American Idol Finalists Will Sing Co-Writes on The Show, on Tour. Albums Coming Soon (REPORT) (UPDATED With Names!)

According to The Idol Pad, the songs the Idols have been secretly writing will be performed in the coming weeks. The coronations song will be co-written by the winner. And the songs will be sung on the summer tour.

Windmills reported on the secret sessions weeks ago

Expect debut album sooner rather than later.

Since the finals began, the contestants have been secretly writing/co-writing and recording original songs in preparation for their album on a nearly daily basis (should they win or still receive a recording contract). Sometime near the end of the season, original songs will be performed by the then-remaining finalists. It is expected that the winner’s coronation single will be a song that she had a hand in writing. Unlike ever before, the winner’s debut album will be released soon after the finale, rather than many months later, to better capitalize on the potential of the television exposure and winning momentum. The winner will support their album by performing their own songs on the summer tour.

In short–it’s a great idea! Wish the producers had introduced the idea earlier. Hopefully the songs the finalists co-write truly reveal the type of artists they’ll be once they are unleashed in the real world. And that the producers allow the contestants, like Kree and Candice, who have strong identities, be themselves.

Via The Idol Pad

So who are some of the songwriters being brought in? Country songwriter Monty Powell’s involvement was confirmed by the linked post. Candice Glover tweeted in mid March about working with Chantal Kreviazuk, who cowrote Kelly Clarkson’s hit “Walk Away” and David Cook’s fan favorite “Permanent” (thanks @nsideguy25 for the link!).

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  • LeahKittyS

    I guess that puts an end to the rumor speculation. Mystery solved!

  • BigNLiddle

    guess fox is super worried this idol winner wont do as well?

  • blackberryharvest

    I like this idea. And its not like it will be that rushed because they have been working on their albums during the show.

  • Chris

    Not sure if this good or bad idea? Good but if its rushed… This will help Angie win though IMO

  • Chris

    Yeah *if. Never mind on if

  • Cory Patrick

    A rushed 10 track over produced album that the artist will end up hating. No thanks.

  • Jason Gorny

    This could be a good thing but maybe a bad thing. The winner’s album is usually released for the holiday season where they can sell more units. I like that the coronation’s song will be co-written by the winner. That makes it even cooler!

  • blackberryharvest

    They have been working on the albums since the live shows have started. Think of it this way, they will have had over two months to work with writers. Its no different from when they start working on their albums on the tour and release it a few months later.

  • windmills

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it wound up being an EP released soon after the season ends, maybe 3 originals and 2 or 3 covers, and then a full album for the winner & any other strong sellers in time for holiday shopping. It’s a good idea IMO.

    Kree already has a bunch of good originals up her sleeve and Angela already has at least one. Excited to know what kind of songwriters Candice, Amber, and Janelle might be!

  • Cory Patrick

    How much input, time and effort could they really put in an album while preparing weekly songs to sing on the show?

  • Chris

    Candice has Chantal kreuizk (I can’t spell it). She spoiled that part on twitter almost a month ago. Chantal worked with a bunch of pop-rockers but her material (her own) is more soulful type.

  • perfectstorm

    Not everyone is a song writer.

  • Chris

    They have a team already with them. However it will look better for angie and kree IMO!

  • LeahKittyS

    Or maybe they’re planning on ending the show and don’t want to wait until fall or Christmas to release the album because people won’t be interested if they know Idol is dead.

  • Eilonwy

    Good for cowritten coronation single! Good for original songs performed on the show and during the summer tour!

    Having the entire debut album done before the summer tour starts… well, that’s definitely a “let’s see how it turns out” situation. I hope this means UMG labels will be open to including songs written before the show, too, rather than that the debut will be loaded with covers from the show.

    This leaves me with a LOT of questions about how the debut album feeds into a potentially sustainable career, but I’m willing to hope for good answers.

  • Sassycatz

    I wish they had done this earlier, when we had more actual songwriters in the top 5.

  • girlygirl

    It’s an interesting idea. Since they’ve already been writing and recording stuff, the winner’s album wouldn’t necessarily be rushed. Do Candice and Amber write, though? I know Kree and Angie do, and I think Janelle does.

    Performing the songs on tour won’t do much in terms of expanding their potential audience, since 99% of the people who go see the Idol tour are fans of the show. As always, They will need to get radio play and promo outside the bubble to get non-Idol fans to become aware of their original music.

