X Factor UK S11E14 – Judges’ Houses

Simon and Cheryl pick their final 3 singers.

Sarah - Wexford Has Talent
Sarah - Wexford Has Talent

Tonight’s episode starts at 8pm BST, 9pm CEST, 3pm EDT, 12pm PDT.

XF UK S11E14 Previews:

Chloe Jasmine Judges’ Houses Preview

Lola Saunders Judges’ Houses Preview



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SIMON’S DECISION: Ben Heanow is first seeing Simon. Simon is sitting on a bar stool by the pool. Simon says he doesn’t think Ben knows who he is as an artist. But, Simon is taking him to the live shows anyway.

Stevi Ritchie, Lizzy Pattinson and Fleur East are up next. Fleur East is going to the live shows, even though Simon says he doesn’t know who she is as an artist. We say goodbye to Stevi and Lizzy. Simon is sad to see Stevi go.

Helen Fulthorpe and Jay James are the remaining two. It’s not hard to guess what Simon’s decision will be. Helen messed up big time and even though Jay wasn’t great yesterday, Jay is going to the live shows.


Time for Cheryl and the girls! Cheryl filmed her judges’ houses in Nice, France and her guest judge was rapper Tinie Tempah. Girls got to enjoy some moments on a private yacht.

Lauren Platt – Beneath Your Beautiful (Labrinth feat. Emeli Sande)

Lauren gets a good edit with her family. Her parents split 6 years ago and recently got back together. The performance was just okay for me. Tinie wants to see more personality from Lauren.

Kerrianne Covell – Hurt (Christina Aguilera)

She sings well, but I think this really pales in comparison to XTINA. Charyl says that she heard Kerrianne sing better before.

Chloe Jasmine – Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Judy Gardland)

Chloe is very nervous. But once she stands in front of Cheryl and Tinie and opens her mouth … wow. I wonder if she has a certain number of well rehearsed jazzy songs that she does very well? Cheryl and Tinie are stunned. Cheryl knows Chloe won’t be everybody’s cup of tea. Meanwhile Tinie says he would have preferred to hear a more current song from Chloe.

Stephanie Nala – Careless Whisper (George Michael)

She was in a bad The Luminites that was on BGT. Stephanie has a cute, gentle voice. She does a nice version of “Careless Whisper”. Tinie and Cheryl think she has a great recording voice. She is also really cute. Basically, she doesn’t need a make over.

Emily Middlemas – Story of My Life (One Direction)

Ugh, she is changing up the gender pronouns and it’s super weird. But Tinie still loves her.

Lola Saunders – All of Me (John Legend)

Lola’s 6-chair-challenge performance wasn’t her best and she really wants to do her best this time. She is very nervous and the performance wasn’t perfect, but she pulled it through. There is something about her that makes me root for her.

CHERYL’S DECISION: Chloe Jasmine and Emily Middlemas are the first to go see Cheryl. Cheryl’s is questioning Chloe’s likability and Emily’s maturity. Emily is going home. I bet we will see her again in a year or two. I think Cheryl made the right decision. Chloe Jasmine is through to the live shows. Her JH performance was really good, but personally, I wouldn’t take her to the live shows.
Kerrianne Covell and Lauren Platt are next. I’m getting turned off my Kerrianne’s attitude. Lauren Platt is through to the live shows, even though her JH performance wasn’t outstanding. Kerrianne is going home.
Stephanie Nala and Lola Saunders are the remaining two girls. Cheryl says Steph is a readily made popstar, but needs to believe in herself more. Lola meanwhile has to control her nerves better. Stephanie Nala is through to the live shows. WE say goodbye to Lola Saunders. Lola’s phone call to her grandma is heartbreaking.


TRAILER FOR NEXT WEEK: The 4 judges, TOP 12 and THE WILDCARDS ARE REVEALED! Get ready for photos of people with blankets on their heads going to rehearsals next week!

Who do you think the wildcards will be (one from each category)?

The aXe Factor: Robert Pattinson’s big sister Lizzy is left in tears after Simon Cowell boots her off TV talent show
Devastated Lizzy Pattinson has been told that she is isn’t through to the next round of auditions on The X Factor.

Simon Cowell broke the heart-breaking news to the 31-year-old on Sunday’s night’s episode, which was filmed at his house.

The disappointed blonde hopeful, who is Robert Pattinson’s older sister, was seen walking away from the cameras with her eyes welling up.
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Blonde ambition! Chloe-Jasmine Whichello puts her best foot forward in X Factor boots as she tries to win a place on the live shows during Judges’ Houses battle
She’s come under constant scrutiny following accusations of favouritism and audition fixing to help her sail through the contest.

But Chloe-Jasmine Whichello appears determined to put her best foot forward in the X Factor contest by heading to Judges’ Houses with a spring in her step – courtesy of a pair of custom made boots.

