X Factor UK 2018 Recap – Live Shows Week 4 Results – Live Blog and VIDEOS

Last night was movie night on X Factor UK and I have to say, I enjoyed it overall. Nobody was painful to sit through, and a few contestants (Dalton and Scarlett) had truly great moments. How did the British people vote? Will Olly Murs and Simon bicker about Olly being on The Voice? Is Michael Buble still relevant? We can find out together starting at 3:30 PM eastern, so join me then as I liveblog the show!

Scarlett, Anthony, Dalton, Brendan are shown positively in the intro. Bella and Misunderstood are shown negatively. Olly Murs and Michael Buble are teased. It’s time to face the music!

Dermot introduces Michael Buble immediately. I’m not a Buble fan. And this is quite boring to me. But he can sing at least. It’s a middle of the road guest performance. If a contestant delivered that exact performance Simon would have hated it. Michael delivers a weirdly melancholy speech about how nothing matters. LOL.

Dermot points out some people commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the end of World War I in the audience. Now, montage about last night.

First result:

The first category safe for now is The Overs.

The second category safe for now is The Boys.

The third category safe for now is The Girls.

One of the groups has received the fewest number of votes. And that act is Misunderstood. A few weeks ago, I would have been mad about this. But they’ve totally fallen out of favor in my view. They had so much potential and never lived up to it. I only wish they got a few more votes so they were in the sing off and could do a ballad.

Olly Murs is up now performing his new single Moves. Hoping we hear a new bridge instead of Snoop Dogg’s part. Olly is of my favorite X Factor alumni – the first contestant I rooted for on the first year I watched. He’s not the greatest singer on earth but he’s a great performer. I have to say the sound mixers are helping him a lot more than they helped James Arthur last week. Olly sounds great. He had a different rapper step in for some reason. That was, in my view, the best guest performance so far this series. Ten years since Olly was on the show. Wow. Olly is rooting for Dalton to win. So he left for The Voice but he is still somewhat towing the company line.

After the judges and acts return to the stage, Dermot says the result swapped four times tonight.

In no particular order, the safe acts are:

Scarlett Lee

Anthony Russell

Dalton Harris

Shan Ako

Danny Tetley

Bella Penfold

Brendan Murray

Giovanni Spano and Acacia & Aaliyah are in the singoff

Well. I hope Gio stays, but I can’t see that happening.

First up in the sing-off, it’s Giovanni Spano. He sings Let Me Entertain You by Robbie Williams. He’s killing this. Performing, singing it really well (with the exception of one scream that goes a bit off). All judges except Nile stand. If he goes after that, I’ll be pissed.

Acacia & Aaliyah sing close to me, and there is no universe where this is the better performance. They transition to Shut Down and it’s not better. I think there will be a riot if these two are saved, as there should be. Three judges stand for them as well.

Nile sends home Gio.

Ayda sends home Acacia & Aaliyah.

Louis sends home Gio. Boo.

Simon sends home Gio. Boo.

Giovanni Spano is eliminated.

That was pathetic. They were only saved because Robbie needs an act. Gio slayed that and A&A sucked. Gio was never going to win but I’m still furious that they all pretended that it was even close. Despite it being total b.s., Gio is super gracious after his elimination.

Cheryl and Tom Walker are the guest performers next week. Prom night is the theme? Ok then. I thought it was Big Band, but maybe that’s the same thing.

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