X Factor UK Season 9: Fourth Live Show

This week’s theme is Halloween, Robbie Williams mentors, Lucy too ill to perform.

It’s the weekend before Halloween and as every year, it’s time for X Factor UK’s Halloween special. Remember Jedward’s Ghostbusters?

Gary Barlow’s Take That bandmate, Robbie Williams is dropping his new single “Candy” tonight. He is performing on the X Factor tomorrow night and he also taped “mentoring sessions” with X Factor’s acts this week. Robbie’s connection with Halloween isn’t clear to me. Kye Sones is set to destroy Robbie’s hit “Let Me Entertain You” tonight and the music video for that track kinda fits the theme.

Union J are covering Beyonce’s “Sweet Dreams”.

TPTB announced via Twitter that Lucy Spraggan is too ill to perform tonight. She was given a week off and will be back next week.

“NEWS: @lspraggan is just too unwell to perform on tonight’s #xfactor. Lucy will proceed to next weekend’s show… ->
“> … as happened with @diana_music. #TeamSpraggan tweet #TeaAndToastForPoorlyLucy! ”

X Factor’s resident DIVA, Christopher Maloney, angered bosses by snubbing Robbie Williams! Chris decided to take a trip up to Liverpool to see his family and ill nan, and missed Robbie’s mentoring session with the finalists.

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According to TV Guide, tonight’s show airs at 8:25pm BST (3:25pm EDT, 12:25pm PDT) on ITV1 (110min). The Xtra Factor airs at 10:15pm BST (65min) on ITV2.

Where to watch the show? If you are in the UK or can get UK IP, watch on ITV.com. Possible alternatives: TV Nutters, TVPC.com.

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Last week the finalists took on the club classics and MK1 left the competition. Tonight it’s X Factor’s Halloween special. Oh the horror! NO ONE IS SAFE!

This is THRILLER! Dermot and his group of dancers dance from the backstage. YAY for tacky Halloween costumes and strange backing music. Highway to Hell for judges’ entrance?

Louis loves his boybands. Gary is just happy he didn’t lose any acts last week. Nicole’s outfit and hair, just wow! Tulisa feels a bit feisty.

The voting lines open and Dermot reading the numbers. Only 9 acts perform tonight as Lucy is too ill to perform.

1. Kye Sones – “Let Me Entertain You” by Robbie Williams

Gary admits he was very jealous of Robbie when he released that song. Robbie is on hand to mentor.
Kye is rocking the guyliner as he performs. This is a slowed down version of Robbie’s hit. I’m not convinced. He sounds okay, but the energy of the original is a bit lost. Good karaoke.
Nicole: What a great way to open the show this week, very entertaining, good job.
Louis: I hope this is enough, I’m not sure.
Tulisa: I think you’ve done everything you possibly could.
Gary: Well done, you came back with a bang!
Louis: Something was missing, I think it was the X Factor. (Hehe, at least Louis tells it like it is sometimes.)

2. Union J – “Sweet Dreams” by Beyonce

X Factor’s finalists attended the James Bond premiere on Tuesday. Usual X Factor’s routine. Between the rehearsals, there was also a pre-Halloween party. And a session with Robbie. That was one busy week.
Boys sit/stand on a black car. I don’t know what’s the point, I guess they have to stand on something. Interesting version of “Sweet Dreams”, sounds current. Good performance.
Tulisa: Really good vocals tonight. I just think you played it a little bit safe.
Gary: Good point Tulisa! Surprise us guys, change it up next week.
Nicole: Absolute perfection! It was simple, it was beautiful, it wasn’t over-produced.
Louis: It was great, fans please vote for the boys, I don’t want to see them in the bottom 2.

