American Idol Live 2012 – Concert Set List (VIDEOS)

Here is the complete set list for the American Idols Live 2012 concert. I’ll be adding videos as they become available.

Set List:

Top 9 – “Sing” by My Chemical Romance (Minus Phil)

Deandre Brackensick – “Master Blaster” by Stevie Wonder

Skylar Laine and Hollie Cavanagh (Duet) – “Undo It” by Carrie Underwood

Erika Van Pelt – Glitter in the Air by Pink

Colton Dixon, Erika Van Pelt, Joshua Ledet, Hollie Cavanagh (Group Number) – Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5

Heejun Han – “Green Light” by John Legend

Heejun Han Deandre Brackensick and Jessica Sanchez Trio – Party Rock by LMFAO

BOYS – “Everybody Talks” by Neon Trees (Minus Phillip)

Elise Testone – Whole Lotta Love by Led Zepplin

Elise Testone with Erika Van Pelt and Deandre Brackensick Backup – Rumour Has It by Adele

Colton Dixon – “Meant To Live” by Switchfoot

Colton Dixon – “Never Gone” (Original Song)

Colton Dixon – Piano Man by Billy Joel

Top 9 – “Just The Way You Are”/”What Makes You Beautiful” by Billy Joel/One Direction (Minus Phillip)


Jessica Sanchez– Best Thing I Never Had by Beyonce

Jessica Sanchez with Deandre Brackensick and Josh Ledet Backup – How Come You Don’t Call Me Any More by Prince

Jessica Sanchez with Deandre Brackensick and Josh Ledet Backup – Proud Mary by Ike and Tina Turner

Skylar Laine – Gunpowder and Lead by Miranda Lambert

Skylar Laine – Stay With Me by The Faces

Hollie Cavanagh with Elise Testone and Erika Van Pelt Backup  – Rolling in the Deep by Adele

Hollie Cavanagh – Give Your Heart a Break by Demi Lovato

Joshua Ledet with Elise Testone, Deandre Brakensick, Erika Van Pelt Backup – Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars

Joshua Ledet – It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World

Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez (Duet) – I Knew You Were Waiting For Me by George Michael and Aretha Franklin

Phillip Phillips – “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder

Phillip Phillips – Nice and Slow by Usher

Phillip Phillips and Elise Testone (Duet) – Somebody That I Used to Know by Goyte

Phillip Phillips with Jessica Sanchez (Backup/Duet) – Volcano by Damien Rice

Phillip Phillips with Colton Dixon and Deandre Brackensick Backup – Home

GIRLS – Raise Your Glass by Pink

BOYS – Girls eventually join in – Glad You Came by The Wanted

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  • ninergrl6

    I like it!  The more groups, the better IMO.  That’s why I enjoyed the AI6 tour so much even though it wasn’t my favorite season overall.  Get everyone on stage as often as possible.  I never liked the 10-1 mini-set idea, especially when my fave was #1 or 2 and I had to wait 2 hours to see him/her.  Plus the groups make the singers I don’t like more bearable.

  • steph6449

    Odd mix. 

    Jessica and Josh only get one solo each as the runner-up and #3 finisher, and Colton has three solos? Skylar two?

  • Anonymous

    One solo for Joshua? Huh? Maybe he’s truly lead on two other songs with other idols backing him up. Otherwise, I would not be too happy… if the tour was coming to a venue near me, which it is not. lol

  • too-cool-for-school

    Woah, DeAndre got the lion’s share of songs with those group numbers. xD Cool though! Colton with 3 solos and only one solo for Joshua and two for Phil is a bummer, IMO. They would be among the people I would be most interested to hear (not that I’m going so I’m not complaining :P) solos from. Hm.

    Aaand when is ‘Raise Your Glass’ going to die out? I’m still haunted by the horrible group numbers with it on both Idol and X Factor. *cringe*

  • raya

    Josh and Jessica have more than one solo each.  I haven’t seen the vids yet, but my take is that Joshua and DeAndre are doing back-up vocals for Jess in both the Prince song and Proud Mary.  Same situation with Joshua and Runaway Baby.  It’s his solo and the others sing back-up.

  • Anonymous

    DeAndre is everywhere!

    I’m glad they’re singing a lot of songs they haven’t done on the show.  Keeps it fresh. :)

  • getaway1

    Phillip actually has 4 songs where he is featured as the lead and 1 duet with Elise.  Jessica is basically in the background (with the band) with Volcano, same with Colton and Deandre with Home.

