X Factor UK S11E21 – Week 4 – Fright Night

X Factor’s Halloween special!

Tonight’s episode starts at 8pm BST, 9pm CEST, 3pm EDT, 12pm PDT.



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It’s the day after Halloween, so it’s time for X Factor’s Halloween special. The official title of this week’s two episodes is “Fright Night” and to live up to that title, it’s a double eviction week. The first act will be leaving us tonight at the end of the episode, and the sing off is tomorrow. And if my source was correct, band The Script was booked to perform tonight, I presume after all 11 acts and before the results. Another “The Voice” related act. :D

Louis dressed up as a Frankenstein.

The phone lines are now open, about 7 minutes past 8pm.

Ben Haenow – Highway to Hell (AC/DC)

Simon wants Ben to stop just standing behind the mike stand. We get a quick look into Ben’s life at home.
Brian Friedman at work … Let’s see.
Ben sounds awesome, as always. Him walking around with a mic and the upper half of a mic stand isn’t a big improvement, tho.
Louis: Ben, what an opening! You are the real deal, you have a really authentic rock voice.
Mel B: Wow, what just happened? Your best performance yet!
Cheryl: The clip showed that this show gives people like you get an opportunity.
Simon: That was an outstanding vocal, great performance.

Lola Saunders – Crazy (Gnarls Barkley)

Lola’s performance last week was a mess. The real reason? Her voice gave out last Saturday during rehearsal and she was panicking.
Lola slows down the song at the beginning and then goes uptempo. She sounds confident. This performance is definitely a million time better than last week’s.
Louis: That was crazily good!
Mel B: Cheryl, this week you’ve got it spot on!
Simon: Lola, by a mile your best performance so far! This is the first time I’ve seen you confident.
Cheryl: I have to give credit to Jordan (Lola’s boyfriend) …

Fleur East – Thriller (Michael Jackson)

Fleur went home this week. Kinda early for home visits. She also celebrated her birthday this week.
Brian Friedman gave her the original Thriller choreography! Hmm, Fleur’s voice sounds a bit weak on this. And the red dress looks a bit weird on her. Oh, a costume change. Now the new one looks better. Overall, this was great.
Louis: That was the most awesome performance I’ve seen. For me, you are the best performer in the competition.
Mel B: That was hands down the best dancing performance, but I feel your vocal were compromised.
Cheryl: I have to give you credit on taking on MJ.
Simon: This is what X Factor is about: being a well rounded entertainer.

Jack Walton – Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis)

Jack has a hard time going from being a performer in a small venue to being a performer on the X Factor stage.
This week, he doesn’t have a guitar on him, so he is clutching the mic stand. He is dressed in leather pants and frilly shirt and he has some guyliner on. His voice just doesn’t seem to be strong enough, he is getting drowned out by the backing track. And now … my god, black female vampire came to bite him. He was violated right in front of our eyes.
Louis: Jack, it’s week 4, things are getting serious now. I think you are a small room performer, you look lost on the big stage.
Cheryl: Jack, something didn’t connect again …
Simon: You can’t blame him, he got eaten in the middle of the song! I think you are a different kind of a performer.
Mel B: I disagree with the other three …

Jay James – Mad World (Tears For Fears)

Jay James teaches the boys how to shave … How nice.
Jay gets a giant eye in the back. The vocal sounds so – so. And the arrangement changes from something slow to EDM. I will totally give him points for originality. So, amazing second part. Very current.
Louis: Jay, I love the song, every week …
Mel B: I’m impressed, Simon. I think that was spot on, I liked it a lot.
Cheryl: You do something different every week, which makes you a bit hard to place as an artist, I think you are better than this song.
Simon: Putting your own spin on the song is what being an artist is all about.

Andrea Faustini – Relight My Fire (Take That)

Andrea has the support of Ed Sheeran, Jessie J and Kate Moss.
Mel wants him dancing this week. He is totally out of his comfort zone.
The dancers are dressed as devil women, Andrea wears a golden jacket and his face and hair are gold, too. He even has horns. The song is a bit rearranged, so Andrea gets some bigger notes towards the end, but at least it’s not the regular diva ballad.
Louis: At last, we know how well you can sing the diva ballads, this was something different.
Cheryl: What have they done to you. Honestly, your vocal are always phenomenal, but I don’t like the gold thing.
Simon: That was one of the craziest … on this show. At least you took a risk, I don’t know what to say … [can’t stop laughing]
Mel B: You owned it!

