American Idol 11 Top 9 – Songs from Their Own Idols – Plus Nicki Minaj and Scotty McCreery!

Press release from FOX! Next week, the Idols sing songs from their own Idols. Vague! But at least the theme will give them the opportunity to sing something current if they like.

UPDATE: Dizzyfeet tweets, “next week they’re singing their #IDOL’s songs. Beyonce, Mariah, Miranda, Lifehouse, Daughtry, Led Zeppelin. Now that should be interesting?”

Plus, Nicki Minaj will perform her latest tune “Starship” and Scotty McCreery will perform his new single, “Water Town Town”! I’m also hearing that Queen Kelly Clarkson will tape a performance next Thursday. WHOO HOO.

Erika Van Pelt was eliminated tonight on AMERICAN IDOL after she received the fewest votes among the finalists. On tonight’s results show, Lana Del Rey performed her smash hit “Video Games” and Season 10 alum Haley Reinhart returned to the IDOL stage to debut her new single, “Free.”

Next week, on Wednesday, March 28 (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed), the Top Nine – DeAndre Brackensick, Hollie Cavanagh, Colton Dixon, Heejun Han, Skylar Laine, Joshua Ledet, Phillip Phillips, Jessica Sanchez and Elise Testone – return to the IDOL stage to sings songs from their own Idols.

Tune in the following night, Thursday, March 29 (8:00-9:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) to the live results show to find out which of the Top Nine finalists is sent home. In addition, Nicki Minaj will take the stage and perform her megahit “Starships” and Season 10 IDOL winner and platinum-selling country artist Scotty McCreery will return to perform his newest single, “Water Tower Town.”

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  • Joseph Padilla

    Hmmm… Personal Idols. Last time they did this last year, it was pretty good. This should be a great opportunity for the Top 9 to (a) show America what kind of musical direction they’d like to go for or (b) show an unexpected side of themselves. This SHOULD be interesting.

  • windmills

    Promising theme but it all depends on the song list & the Idols’ ability to get songs not on the list cleared.

    platinum-selling country artist Scotty McCreery will return to perform his newest single, “Water Tower Town.”

    It’s official. Record labels hate me.

    Yay for Kelly performing! My 1st choice would be Dark Side, 2nd choice would be WDKY. I hope she doesn’t do the “country” MKIA because I already get emo enough over results shows.

  • Valentin432

    Theorically that gives the contestants a lot of possible choices.
    I do think most will take advantage and pick a current song after three weeks of having to sing older songs.

    So Water Tower Town is officially the new single? Poor Windmills.

  • S

    “Songs from their own Idols” might be very interesting. I wonder if they mean their favorite American Idol or just their musical Idol?

  • Anonymous

    So it sounds like WTT is Scotts next single was that good or not good cannot remember what his fans want. I like it well enough personally.

  • Anonymous

    Prediction:  Colton Dixon will sing “Everything” by Lifehouse.  He’s been talking about doing that since the very beginning.

    LOVE Scotty, but “Water Tower Town”?? UGGGGGHHH. There are so many better choices like “You Make That Look Good” and “Out of Summertime.”

  • N

    I dont think Kelly will pre-tape on Thursday. She has a show in Bakersfield and I have a M&G :D

  • S

    I am also excited that Scotty is coming back. I hope he premiers his new single.  I hope that it is not Water Tower Town, but You Make That Look Good. That song is more upbeat.

    Interesting that Kelly is going to appear on Idol and is also part of the Voice…lol

  • too-cool-for-school

    Haha, Nicki and Scotty. That’s a cohesive set of performances. ;)

    I’m okay with the theme. I hope it turns out well. These last two themes have been depressing. If this doesn’t cheer everyone up, I don’t know what can at this point.

  • N

    Im happy with Water Tower Town being the next single! I thought they were going to choose another sub par song since TTWG and ILYTB are the worst songs on his album.

  • Brittany Keener

    Didn’t Naima pick Rihanna for “Your Own Idol” night last year? This *could* be fun!

    $10 Colton sings either Daughtry or Coldplay (he’s do Paramore…but he already sang one of theirs)

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think Kelly will pre-tape on Thursday.

    Tickets say Kelly, so I think she will. Bakersfield isn’t all that far away from LA.

  • Anonymous

    Good theme, this will show everybody who each of them will be as an artist. Also excited for Scotty!!

    I’m in the minority, but I actually think WTT is a good choice for a single. It’s upbeat and relates to a lot of people. It’s also Scotty’s favorite from his album(one of them at least).

    I guess those rumors that Kelly wasn’t allowed to come back to idol were untrue then?

  • Anonymous

    I just hope this doesn’t point to The Middle for Lauren’s next single or we know who we have to blame.

  • S

    I am now really excited for next week.

    This will show what type of the music the contestants will do after Idol

  • S

    Probably Nicki will have to have her performance prerecorded. 

  • S

    Idol should do “songs from PREVIOUS American Idols” They have so many choices to pick from.

  • Anonymous

    I thought this was one of the best themes last year.  This is the week we got:

    Naima Adedapo – Umbrella
    Lauren Alaina – Any Man of Mine
    James Durbin – Maybe I’m Amazed
    Stefano Langone – Lately
    Scotty McCreery – The River
    Pia Toscano – All by Myself

  • Anonymous

    Oh oh…This could be really good or it could be a trap for the teens.

    Jessica will likely sing Beyonce…and will likely be called a copycat. (but she’ll be fierce for sure)

    Skylar will likely sing Maranda Lambert and be called a wannabe. (but channeling Maranda brings out her best)

    Hollie has the potential to surprise, but she will not want to miss out on a ballad from her idol Carrie Underwood. I really hope she sings something upbeat…she does them so well on YouTube.

    Josh will cover a female diva and kill it. (since that’s all he seems to cover pre-idol)

    Colton will cover Daughtry, David Cook, or Lifehouse (on the piano)

    Deandre could have his best performance with an R&B song. I really want him to do his SFYL performance from last year, Turn Your Lights Down Low…on the ukulele.

    ETA: If Elise sings Amy Winehouse, I will die and go to heaven.

  • S

    Maybe Deandre will do Willow Smith’s song “Whip My Hair”.


  • Anonymous

    I don’t believe that the theme is the problem with the outdated feel of the show, it the arrangements and accompanying band.
    If ALL contestants get to perform their real choice and are equally supported in doing so, with current arrangements, they it will be a good theme.
    If they get a list of 12 songs with half of them unsuitable for the contestants and a terrible band and arrangement, then this theme is going to be as bad as the previous ones.

  • Anonymous

    I think Jessica will do beyonce…probably an upbeat song..

    Skylar will do Miranda (maybe that hell on heels song)

    Hollie will do Adele maybe RITD

  • N

    Someone said that the tickets didnt give a specific date, just that shes performing next week. She has a day off on Wednesday so she can pre-tape that night.

  • windmills

    DB987: I just hope this doesn’t point to The Middle for Lauren’s next single or we know who we have to blame.

    If this happens then we’ll know I have Kristy Lee Cook-level ability to influence Idol single choices and no idea how to use these awesome powers responsibly. Kirsten’s going to have to include me in her list of Idol superstitions!

    Sorry, feeling punchy tonight :p So much going on!

    Nigel confirms:

    next week they’re singing their #IDOL’s songs. Beyonce, Mariah, Miranda, Lifehouse, Daughtry, Led Zeppelin. Now that should be interesting?