  • Anonymous

    Did Home have drums? 

  • Anonymous

    The songs that say “with” means those people did backing vocals.

  • Anonymous

    I am excited for video!

  • Anonymous

    I agree. More stage time/face time for all of the idols. Then the fans aren’t disappointed.  :) It really sucks on the Idol tour if your fave got booted off early on… I don’t think I saw the S6 concert. Was that Blake and Jordin?

  • Anonymous

    Love the song choices. Can’t wait to see Hee Jun sing Party Rock lol!

  • Anonymous

    I have video of Phillip doing Superstition and Home. I’ll upload the today..!!

  • Sadie Lynn

    Not surprised DeAndre got the lions share of the group songs, he’s the only guy whose good at harmonizing (and can hit all the notes.)

  • Guest
  • Guest
  • Jepoy Ramos

    is this the final set list? or can it still change or be modified?

  • Carriefan1

    Deandre = 11
    Jessica = 10
    Joshua = 10
    Elise = 9
    Colton = 9
    Erika = 9
    Hollie = 8
    Skylar = 7
    Phillip = 6
    Heejun = 6

  • Anonymous

    Awesome videos! Looks like a lot of fun!

  • Anonymous

    That closing group song is a bit of a snoozer.

  • Kesia Monteith

    Wow…I’m not a Phil fan, and Jessica kinda waned on me as the show continued, but that duet gave me chills, and that was not even the full performance. Thanks for sharing.

  • raya

    I don’t remember what they have done other years, but I liked the way they ended it with having the Top 10 take a curtain call of sorts.  I mean obviously the people in the audience already know who they are, but it’s a nice moment for them to be announced like that.

  • lovesickheroine

    I’ve got here the full performance of Volcano. Indeed it gave me chills!

  • lovesickheroine

    I’ve got videos of Party Rock, Master Blaster, Just the way you are and the opening number.

    aaaand a snippet of BeBe Chez’s How come u dont call me anymore..

  • Michael McRell

    Wish someone would post video of Nice and Slow….always wanted to see the full version of that song done.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my, you’re killing me with that snippet of Jessica singing HCYDCMA. I hope someone uploads the whole video. How can anyone say this girl has no “musicality”? The things she does with her voice is crazy, that is her instrument. 

    LOL at that “party rock” video, loved the booty shakin’, but I want a clearer video.

     “Volcano” was great too, not a phillip fan, but that was my favorite performance of his on idol, so it’s nice that he’s singing it on tour. Jessica looked beautiful in that red dress.

    Hopefully videos of Erika, Elise, Jessica, and Joshua’s performances get uploaded soon.

  • Loretta

    OK Volanco was so movingly amazing!!  P2 has it.  He just does.  Loved Jessica on back-ups.

  • Loretta

    Amen Sadie!!  Amen!  Deandre can SANG!  Too bad the Idols PTB decided before the show even aired to not showcase his amazing talent! 

  • Anonymous

    Colton Dixon – Never Gone

    I can see this song doing well in CCM.

  • Loretta

    Can’t wait to see more videos that are closer! 

    So glad that Deandre was on the stage so much and that finally Idol watchers get to see how well he can sing (even if it is only back-up) and what a great dancer-performer he is!!!

    It seems that all of these Idols did exceptional!  This makes me thrilled.  This season was loaded with talent.

    Phillip IMO proved why he won!  This boy just is loaded with “IT”.  That all illusive quality that just draws listeners in and holds them captive.

  • Eriko

    Imo, PP vocals were weak in Volcano, especially towards the end. 

  • Anonymous

    My thought was that Man’s World is an incredibly hard song to do night after night.  Same with Elise’s Whole Lot of Lovin’.  I wonder if they won’t occasionally switch off to less high energy songs to save voices for the long haul.

  • Anonymous

    I would far rather hear Joshua solo than Colton.

  • Anonymous

    One solo for Joshua?


    Anytime you see the word “with” that means the other Idols are BACKUP. So, still a solo. I should probably edit so people aren’t confused

  • tucker davis

    I know this really doesn’t matter but…
    Is it just me or does anyone else think Colton would look better if his pants didn’t look like ‘tights’? Why would you emphasize extremely skinny legs if you were a man?Is anyone ever going to get Phillip to care what he wears? He’s got an untapped goldmine there that he could care less about! Talk about two very different attitudes…lol

  • raya

    From what I’ve seen, they weren’t kidding when they gave some of them choreography.  The snippet I’ve seen of Proud Mary has them running around like crazy, more so the boys.  But I remember the days when the choreography was more like step touch and point.