Fans of the show will see the posh singer perform for judge Cheryl Fernandez-Versini at a lavish mansion in Nice while wearing ankle boots emblazoned with the talent show’s ‘X’ logo.
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‘Oh my gosh… why?’ Posh Chloe Jasmine can’t believe Cheryl Versini-Fernandez has put her through to The X Factor live shows
Most contestants jumped for joy at hearing they’d made it through to The X Factor live shows.

But posh Chloe Jasmine seemed to have a bone to pick with Cheryl Versini-Fernandez over picking her.

‘Oh my gosh… Why?’ the confused 24-year-old asked after finding out she was one of the star’s final three.
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‘It’s just so hard’: Cheryl Versini-Fernandez breaks down on The X Factor… moments before telling a contestant to stop crying
It’s not just The X Factor contestants who have had an emotional time this week.

Cheryl Versini-Fernandez was desperately struggling to keep her composure on Sunday night’s episode.

But despite her best efforts, the Crazy Stupid Love singer burst into tears as she came face to face with her group to reveal who had made it through to the live rounds.
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‘She is mesmerising and just fascinating’: Cheryl Fernandez-Versini defends decision to save X Factor hopeful Chloe-Jasmine Whichello over ‘boring’ singers
When it comes to selecting finalists on The X Factor, there’s almost always outrage among viewers concerning a judge’s decision.

And Cheryl Fernandez-Versini is feeling the wrath of fans, after sparking a tide of discontent over her decision to take Chloe-Jasmine Whichello through to the Judges’ Houses stage.

While the star had initially rejected the posh hopeful from her top six at the conclusion of the Boot Camp stage, she eventually changed her mind and saved her after chatting with producers.
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Meet X Factor’s final 12 which include an eight-piece boyband, the ‘poshest’ contestant ever and a BGT reject
Sunday night saw the last of the X Factor finalists chosen for this year’s live shows and, as ever, they are a colourful bunch.

Simon Cowell chose his top three from the over-25s category, with some help from his scantily clad assistant Sinitta, while new judge Mel B brought in fellow Spice Girl Emma Bunton to chose her finalists from the boys.

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini managed to stop crying long enough to pick her three girls, thanks to some advice from Tinie Tempah, while Louis Walsh brought back former judge Tulisa Contostavlos to assist him in narrowing down the groups to three.

Now, as the hard work starts for the live shows, MailOnline has all you need to know about this year’s crop of contestants for the ITV programme’s live shows.
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  1. Chloe Jasmine’s preview is FANTASTIC. Her unique, alto tone is so rich and I love her stage presence and quirkiness. Great song choices as well! :-)

  2. as if golden boy Jay is going to lose out to cannon fodder Helen… as nice as she seems to be…

  3. gosh isn’t this Chloe girl posh… why do I suddenly feel like I am watching Made in Chelsea?

  4. she was rather good.. old thing!
    although she does that annoying playing for the camera thing

  5. I thought it was a bit of a mess… what was the song?
    if it’s well known, it was almost unrecognisable… to me

  6. ok. I know the song and I think she sang it well. All of me by John Legend.

  7. I was not able to watch live. Are they really going to introduce wildcards again this year?

  8. ah… I did sort of recognise it… I haven’t watched anything up to this weekend… so haven’t seen any prior performances by any of them…
    I know Lola has had a lot of buzz… but if I had to pick 3 girls based on tonight alone…
    she wouldn’t be one of them…
    it would be Chloe, Steph and probably Lauren…

  9. If (as reported) Lola doesn’t get through (but may be the wild card)… are they setting Steph up to be the one that knocker her out?

  10. this does seem like a major redemption set up for Lola… as the wild card…

  11. I think Cheryl made the right decision regarding Emily and Kerrianne, but I would take Lola to the live shows instead of Chloe. Chloe might have troubles getting the votes early on.

  12. I didn’t see it that way. Sure, they were the last two girls to get the news, but in the end there were 6 girls and Cheryl could only take 3 to the live shows … And I’m sure the producers wouldn’t let Cheryl drop Chloe. Considering Steph nailed her performance, I can’t hold anything against her.

  13. I really liked Lola maybe she will be Cheryl’s wild card .

  14. I’m hoping the wildcards are Lola, Helen, and two others. I don’t care who the wildcard for the guys or groups is.

  15. I think depending on whether or not Stevie makes it as a wildcard, the first bottom two will be Chloe and either Stevie (if yes) or Blonde Electric (if no).

  16. Yeah. Stevi and BE are joke acts. And a lot of people will loathe Chloe and BE. BE have two strikes against them.

    TBH, I think wildcards are a must this year.

  17. Simon is picking the wildcard for the girls. Considering Emily really needs some more time and Kerrianne’s off-putting attitude, I really hope Lola gets in.

