American Idol 12 – New York City Auditions – Vote For Your Fav (POLL)

You watched the American Idol 12 premiere tonight. Now tell us WHO was your favorite New York City auditioner?


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  • Prime_Minister

    Stylish, but sweet.  Confident, but not cocky.  Pretty, but not intimidating…  I have high hopes for Angela Miller.  

  • Jake W.

    Angela is my pick. Didn’t like the rest. Terrible night of talent IMO.

  • Kariann Hart

    There wasn’t anyone who jumped out at you and said, “Hey, I’m special!”  There were several pretty good auditions.  I hope the contestants get better!

  • IvanG

    Am I the only one who thought Christina “Isabelle” was amazing?

  • LeahKittyS

    No, you’re not. I’m keeping tabs on her, Tenna Torres, and Angela Miller (who happens to be from my home state).

  • Latin2

    Gurpreet and Angela Miller so far. 

  • No Thanks

    “Deaf” girl will go far.  Girl next door and sob story.  Where is she from?

  • fantoo1

    Really like Angela. Christina “Isabelle” was good too.

  • Enough already!

    “Too many judges spoiled the panel”, or the Niki Minaj Show!  So far the girl contestants have it.   Have a feeling about the girl who went country and then rapped, along with a her background film.  Will touch base now and again until Hollywood Week and see if they found any males who can sing, and perhaps the perennial WGWG.  

  • MargieIdol

    6 girls shown & 3 guys ( assuming lots more not shown). Idol will definitely be pushing the girls again this. Not that it’s going to help. 

    I’m reading the comments on Lyndsey Parker’s blog about tonight. They are hugely anti-Nicki. Tomorrow’s tv ratings breakdown by half hour are going to be interesting. Lots of people saying they tuned out after the first 30 minute.s

  • LeahKittyS

    Angela is from Beverly, Massachusetts (my state, so I hope she goes far, plus I like her voice and she’s pretty).

  • No Thanks

     Ooops.  Not from the south.  Destined to loose.  Should go deep though.

  • tomr

    Really liked Ashlee.  Lots of potential.

  • Jordana33

    Sarah, Ashlee and Christina had the most promising performances, IMO. Gupreet was entertaining, but his voice was weak. 

  • CB40

    LOVED Christina “Isabelle” and AM ROOTING FOR Franky Ford. Those two just won me over with a) talent; and b) work ethic potential 

  • Miz

    Fell asleep and will have to watch it today before I can form any real opinion.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I liked Christina, Angela and Ashlee. All very good, but I want to see them sing a song that they haven’t practiced forever. lol

  • hillstreetblooz

     Not surprising, as Parker’s blog is part of the “OLD Guard” Idol demo that just ain’t going to be disposed to Minaj,  or imo any changes in Idol that may keep them from getting them WGWG IDOLS. No lol or haha because I mean what I said. I’m OGIdol, but I don’t see change or changes in the judges panel, a ala Minaj or Carey, as death knells for the show. The rating will be what they will be – they’ve been falling pretty consistently for a few years now, but Idol has to be credited for not just sitting on their asses and doing nothing to stop the drain… we shall see if their efforts will pay off, but then I’m not being unrealistic and expecting miracles or double digit upticks in ratings. I’ll leave that to the more delusional in the Idol demo – heh. Off to make the bucks, then back for round 2 of Idol.

  • elliegrll

    The rating will be what they will be – they’ve been falling pretty consistently for a few years now, but Idol has to be credited for not just sitting on their asses and doing nothing to stop the drain

    Unfortunately, they may have waited too long to make significant changes.  The three new judges have the potential to be great judges, but if viewers have the belief that female and minority contestants don’t stand a chance of winning, they aren’t going to bother watching the show.

    The same goes for people believing that only certain types of singers will be featured.  What’s the point of watching if every contestant looks and sounds like a carbon copy of a previous contestant.

  • hillstreetblooz

    MTE ELLIEGRLL… Idol got fat, dumb, happy and too complacent in failing to reach out sooner to other demographics and audiences to help stem the flow of viewers away from them… there’s bound to be erosion in viewers in a 12 year show, but Minaj and Carey are IMO being unfairly scapegoated for Idol’s self inflicted wounds over the last few years… it may be a too little, too late scenario, but at least they woke up and are trying to do something… Cosign your whole post – toodles till round 2 tonight.

  • Maj

    Angela is a whole different level…still I enjoyed the Superbass country girl the best. It literally woke me up.