    I know I won’t shut up about it, but loved the Party Rock video.  It’s actually pretty hilarious and they don’t sound bad doing it.  It makes good use of Heejun and it’s nice to see that Jessica on stage.

    The light show going on behind DeAndre in his solo number is distracting, even on video.  I kind of hope they tone it down.  Also hope he protects his voice.  I know a lot of his singing is background, but he’s still singing 11 songs almost nightly and I’m sure he isn’t used to that.

    Also I’ve seen it suggested while the opening number is good (Sing), it’s kind of a downer number to start the show.  Meaning they go through this process to hype the audience and then the first number is kind of a low energy one.

  • Kirsten

    Can I just say how freakin’ excited I am that the Marquis de Sade tour fashion designer decided to relent and let the girls wear clothes and shoes that allow them to have some fun on stage. Sure, seeing them in pageant gowns and stilts may be visually pleasing to some, but I’d far rather see Jessica bopping around the stage with the guys in her running shoes during Party Rock then to see her stumbling around like Bambi learning to walk on ice on some impossibly high heels.  And I’d FAR rather see all the girls in flats during “What Makes me Beautiful” than see poor Lauren Alaina soldier on in a cast.

    Granted, I’ve only seen a few videos that feature the girls so far, but what I’ve seen makes me happier than I was last year. I go to the concert to have fun.

  • Kirsten

    Okay, you have to watch P^2 during “I’m Glad You Came”. Hilarious. He wanders out on stage like some guy tentatively crashing somebody’s party (hey, guys, I’m new in the dorm. Mind if I hang?), then he keeps watching Deandre for all the moves and finally, he almost ends up singing “I’m Glad You Came” when everybody else has finished and is moving to their new marks (while he’s singing with Jessica).

    Poor dude obviously didn’t get much of a chance to practice the group number. I’m sure it will be old hat in a couple of nights. For, now…total deer in the headlights.

  • CanadianLady

    Yes, Colton definitely needs to get away from the stretch skinny pants. They don’t do a thing for him.

    As for Phillip, part of his charm is that he doesn’t focus on his appearance.
    In one of his recent interviews, he was asked about the grey and mentioned grabbing a T-shirt from his laundry that morning – which I’m positive he threw out there  because of the comments from people that it looked like he did that. I think Phillip has a very active and intelligent sense of humour.

  • Platonic Tech

    This is probably my favorite part of the AI season because we usually see the kids escape from the intensity of the competition and really let loose.  Plus the fan wars ususally diminish a bit.  And we get some revelations.  Like who knew Deandre could move like that?  And what about Hollie in that white dress in the finale?!  P2 looks as shy and unassuming as Scotty looked lack season (kind of like Lee and Kris earlier).  Clearly this is a blue print for future winners.  And given the cheering for the boys, and the meh reaction to the girls, is it any wonder this is a boy’s competition.  And flats for the girls — so they can move too?  What is up with that!?  Looking forward to the next few weeks to see what else is going to be revealed.

  • Eriko

    Well, considering all the group numbers he participated in and had to learn, plus the new solo´s, I´ll also give him a pass :)

  • Kirsten

     I see what you did there ;-)

  • getaway1

    Well, considering all the group numbers he participated in and had to learn, plus the new solo´s, I´ll also give him a pass :)

    Well, considering that he’s had to recuperate from surgery, been in the studio working on his CD, and doing promos for Home and the Tour, I’ll give him a pass on the group number – especially considering the great reviews he has gotten for his solo performances.

  • Guest

    Plus, he wasn’t trying to fake it… he kept laughing because he knew he was so out of step…he is one natural guy not afraid of his lack of rehearsals…

  • lovesickheroine

     IKR! this girl doesn’t need to play any instrument in the stage so she can be called an “artist”! According to Jessica, she wanted to perform HCYDCMA on american idol; however, Prince is not clearing any of his songs at this moment. Too bad. Volcano is one of my favorite performance as well, and the fact that Jess’ sang with P2, it was so sublime.

    Anyway I got a clear audio of Best Thing I Never Had

  • Anonymous

    I love all the videos! Looks like so much fun and I really think everyone sounds great! I look forward to seeing them have more fun as the tour goes on. What I hope is that they watch some videos from previous tours to see that they can let loose and really have fun. 