3. Rylan Clark – “Toxic”/”Horny”/”Poison”

Nicole describes Rylan’s performance as “deadly”. Robbie Williams is a fan of Rylan! They make fun of Gary Bore-low. Oh, it was Rylan’s birthday this week and Nicole sang for him!
Rylan is doing Britney’s “Toxic”. And even Nicole Scherzinger’s “Poison”. DEADLY!
Louis: I’m with Robbie Williams on you.
Tulisa: It feels like Wednesday night all over again (party). Well done!
Gary: I’ve never given you a honest critique yet. It wasn’t any worse than last week. The music was so loud that I didn’t hear the singing. Dancing was superb.
Nicole: Shuts up Gary!

4. Ella Henderson – “Bring Me To Life” by Evanescence

Robbie liked her performance last week. Robbie remembers he was 16 when he joined Take That! James Bond director Sam Mendes endorses Ella.
Ella wears a red cape and sings “Bring Me To Life”. The song is heavily re-arraged. It’s interesting, but I’m not sure I like it.
Gary: Well done, wonderful performance. The song wasn’t my favorite.
Nicole: This was my least favorite performance so far for me. It was in the wrong key.
Louis: I like the fact that you took a chance. I just don’t like your hair.
Tulisa: That song did sound very different from the original, you made it your own.

5. Christopher Maloney – “(I Just) Died in Your Arms” by Cutting Crew

He has a lot of hometown support. Damn Liverpool.
Chris wears a big coat this week and sings … another cheesy song. Solid vocals, but so cheesy and dated.
Nicole: Well, that was fun. Like 80’s Halloween opera.
Louis: You must be doing something right, but you don’t seem like a good recording artist, you seem like a good cabare artist.
Tulisa: Gary, how many 80’s classics are you going to let him destroy?
Gary: I don’t know know what offends me more – what you said or the fag ash breath.
Tulisa: Lay off the red wine because I can really smell that as well.

6. District3 – “Every Breath You Take”by The Police/”Beautiful Monster” by Ne-Yo

What’s this talk about Louis becoming District3’s George Shelley? Boys get some good advice from Robbie. Then they almost kill each other in the dance class.
Wow, these boys are really working it. But this mash-up is a bit of a mess. I think they are just trying too hard.
Tulisa: I liked the begining. When you transferred into Ne-Yo, you lost the control of the vocals.
Gary: Absolute mess. I hate mash-ups.
Nicole: I have to actually agree with Gary.
Louis: It wasn’t as good as last week.

7. Jahmene Douglas – “Killing Me Softy” by Roberta Flack

He sang at Samuel L. Jackson’s charity event this past week.
Good performance, but a bit boring.
Louis: For me, you are the best singer in the competition. Marvin Gaye, Ray Charles, “world class”.
Tulisa: I can’t find one negative critique. Brilliant performance.
Gary: Well done, very simple.
Nicole: That was beautifully understated.

8. Jade Ellis – “Freak Like Me” by Sugababes

She was at James Bond premiere. She also got to go home and pick her girl from school. Then they got a visit from Tulisa at home.
Ohh, she is doing a Sugababes song. In the beginning she seems kinda lost on stage alone. To be honest, I’m just not feeling Jade. I liked her audition, but since then, I’m just underwhelmed by everything she does. It’s like, the show transformed her into something she’s not.
Gary: Well done.
Nicole: Thank God it’s Halloween because it was frightening.
Louis: You are not the girl we saw at the auditions. This was the wrong song choice for you.
Tulisa: – long monologue about theme weeks, bla bla, bla –

9. James Arthur – “Sweet Dreams” by Eurythmics

He got to meet Emeli Sande and Labrinth backstage last week. Labrinth invited him to perform at one of his shows. James got to rap Labrinth’s hit “Earthquake”.
Wow, heavy guyliner. Creepy men wearing capes and holding torches. I guess this is how Muse would do “Sweet Dreams”? For a moment I thought he was doing “Feeling Good”. I think this was a great performance, but I have to admit that I’m not a fan of James’ voice or performing style.
Louis: Record deal on the horizon…
Tulisa: That’s how you make a classic song current. I think you really got this urban edge to you.
Gary: Wow again. It was a performance of someone who wants to win this competition.
Nicole: You are an international recording artist.

.fun and Robbie Williams are performing tomorrow night.

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