  18. Simon said that Lola is the type of girl he’d like to see win, so I’d be shocked if he picks someone else.

  19. Okay, so far it looks like the wildcard will probably be:

    GIRLS: Lola Saunders
    BOYS: Jack Walton
    OVERS: Stevi Ritchie
    GROUPS: Overload

    Yeah, Overload didn’t even make it to judges’ houses, but they are the most likely. One of the girls from the manufactured girlband is in the USA, so I guess they are out. The Brooks are performing at the same event as Kerrianne and Emily on Oct. 26. And Concept … Eh. I guess it’s them or Overload. When Louis kicked off Overload last Sunday, he and the boyband trended on twitter for two days or so.

  20. Sad about Lola. She is the most genuine singer who puts the most passion in her voice. Even if it’s not perfect, her tone and urgency carries her through. Really hope she is a wildcard, though worry if she does make it to the lives if people are willing to vote for her.

    By the way, is there still gonna be a fifth judge? Or is that all heresy now?

  21. Jake seems pretty forgettable… add in the fact that Jay/Ben/Paul/Andrea are all better singers and have more star power… I think he may be in trouble early on also… and that’s without adding in wildcards

  22. So Simon basically said that to everybody I don’t know who you are as an artist when it’s pretty apparent. I mean Fluer sings and she raps what is there not to understand.

  23. So there’s going to be wildcards and I bet you they’re going to eliminate 1 person from each team after the 1st live show making it a top 12 again. Therefore having wildcards serves no purpose if they going to cut it to a top 12 again.

  24. I guess because TPTB feel it makes for entertaining TV… and if a couple of actual decent (but boring) singers get kicked out… and a few of the ‘personality plus’ wildcards remain… then only better for the ratings…

  25. I think controlling her nerves and a little vocal coaching is all she needs. I love her passion and demeanor.

  26. problem with Chloe is that she’s going to have to be very creative with her song rearrangements and based on her 6 chair challenege she might not be up to the task

  27. in season 7 when they had wildcards they just did 3 double eliminations and had a final 4 instead of a final 3. so that’s also possible.

  28. I really hope that does not happen because then they might as well have had four each from the beginning. They can really make this whole wildcard thing so unnecessary. I liked it better when the audience voted on the wildcards and decide who would be the 13th contestant.

  29. As bloated as the double eliminations are, I rather they do that instead.

  30. Sick of Chloe and her bull. She had a modeling contract and will be paid to sing live. She botched her 6 chair audition. No problem, try again. Her preferential treatment shows the producers want her, so please cut the crap with “Oh I am so surprised they like me” and whatever other drivel your acting can drum up. Her Over the Rainbow, was very average. The song has been done 10000 times. I dont like what she did with it, not at all. No matter, the girl can sing but her auditions have not been good enough to warrant a spot live. Sad. I thought Lola killed it. I loved her rendition of All of Me. I thought she was the best of the girls. Of course, the best band and the best under 25 boy are also gone. May as well be consistent. It has been written that Simon wanted preferential treatment to gimmick over talent to bring the fun back. It is sad that these egomaniacs do not let it be a singing competition. Let the singers sing. Let the best people through. It should be that simple. The X Factor Uk has gone far away from that simple strategy. There is not a single act that I look forward to watching. Luckily Dean and Brothers 3 are ready for my viewing. X Factor Australia begins for me, right now.

  31. I hope you are correct. My fave girl was Lola fave boy was Jack and fave group Overload. That would make the show at least watchable.

  32. Haha. I agree with Chloe. She has a different arrangement which is nice, but she is not good enough and acts all Fake. Not buying that. I would love to see an authentic good jazz singer.
    Thank goodness for Dean and Brothers 3.

  33. MrCelebUK

    1m1 minute ago

    SPOILER: @LolaSaunders and @OverloadMusic to return to @TheXFactor as wildcard acts. 2 more will join them #xfactor

  34. Do you know if they are doing the first week eliminations by have one act from each category be eliminated?

  35. I don’t know, but the last time Simon and Cheryl were on and they has wildcards, they tried to hide them with blankets too. And then they had double eliminations at the start of the season. 4 acts made it to the final week.

  36. It’s the Wild Card

    This weekend, on the first of the Live Shows, we find out WHO the Wild Cards are.

    But this year there’s a twist!

    The other Judges have chosen the Wild Card for each other. Yes, each
    other! And that means that they can pick ANYONE who got a chair at Boot

    So if one of the Judges think that their fellow Judge made a mistake
    by NOT putting someone through to their Judges’ House, then they can
    throw that contestant a life line.

    Oooooh the plot thickens. Who will each Judge get?

    All will be revealed on The X Factor, 7.30pm on ITV


  37. I just read something about Overload being a One Direction wannabe. Then I looked it up to check it myself and you can actually recognize the Zayn, Harry (bootcamp: he even performed with the same attitude as harry) and Niall. Now I find them pathetic, although I think they are defenitely talented and I liked their own bootcamp song ‘No, no, no’.

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