530

    So many groups in the final that means the winner does not not need a lot of votes to come out on top.  I got to hand it to the dog, he is a cutie but that really is not much of an act.  I hope winning does not go to his head.  

  • Shoriagirl

    Simon would prefer dogs to humans: they don’t talk back and don’t have their own opinions and if they misbehave, you can send them leave on a farm.

  • Bentley1530

    Much better than the spy caper bit in the winning clip.  Also you can see how hard Ashley is working to make the dog look good.  

  • Anonymous

     Full voting results have been released and are on the Wiki page at .  The dog act actually ran away with it pretty handily, taking 39% of the vote (2nd place was 25.8%, 3rd place 15.8%)

  • hillstreetblooz

    Ashley and Pudsy…. OK :)

  • steph6449

    That video was kind of cute, lol. 

  • Tess

    Getting a dog to sit, stay, or come is hard enough….getting a dog to dance and doing it for 2 minutes without a mess-up is unbelievable.  I adored all 3 videos of Pudsey and Ashleigh and I think Simon has a gold mine here.  My head is bursting with all the possiblities. And I don’t think I’ve grinned like this in a long time.  Congrats to them both….much more exciting than all the sound alike singers we usually end up seeing.

  • Lovesyesha

    I was so happy they won!!!!! They are such a good act. Pudsey is adorable (as is Ashleigh) and Ashleigh is extremely charismatic and well-spoken for her age. It must have taken so much time and love to be able to train that dog like that. And finally a variety act won! Good job Britain!

  • No Thanks

     Yeah, I’m amazed the dog didn’t totally freak out while being lowered from the ceiling in the chair.  That is one happy dog.

  • Anonymous

    What a delightful video!  After that, I had to go watch all of Ashley and Pudsey’s performances.  I could not stop smiling!

  • Axxxel

    Totally agree… both thumbs up to Ashleigh who worked really really hard on the choreography, outfit  and the total performance just to make it not boring because Pudsey is just doing the same old moves , whether it is during auditions or during the finals…

  • Leandro

    I know that the beautiful and inspiring singing of that opera kid is a much more deep and rich kind of art, but, c`mon, this is an entertainment competition, and I have to say the tricks of that dog are delightfully entertaining and I could see myself voting for him.

    But i don`t know how the brits are feeling right now knowing the most talented of them is a dog. lol

  • Tiffany

    Do they have a VFTW in Britain? lol

  • Southnsoul

    I did follow “Britain’s Got Talent” this year and 16 and 17 year old Jonathan and Charlotte were magnificent and should have been the winners.

  • Southnsoul

    Where are the voting results? All I see on that page is the ratings for viewership.

  • Indigobunting

    This was cute!

    The dog’s tricks aren’t that spectacular, BUT, what is impressive is that the girl is only 17 and not a professional trainer- she did a great job with Pudsey.

    I liked the Fred and Ginger tribute better than Mission Impossible.

  • Anonymous

    Argh…somehow the Wiki link ended up going to an old version of the page. 


  • Shair Shamsuddin

    Well, Last year was much more closer 2% with Jai Mcdowall and the “bieber-ish” kid Ronan Parke close on winning the show…But this year was much more different, seriously! a dog, 1st ever to win ant talent shows on television so this will be in the BGT book records. I love both acts in the top 2 and either I would like them to win the show.

    Regardless, I would love for the queen to “smile” watching this act at the Royal Variety performance

  • Bill Schly

    To all those people that say another male singer (Charlotte rode Jonathan’s coattails) should have won instead of the dog act, here is what I have to say.

    1) Landau Eugene Murphy, Michael Grimm, Kevin Skinner, Neal E. Boyd (the last four winners of AGT), Scotty McCreary, Lee DeWyze, Kris Allen, David Cook (last four winners of AI)

    Yes of course the male singer should have one.  There are no other talents on earth as great as the male singer – according to American voters on talent shows.

    2) The dog that was trained by a 17-year-old girl was flawless on all his performances including the one just after the win was announced with the confetti falling down, lights flashing all over the place, and people screaming and clapping.  Of course flawless perfection under harsh circumstances should not be good enough for the win because there was a male singer in the competition.

    Not that I am done with my rant about American reality TV voters, I will admit that Jonathan is a better singer than any of the eight on the list above.  However, I am glad that the dog won if nothing more than to prove that someone other than a male singer can win.

  • Leandro

    DAMN for the ratings. 1/3 of the british population were watching these singing/talent shows. Not even 5% of americans are watching Idol (or other shows) now. Brits love these shows ( and I think they don even take it too seriously, just for entertainment).

    But, anyway, I think most of the winners and runners-up on these britain shows are very well succeeded.

  • luvadamlambert

    Lolll when I saw the headline I was like there are people named pudsey??? Lolllllllllll

    D,: and no mj don’t make me cry before I didn’t think I would say this but I MISS YOU SIMON!!! Come back! Idol is nothing with you – just another singing show (the best but still) btw I wasn’t here for that post but Ryan faking the marriage thing was HILARIOS

    Now Ryan’s the only thing left .,,and no obviously randy doesn’t count

  • luvadamlambert

    Wow I tried to post a long comment and it got deleted wtf

    anyway long story short


  • hcpoirot

    This season is the most boring of BGT. the talents are mediocres and mostly are singing and dancing.

    In Final top 11, 7 acts are singing, 2 acts dancing and others 2 acts are not. One is Ashley and Pudsey. One is acrobatic/dancing under the water.

    At least with so quick from Semifinal to final and very quick voting. Only few minutes to votes, BGT had lots of different act winners. from singers, dancers, gymnastics and now dog act.

    Cannot be said for US version. Though AGT got more variety and more talent, in the end, the mediocre male singers will win except for season 2 and 1.

    This year of new AGT, I predict yet another male singer will win.

  • Anonymous

    Less is more.