    At the very least, co-writing or writing the coronation song will put some extra $ in the winner’s pocket, since coronation songs generally sell a couple of hundred thousand downloads no matter how bad they might be :)

  • Tinawina

    I kind of like the idea but only if its an EP as opposed to an album, and if the people who can’t write have the option of just choosing a song.

  • blackberryharvest

    The thing I am wondering though-won’t most of the talk shows be on hiatus during the summer? That is where the contestants usually do their promotion. I know Ellen takes a break during the summer, but I believe Good Morning America is still on. What other shows are still on during the summer months?

  • Jason Gorny

    I would love for Ryan Tedder to work with the Top 5 especially Angie since he co-wrote Halo with Beyonce. This guy knows how to make money selling songs! lol

  • Jason Gorny

    Today show? Also whoever the winner is can also go on SYTYCD as well.

  • elliegrll

    They really don’t need the talk shows, since the people who they are counting on buying the albums are idol fans.

    The downside to this is that more than ever it’s about making a quick buck, and not helping any of the artists establish a stable career. I think most in the industry will see anything that these ladies release as something that shouldn’t be taken seriously. Not that that’s too far off from how most people treat anything that an idol alum releases.

  • tripp_ncwy

    The winner will get almost two weeks of constant promo after the finale which would boost sales plus the last couple of years the winner has also done a heavy radio promo tour during the idol live tour. So it’s cashing in on that viability to push sales.

  • LA944

    I wonder what the financial and legal arrangement will be for these co-written songs? If the contestants have songs written prior to idol-would those songs be included? If the songs are included–would the contestants give up the rights to the song? Just wondering how this will work.

    I can’t imagine the contestants having much time to work on the album with everything else going on. I guess the ones who get voted off earlier have more time to write songs and possibly have a better album should they be signed.

    I like the idea on paper–but not sure how it will work out. I understand that they still want the buzz from the show happening so the winner will sell cds. No Olympics this year-ha! But, with the time constraints–I have doubts about the quality of the album. And will this album really be the kind of album the contestant would want to do-with so little time. I don’t know

  • LA944

    That’s true. There are many great singers who haven’t written songs. Nowadays there are so many writers on songs that I think singers get credit even if they suggested a line or two.

  • jpfan2

    I like the idea of the albums being available more quickly but they’ll be huge rush jobs. I don’t get the time line. What will they do with the albums begun by the girls that don’t make the finals? This groups except for Angie doesn’t seem like the kind that’ll come up with amazing original songs.
    Oh well, at least the winner will sell 30-50K albums. That’s what the contestants usually sell for the EPs they put out right after the season is done.

  • windmills

    elliegrll: I think most in the industry will see anything that these ladies
    release as something that shouldn’t be taken seriously. Not that that’s
    too far off from how most people treat anything that an idol alum

    This is where Kree is in a good position. She already has originals written with some well respected Nashville songwriters. ‘You Would Have Wanted It That Way’ is cowritten with her brother in law Trey Bruce (who cowrote I Ain’t In Checotah Anymore with Carrie for her debut album and has a good sized list of big name cuts) and Natalie Hemby, who has a lot of momentum right now and has cowritten chart topping singles with or for Miranda Lambert (White Liar), Little Big Town (Pontoon), and Lady Antebellum (Downtown, which is currently #1 country).

    It’ll come down to the songs themselves too but Monty Powell is also a very well regarded songwriter for his work with Keith. I’m hoping that with Ole involved Kree and Janelle got to work with Charlie Worsham (who’s signed to Ole), who’s an up& coming Warner Nashville act but a really good country writer with a really fresh sounding single out right now called Could It Be. I know he’s tweeted a great comment about Kree (here) but that could be from knowing her before the show.

    Jesse Lee just signed a deal with Ole. She cowrote Like My Mother Does which has been sung by 2 Idols (Kristy Lee Cook and Lauren Alaina). I wonder if she’s been brought in to work with Janelle and Kree, she’d be a good fit for Janelle especially IMO (not necessarily based on LMMD).

  • jpfan2

    I think they will put out EPs and not albums. The ones that do well with the EPs might get a full album later on.

  • perfectstorm

    Others like Angie could also have songs written. In fact, she’s the only one who has performed her own composition on the show. She could be in a good position herself. I personally think Kree needs to show a lot more personality. She plays it safe and her performances have become a snooze fest.

  • Wfish88

    Idk if I like this. IDOLS releasing in the fall is already a quick release & have been able to capitalize on strong christmas/black Friday sales. On other hand, Jimmy may sign more IDOLS knowing he can make a quicker buck.