    I want Skylar to pick a Miranda album track not a single. But, I’m expecting Famous In A Small Town (which she’ll do really well IMO). But, I’m concerned about Skylar doing a total copy of the original.

    S: Maybe Deandre will do Willow Smith’s song “Whip My Hair”.

    I LOLd.

  • Valentin432

    Based on what I see listed as their musical influences on the AI site, I would like Colton to pick Over My Head (Cable Car), Deandre to pick Pretty Wings, Jessica and Hollie to find new idols very fast, Elise to pick something cool but not too unknown and Skylar to pick the right Miranda Lambert song. No idea what Heejun, P² or Joshua will sing.

  • Anonymous

    It’s Official…who do you think will sing songs from these artists:

    “@dizzyfeet: next week they’re singing their #IDOL’s songs. Beyonce, Mariah, Miranda, Lifehouse, Daughtry, Led Zeppelin. Now that should be interesting?”

  • Gadfly

    Of all the great songs on the album, Mecury Nashville managed to pick the 2 worst songs to be singles. I’m speechless. Scotty, can you please join another record label already?

  • Anonymous

    Will Hollie move off the ballads? I am wondering what happened to the Hollie of the Las Vegas round.

  • Valentin432

    Nigel Lythgoe ? @dizzyfeet
    RT @BradyTheBengal: one of these weeks they should sing #AmericanIdols’ songs! There are lots of good ones now [YES, GOOD IDEA!]

  • N

    If Hollie sings another ballad then she deserves to be Pia’d

  • Anonymous

    This is a chance for contestants to do what Naima did last year and pull out something current.

    Hope one of them (c’mon Jessica!) takes advantage of it. 

  • Anonymous

    Yay Scotty!  WTT has always been my fav from the album.  It hits very close to home for me, as it does for Scotty.  Small Southern towns where everybody asks “how’s your Mama ‘n Nem ? 

    Gotta love it!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Now THIS is a good theme. Just hope they have good idols!

    The title to this story made me want to see a Scotty McCreery/Nicki Minaj duet.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm. I wonder who’s doing Lifehouse, Daughtry, & Led Zeppelin. Colton likes both Lifehouse & Daughtry. So he should be doing one of them. I guess P2 might be doing the other choice. I would guess Elise will be doing Zeppelin. All the rest are obvious.

    Skylar – Miranda
    Jessica – Beyonce
    Hollie – Mariah

  • Anonymous

    I sure hope Hollie does NOT sing Mariah.  If she does, she can go home for all I care.  

    Lifehouse/Daughtry = Colton
    Led Zeppelin = Elise
    Miranda = Skylar
    Beyonce = Jessica 
    Mariah = Joshua?

  • IMHO

    WTT? Why, Scotty, why? :-(

  • too-cool-for-school

    I don’t think WTT is a bad choice. I can hear it being a hit on country radio. :)

  • Anonymous

    Scotty & his parents both said they want YMTLG as the next single. So his label thought WTT was a good choice.

    I think a couple of his uptempo songs on his album are better than WTT. There are country music people who reviewed the album that thought WTT was a hit & thought it was one of the best songs on the album. So let’s hope that these people are right.

  • too-cool-for-school


  • Anonymous

    Not my favorite but it is a good up tempo one…it gets a great audience reaction when he opens Brad’s tour with it so I’m hopeful it will appeal to a wider audience and do really well for him.

  • Anonymous

    Oh no, Hollie will sing Celine, Mariah or Christina, actually I don’t know her idol.

    ETA: oops I did not see Nigel’s tweet.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s the cleared songs of Mariah that Idol has this season:

    All In Your Mind
    Alone In Love
    Can’t Take That Away
    I Don’t Wanna Cry
    Just To Hold You Once Again
    Mine Again
    My AllObsessed
    Vision Of Love
    When You Believe

    So it is very likely Hollie or whomever chose Mariah will be singing a ballad.

  • Anonymous

    Taking a stab at it:

    Beyonce – Heejun (real pick – Jessica)
    Mariah – Phillip (Hollie)
    Miranda – Joshua (Skylar)
    Lifehouse – Jessica (Phillip)
    Daughtry – DeAndre (Colton)
    Led Zeppelin – Hollie (Elise… I’m remembering how awesome Haley was with that song and trying to transfer it to Elise with success in my ears)

  • Anonymous

    Really pleased he gets to perform on AI before the ACM voting ends.  Hope it will give him a boost there.

  • Chrissie H

    WTT as a  pick for Scotty´s  next single. …. I have to swallow that one. Not that I don´t like the song (I love the whole CAD), but I really would have prefered YMTLG and WMNOYH and I was quite certain they would choose one of them. O well, I´m happy to see others like WTT and can relate to it and it also got a great reception on tour – so, it´ll be doing good I think

  • Incipit

    Isn’t Nicki Minaj the person who gave that Weird Whatever performance on the Grammy’s – and she’s on the same night as the Country Winner from last year’s Idol? Seems like Odd scheduling –  not that I’m interested in either one.

    So Nigel telegraphed the artists’ songs for next week – ‘Beyonce, Mariah, Miranda, Lifehouse, Daughtry, Led Zeppelin.’ Gee, thanks, Nigel. Is there a surprise possible in that bunch?

    Probably not for many people. Heh. For me, they could all be surprising. The only catalog I would be familiar with there is Led Zeppelin’s. I don’t actually listen to any of the rest of them on purpose, in my free time.

  • BonnieDee

    Sighs and waits for Skylar to impersonate Miranda Lambert again.

  • Anonymous

     I guess Skylar the Hunter is gonna be doing Miranda’s Gunpowder & Lead

  • Erika Fernandez

    At least this theme could provide some entertainment and is more modern, but many will bash them for being copy cats.

  • Kylee

     There’s a lot of songs that aren’t on the list that can still be sung. I don’t see “Always Be My Baby” on the list, but David sang it. I also don’t see “One Sweet Day.”

  • Anonymous

    When I first heard the theme I was excited for some unexpected choices but upon further reflection they will just choose the same ancient songs. Get ready for a lot of diva balladeers and motown. Skylar will do Miranda Lambert and Colton might be the only other person to choose someone from this century.

    Oops, I see Nigel’s tweet now. I wasn’t that far off but it is skewing more modern so that’s good. I think Colton will do Lifehouse, I think he recently tweeted about them but then who does Daughtry? I honestly can’t see Phillip doing either Lifehouse or Daughtry. Maybe Heejun will, he’s just doing whatever at his point anyway.

  • Kylee

    I think there’s a lot of good uptempo Mariah songs that Hollie could do.

  • Anonymous

    I better hear Deandre do some Maxwell!!! I would not mind hearing another rendition of “This Woman’s Work”…

    I like this theme because it is one that sort of levels the playing field as much as possible. With most themes, there are clearly some contestants who are going to have an advantage, while others will clearly struggle (although the actual performance successes and failures do not exactly follow these expectations). However, with this theme, where the contestants will get to pick their idols and their genre of music, then the contestants are much more to blame if something goes wrong than with other themes. Each contestant will evaluated in relation to the choice of music that THEY want to do, so they can’t be like “oh, well I was out of my comfort zone this week,” which I think is often a legitimate claim. 

