American Idol 12 Spoilers – MORE Contestant Previews! (VIDEO)

Check out these American Idol audition previews from this week’s 4 hour premiere, airing Wednesday and Thursday. Auditions cites are New York and Chicago, respectively. A few of these kids were featured in the preview that played in movie theaters across the country last week.

I edited in my recap where applicable.

What do you think? Have you seen anybody you like yet?

Tenna Torres – 28 – Queens New York – “You’ve Got a Friend” – The singer has been listening to Mariah since she was 5 years old. She attended “camp Mariah” as a child–whatever THAT is. Mariah is so glad to have an alumni there. She gives her a big hug. The judges look blissful listening to her! She has a very pretty, soulful voice. “If we can have somebody like this come out of Idol 12, I would be personally very proud,” says Mariah. ”We’re all sitting in awe, says Nicki, talking over Mariah. Oops. Keith says her style has a lot of patience.” Tenna leaves the audition room and then bursts into tears.

James Bae – Long Island, NY – Age 15 (Auditioned in NYC – “One Last Lonely Girl” by Justin Bieber – He wants to be the next You Tube sensation like just like Justin. The young singer has an Asia accent and very little experience outside of the confines of his bedroom. He tries to bring a character to his performances. Oh dear. Unfortunately he’s more William Hung, than Psy. “I like you a lot James, do you have a girlfriend?” Negatory. James announces that he would like to do a “collide” some day with Nicki. uhm, I think he means COLLABORATION. Mariah suggests he DJs. Actually, not a bad idea. “The whole package isn’t quite there,” says Keith diplomatically. “I wanted to be a NASCAR driver, but it wasn’t quite there,” says Randy, pulling no punches. He’s the most forthright–telling the kid he sucks. “I WANTED TO BE A BUS DRIVER,” says Nicki. apropos of..well nothing. James looks sad. Nicki tells him that he’s special, just not for singing.

A Boy with a Guitar auditions with Jason Mraz “I’m Yours” – New York Auditions – A guitar is strapped across his back. So. You know.

Johnny Keyser? – Try a Little Tenderness – Chicago Auditions – Or someone who looks a lot like him.

Melissa – Downtown by Petula Clark – Chicago Auditions – The outfit, the hair, ths singing…YIKES.

Mike – We Will Rock You – New York City Auditions – He’s a little. uh aggressive. Keith says “you need to come out of your shell.” Ha.

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  • Wally.

    That is indeed Johnny Keyser

  • XoLuv2SingOx

    honestly, i’m not too impressed. tenna was pretty good, but none of these people, in my eyes, are the next american idol. 

  • Garrett Clayman

    the guy witht the prosthetic leg better only be making through for the story cause he sucked, and was not as impressed with johnny keyser as i was last season. idk none of these people were really worth showcasing, i hope they have some better talent in the reserves, or else its going to be a looooong spring

  • iluvai

    ha ha, I recognize the guy in the picture. AI is going to go after the cute guy angle. It’s about time, lloll…. :)

  • curly_yenta

    They all suck.

  • John S

    I thought the first girl was great. I have seen Johnny do better. Not the best he could have done.

  • John S

    I don’t think we can really base the season off of three random auditions out of the huge number of people who make it to Hollywood.

  • curly_yenta

    I don’t. She sounded out of tune and too forced and affected.

  • John S

    Difference of opinion but I thought she sounded great.

  • Anny_nanny

    A win-win option is to go out and happily inform the woman-judge something like “my mom/grandmom/great-grandmom loved to listen to you in her childhood.” Important to have a happy shining appearance.

  • Incipit

     I have seen Johnny do better. Not the best he could have done.

    Definitely not. Looks like he still thinks he’s so good he doesn’t have to actually, you know, sing a song…he can just kinda jam his way through it? 

    So, is that “Try a Little Tenderness” another song with the same title, or was that supposed to be some kinda take on the original? Cause it wasn’t very good, whatever it was. IMO.

  • Kesia Monteith

    I liked her, too, if her only fault being she used a bit too much melisma for my liking. I don’t think she’ll make it far though :/

  • durbesque

    Johnny better learn how to hold a guitar.  He’s gonna need it.

  • RockiDreams

    Camp Mariah is located at the Fresh Air Fund in Fishkill, NY.  Mariah is and has been a long time contributor.  Kids go there to camp, hike, etc. usually from the city.

  • teekee

    This group didn’t speak to me. Maybe someone in the next batch will.

  • Jake Williams

    all of them suck.

  • EmmaCT

    Sorry, totally shallow here. Love Johnny Keyser.

  • Maj

    We’re on the same page. And I actually didn’t care for him in the first place. I don’t get the hype, either musically or visually. But to each their own… ;)

  • Kariann Hart

    Allowing for a bit of nervousness, Teena was pretty good.  I think Johnny has a lot to offer.  We really need to hear more from these two.

  • Jake Williams

    Lol! You all should see this bizarre idol interview with Mariah Carey. She is making crazy body motions because she is being filmed on her left side. Mariah apparently only likes being filmed on her right side because she thinks that side of herself is prettier.!

  • ohreli

    Thats DEFINITELY Johnny Keyser.  Glad he may get a second chance.  I think he could be a great singer…..hopefully he learned something about reality TV impressions from his last experience.

  • Kariann Hart

    Tenna Torres is posting on Twitter and requesting folks to follow her.  Seems nice.

  • Leandro

    The asian-guy-that-can’t-sing-! Stereotypes rlz! lol

  • Leandro