X Factor UK Season 11: 6 Chair Challenge is Being Filmed This Weekend

This post contains some spoilers, so beware.

The 11th season of X Factor UK is in full swing as this weekend TOP 24 are being chosen. The producers opted for the exciting “6 Chair Challenge” for the second year in a row and it is being filmed this weekend. Yesterday, the boys and overs performed and today is the big day for the girls and groups.

The 4 judges were assigned their categories for the season:

Mel B – Boys
Simon Cowell – Overs
Cheryl Fernandez-Versini – Girls
Louis Walsh – Groups

Each judge can only take 6 acts to the judges houses.

Names of boys and overs that made it through are still leaking. For now I can only say that the cast is a mix of new and already familiar names.

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  1. Louis Walsh’s category is the only reason I watch this train wreck show. There must be some Jedward-type clown group this season :)

  2. I was surprised that Simon had the overs. I was totally expecting him to hog the groups again.

  3. They had already done it in the UK last season and it worked better than in the US.

  4. I saw on twitter that Mel B was pretty tough yesterday. she told a guy that she already said no and to get off the stage.i think mel b will give simon a run for his money as the mean judge on the panel lol

  5. I didn’t realize Mel B was going to be a judge on UK XF this year. I think she’ll be good from seeing her on AGT. Guess she’s doing both for a while..

  6. Well she’s turned judging reality shows into a career on 3 continents so she knows how to play the game to stay relevant, cash her check and get hired back next season

  7. Well she also did X Factor Australia previously and now is doing The Voice Kids Australia

  8. Anyone know anything about jade richards or amy mottram coming back?

  9. No mention of them. To be honest, Jade Richards made it to the judges houses two times and auditioned at least once more than that. Any sane person would conclude that she is not getting to the live shows after being rejected at the judges houses twice.

  10. I’m reading on Digital Spy forum…. Apparently the manufactured girlband has 5 girls and the manufactured boyband has 8 blokes. The boyband includes Barclay Beales, the yodeller from last year! And Tom Mann.

  11. Why is Cheryl Cole always mentoring the Girls/Boys categories? Doesn’t anyone find that a bit unfair for the other judges?

  12. Cheryl Ann Tweedy Cole Fernandez-Versini can choose whatever category she likes. She’s got more names than all the other judges combined.

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