    I’m curious to see who they all pick! I think I can predict the idols for a lot of the contestants…

  • Kevin Lee

    sausage fest in 5.. 4.. 3.. 2……

  • Kylee

    Beyonce, Daughtry, Lifehouse, and Miranda are all contemporary. Even Mariah has had some hits from this century.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah I saw Nigel’s tweet now. Hollie definitely isn’t picking one of Mariah’s songs from this century though lol.

  • Dylan

     its just their musical idols they did this theme last year in the top 13

  • Incipit

    “but then who does Daughtry?”

    Well, Colton does – Last year he did “What About Now” before he was eliminated. Anyway. here’s an Open Theme – interesting to see what happens next. What’s the deciding factor – the age of the song, the quality of the song, or the skills of the talent singing it?

  • Anonymous

    my suggestions:

    jessica – beyonce – love on tophollie – christina aguilera – ain’t no other man
    colton – the fray – over my head
    deandre – maxwell – pretty wings
    elise – jewel – foolish games
    heejun – bobby caldwell – what you don’t do for love

    no clue for phillip, joshua, or skylar

  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to Jessica and Hollie’s take on Beyonce and Mariah . the others Nigel listed not so much. 

  • aaa sss

    Water tower town???? lol what kind of song is songwriters such a weirdo. what after cow going to school??

  • Chris

    “Water tower town???? lol what kind of song is that”

    Definitely unusual to sing about a Water Tower but Toby Keith made a boat load of money selling a song about a Red Solo Cup.

  • Qar

    Jessica should sing this..

  • Chris

    Oh windmills, don’t take it so bad.  At least its mid tempo and not another ballad.

    My guess listening to the choices is the label wants to push him more toward traditional country, maybe pick up some new fans and try to move him away a bit from the image of teenage girls screaming Scotty. We all know what happens to teen idols.  That, and WTT may have wider appeal to men, women, staunch conservatives, etc..  Absolutely nothing controversial in the lyrics.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think WTT is a bad choice. I can hear it being a hit on country radio. :)

    I’m with you on this! I live in a water tower town so i’ve always loved the song! It’s not what most of us were expecting or hoping for, but it has been Scotty’s opening song on his Tour and it has gotten a great reception! I also agree that it has great potential to be a hit on Country Radio! 

  • Anonymous

    I would not have picked WTT as a single either. I doubt this was Scotty’s decision though because I remember him and his parents saying that they want YMTLG. 


  • Kirsten


    If this happens then we’ll know I have Kristy Lee Cook-level ability
    to influence Idol single choices and no idea how to use these awesome
    powers responsibly.

    So, I have you to blame for this idiotic choice, do I? And to think, you and I were debating as to whether WITC or YMTLG would be a better choice for his next single. I would gladly have taken WITC over WTT. WTT goes absolutely nowhere (it just is – no build, no hook, blah – it is a song few will remember 12 minutes after they heard it) and will have absolutely no appeal to anybody outside of a narrow market. It’s remarkable how most critics agreed that this was a backloaded album, but Mercury INSISTS on further hobbling the album by choosing singles from the first half of it. Sigh. I didn’t think anybody could de-rail the Scotty train, but Mercury seems to have come up with a method.

    Nikki, huh? First Lana and now Nikki? Has Idol become the new venue that artists come on to recover from devastatingly bad performances that everybody is talking about?

  • Anonymous

    i hope Jessica does Love on Top by Beyonce….her cover of that was really good

    Elise should sing Im No Good by Amy Winehouse

    Skylar should sing Cowboy Cassanova by Carrie Underwood

    Hollie should sing Stronger by Kelly Clarkson

    Deandre should sing It will Rain by Bruno Mars or some Usher song

    Colton should sing Not Over You by Gavin Degraw

    I have no idea about the rest

  • Anonymous

    absolutely no appeal to anybody outside of a narrow market

    Oh I don’t know – a video with some football clips thrown in, guys cheering and high fiving each other in the stands, trucks…could get him a whole batch of new fans and be as big as “Red Solo Cup”…and he really performs the crap right out of it!

  • Anonymous

    I nailed the theme suggestion, ha!

  • Mateja Praznik

    WWT is Scotty’s new single? Wow, labels surely know how to pick “good” singles for Idols. 

  • Chris

    Has she sung the Middle live yet?  I know she has added I’m not One of Them to a few of the small shows – I take that as a sign they are testing it out.

    I see the Middle as a choice for graduation parties and prom, (every year, there is a song like Vitamin C’s Graduation) but given they stretch these songs out for 6 months, no.

  • Anonymous

    I could see Beyonce or Mariah being Joshua’s pick as well. I think I’d actually rather see him do Love on Top than Jessica, I would rather she do something less expected.

  • Anonymous

    It’s the Idol’s own Idols.  It doesn’t say anything about current music.
    We may still be hearing some oldies.

  • Axxxel

    Heejun might sing “Home” from Daughtry..naah joking.

  • Sassycatz

    Nikki, huh? First Lana and now Nikki? Has Idol become the new venue that
    artists come on to recover from devastatingly bad performances that
    everybody is talking about?

    That would suggest that LDR recovered with her idol performance. ;-)

  • Axxxel

    Continued stabbing… Heejun singing “Single Ladies” (Beyonce), with Justin Timberlake’s parody in mind.  

    Then again… in  a perfect world where there is no problem with clearance… why not Mariah Carey “One sweet day” … or Bangles ” Eternal flame”…

    I want to see some vulnerable Heejun.. Don’t want him hiding all the time behind the comical mask…

  • Anonymous

    On Scotty’s hometown radio facebook page there was a question,”what should Scotty’s next single be?”.The most chosen was WTT. (Many chose____ or WTT). Apparenly many fans are happy about it! It also is very identifiable to Scotty, since he opens every concert with that song. I think it sounds like a radio hit! The lablels are a little smarter than us I think.

  • Anonymous

    Well, there’s nothing wrong with WTT, but with a couple of good summer songs on his CD, why they’re pushing a song talking about football on his next single is beyond me.  I’ve been disappointed with the song choices made for Scotty when they were made.   Maybe them stalling him out is a good thing–he’ll build slowly and last longer.  I love OOS and think the most fun song on his album is WMNOYH.  With all of his touring, maybe performing them at concerts is enough. JMO  I was happy with YMTLG.  They’ll likely put out a single this fall talking about summer fun.  He seems to do alright regardless.

  • Anonymous

    With this theme, nobody can complain that they were unfamiliar with their song choice or that it’s not their kind of music, but I wonder whether we will see anything new from any of the contestants?

    Last year this theme threw up some surprises (Umbrella, Maybe I’m Amazed) but it also gave us some archetypal performances (Any Man of Mine, The River). Because it was so early in the season, we just didn’t know then that certain people would go on to sing almost exactly the same thing every week…..

    Some of this year’s contestants seem to have no idea of strategy over the long haul, and I fear that in their eagerness to sing something they love (or have done many times before prior to Idol) we will get some predictable snoozers. Nigel’s twitter list hardly fills me with anticipation.

  • Lexie

     Some of y’all are making me feel better about WTT as Scotty’s single–and I needed it.  As with so many on here, I just really want my fave Idol to do well and I’m not sure…  Maybe it’s because I like YMTLG and WMNOYH (maybe they didn’t like these long titles?) so much, but I’ll still be there and supporting…

    By the way, Scotty and Nikki Minaj on the same show?  What in the world?