  • Anonymous

    “Okay, you have to watch P^2 during “I’m Glad You Came”. Hilarious. He wanders out on stage like some guy tentatively crashing somebody’s party (hey, guys, I’m new in the dorm. Mind if I hang?),”  

    LOL…….Kirsten, don’t EVER change!  I was going to post about the exact thing but I couldn’t put it into words.  You did!  That’s how he appeared to me also as he made his entrance, lol.

  • J SanchezFan Kaylo™

    Full Video Of Jessica’s Best Thing I never had. This was beyond stunning. Beyonce would be proud.

  • tucker davis

    I also laughed at Phil during his first group act. Someone obviously had talked him through it, then said, ‘just watch & do whatever the guys are doing!’ lol  Guess they forgot that whenever he’s on stage FOR ANYTHING, a lot of cameras are going to be focused on him!! But yeah, he surely gets a pass from me for a few shows since he’s barely seen the rest of the group this past month.

  • Anonymous

    ^^ Phil gets a pass from me too, because…well, because I like him :)

  • Tinawina

    Wow, I have to say I LOVE most of these song choices. This looks like a great concert.

  • Anonymous

    I really wanna see the boys perform Everybody Talks by Neon Trees! Where’s the vid ?! :-(

  • lovesickheroine

    Here’s Proud Mary You gotta check this one out guys! Its fricken hilarious!

    How come u dont call me anymore

  • Anonymous

    Yay videos! Thanks!

  • Noa Naaman

    Jessica got 3 and Josh 2. the others were backup singers. 

  • Anonymous
  • Rose Anne

    Really hope we get Moves Like Jagger and Everybody Talks. I think this is going to be a great tour. Really love the song selections this year

  • Kitty Armistead


    (Yes, I’m obsessed with Elise.)

    (God I wish I could do that with my hips!)

  • Anonymous

    I went out to the buses afterward. Phillip came out and signed pictures and had pics taken. But he wasn’t out for long since he wasn’t feeling well. He did look a little pale.

    I did get video of Phillip’s songs but nobody else. I wish I would have got Colton’s “Piano Man”. It was quite good..!!!

  • merkureye

    Whole Lotta Love. . . .dayy-um!  Elise changed it up from her performance during the AI competition.  This Tour version really rocks.  The Eastern chant during the bridge and the new ending to the song are fantastic.  The things Elise does with her voice are amazing!  

    I have thought that it would be cool if Elise played off of this theme and transitioned to Neil Young’s “Lotta Love” after Zep. 

    Tour looks fun.  Great talent all around this year.  It’s going to be interesting to see how folks’ careers progress. 

  • Anonymous

    I see no “IT” quality in Phillip, although I did like his cover of “Nice and Slow”.

    But again, different strokes for different folks, right? :)

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know if I see “IT” in Phillip or not. All I know is I can’t take my eyes off of him as opposed to everyone else on that stage. So much talent up there but I don’t even want to blink when Phillip is performing.

  • Anonymous

    Jessica’s full Prince song is on this page (the second one):

    TBH, I wish she did a different song. Purple Rain would’ve been amazing. I feel that this one’s too safe for her, especially with a big venue. If she did Love On Top instead of Best Thing I Never Had, I would’ve probably been ok with the Prince song. Or even Get Me Bodied as she did in Hollywood. But I guess both songs would’ve been hard to do day after day.

  • Karen C

    I love the way Elise did Whole Lotta Love, and I really like Volcano best out of PHillips songs.  Hollie did well, too.  I think Colton’s Never Gone is ok, but I’m really waiting to hear Meant To Live.

    Looks like everyone is doing terrific.

  • Steph

    More DeAndre is a great thing!

  • Anonymous

    Part Rock is hilariously awesome. One of fav idol performance ever. Love booty shaking. Love Proud Mary as well. It was so high energy and all the dancing and rolling moves. I hope there is a better vid of Jess on the Prince song but her vocals sounded so amazing. Volcano was surreal. Thanks for all the vids!
    I love this tour format.

    ETA: DeAndre sounds great! He should do more songs like this.

  • judes

    I’ve just come back from being away -so thanks for all the videos MJ so i can catch up with what’s in the show. Looks like a great mix of songs & solos & group numbers . i haven’t seen them all yet but I really liked the 4 guys singing together-good harmonies & i think Colton’s single will be ideal for the Christian market .
    Looks like a great concert all up.

  • Lucas Camargo

    Colton is so sweet! *__*

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