Lauren Platt – Dark Horse (Katy Perry)

She gets 12 dancers and she is definitely out of her comfort zone. Cheryl says: “Welcome to the pop world”. More clips from the rehearsals …. Lauren is in tears.
Lauren looks like a blonde Katy Perry tonight. “Dark Horse” isn’t a singer’s song, but Lauren sounds decent. She looks very uncomfortable on stage with that choreography.
Louis: Lauren, you did it, you killed it!
Mel B: Well look at you, miss sassy pants. You delivered, well done!
Simon: Lauren, that was a very good song choice. It’s a very hard song to sing. You turned into a popstar this week.
Cheryl: You had a little wobble in rehearsal …

Paul Akister – Bat Out Of Hell (Meatloaf)

Wagner sang this for Halloween in season 7. Paul doesn’t like the song or the choreography, but he is trying.
He is dressed in leather and he is also wearing guyliner … and red contact lenses. The female dancers lock him in a cage. The loud backing track is drowning him out, but overall I think Paul outdid the other two boys tonight.
Louis: I wasn’t expecting that at all, you should listen to your mentor, she was right about the song.
Cheryl: Sometimes it’s good to push yourself out of your comfort zone.
Simon: I think you sang that song very well. You need to lighten up, many would like to be in your place. It’s about embracing the opportunity …
Mel B: We’ve been through it this week, but you came out as a trooper, you are versatile.

Only The Young – The Monster Mash (Bobby Pickett)

They go trick and treating with Louis. :D
The 4 start sitting by the table with some skeletons, bubbling cauldron and pumpkins. I think the kids will love this. :) They sound fine. Not that the vocals really matter that much in this performance.
Mel B: This is what I love about the X Factor: It’s fun! Well done Brian, well done you four!
Cheryl: That was probably the most fun performance this week.
Simon: Congratulations, I think this was the first time I saw you as the group your really are.
Louis: Guys, you bounced back from being in the bottom 2 last week … People please vote!

Stereo Kicks – Everybody (Backstreet Boys)

The song itself doesn’t have a lot to do with Halloween, but the Backstreet Boys did a monster-themed music video for it.
They went to a mall to meet the fans. They do have fans, you know.
Ugh, this was just a lame song choice. Why pick a boyband song? They didn’t add anything to it and they can’t dance. The whole choreography was robotic.
Mel B: I just love that song. I found it a little bit aggressive, but you killed it!
Cheryl: I thoroughly enjoyed the performance.
Simon: Last week it worked for the first time, this time I believe you. Absolutely on the money!
Louis: People at home, lift your phones and vote!

Stevi Ritchie – Music of The Night (from Phantom of The Opera)

Joke act gets the pimp spot for Halloween!
Stevi picked this song. He also made the first page of The Sun last week and he is thrilled. Stevi has love problems, but Simon cheers him up by inviting him out for dinner to Harvester’s.
I appreciate Stevi’s ambition, but he just doesn’t have the voice to really bring it. It’s still nice that he got to perform this, I guess.
Louis: The bromance between you and Simon is scaring me.
Mel B: You’ve got to do your dream, which was to sing that song.
Cheryl: I absolutely adore you.
Simon: Stevi Ritchie, you are my hero. That takes a lot of guts.

And this it it! Less than 9 minutes until the vote freeze! Time for a recap and another commercial break. 5 minutes left to vote!

We are back and the vote is now frozen!

The Script are performing next. “No Good In Goodbye” is their current UK single. The frontman was a coach on The Voice UK for the first two seasons. How nice they decided to grace the stage of the big bad X Factor!

So, which performances were your favorite this week? Mine: Only The Young, Lola Saunders, Paul Akister and Ben Haenow. There were no big standouts, to be honest.

Results after yet another break!

The judges join their acts on stage.

Lauren Platt
Only The Young
Ben Haenow
Stevi Ritchie
Fleur East
Paul Akister
Stereo Kicks
Jay James
Andrea Faustini
Lola Sanders

Lola, Jack and Andrea are left on stage. Dermot says they are not the bottom 3, but one of them is going home. The act who received the fewest votes tonight is Jack Walton. We see his best bits …

The phone lines are now re-open.

John Legend and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini perform tomorrow night.

‘That’s unfair’: Paul Akister fights back as Simon Cowell accuses him of having a bad attitude… despite impressive X Factor performance
Paul Akister heard some choice words from Simon Cowell on Saturday night, and he gave some back.

Mel B’s contestant was very unhappy to be singing the Meatloaf classic, Like a Bat Out Of Hell.

‘I hate it so much,’ he said.
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Jack gets the axe! Shock elimination sees the end of Jack Walton’s X Factor dreams after shaky Bleeding Love performance
A Saturday night eviction saw the end of one more X Factor dream: Jack Walton’s.

The second of Mel B’s northern lads to leave the competition in as many weeks, Jack was revealed as having the lowest number of public votes.

Singing Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis, he ditched the guitar and donned a frilly shirt and, in his own words, ‘bloomin’ heels’.
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Cheryl Fernandez-Versini wows in plunging sheer purple bejewelled gown over nude slip…while Mel B sparkles in silver
Both Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Mel B brought their A-game to Saturday night’s X Factor.

The pair went for a sparkling theme, although once again the winner of this week’s fashion battle would have to be Cheryl.

Wearing a beautiful purple bejewelled gown, the singer looked both hot and in keeping with the Fright Night theme – although she was wearing a questionable nude slip underneath.
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