  • hcpoirot

    I am hoping with this theme, they also get a  long list of song selection. If we see jessica covering Diana Ross song and Philips2 covering Lionel Richie song, we all know they again got  a very short list song choices.

    I bet Colton will probably sing Cold Play song.

  • Anonymous

    Actually hoping that Heejun’s idol is Ricky Martin and he performs “She Bangs”.

  • Tess

    I don’t think I’ll second guess Scotty and the label for their choices concerning his single.  The Kid has garnered two gold records and made top 20 in radio play with his first singles…and this is on top of selling a million albums.  I’m in agreement that TPTB do not want to succumb to the “Scotty as a teen heartthrob” and instead want to make sure he is placed as more of a throwback traditional country singer (like his Idol, George…who has another #1, I believe).  

    Country music already is besieged with up and coming country/pop or country/rock singers…Scotty will stand out more in his field as someone carrying on the tradition and I think Water Tower Town helps him show that he has sensibilities in that direction.

  • Cathy Mcguire Kosak

    check out this youtube video of Scotty singing WTT live at SeaWorld…it’s awesome……

  • SaSa8

    Scotty’s new single WTT is a great song! It’s upbeat and fast and easy to sing along with.  I think it is a great choice even if it is not what folks were expecting.  It is one of his favorites and so he always performs it great!  I can’t wait to see him back on Idol and really excited to see him on the ACM award show. 

  • raya

    I’m fine with this in that at least should give the Idols a chance to sing in their chosen genre, so nobody should have an advantage from that standpoint.  Obviously if they get whatever cleared that they want cleared.

    Unfortunately, I think most of their idols are pretty clear so I don’t know that we are going to get a whole lot of unexpected song choices.  Also Hollie at least needs to try something that isn’t a ballad and this is probably her best week to do that.  Especially since I totally expect Jessica to whip out some Beyonce.

    I don’t know what will clear, but if we’re going actual influences I’d expect Deandre to whip out some Maxwell or Eric Benet, though I’m not familiar enough with their songs to have any idea as to what.  Since somebody mentioned it, I do like his Turn the Lights Down Low cover with the uke, but I don’t know if that would be considered too low key a performance at this stage.

  • chearts77

    Wow.  So Windmills, do you feel ignored?  LOL!!  Every song you said to skip as a single for Scotty turned out to be his singles.  I don’t hate WTT…but do think there are better songs.  YMTLG was my pick for next single.  Perhaps the label is going back to earlier days when they released singles in the order the appear on the CD.  ha ha!!  

    Looking at that list of “idols” Nigel tweeted, I can see Jessica – Beyonce; Skylar – Miranda; Hollie – Mariah; I actually think Colton will probably do the Lifehouse song.  I don’t think he’ll do Daughtry.  He’s done Daughtry before in HW.  I’m thinking maybe Phillip might do a Daughtry song.

  • larc

    It’s probably useless effort, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Idol has made a huge mistake and WTT isn’t Scotty’s next single and the song he will be singing on the show next Thursday night.  With at least 2 great summer songs on the album, MercNash’s logic in choosing WTT would escape me entirely.

  • Tess

    Since the Idols have indicated their favs on their Idol profiles maybe Nigel is just spouting off some of these and not really indicating who the artists are that will be covered.  I can’t find any Hollie covers of Mariah on you-tube though I see a lot of Carrie, Adele, and Christina.

    Now I wonder what Joshua will sing since his musical influence is his mother.

  • PunkSkittle

    Great news!  I am really excited for next week.  Even though she has been great so far, I can’t wait to see Jessica lay down a jaw-dropping Beyonce performance and really bring it FIERCE when she gets to pick her own song.  Skylar should also benefit from this theme as nothing so far has really been suited to her.  Some of the others could be in trouble if they don’t put in a best-so-far performance.  I think Josh might have some difficulty living up to his stellar Top 11 performance as he was great on a popular song and people will be expecting big things.

  • Anonymous

    That’s why I said earlier that this doesn’t necessarily mean current music for next week.  I am hoping no Celine; but I got a feeling…. LOL

    Joshua is from the Bayou.  If he doesn’t have a great Idol, then shame, shame.  I’m rooting for ya, Joshua! 

  • iFoundIt

    I think whoever tries to pull off a Mariah Carey power ballad is in trouble.  My guess, Hollie.  But I can see Josh trying to that.  I’m sure Colton will do Daughtry.

  • Anonymous

    She has sung The Middle several times in smaller concerts.  She said it is the hardest one vocally for her to perfrom so I am not thinking she would want it to be her next single.  I have only heard it done once i think it was the first time live and I thought she did OK with it butshe hadn’t worked it all out yet.

  • Anonymous

    Skylar should stay away from Carrie thats not her voice match and lean towards Miranda or Dolly or Reba whose songs are better matches for her sound IMO.
    Like your other picks

  • Anonymous

    Oh, I like this theme! Jessica singing Beyonce should be GREAT. Who’s gonna sing Led Zeppelin? Elise? PP? Must be Elise since I’ve hear she’s a fan, awesome!I’m also excited to hear Skylar doing some Miranda, can’t wait!

  • Anonymous

    I’m wondering if these are some of the reasons the label picked WTT for Scotty.

    1. It’s uptempo.
    2. The label didn’t want his next single to be about girls again. They didn’t want him to be singing the same subjects in a song when his last hit single, TTWG was about girls. The label doesn’t want him to be thought of a singer that only sings about girls. This would mean the 3rd single couldn’t be WMNOYH or YMTLG. Country artists do this a lot. They might have a song about drinking, but then have a song about love or women & then go back to their next single about drinking. They don’t want 2 songs back-to-back about the same subject.
    3. It talks about small town life which people love in country music. Country fans can relate to the song. Maybe they’re hoping for a big hit like Justin Moore’s #1 Small Town USA. I could definitely see more men loving this song than TTWG.
    4. The label wants him to expand his fanbase. ILYTB was really the coronation song. TTWG appealed to his fans that think he is a “cute” & see him as a heartthrob. I could see the label wanting him to gain more fans by not having another single about girls (WMNOYH or YMTLG).

  • J04SuperMaN

    Will be interesting to see Elise sing Led Zeppelin.  So excited! I bet she nails it again this week!  I could see her at the piano doing something totally unique with one of her all-time favorite songs.

    I agree, whoever attempts Mariah could be in trouble… I’m guessing that will be Hollie.  If she must go with Mariah, she needs to stay away from “Hero” and try something more uptempo, like Heartbreaker or Always Be My Baby or something. IDK. Mariah is nearly impossible.

    If Jessica sings Beyonce, she will own the stage, as usual.

    Skylar will do another copycat Miranda performance.  But that is her wheelhouse and I see her doing a good job this week. I like her a lot but she just hasn’t blown me away lately.

    I honestly don’t care what any of the guys sing at this point other than Joshua… I’m hoping for a Mantasia moment!

  • iFoundIt

    Of the girls, Elise actually has the best range and musicality. I would love to see her as the last girl standing; definitely over Hollie and Skylar. But there seems to be such an over zealousness to keep the girls (at whatever costs) that I can see it backfiring.  Hollie actually gave one of the worst performances last week – yet another over the top ballad – after she promised not to.  She should have been in the Bottom 3 based on that performance.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “Yay for Kelly performing! My 1st choice would be Dark Side, 2nd choice
    would be WDKY. I hope she doesn’t do the “country” MKIA because I
    already get emo enough over results shows.”

