X Factor UK – Judges’ Houses – Part 2

It’s time for rivers of tears … and another round of boyband manufacturing.

TOP 16

Gary Barlow & THE BOYS
James Michael
Frankie Cocozza
Craig Colton
Marcus Collins

Kelly Rowland & THE GIRLS
Amelia Lily Oliver
Misha Bryan
Sophie Habibis
Janet Devlin

Louis Walsh & THE OVERS
Jonjo Kerr
Johnny Robinson
Kitty Brucknell
Samantha Brookes

Tulisa C-Something & THE GROUPS
2 Shoes
Nu Vibe
Derry, Ashley, and Andrew from The Risk + Charlie from The Keys

So, what do you think? Do you have any favorites?

Boys don’t do much for me this year. I loved Craig Colton’s audition, but since then, he is just as blah as Frankie Cocozza and James Michael for me. I actually like Marcus Collins the most. I’m afraid the tabloids will be soon full of stories about gay hairdresser from Liverpool. I hear his boyfriend was on the X Factor years ago, in a boyband.

The girls … Well, Sophie Habibis is a decent singer, but I think she is not really memorable. And Janet Devlin’s soft voice is just too affected for her to win. Diana Vickers finished 4th in season 5 and that’s probably what Janet can do with the support of the judges.
I like Misha Bryan and Amelia Lily Oliver. Hopefully the stylists and make up team will take care of them, because they both need help. Yikes.

The overs… Jonjo Kerr is for me in the same box as the boys: bland, blah. Johnny Robinson and Kitty Brucknell will entertain us with their antics and then there is Samantha, who can sing well, but I don’t see her as a recording artist.

And the groups? One half of 2 Shoes is pregnant. I think 2 Shoes and girlband Rhythmix probably won’t even make the XF Tour (TOP 8). Girlbands never do well.
Boyband Nu Vibe seems to gel well, they sound current, so let’s see if they can turn them into One Direction.
The Risk version 2: Derry, Ashley, Andrew and Charlie from The Keys have yet to perform together, but on paper they should be good. Charlie was the lead singer of The Keys, Derry can rap and the other two are good too.

I can’t believe I like two girls and 2 manufactured boybands.

Let me guess, solo singers form groups and group members go solo?

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