Amazing Race Season 23 Episode 4 Discussion and Recap *Updated*

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It’s another exciting episode of Amazing Race tonight as the final 8 teams continue on the next leg. I will be back later with my recap and as always please feel free to discuss below.

Last Week’s Results:

  1. Nicole and Travis Jasper (Team ER)
  2. Jason Case and Amy Diaz (Team Plow)
  3. Nicky Getz and Kim DeJesus (Team Baseball Wives)
  4. Tim Wiyninger and Danny Merkey (Team BFF)
  5. Brandon Squyres and Adam Switzer (Team Beard)
  6. Leo Temory and Jamal Zadran (The Cousins)
  7. Ally Mello and Ashley Covert (Team Ice Girls)
  8. Tim Sweeney and Marie “Reebs” Mazzocchi (Team Exes)

Eliminated: Chester Pitts II and Ephraim Salaam (The NFLers)


Last week the NFLers may have had the most unlucky leg in Amazing Race history and this week we are down to the final 8 as Team ER gets started. They depart at 11:08pm and will be flying to Svolcaer, Norway and will find their next clue at the Ferry Terminal.

They will be using a travel agency again and are on their way as Team Plow is off 6 minutes later. Team Plow say that Team ER are like mentors and they hope to be on the earlier flight with them. That ends up being the 8:55am flight and it turns out that all teams will be on the flight so we are even in Norway.

All teams are on the same ferry as well in the cold of the Arctic Circle. Team Beard plan on doing some fishing off the side of the ferry. They are definitely my favorite team from a likability standpoint. I don’t think they will win but I am hoping they last a few more legs.

On the other hand we have the Exes and while Tim seems like an ok guy I can tell why he is no longer in a relationship with Marie. She says that they will not be giving away the Express Pass until they are at the pit stop on the 5th leg. They won’t be giving it to The Cousins (I refuse to repeat what she calls them) or the Ice Girls since they are working with them. She says that she would like to give it to Team ER since they actually won the first leg since that would be the nice thing to do but we all know she is not nice. Also does Tim ever get to talk in those confessionals?

All teams get off the ferry and it is a sprint to the next clue which is The Detour:

Hang your heads: Must tie up 10 bundles of Fish heads, transport them and hang them. Once hung properly they will get their next clue.

Hammer of the Cods: Teams will collect 15 pairs of cod, hammer them out and debone, and make a pound of fish jerky for their next clue.

Teams are trying to decide if they can run to the fish factory or run it. Team Exes grab a taxi while Team Beard is running it. Team Plow get the next taxi while The Cousins and The Ice Girls are running it. They get there at about the same time as Team ER and The BFFs arrive in taxis. Everyone seems to be doing the fish heads while The Baseball Wives are running slowly. They join Team BFF hammering the fish.

Team Exes are off first and are followed by Team Plow and Team Beard to hang the heads. That hill they need to go up looks deadly. Also Team Cousins are having trouble since their wheel barrel has gotten a flat tire so it is extra work to get it up the hill as The Ice Girls are on their way and all teams are off to hang the fish.

I just have to say is seeing the sun still in the sky at 1 am is weird. Team Cousins decide to each pick up an end and carry it. Team Exes get to the top first and start hanging the heads. They choose a pole but the camera shows that there is a different pole that is marked with the race symbol.

Team Exes are told they are wrong which pisses off Marie. Both Team Plow and Team Beard notice the marked pole and Team Plow finish quickly and get the next clue. They are now heading to Henningsvaer. Norway. Marie asks them what they did but they don’t say. Team Beard also finishes and Marie mentions the Express Pass but gives no indication that she will actually give it to them so they wisely split without telling them as the judge tells them it is not correct again. Team Beard runs down the hill mocking Marie.

As Team Plow passes Team ER they share the info about the poles but doesn’t tell the Cousins or the Ice Girls. Marie finally goes to see what they are doing wrong and sees the marked pole. Team ER and Team Exes finish at about the same time and the Ice Girls pass the Cousins on the way up.

At the top both Ice Girls and Cousins finish while the Baseball Wives are going to hammer the fish. Team BFF are already hammering while Team Beard and Team Plow are flying up the river in a boat to the next clue.

It is time for the Roadblock which involves one member swinging off a bridge and when ready unclipping and taking a cold Arctic Plunge. They will then swim to a buoy for their next clue.

The Baseball girls are having trouble carrying the fish and they think they lost their clue when it is actually in her mouth.

Team Beard do the plunge first and in a horrible case of product placement we are treated to a Ford Challenge where teams must use a Ford Ranger to pull a bounder and free a picture of the next place they must go and a bundle of Viking coins they will need later in the race.

Jason jumps down but as he is swinging he cannot grab the ball he needs to release himself. He finally pulls himself up to release himself and get the next clue. Marie says she is not sure Tim has the upper body strength to pull it off because she is a horrible person even to her team member.

Back at the Detour Baseball Wives are arriving at the Fish Factory while Team BFF is still deboning their fish. The BFFs finish this Detour and are off while the Wives start pounding the fish.