    SO cool that Kelly will be performing on Idol!  I’ll bet that she sings WDKY and gets a nice sales bump.  So Kelly performed on the U.S. X-Factor and is mentoring on “The Voice”, but it appears that there’s no hard feelings as far as Idol goes.  Nice!

  • Anonymous

    Water Tower Town?!?!?!?!?!?!
    Whatever happened to YMTLG or WITC or WMNOYH or……
    Anyways, Scotty sings WTT really really well so WTT it is!

    eta:  So looking forward to see him perform next week and of course Ryan will proudly be presenting him as a platinum selling idol. LOL.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Is Idol going to finally crack open their wallet to spring for clearing some new songs?  I hope so.  Unless they do, then this “theme” will won’t be very meaningful or genuine.  IMO, they should get requests from each contestants, say 3 songs that they would like to sing, then get at least one of them cleared.  Otherwise, the contestants will be selecting songs from a very limited list.

  • CanadianLady

    I don’t have a problem with Scotty doing WWT, although personally I’d maybe have preferred DD or BOTG. I think WWT puts him firmly where he wants to be – in traditional country, not country rock or country pop. It’s sort of like many George Straight songs – simple and yet with profound meaning behind the images.

    I totally agree he doesn’t want to be seen as only singing about girls. And he isn’t going to the drinking thing. So why not something many people will relate to that has great values (his values) firmly planted in it? “A friend’s a friend, your word’s your word….” Sure it’s idealistic, but there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s too much pessimism these days. :)

    ETA: I can also see it possibly becoming a sort of signature song for him at his concerts. A reminder of where he’s from and what’s important to him.

  • Tess

    So Jessica can be a carbon copy of Whitney or Beyonce and she gets credited with making the best choices while Skylar and Hollie get lambasted for singing songs from singers that are their influences.  Weird.

  • Anonymous

    I actually don’t think Skylar will be criticized because she has had a couple of off-weeks. I could see Randy saying “Skylar is back” because she sang a Miranda song.

    Hollie I think could get criticized by the judges. She’s singing another ballad. Unless she’s singing a Mariah uptempo song then judges will say she needs to switch it up or she will be eliminated like Pia. Plus she’s singing an artist that people think shouldn’t usually be covered because girls usually fail in comparison.

  • raya

    I don’t think Skylar will be lambasted and I think Hollie will only be lambasted if she goes for another big ballad.  Say what you want about Jessica, but some of the complaints I’ve seen so far is that she is too much of a pageant bot and I would think some Beyonce would likely get people to see her in a different way.  She hasn’t done that on the show yet.  Besides, while I like Hollie a whole lot, I do have to give Jessica some credit for at least trying to change it up, even if she’s not always wholly successful.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, I’d really like to hear her sing a country version of Mr. Know-It-All. 

    The version that’s out (as a lot of people have pointed out) is just her pop version vocal over a country-sounding backing track.

  • windmills

    chearts77: Wow.  So Windmills, do you feel ignored?  LOL!! 

    I don’t feel ignored, I feel conspired against ;) 

    ptebwwong: All the things you listed were probably contributing factors but I think it came down to something more simple and it’s what that one poster at Pulse said: something happened at CRS where the label consulted with radio about the next single and the people they talked to preferred WTT over YMTLG. That doesn’t guarantee anything for WTT but it’d be a reason for the label to switch.

    I didn’t say so at the time but the vibe I’ve gotten is YMTLG got a relatively tepid reaction at CRS at the luncheon. Not negative but not enthusiastic. I’m not sure why. I didn’t expect it to bowl people over but I did expect to hear people thinking it was a hit and I didn’t get that from their reactions. So, I lean to thinking the label was ready to go with YMTLG but changed its mind based on feedback. 

    CanadianLady: WWT puts him firmly where he wants to be – in traditional country, not country rock or country pop

    WTT is very standard contemporary country/rock production, right out of the opening chords. It’s not traditionally produced, at all. The only song on CAD that comes close to sounding traditional is WMNOYH. 

    WTT has always rubbed me the wrong way because it’s specific in a very stereotypical, generic way. And, it’s really hard to believe in the rah-rah stereotypical small town songs after you’ve heard songs like Homeboy by Eric Church and Famous In A Small Town by Miranda Lambert that show small town life is way more complex. But, I don’t think it’ll break Scotty’s string of t20 hits so there’s that. 

    Back to s11, I agree this could be somewhat of a trap week if the finalists pick similar artists. If Elise is singing Zeppelin that could be the best song choice of the night because she’ll be able to honor and differentiate. But, is it possible P2 would try Zeppelin? I’m not as worried about contemporary songs as I am about hearing songs that sound fresh.

  • Anonymous

    Elise is the most interesting singer.  Hollie does not seem to quite know what to do with her voice yet and Jessica knows, but does not seem to feel the music.  But Elise will be long gone while a big belter and Colton or PeePee are still frolicking around the stage (not that I don’t think they are good, I do).  When elise leaves, the show will become substantially more boring.

  • Anonymous

    Totally agree with you on this. 
    WTT is a very simple song that sends a good message about values.

    Just to add….”workin’ hard and livin’ right is the only life we know””nobody eats till you say Amen””pick up trucks,they’re not made for looks but made for work”and of course the fun” friday night football is king”

  • Pam

    Yay Scotty appearance but BOOO to WTT!  I was afraid that was his next single with some of the info that had been posted here by mj and a few others for the past couple of days.   I’m glad the label is going uptempo but with the song’s message and talking about pandering to a specific part of an artist’s audience, I can’t see that song helping him pick up new fans in order to sell albums.  I hope I’m wrong and pleasantly surprised.  I really wish it had been WMNOYH or YMTLG.  I would have even been fine with WITC.  Oh well.  It’s not about me is it and no the world doesn’t revolve around me either (tm windmills).  ;)

    ETA: As far as next week’s theme goes, yep that is very vague. It will be interesting to see what these kids come up with.

  • hcpoirot

    Jessica or Hollie will pick Mariah song.

    But based on her choices of songs lately, Hollie probably will pick Mariah song. And will be out very soon.

  • Kariann Hart

    Yes, I do remember Naima’s performance last year – she was awesome!  I’d love to see some surprises.  Hollie definitely needs an uptempo song.  I want to see her happy and moving around the stage.

  • Anonymous

    Looking back on the video from the luncheon, I agree that YMTLG received a tepid response much more than I would have thought. 

    Question: If YMTLG was originally the next single & it was changed, did the label ask about the other uptempo songs from the album besides WTT? I’m wondering why they didn’t think WMNOYH or WITC should be released as the next single. Did they not ask or was WTT originally supposed to be the 4th single so they just moved it up?

  • Anonymous

    Jessica really needs to stay away from Beyonce unless she plans a career as a Beyonce imitator. She needs to do something she can change up without comparisons.

  • Christina

    i dont know if he’ll sing that song..maybe..but he needs something upbeat this week 

  • CanadianLady

    > WTT is very standard contemporary country/rock production, right out of
    the opening chords. It’s not traditionally produced, at all. The only
    song on CAD that comes close to sounding traditional is WMNOYH.

    Yeah, I was thinking more of the message than the production. Actually, I love country rock so long as it’s more country than rock. :)

  • Pam

    I think that tweet from Nigel has given us some good spoilers to at least match the artist with some of the contestants.

