X Factor UK S13 – TOP 24 + 4 Wildcards

With the 6 Chair Challenge over, here are the TOP 24 acts of season 13:

Soheila Clifford
Kayleigh Marie Morgan
Caitlyn Vanbeck
Gifty Louise
Emily Middlemas
Olivia Garcia

James Hughes
Niall Sexton
Matt Terry
Freddy Parker
Nate Simpson
Christian Burrows

4 of Diamonds
The Brooks
Tom and Laura
Ottavio and Bradley

Samantha Atkinson
Relley C
Janet Grogan
James Wilson
Christopher Peyton
Ivy Grace Paredes Honey G

Ivy Grace Paredes was unable to get a visa to travel to the judges’ houses on time, so she had to withdraw from the competition. She was replaced by Honey G. Kinda pointless, Honey G didn’t even get to take a seat after her performance. How is she going to compete with those that managed to keep their seat until the end?

4 Wildcards were chosen for the judges’ houses.

Louis was asked to bring back one of the girls and he picked Samantha Lavery. She was eliminated at the 6 Chair Challenge due to a poor song choice.

Simon was asked to bring back one of the boys and he picked Ryan Lawrie. He auditioned as a solo artist, but got to the 6 Chair Challenge in a manufactured boyband … Oh, I guess the show forgot to mention that. Simon later realized Ryan deserved to go through solo.

Nicole was asked to bring back one of the overs and she called Saara Aalto. I’m not sure this is a good choice considering how Sharon responded to her at the 6 Chair Challenge.

Sharon was asked to bring back a group and Yes Lad are the lucky act. At least Sharon didn’t bring back “Girl Next Door.”

I think wildcards at this stage of the competition are completely pointless. Each judge will only take three acts to the live shows and to do that they will have to cut their number of acts in half. Now they each got another act, one that even didn’t make the previous cut at the 6 Chair Challenge. I don’t think the 4 wildcarded acts are some undeniable talents that absolutely deserved to go to the judges’ houses.

What’s worse, there is a rumored TOP 12 floating around and I find it absolutely horrific. See for yourself if you want. I hope this is fake. It has to be fake. It has to be. If it’s real, I expect Twitter to go ballistic, Digital Spy to explode and I will jump through my window and over the balcony.

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