  • Eilonwy

    Legal arrangements are probably the same as with any cowrite: the song’s registered with BMI or ASCAP, and songwriting royalties are allocated among the writers per whatever they agree to or some standard formula. Solo songs are similarly registered.

    What the label ends up owning is the master recordings when the songs are recorded, not the songs themselves.

    Financially, the Idol organization probably sticks as many fingers in the pie as it can, though likely via mechanical royalties (what the label gets paid when the recorded song is played or purchased). The label may have also saved itself some costs on both artist’s advance and production, giving it a lower breakeven point. Too much reliance on the Idol band, though, would not strike me as a good thing.

  • windmills

    I’m sure Angie does have other songs written & I’d already mentioned her being in a good position to have her original accepted in another comment in this thread :)

    Kree auditioned with the original that I mentioned (‘You Would’ve Wanted It That Way’) but that wasn’t shown.

  • Wfish88

    I hope they don’t do to Candice, what they do to Joshua. Joshua had much talent, but Interscope was afraid invest in a R&B contestant.

  • LeahKittyS

    Hence the original tag on The Idol Pad: “Why Didn’t They Do This Sooner?”

  • Jake W.

    I like this idea. On a unrelated note, you all should watch the situation unfolding in Texas right now on the news. A Truly horrific situation has hit a small town.

  • LeahKittyS

    Could you post a link to the story? Or are you afraid it will get removed for being irrelevant?

  • Jason Gorny

    what happened?

  • maymay

    I am glad it didn`t happen last season. Otherwise Home could not have been sung by Phillip.

    The song quality is the most important. I am not sure whether cowriting can create a great song.

  • Chris

    Might depend on what her and her songwriter came up with’

  • girlygirl

    I’m interpreting this as only the winner is guaranteed of getting any original songs/album released after the finale. The others may get to perform an original song on the show, but they have no guarantee of getting anything released after the finale.

  • Jake W. A whole town pretty much got leveled from a massive explosion.
    Just happened 2 hours ago.

  • Lori

    Ha! That describes most of the idol first albums anyway.

  • Emmuzka

    If the producers got to deside, the winners would publish their albums the next day after the show… It’s a great idea to use the opportunity better, but where the contestants find the time to record, let alone write during the contest? Wasn’t the time supposedly super hectic even without this new gig?

    In a worst case scenario, the contestants record something half-hearted quick, it’s thrown to iTunes and then that’s it. It will be used as test marketing. If the quickie-album doesn’t sell, the powers that be probably won’t have any interest on any serious artists development, even if the not-selling would be caused by poor song quality.

  • Lori

    Well there haven’t been a LOT of pre-idol originals on debut idol albums but it’s not unprecedented. P2, Kris, and Cook all had at least one original pre-idol song on their debut albums. Perhaps others did as well. I wasn’t really paying that much attention. ;)

    Unrelated thought… bragging rights. The idol releases that come during the late Nov timeframe see bigger debut sales weeks because of the early holiday shopping. I think it might be harder to get to gold, let alone platinum, with a summer release. And yes I know there are exceptions but we all know the late fall season is the best season for album sales.

  • Brian Goodner
  • Cory Patrick

    Well let’s hope they got Noah 40 Shebib to produce for Candice. She’s a huge Drake fan, and his productions that he has done for R&B singers like JoJo (Demonstrate) and Alicia Keys (Unthinkable) would sound crazy with Candice’s voice.

  • LeahKittyS

    I saw it on ABC News’ website; thanks anyway. 2 deadly explosions in one week? What is becoming of this world?!

  • Larc

    I agree! Good song writing is a highly specialized talent. It really doesn’t bear a lot of resemblance to being a good singer. Somebody good at one may totally suck at the other. I honestly think a big reason why a lot of current music is crap is that so much of it is being written by people who are no more qualified to do it than they are to perform brain surgery.

  • standtotheright

    The EP makes a lot of sense. If it comes with the option to convert to a full album in the fall, so much the better.

    My major concern at this point is the production. If Interscope has the finalists in studio with real producers, engineers, and musicians, great. If ithey’re assigned to second-string engineers and Ray Chew’s Tracks for Elevators, then the EPs are going to be a hard sell no matter how quickly and cheaply they arrive.

  • standtotheright

    Plenty of performers who are primarily vocalists/interpreters still go into writing sessions with professional writers to provide lyric inspiration, approval on chord progressions, etc. I know Claude Kelly said he’d worked with Fantasia Barrino that way.

  • blackberryharvest

    Lol whoever it is, I’m sure they won’t be incompetent enough to not know how to produce an album. I think Ray is good.