  • Tess

    ISDHA…(I sure do hate acronyms).  Maybe it is easier to type but I sure liked the old days when everything didn’t get taken down as a bunch of initials.  Besides, my mind is so full of stuff that it has a hard time trying to recall what the initials stand for, oh well and HAND.

  • Ann Freeman

     I would love for DeAndre to perform “Pretty Wings” –  perfect song for him.

  • Pam

    Elise-Led Zeppelin

    Just guesses on my part ;)

  • Tinawina

    Yay! A theme that allows for modern song choices, and a tweet from Nigel that confirms some of them will be just that! I am pleased.

    I am excited for Elise. I think she can pick songs very well when she’s not out of her comfort zone. And the more she’s into the song, the better she is on stage. I think she got into early trouble by pulling a Carly Smithson so another week on the road to getting her swagger back will do wonders. And pull out an instrument girl!

    I am begging Hollie to do something fun and contemporary, because she’d be so good at it. I hope she’s the one doing Beyonce or if she’s Mariah I hope its upbeat.

    Jessica pretty much is Beyonce though so I suspect it is her. I too adore her Love On Top cover. Really she can sing the snot out of any Bey song but it won’t do anything to win over the people convinced she’s a copycat robot. But I bet it would be a crowd pleaser. Please go uptempo Jessica and redeem yourself from Turn The Beat Around LOL.

    I bet Colon does Lifehouse. That’s just so him.

    Sklyar and Miranda makes sense. I think Jimmy was dead on… she’s starting to stall and even slide backwards in the competition, she needs to knock it out the park right now. This is a good time for her to get back in her wheelhouse.

    I don’t know what P2 is doing.. I bet either he or Elise is covering Led Zeplin… but  it will be interesting to see if he takes any feedback this week. Somehow I can’t see him doing Daughtry unless its Home.

    Deandre needs to get back on track too, but can he pick a good song?

    I have no idea what Joshua will do. If he covers a gospel singer I won’t be shocked.

    Oh, Heejun. Make it good honey, since you are probably going home.

  • Anonymous

    Tinawina: Deandre needs to get back on track too, but can he pick a good song?

    On Idol’s website, he says his musical influences are Patti LaBelle, Maxwell, & Eric Benet. All these artists had a couple of songs each on this season’s list that have already been cleared. I could see him doing well with Maxwell or Eric Benet. But I think he might be in the B3 no matter how well he does unless he’s in the pimp spot which I don’t think will happen.

    Tinawina: Oh, Heejun. Make it good honey, since you are probably going home.

    I hope Heejun is going home next week. He’s by far the weakest singer left. Right now it’s between him or DeAndre. But I could see DeAndre going out first. Or it’s very possible we have a shock boot next week like Joshua & the judges need to use a save.

    Heejun’s musical influences are listed as Michael McDonald, Bobby Caldwell, & James Ingram. Michael & James’ songs have been cleared & have been done in previous seasons. He’s probably going to be in the B3 no matter what he sings. I’m just unsure he will be eliminated next week.

  • Anonymous

    Colton will finally get to do Lifehouse!

  • Anonymous

    Would love to see Heejun bopping around the stage to the Gaga/Lambert “Fever.”  Priceless.

  • raya

    Based on a tweet this morning, I suspect Deandre is going back to falsetto.  But to me that also kind of makes sense, especially if he’s going to be doing songs more in his genre.  I think he actually has a very controlled falsetto when using it properly (see his Vegas Maxwell cover).  Besides everybody on his twitter feed is complaining because he hasn’t been using it anyway.  At least it sets him apart even if it’s not everyone’s cup of tea as opposed to letting him fade into the background.

    I really have no clue what Heejun would do.

  • Tinawina

    On Idol’s website, he says his musical influences are Patti LaBelle,
    Maxwell, & Eric Benet. All these artists had a couple of songs each
    on this season’s list that have already been cleared. I could see him
    doing well with Maxwell or Eric Benet.

    Maxwell or Eric Benet would be perfect! Especially Maxwell.

  • CanadianLady

    I just realized something. (And yes, I should be working, not thinking re this.) My overall favourite performance from Idol his year was MIT in Vegas doing “I Only Have Eyes for You.” Maybe the four of them could get together and do a boys’ quartet thing?

  • Anonymous

    WTT can easily be changed into a summer song by inserting baseball is king for football is king when singing along.  The kids will like it on the radio.  Definitely an easy song to sing along with, which I was told by my grandson is important.  He also told me the kids like TTWG….not my favorite by a long shot.  Love WTT! Hope it does well on the radio.

  • Anonymous

    ” inserting baseball is king for football is king when singing along.”

    omg I already do that when I sing along to this song :D

  • TylerWV

     ewww!  I HATE WTT!  Was so hoping for OSS.

  • Anonymous

    doubt this was Scotty’s decision

    Hard to say who made the decision but if it’s true as some are saying here that “radio” preferred it over YMTLG and that’s why it was chosen they better bloody well play this one.  Given his popularity had they given either of the other two a decent chance they would have gone much higher than they did (I know, I know, he had lots of adds apart from those Cumulus twits but a lot of the “added stations” either didn’t play them or only played them in the wee hours of the morning). 

    Sure hope he doesn’t have to take up drinking, drugs and wild and crazy partying before they give him an actual shot at getting a top hit!  Idiots!

  • Anonymous

    move him away a bit from the image of teenage girls screaming Scotty>

    Don’t know that screaming teenagers always fade away…sceaming girls never did stop for Elvis, Beatles, etc…they just got older along with them and screamed a little more desperately! (Not comparing him to those two yet lol…just saying!)

  • Anonymous

    And “Duets” is starting soon!

  • Chris

    Yes, there still are Elvis fans years after his death. Totally amazing career. But others have faded the minute they hit 21so I am sure there are a lot of debates about how to capitalize on teen fever but not fall victim to a short career.

  • Anonymous

    And don’t forget that Heejun said he’s going even crazier this next week.  Hell, he’s probably the one doing Zeppelin! 

    Making a note to purchase wine for next Wednesday.  That might help!

  • Chris

    The most popular Eric Benet song was the duet Spend My Life with You, but I don’t want Deandre to fall into the hole trap of a duet again. Eric has others too but I vote for Pretty Wings.

  • Anonymous

    He’s singing about the South.  No way baseball would ever be KING over Football down here.  Remember Friday Night Lights? 

  • heartly

    The version that’s out (as a lot of people have pointed out) is just her
    pop version vocal over a country-sounding backing track.

    Only it’s not because it’s all been rerecorded, including the vocals.

    I would think Kelly would be performing Dark Side and they’d be airing it later in the season.  She had mentioned in one of her interviews she did in Canada a few weeks back when the whole Idol/Voice stuff was brought up that she thought she’d be back on Idol to perform her new song.  She also mentioned that they had talked to the Idol people before she agreed to do The Voice and presumably Duets so there were no hard feelings there.

  • Anonymous

    Heejun should pick Kermit the Frog,  Rainbow connection… and really I think it would be respectful to all involved,  not a thumb in an eye.

    Nothing would be a warmer story to end with this, .If he were too go home to his special needs kids (actually he’ll be going on a grinding concert tour, but preserve the romantic notion of returnign to his normal life)

    It also stands a chance of being something that he could possibly nail and justify his presence.  Also easier to justify voters going for a high minded dream.

