X Factor UK Headlines for 11/11/12 – PART 1

One Direction’s sophomore album drops next week. Boys are busy promoting new album, but they still find time to get new tattoos.

One Direction’s sophomore album drops this week! Their debut “Up All Night” was released on November 21st 2011 in the UK. Less than a year later, on November 12th 2012, boys are releasing “Take Me Home”. In the US, they are releasing their second album in a year.

We saw them perform on X Factor USA this past week and last tonight their pre-recorded performance for X Factor UK aired. Boys taped an appearance on Ellen’s show on Friday that will air on Thursday, November 15th. They sang “Live While We’re Young”, “Little Things”, “What Makes You Beautiful” and “One Thing”. It looks like they were the only guests for that episode.



One Direction will be returning to The Today Show on Tuesday, Nov. 13th.

They are nominated for some MTV EMA awards, but the boys are not appearing. I think MTV EMA is on tonight? They are also nominated for some American Music Awards, so maybe they show up there next Sunday. Who knows.

One Direction, ‘Take Me Home’: Track-By-Track Review
When Simon Cowell issues a challenge, the pop world tends to accept it. That’s what happened with One Direction on album number two, arriving in the U.S. eight months after its predecessor. Following the massive success of “Up All Night” and the single “What Makes You Beautiful,” the “X Factor” judge and band advisor challenged pop’s most dominant songwriters and producers to bring their A-game to One Direction’s follow-up. A glance at the album’s liner notes shows some familiar faces and some new ones, but most importantly, at least half of “Take Me Home’s” songs sound like potential singles, ranging from glossy electro-pop to sentimental acoustic ballads. Even with so many producers lending a hand, there isn’t a dud to be found on the record’s thirteen tracks. At worst, some of the lesser cuts sound like photocopies of their stronger counterparts, which is certainly a forgivable offense for the boys of One Direction.
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One Direction: Take Me Home – review
The scale of their success may still be baffling, but on One Direction’s new album it at least sounds like they made an effort
It’s not often you encounter a new album that you can genuinely describe as phenomenal, but the adjective fits One Direction’s Take Me Home. If it maintains the quintet’s current upward trajectory, they have every right to call themselves the biggest group in the world. Given that, in the US, its lead single, Live While We’re Young, had the biggest opening-week sales figures for any non-US act in history, it seems almost inconceivable that it won’t.
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One Direction track-by-track review of Take Me Home: Find out the best songs, funniest lyrics and more!

It’s the difficult second album and One Direction are going to have their critics.

Most of them will be fans of The Wanted while the rest are simply fed up of hearing Live While We’re Young and want some more whining Jake Bugg on the radio.

But with tracks written by the genius Ed Sheeran and McFly’s Tom Fletcher, this was never going to be a predictable pop album.

There are some obvious rhymes and repetitive tones but the five-piece have smashed it with Take Me home.

It’s fun, infectious and they’ve found the balance between poptastic fun for the pre-teens and lyrics with meaning for embarrassed twenty-somethings who secretly listen to Up All Night on their iPods.
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Say CHEESE! One Direction recreate awkward Seventies-style family photo as they sport coloured knitwear and cuddle puppies for new shoot
Earlier this year they already showed off their love for dogs as they interrupted a performance in the States to welcome some puppies on stage.

And it seems One Direction can’t get enough of the fluffy pets as they’ve now posed for a special photo shoot all carrying a dog each.

The boys appear on the front cover of Wonderland magazine’s upcoming new issue.
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One Direction on Their New Album, Take Me Home
They’ve got moves like Jagger, charming accents, and great hair, but a skyrocketing second album and a world tour prove One Direction are more than just another Brit boy band.

As a general rule, once an action figure has been created in your likeness and shipped to toy stores around the globe, any claims of regular-guy status pretty much go straight out the window. But the five members of the British boy band One Direction—that’s, from left, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, and Harry Styles, for those of you who were literally raised by wolves—tend to insist, quite convincingly, that they’re still the same lads who first auditioned for the U.K. version of The X Factor more than two years back. “What we do isn’t normal,” allows Niall, nineteen, in an interview conducted on the London set of the group’s Teen Vogue cover shoot. “But we’re normal.”
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Exclusive interview and photo shoot: There’s only One Direction – the boys go global
It’s been a big year for Britain and the British. London 2012 and the Jubilee celebrations inspired a new feeling of patriotism at home and made us the focus of attention across the planet. But there is currently another British phenomenon attracting global attention.

Five boys aged between 18 and 20 are pushing Britain’s international standing stratospherically upwards in (and as) One Direction.

Harry Styles, 18, Zayn Malik, 19, Niall Horan, 19, Liam Payne, 19, and Louis Tomlinson, 20 – who all auditioned for The X Factor in 2010 as solo artists but were thrown together as a band by Simon Cowell – have (despite coming third in the final) broken recording history. They are the first UK group to reach number one in the US charts with their debut album, which means they outdo even the Beatles, and have a following that currently eclipses that of Justin Bieber.

In the process of conquering America and much of the rest of the world, the boys have not only earned an estimated £1 million a week between them, they have also been great for Britain. Charming, courteous, modest and hard-working, they are the Team GB of the music industry. ‘The Team GB of the music industry?’ Liam repeats in bemused tones. ‘No one has said that before but, hey, that’s a really great thing to hear.’
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One Direction Harry Styles: I won’t date anybody older than my mum (…she’s 43 by the way)
He’s the teenage heart-throb famous for a penchant for older women.

But 18-year-old One Direction singer Harry Styles – who dated Xtra Factor host Caroline Flack, 33, and enjoyed a well-publicised fling with 32-year-old married DJ Lucy Horobin – says there is a definite age barrier he won’t cross.

