X Factor UK – Top 16 – Results!

Nicolo Festa is eliminated
FYD is eliminated

Belle Aimee and Wagner Carrilho should have gotten the boot tonight. But, choosing between the three acts? The right two went home.  Katie Waissel deserved to stay because she sang her ass off.  A boring performance from FYD did them in.  Too bad Nicolo Festa was given the wrong song.  He had some potential.

One down for both Dannii and Simon…

Videos and Live Recap after the JUMP…


We’re watching X Factor UK right here!

TWO contestants will be sent home tonight. Who will they be? I’ll be live blogging the results…

Usher and last year’s X Factor winner, Joe McElderry are set to perform.

GROUP SONG! YAY! “Rhythm of the Night”

After a recap of last night’s performances, Usher takes the stage to perform “DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again/OMG”


The phone lines close in 5 minutes! Favs from last night? Louis: Aiden, Dannii and Cheryl: Mary and Simon? Wagner! Ha.

Joe McElderry performs his single, “Ambitions”.  Whoa, falsetto!

The Top 16 take the stage accompanied by their mentors. Cheryl and the Boys, Dannii and the Girls, Simon and the Groups, Louis and the Over 28’s

Dermot will announces the 13 acts that are safe, in no particular order.

FYD, Katie Waissel and Nicolo Festa are left in the bottom 3.  The act who received the fewest public votes is Nicolo Festa! He’s the first elimination. Dermot asks him how he feels. Nicolo says, “Like crap.” Honesty!

FYD and Katie now must sing for their survival.

FYD is first. Simon introduces them. They sing “Please Don’t Stop the Music”. PLEASE stop the music. I’m not feeling this at all.

Cheryl introduces Katie. She sings “Don’t Let Me Down”. Cheryl is redeeming herself. She’s remembering the words and her delivery is passionate. She deserves to be spared.

The judges vote to send home:

Simon: Katie
Cheryl: FYD
Danni: FYD
Louis: FYD

FYD is eliminated


  1. Trayc Cohen
  2. John Adeleye
  3. Aiden Grimshaw
  4. Diva Fever
  5. Cher Lloyd
  6. Storm Lee
  7. Belle Amie
  8. Matt Cardle
  9. Wagner Carrilho
  10. Rebecca Ferguson
  11. Mary Byrne
  12. 1 Direction
  13. Paije Richardson

Live stream after the jump…

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  1. What time would X-Factor start PST? Is it the same time on Saturday and Sunday?

  2. Sunday papers are reporting Dermot has been offered the US X Factor host gig.

  3. Ha, I don’t think the world is ready for Louis to be unleashed upon it.

    Interestingly, they think Simon will only take Dermot or Cheryl, not both, as would be too many Brits. So that could mean Nicole Sherzinger may get a judges spot.

  4. There were a lot of dancers with Joe there.
    Sometimes I got confused where is the singer ?
    Too much going on on the stage.

  5. Please please let it be Katie who gets the ax. It’ll probably be FYD though.

    I’m surprised the first one axed is Nicolo but he just wasn’t good doing Gaga. He sounded flat.

    Joe was good! Go Joe! I’m still trying to figure out how to get his single/album. iTunes and HMV want a UK billing address. Might have to pay a premium import price.

  6. Not sure about that. Apparently her Geordie accent is a problem and she’s vowed not to change it, just to get the gig.

    I actually think they’s be better off with a US star. There are plenty of them more successful & more musically talented than Cheryl, though maybe not as beautiful :)

  7. Nicolo should have sung. I hope it’s Katie, but have a feeling the judges will save her. She will be out soon though, as I don’t think she can turn all that bad press around.

  8. Niccolo probably suffered from the lack of home fanbase, when it’s early in the competition and the votes are divided on so many acts, that could make a difference.

  9. Interestingly, they think Simon will only take Dermot or Cheryl, not both, as would be too many Brits. So that could mean Nicole Sherzinger may get a judges spot.

    That would have nothing to do with Cheryl and Nicole both being judges. Dermot is the host so that rumor was referencing who Simon would give the coveted hosting job to….Ryan or Dermot

  10. Ugh! Louis should have sent it to the public vote. Bet she would have been history.

  11. Not surprised they send home the boys band, they had no story arc during the auditions and were canon fodder. At least with Katie you have someone the audience is hating, that’s better than indifference.

  12. Haven’t seen any articles about Ryan being in consideration, but he’s not really famous in the UK. But there have been plenty saying there isn’t room for too many Brits in the US line up.