    “Why are there so many songs about rainbows
    And what’s on the other
    Rainbows are visions, but only illusions,
    And rainbows have nothing
    to hide.
    So we’ve been told and some choose to believe it
    I know they’re
    wrong, wait and see.
    Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection,
    lovers, the dreamers and me.”

  • Anonymous

    Ryan said today on his radio show that there will be a “high profile mentor.” Hmm, I wonder who it will be? Lady Gaga? Madonna?

  • Anonymous

    Huh, didn’t know. Thanks. I don’t really listen to her music too much (though I think she’s phenomenal and I love the fan-suggested covers she does at concerts that MJ keeps posting). 

    That said, I still wish I could hear her sing a real country version of that song. Even if she rerecorded it, the arrangement doesn’t sound much different, which was more what I meant to say.

    But yeah, you’re probably right. I’m guessing most people watching Idol have already heard MKIA enough to be able to sing along with the chorus.

  • ronnie

    Oh, great, just what we need to hear, Colton singing “What about now?” for the millionth horrible time.

  • larc

    Ryan said today on his radio show that there will be a “high profile mentor.” Hmm, I wonder who it will be? Lady Gaga? Madonna?

    When has Ryan ever said they will have a low profile mentor.  LOL!  He has a bad case of hyperbole-itis that he caught from Nigel and Randy.  Everything about the show is always the biggest and best.  ;)

  • Anonymous

    Sweeet, Zeppelin is def going to Elise, she mentioned being a fan of Robert Plant a couple times, soo excited for that. 

  • larc

    So Scotty will perform on Idol next week and Kelly is taping a performance that will probably be used on Apr 5.  Then James Durbin is supposed to perform on Apr 12.  Adam will be on the show at some point.  Do we know of anybody else for sure?  There’s a rumor Cook will perform.  Carrie probably will.  Even with those last 3, that leaves 2 dates before the finale when Idols could perform.  My money is on Kris and possibly Ruben since he has a new album out.

    ETA: Oops! I forgot about CaseyJ. He’ll probably perform.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I agree – I’m sure there are a lot of debates on how to capitalize on teen fever and not have it fade away in 2 years or so.  Not sure what they might do…I do know they have to keep putting out music that appeals to them and they need to keep him in front of them.  I think the biggest dilema right now is getting hm played on radio enough and with country radio that is a huge issue since he isn’t a druggie or wild boy or a crossover artist. 

    A lot different for the pop type guys – all they need to do is look cute and shake their “bootie and things” suggestively…the requirement to actually be able to sing well doesn’t seem to count but in the long run I think that’s why they fade out so quickly.  They also have really smart in-the-know management/labels who are vested in their clients and who know how to do that very well for each of them.

    Only time will tell with Scotty – but I’m not sure his management/label are up to the task, or are as vested in him as they are with some of their other clients.

    Of course, as with a lot of stuff posted by fans, I really don’t know anything for sure and no concrete evidence to back my opinion up…just an “armchair” onlooker’s view point where it’s so easy to see what could/should be done when there really isn’t any personal involvement.

  • Chris

    Me too.  I was listening to Maxwell on the drive home, I think its a good match.  

    Either that, or Bruno Mars.  Bruno is young, some falsetto, it could be a good match, just not one of his songs that have been sung to death like Grenade. But Bruno has written a lot, so there is a deep collection to choose from.  (assuming Bruno allows it.)

  • Anonymous

    LOL I just heard an unconfirmed rumor that Nicole Scherzinger was mentoring. Someone said it on the idol pad. That would be interesting….

  • Tess

    Only time will tell with Scotty – but I’m not sure his management/label are up to the task, or are as vested in him as they are with some of their other clients.

    I have just the opposite reaction.  I think Scotty’s team has done a phenomenal job.  For an 18 year old guy to get any radio play in a genre that is “old boy” from the get-go was an amazing thing to watch, especially when the kid if from a reality TV show and hasn’t come up through the ranks of honky tonk dives and boozey joints in southwest Texas (as an example). Not only did he get radio spins but he has two top 20 songs under his belt.

    They also linked him up with Brad Paisley, have gotten him lots of independent gigs, made sure he was highlighted at award shows, have been pushing him for ACM newbie, kept the media focused on him…and the list goes on.  We, in the bubble, may not agree with how Scotty is being handled but he is being handled well, IMO.

  • Anonymous

    I’m just really pumped we’re getting LZ again. lol I think that’s definitely Elise and if it’s not her, then Phillip.

    I think Mariah could be Joshua. He would really kill a female diva song, imo. DeAndre NEEDS to sing Maxwell or Eric Benet. He’d kill that. Meh at Jessica and Beyonce. Ugh at Colton doing either Daughtry or Lifehouse and Skylar doing Miranda. I get that they might really be their Idols, but nobody needs an exact copycat of “Gunpowder and Lead’ k?

  • CanadianLady

    I agree with Tess. I actually follow Scotty to a ridiculous extent, and I think his management has done a phenomenal job. Barely a week goes by without something getting announced or an interview, etc.

    The latest, aside from ACMs, Idol, his new single, and the fact that he’s in studio again, is that he’s doing a free show after an Atlanta Braves game May 26, sponsored by Coca Cola and Delta Airlines.

    As someone who actually knows a fair bit about PR (more than I ever wanted to know, for sure), I am in absolute awe of the opportunities and press Scotty has had.

  • raya

    I think the mentor has to be someone more exciting than Nicole S.  I’ve seen at least two tweets from different idols so far that said how amazing their mentor was, or something along those lines.  This is also coming from the kiddies, so it’s got be someone they know.  Jessica sounded like it was someone she was super excited to meet and DeAndre just got out of his session and said pretty much the same. Like they seem more excited than they have for previous mentors.

  • Cathy Mcguire Kosak

    really?They are both top 20 hits..both GOLD..& ILYTB is almost PLATINUM…IF THESE ARE THE WORST,,This song should do wonders…GO SCOTTY…#1

  • EH

    So if Daughtry and Lifehouse are both on the list, does that mean that Colton sings twice?  Maybe Nigel just saw a list of possible choices (Erika didn’t seem to have her song choice for next week finalized).  I can’t imagine anyone singing either of those bands except for Colton. 

    I guess Hollie can’t resist completing the Whitney-Celine-Mariah trinity of gigantic soulless ballads. I’m excited to hear Jessica sing Beyonce.  I don’t think it will hurt Hollie and Jessica to do exceptional karaoke performances.  Big voiced ballad singers on Idol never change anything up. I think that’s only required if you’re a guy.  Girls don’t get credit for changing their songs anyway.

    I hope that Led Zep is Phillip or Elise (who else could it be, really).  

    I hope Heejun does not sing anything by the musical influences he named on the Idol site because that boy has tragic taste in music.  I think he sang James Morrison in Hollywood. Maybe he could do that again (if he decides to make a serious attempt at staying in the competition)

  • fuzzywuzzy

    lol  Why not bring back Pauler to mentor too?

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “She also mentioned that they had talked to the Idol people before she
    agreed to do The Voice and presumably Duets so there were no hard
    feelings there.”

    I figured as much.  Narvel is a smart manager.

  • Lexie

     CanadianLady, I feel the same way (I’m following him to a ridiculous extent, too), and think his team is doing a great job with the PR.  There really does seem to be some announcement almost daily, actually.  I knew about the Braves concert, didn’t know it was sponsored–cool!!