In an exclusive One Direction interview inside today’s You magazine, Harry is asked: ‘How old is too old?’ He says: ‘Any woman older than my mum Anne – who is 43.’
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‘The first time I had sex, I was scared I got the girl pregnant’: One Direction’ Harry Styles gets personal
He is a bona fide heartthrob with all the female attention any young man could want.

But Harry Styles has revealed that he was not always that confident or experienced with women.

The One Direction star has revealed how after the first time he had sex he was terrified he may have gotten the girl pregnant.
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Things I can’t…. get finished: Harry Styles shows off incomplete tattoos as One Direction prepare for X Factor USA appearance
Harry Styles has a growing collection of tattoos but maybe he should get his latest ink finished before adding more.

The One Direction heartthrob showed off some wording on his arms as the boy band touched down at Los Angeles International Airport, on Tuesday.

Harry, 18, appeared to not have had the sentences on his forearms finished, which read ‘Things i can’t’ and ‘Things i can’.
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Not another one? Harry Styles shows off new body art after visiting David Beckham’s tattoo artist earlier in the day
He’s only 18 years old, but Harry Styles seems determined to get as much body art as he possible can despite his young age.

After showing off two new arm tattoos on Wednesday, the One Direction heartthrob was then spotted entering the tattoo artist responsible for David Beckham’s colourful arms.

And now Harry seems keen to show off the results, as he pulled down his T-shirt to show his band member Zayn Malik his latest skin decoration.
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One Direction Stud
Strips Down for Tat Session

As if One Direction singer and teenage-heart exploder Harry Styles needs another excuse to take his shirt off — but he did it anyway last night … to pump his skin with ink.

18-year-old Styles — who already has several tats — stripped down at Shamrock Tattoo in West Hollywood for the new ink job … while a crowd of girls ogled him from outside.
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Band of tattooed brothers: One Direction’s Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson get new body art just hours after Harry Styles gets inked
They’ve only been in the pop game since 2010 but just two years later they’re molding themselves into the perfect rock stars.

One Direction’s Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson got new tattoos in Los Angeles on Thursday.

And their decision comes after fellow band member Harry Styles got a new inking the day before.
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‘Behind every great man is a great woman!’ Zayn Malik opens up about romance with Perrie Edwards as One Direction make history with first all-male Cosmo cover
They are notoriously private about their relationship.

But now One Direction singer Zayn Malik has opened up about his romance with Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards, crediting the pretty blonde for helping him become the man he is today.

The 19-year-old spoke about Perrie as he posed with his bandmates in what is the first all-male Cosmopolitan cover in the magazine’s 40-year history.
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‘How hot are One Direction?’ Khloe Kardashian swoons as the boy band perform on the U.S. X Factor
It was a proud start to tonight’s X Factor USA show for Simon Cowell as the opening act was the most successful find of his talent show career: the internationally beloved One Direction.

The 53-year-old beamed as though he’d given birth to the cherubic songsters as they performed an infernally catchy rendition of Live While We’re Young, but then, in a way he did… as the UK show put the quintet together.
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Gotta Be Glue! One Direction’s Louis pranks Harry on TV
LOUIS TOMLINSON loves a good prank.

So appearing on a TV show that involves making paintings out of glue and glitter was as likely to end in disaster as leaving HARRY STYLES in a women’s yoga class.

ONE DIRECTION are going to get an almighty cleaning bill for their clobber after turning the set of Spanish TV show El Hormiguero into a battleground.
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The still have the X Factor! Harry’s jaw drops as One Direction is swarmed by screaming girls as they arrive to Warner Brothers lot
They’ve been working on a crossover since rising to fame on The X Factor UK in 2010.

And their appearance in Los Angeles on Friday is any indication, One Direction have officially arrived in America.

The boy band, which broke onto the U.S. music charts with last year’s hit Up All Night, was swarmed by a group of screaming teenage fans as they drove to a television appearance with comedian Ellen DeGeneres.
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POP sensation One ­Direction are off to the White House to play a special gig for Barack Obama’s daughters.

The President and First Lady Michelle have invited the band as a “thank you” to the girls for their help during the election campaign.

Both Malia, 14, and Sasha, 11, have become huge fans of 1D since they took the US by storm.

And the band have proclaimed their support for the Obama campaign.

A source close to One Direction revealed that Michelle Obama, 48, had been in touch personally to ask them to appear at the White House.
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How did you get there? X Factor scandal as One Direction spotted L.A. just minutes after performing ‘live’ on UK show
ITV hit show the X Factor is facing its latest scandal after it emerged that One Direction’s ‘live’ performance on Saturday was recorded last week.

Millions of One Direction fans will be crushed after it was discovered far from being live in the London studios on Saturday evening, the five boys were actually sunning it up in LA.

Screaming fans, a standing ovation from the judges and a huge clap on the back from Dermot O’Leary gave Saturday’s performance the feeling of being as live as Rylan Clark’s Spice Girls medley.

Although never stated as a ‘live performance’, producers did nothing to tell fans the boys were actually in the studio on November 7, even going to the trouble of making sure the judges outfits were exactly the same.
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X Factor ratings are heading in One Direction – down
DESPERATE X FACTOR bosses have drafted in One Direction to stop the ratings rot.

Producers are lining up a series of big-name acts to perform on Saturday nights after conceding the wannabes are no longer enough of a draw.

Chart stars have previously been saved for the Sunday night results.

But with Simon Cowell aghast at the show’s collapse in ratings, producers have been forced into drastic action.

One Direction will appear alongside the contestants tomorrow, with other top acts being lined up for the rest of the series.
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