    I hope they go with US judges. I don’t think Cheryl’s anything special.

  13. Thanks TAD. I admit, as much as I don’t like Katie, her ‘save me’ performance was better than FYD. Maybe being so near elimination she’ll get an attitude adjustment.

  14. There is no way that Simon will give the hosting job of X factor to Ryan.
    When will Ryan have the time ? And AI and X factor are kind of in competition.

    ETA: wait, who’s Ryan ? Maybe I’m talking about different person.

  15. I love it that Nicolo said he felt like crap about going out – blunt and honest instead of all the nice sound bites. It’s gotta feel lousy to be the first voted out. Think Katie would have gone as well if the public vote was the final voice. I do think she earned her way back with that performance. Good for Louis for stepping up on that one. Still don’t think Katie will be in it for the long run.

  16. I think Cheryl is obviously gonna be a judge. They wanna introduce her music to the US and what better way to do it than have her be on the next big show

  17. MJ I think you mean one down for Simon and Dannii Dannii is mentoring the boys and Cheryl the girls

  18. God, I hope for America’s sake you get spared Cheryl’s music. She’s a really nice, genuine person, but her music sucks, big time!

    Only time will tell.

  19. Watching Joe’s performance made me miss X-Factor last year. D’oh! I wanna get that song :P. Love Joe!

    I don’t think I would’ve chosen Nicolo to go, as much as I didn’t like his performance last night. I would’ve chosen Belle Amie. Nicolo had vocal potential but a totally horrible song choice. For some reason, I wish Cheryl were mentoring the boys. I dunno why. Katie deserved to stay after that performance, though.

    I kinda don’t like groups. I dunno, something about them just doesn’t click with me. Diva Fever isn’t bad, though.

    At least Wagner’s safe. More awesomeness next week! Maybe then he’ll get eliminated, but another week of Wagner is good to me :P.

    I still like Cher as my guilty pleasure even if her look is kinda scary, I like her presence.

  20. Boo for Nicolo out. I liked him, more for his personality than his singing, but his performance wasn’t the worst of the night anyway.

    FYD were so obviously cannon fodder. Given little screen time, performing first, and lukewarm judge comments. They didn’t have a chance.

    This year, the X Factor wants to be quirky, but they are exaggerating it, particularly with the outfits. It’s like a zoo of caricatures…

  21. Booo! I’m really gonna miss Nicolo. His performance was quite bad, but there were lot of worse imo. I thought the girls gonna vote for him, too much competition and good looks in the boys category i guess.

    I can’t believe the whole Louis’ category got through. lololol
    I’d have sent home Storm and Wagner personally.

    There’s something about Aiden i don’t like. Don’t know what yet. He’s really cute though. But i prefer Matt over him at the moment.

    Cher’s still my favourite. Love that girl. Other than that i don’t find the girls category particularly interesting or good. Even Katie. No matter how many times the judges say how interesting she is, i find her quite boring. She doesn’t even irritates me, i’m just like ‘whatever’ when it comes to her. Same goes for the other 2 girls, they have good voices, but who gives a sh*t? there are millions of people with good voices. Good voice is just not enough for me.

    The groups have it always tough. The time works against them in a competition like this. At this point i don’t even know their names, they all blend…that’s why Diva fever advanced i think – they’re the only group i can remember.

    Don’t think Joe’s performance was all that great. I love the song, but Mika and Jake Shears can totally wipe the floor with him. He needs more time, he doesn’t own the sound he’s doing post-X factor yet and is little uncomfortable and unconvincing. Alexandra and JLS had much better performances last year with their singles imo. But i’m excited for his album. I hope it’s gonna be Mika-ish and not full of boring ballads.

    Never really got the appeal of Usher. He’s had plenty of catchy songs over the years, i don’t own any of them. Hearing each one on radio every hour for 3 months has been always more than enough for me.

  22. Katie is a done deal to be gone quickly. Cause I predict next week there will be another double elimination an she had to stay at least fourth from the bottom to be spare from elimination.

    Did anyone know how more weeks there be for double elimination? One or two more weeks?

    After seeing the performances:

    MY prediction for the last to stay in each category:

    Group: One Direction will stay the longest. (Though I think this week Diva Fever is the best group act)

    Over 28: Mary. She had the vocal and the personality.

    Girl: Treyc. Thank God for wild card or other wise the girl category will had hard chance to shine.

    Boy: Aiden and Matt will move to top five as long they didnot make a terrible singing each week.

  23. And Joe deserve to win X Factor last year. Cause it really hard for UK X Factor to find cute boy and can sing.

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