  • Anonymous

    This is shaping up to be a great year for Idol guests, so I’m a little sad rating for results shows are slipping a bit. I think Scotty’s episode next week will see at least a minor surge. The next 2 after are probably Kelly and James. So, I think after that it’ll be Kris, Cook, Adam, Carrie, and Ruben or Casey J. They might save Carrie until the finale, but the week of her album drop on May 3rd probably a high possibility. I hope Kris and Cook finish out April. I hope Casey J does get a performance spot. 

  • Alexandre Oliveira

    Oh I really hope Elise does Led Zeppelin

  • Damien Roberts

    Beyonce-JessicaMariah-Hollie (bttm 3)
    Miranda-Skylar (depending on what song, could be a moment. Pimp spot?) Lifehouse-Colton? Maybe Phillip
    Daughtry-Colton or Phillip 
    Led Zeppelin-Elise (she and Haley seem to be ridiculously alike, maybe to the point she should stay away from this.

  • Anonymous

     I couldn’t agree with you more! I TYPE really fast and always have spelled out the words – I don’t think in acronyms. I have the hardest time trying to figure out WHAT the name of a song is when I don’t know the whole album – or even everyone’s singles or even the NAME of some albums. I’m lost. ISDHA2!  :(

  • Anonymous

    We, in the bubble, may not agree with how Scotty is being handled but he is being handled well, IMO.

    I would say just adequate – wouldn’t be more effusive than that tho.

  • Anonymous

    I’m hoping that OOS will be released in early fall – perfect timing for that one I think.

  • Anonymous

    YAY! I LOVE WTT!  Am so hoping it’s a big hit.

  • Anonymous

    I’d love to see Heejun singing “I will survive.” unlikely though it will be past this week.

  • Anonymous

    I think it has potential to be a breakout hit.

  • windmills

    EH:So if Daughtry and Lifehouse are both on the list, does that mean that Colton sings twice?  Maybe Nigel just saw a list of possible choices (Erika didn’t seem to have her song choice for next week finalized).  I can’t imagine anyone singing either of those bands except for Colton.

    This is what’s tripping me up. I was thinking P2 might sing Lifehouse or Daughtry but he seems to favor songs with more funk or groove. Is it possible H2 will be singing Daughtry? Maybe he’ll sing Home in some crazy ironic way? I can also imagine H2 singing Lifehouse’s You & Me if he’s not planning on doing a joke performance this week.

    If Jessica must sing Beyonce then I’m hoping for Love On Top. But, she and Skylar both have to figure out ways of differentiating themselves from the original because their phrasing and tone come so close to their idols. 

    ptebwwong: Question: If YMTLG was originally the next single & it was changed, did the label ask about the other uptempo songs from the album besides WTT? I’m wondering why they didn’t think WMNOYH or WITC should be released as the next single. Did they not ask or was WTT originally supposed to be the 4th single so they just moved it up?

    I’d guess the label got feedback on different uptempos and WTT got the best reaction from programmers. Maybe they found it more believable from Scotty than YMTLG and WMNOYH.

    Also with WITC maybe it’s like Kirsten speculated and they were spooked by the lack of Itunes reaction to the short WITC performance at the CMAs. Or, they don’t want WITC without Keith and his vocal cord surgery took him out of commission when they would’ve needed him in studio. I know he’s gone back into studio lately but they may have needed longer. 

    Another possible issue with WITC is that the Rascal Flatts single Banjo is the almost the exact same idea lyrically as WITC. IMO WITC is a better, catchier song and Scotty’s MUCH more believable singing it than Rascal Flatts is singing Banjo. But, they’re the established act and it’s possible Mercury Nashville didn’t want to go there.

  • judes

    I love Lifehouse -they have so many great songs so I hope Colton does do one of their songs. 
    I hope they are wise in their choices as sometimes who your idol is doesn’t translate to what you can sing yourself. Same with when the idols say I chose this song as I love it- doesn’t mean you should sing it if it doesn’t suit your voice!! 

  • dishwalla

    Pia Toscano was widely criticized for her Whitney-Mariah-Celine big ballads. Even though Pia only sang one Whitney song, no Mariah, no Celine.  Now here comes Hollie in a span of a few weeks, she will have done Whitney, Celine, Christina and now Mariah big ballads.

  • Bazzle

    oooo Elise on Led Zeppelin may suprise us. Very interesting. It seems that the mentor this week is….Stevie Nicks? That should be even more interesting. 

    Lifehouse and Daughtry? It has to be P2 and Colton. I cant imagine anyone left would do those two. But Lifehouse for P2? really? not enough funk. 

  • Sandra Ballmann


  • Sandra Ballmann

    Here are my ideas:
    Colton – “Falling in” or “Hanging by a moment” by Lifehouse. Either
    would show off a more romantic side to Colton that we haven’t seen yet. I
    also think he would sound great on it. I could also see Colton singing
    “Over you” by  Daughtry. However, I hope he won’t. I’m not convinced he
    can handle Daughtry vocally.

    DeAndre – Please, oh please do “Pretty Wings” by Maxwell. That would be good.

    Elise – I would love Elise forever if she did “Everything is Everything” by Lauryn Hill.

    Heejun – I know people are going to be gunning for him this week for
    outlasting Erika. So, as a consolation prize, he can do “I keep
    forgetting” by Michael McDonald.

    Hollie – FOR THE LOVE OF PETE, GO UPTEMPO!!! I suggest Adele’s “Rumour has it” or Mariah’s “It’s like that”.

    Jessica – Jess is most likely going to be singing Beyonce. So I
    suggest “Run the world (girls)” or Irreplaceable”. Please do not do

    Joshua – “I wanna take you higher” by Sly and the Family Stone. DO IT!!!

    Phillip – I heard that someone is going to do Led Zeppelin. If that
    person is Phillip, than please do “Hey Hey what can I do” or “Over the
    Hills and far away”. I can also see Phillip singing “Crash into me” by
    Dave Matthews Band.

    Skylar – Skylar will most likely be singing Miranda Lambert. I hope
    she sings something like “House that built me” or “More like her”.
    However I would love it if she did “White Liar” or “Crazy

  • Reflections On Life

    what i’d love to hear, based on nigel’s list
    josh – mariah – vision of love
    jessica – beyonce – countdown or party (if she could swing the r&b groove of party, she’d really be showing us something)
    hollie – daughtry – home (hollie reminds me of AI-era carrie – they have very similar voices – and Hollie could have a Carrie-Alone moment with Daughtry)
    colton – lifehouse – no-brainer, but would prefer switchfoot – dare you to move
    elise – led zep – last week they said she taught at a rock school (brought up 2 of her students), so again this is a no-brainer and a great fit.
    p2 & h2 – don’t care, would love a double elmination of these 2 next week.

  • Kyle Bianchini

    Jessica Sanchez is singing Listen. Wanna bet on it?

  • Anonymous

    Maybe they found it more believable from Scotty than YMTLG and WMNOYH

    Just curious – wondering why you think they would find WTT more believable than the other two? 

  • Sandra Ballmann

    Yeah, seems most likely. Hopefully she won’t. Steven telling her to stick to ballads was possibly the worst advice any of the judges ever gave a contestant. She’s running the risk of getting Pia’d.

  • Zarke

     Jessica Sanchez – Beyonce 1 + 1 …but she maybe to young for the theme of that song….