  • Jason Scott

    It’s so said. I just read that there are 6 dead, hundreds injured, and many more trapped in a nursing home. :(

  • blackberryharvest

    Too bad there are no Olympics this summer. I hope whoever the winner is this year can get just as good promotion as Phillip(besides Olympics of course lol).

  • blackberryharvest

    I am pretty excited about Kree’s Nashville prospects.

  • mjsbigblog


  • girlygirl

    What I’ve been told by some professional songwriters is, the general rule of thumb is, if you are in the room when a song is written, you get a credit. regardless of whether you actually contributed a lot or nothing at all to the song.

  • Niall

    This is an exciting development. I’ve long felt more contestants would be successful out of the gate if they had new material to sing and promote DURING the AI tour.

  • AlesheaDominique

    I would just like y’all to know that I chanted yes yes yes while reading this.

  • taylor

    When was that? This year, three out of the top five are songwriters.

  • Karen C

    This is a terrific idea, even if the contestant isn’t a songwriter, they can put their input into their song so they don’t get stuck with something that doesn’t fit them. I’ve been hoping they would do this, though I wish they had done this the past 5 years.

  • Omar Angel Dominguez

    OK I know they’re trying to take advantage of the momentum off the show, but a good album can’t be rushed like this. This just shows they’re trying to make a quick buck more than they’re trying to build their careers post-competition.

  • Amy Jones

    That is a great idea. I love it! It will be so nice to hear new material from these talented girls. I am very excited for this.

  • Axxxel

    For years, Idol alumns have been rushing through their first album: coming off the show in May, touring in July- August, album out in November- December…. all in the same year.

  • Karen C

    I also think it will help them with long term success if their first single represents them better as an artist.

  • Happyhexer

    “I agree! Good song writing is a highly specialized talent. It really
    doesn’t bear a lot of resemblance to being a good singer. Somebody good
    at one may totally suck at the other. I honestly think a big reason
    why a lot of current music is crap is that so much of it is being
    written by people who are no more qualified to do it than they are to
    perform brain surgery.”

    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ THIS!!!

  • supersonic

    It’s a shame what they did to Joshua.

  • supersonic

    Yeah, they all sound the same.

  • samuelgrant

    I would just like to let it be known that this is exactly what I guessed that secretive Idol Pad post was about ;)

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “Sometime near the end of the season, original songs will be performed by the then-remaining finalists.”

    I wonder if the original songs will be sung as each contestant is eliminated? Then, the final 2 will sing their original song as part of the final competition show.

  • L. R. M. L.

    Janelle has also been working on her writing. On Apr. 3rd she tweeted

    Janelle Arthur ?@JanelleAI12 8 Apr
    About to have some meetings with some more writers. Excited:)

  • Li Wright

    This co-writing songs part is very curious, bec like the OP states, not everybody can write songs. I wonder if this has something to do with their contract responsibilities. I read that the contestants have to share 1/2 of their earnings with 19E/R, so does that include royalties from songwriting?
    This is def a business/royalty move and not an artist development move.
    It could also be that there is pressure for AI to create a bona fide “star” ala Carrie, to continue to be viable.

  • Li Wright

    I don’t recall anyone but Angie (maybe Kree) stating she wrote her songs.

  • mmb

    I guess I am in the minority in that I could really care less whether the coronation single is co-written by the winner, or about a rushed out EP of songs co-written by the winner, runner up etc. I just want good, catchy songs, sung and produced well. Not everyone has to be a songwriter –there are professional songwriters whose job it is to write songs. I don’t completely hate the idea of a relatively quick release of EPs with new music on it rather than covers from the season. Although it does smack of trying to make a quick buck and then cutting lots of people loose without investing in a full album or giving them a chance for a career. In some respects it could create a situation where the competition in effect continues throughout the entire summer tour — with the Idols continuing to try to obtain a recording contract based upon the performance of their EPs and crowd response during the tour. I dunno. I’m just not all oooh and aaah and excited about this new development.

  • jpfan2

    I think it’s a way to cut costs and turn a quicker buck. It also means that by Xmas season the Idol albums will be off the radar so that’s a little short sighted of them. The Idol brand is def losing its luster.

  • Face

    interesting idea… not sure how it works for those competitors who aren’t really songwriters themselves… overall it could go either way… need to hear the results before judging…

  • MyDailyComment

    Wouldn’t some people buy it when it comes out and then other people buy it at christmas time.

  • MyDailyComment

    ” Ray Chew’s Tracks for Elevators” is a highly respected brand