At the Ford Challenge Team Beard is getting down to business quickly while Ashley is swinging down off the bridge and gets her clue.

Team BFF arrives at the bridge while the Baseball Wives are shown finishing and Jamal swings for his clue. Team BFF also finishes the Roadblock.

Team Beard finishes the product placement challenge and are off to the Pit Stop at the Viking Longhouse. They must drive themselves and the last team to check in may be eliminated.

While Team Beard are off Team Plow and The Exes get started. Jason knows what he is doing on this challenge while Tim and Marie are yelling at each other trying to put together the sled. Team Exes grab the coins but do not get the satchel.

Team ER finishes while the Cousins get started and The Ice Girls show they have trouble driving a stick shift. They ask Team BFF for some help putting the truck in reverse and they help them out. Tea, Cousins and Team BFF are in and out while The Ice Girls also finish off and are off.

The Baseball Wives are swinging for the clue. Now it’s a drive to the Pit Stop for the teams as Team Beard finish 1st. They get $5000 each as the winners. Amazingly one of these guys can leave off $5000 for the year which seems crazy to me. I should move next door to him. They are also still racing so they get their next clue.

Back on the road the Exes are lost and they run into Team ER who will only share the clue if they get the second Express Pass. Marie hesitates (She does know that she has to give it away right) and Team ER waves good bye and takes off. Personally I would be turning that car quick and just following them to the Pit Stop but I’m wondering if the parchment is actually needed to check in to the Pit Stop. The episode ends with a TO Be Continued … so we will find out next week.

It’s amazing me how many mistakes teams are making this season. It seems like it is more than most prior seasons and multiple teams are making the mistakes so it’s not killing any teams.

Next week Marie has to decide if she will give away the Express Pass (I say yes but only because it’s the fifth leg and she will have to) and we will see the season’s first U-Turns. Also it appears that all the teams think they are in last place.

  • AlesheaDominique

    Thanks for these recaps Eric. I never seem to be able to watch live this season and the recaps are really tiding me over till I can watch episode four from my DVR in the morning

  • Kirsten

    Marie is ridiculous with that express pass. She is completely socially oblivious. “Why is this happening to me? I’m nice to every one. ”

    The other teams have long since figured out that she is not going to give anybody the express pass for helping her. She’s just going to toss it to whoever is behind them on the fifth leg so she can step on the bathmat.

    She also needs to learn to read a clue. How many mistakes did they make in just this one leg? Incorrect number of heads on a string, incorrect pole to hang their roly-poly fish-heads on and not picking up the clue at the rock. I hope Phil makes them go back and pick up the clue.

    On the other hand we have the Exes and while Tim seems like an ok guy I can tell why he is no longer in a relationship with Marie.

    This is another clue:

    Marie says she is not sure Tim has the upper body strength to pull it off because she is a horrible person even to her team member.

    She is constantly be-littling him. I hope that he has somebody in his life that points out that he needs to get far-far away from her. Nobody needs to be around somebody who is constantly running you down. You eventually start believing it.

  • bestmusic

    I so want Marie to be gone. She is completely obvious. Wonder if she will have to use her pass next week?

  • Eric Mitchell

    She won’t need to use their Express Pass unless they need to but they will need to give the other one away before the end of this upcoming leg.

  • Eric Mitchell

    I am totally with you on him getting away from her as soon as possible but I have my doubts. This season definitely has it’s main villain.

  • Eric Mitchell

    I am glad I can help with the recap :)

  • Wellworn

    This is only my third season of watching Amazing Race, so I have to ask this question. Is Marie the worst villain the show has seen? She seems so mean both to her partner and to the others, both in front of them and behind their backs. She is also so manipulative with that stupid express pass, but yet so stupid about knowing she needs to give it to someone and not dangle it in front of everyone’s face. I so loved the Beards’ response to her this episode. I also loved how Nicole demanded that pass before she helped. Hey Marie, they’re on to you now. Just give it up. And does she really think she’s nice to everyone? If she thinks that is being nice, I feel really sorry for everyone in her life. So to ask again, has there been anyone worse than Marie? Thanks for the recaps.

  • Eric Mitchell

    For me she is near the top for sure. I can think of Jonathan from Season 6 and Carol and Brandy from season 16 … And on a personal level I am not a fan of Rachel (mostly from Big Brother) because she cried way too much when she didn’t get her way.

    Marie is easily in the conversation with the people above and by the end of the season could overtake Jonathan who pushed his wife down

  • Wellworn

    Wow, he pushed his wife down? That has to be the worst, I hope there isn’t anything worse than that. If I ever have some spare time, I need to find past seasons somewhere to watch. Would be a good reason to join Netflix if they are there. I’m so glad to have discovered this show. Thanks again.

  • Eric Mitchell

    Unfortunately not on Netflix but I do recommend watching earlier seasons and I am glad you like the show now

  • arisson

    Amazing Race is one of my favorite shows on tv, though I haven’t chosen a fave team to pull for yet this season. However, the team with that woman Marie is definitely not who I’ll pull for.