X Factor UK 2018 Recap – Judges Houses Part 3 – Live Blog and VIDEOS

It’s the last episode of Judges Houses for The X Factor 2018! Today we will see the last boy (Brendan Murray) perform before judge Louis Tomlinson puts four of them through to live shows. Then, we will see the 6 overs perform for judge Ayda Williams and guest judges Adam Lambert and Leona Lewis. I’m excited, are you? The show starts at 3 PM EST, so join me then!

After a quick recap of last night and a preview of tonight, we pick up where we left off. Brendan Murray got the safe seat at the 6 chair challenge. He performs Nothing Compares 2 U. I like his voice a lot – it’s different and it stands out. This wasn’t his best performance of the season but it was still good. Guest judge Niall Rogers says he was holding back tears because he was friends with Prince.

We now see Louis, Liam Payne and Niall Rogers pretend to argue over who to put through. The next day, Dermot and Louis lament over “the worst day of the X Factor Calendar”.

Dalton Harris is first to find out his fate. Louis says he has an amazing vocal but worries about versatility. Obviously he’s through to live shows. I loved Dalton’s reaction.

Thomas Pound, Armstrong, and Brendan Murray are the next three to find out their fate. Armstrong makes it through – what? Why? Ugh. He won’t last very long. Thomas gets cut. Ugh, that’s b.s. He was awesome yesterday. Brendan makes it through. That’s good at least.

J-Sol and Anthony are the last two boys to find out their fate. J-Sol gets cut and Anthony Russell makes live shows. I see why Anthony was the last one to find out – his reaction is giving Rylan a run for his money.

The Final Four Boys Are:

Anthony Russell

Dalton Harris


Brendan Murray

Now all that’s left are the overs. Ayda hosts a pool party and yoga for the final 6. Adam Lambert and Leona Lewis are introduced – yay! Nice to see Adam back on X Factor again.

Olatunji Yearwood (Ola) is singing an original song called Ola. He’s not Reggie ’n’ Bollie bad, but he’s not very good either. If he gets through, he’s our joke act this year. Problem is, he’s not a bad enough singer for that role.

Janice Robinson is next up. She’s singing ahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aaj7_OoH-0Qn original song called Love is in the Atmosphere. She’s got a great voice. If an over wins the show, it’ll be her. But I still don’t think she will win. Adam was blown away, and Leona was happy to get to know the woman behind the voice. Ayda thanks her, says she’s a vision.

Ricky John is up next. He got Ayda’s safe seat in the last round. He sings When a Man Loves a Woman. He’s got a good voice but honestly I haven’t been blown away by any of his performances so far. I’ve heard this song done so much better in the past. Ricky ends the song and immediately says he wasn’t happy with that. Adam likes his tone. Ayda likes him but worries about the self doubt.

Louise Setara is next. Her husband passed away last year. She sings Piece by Piece by OG Idol Kelly Clarkson. She’s no Kelly. The first line is really pitchy to my ear. And she screws up all the lyrics. Then she breaks down at the end. The judges run up to her and comfort her. Leona says she knows what it’s like to sing an emotional lyric. Adam says that’s the value in having life experience.

Giovanni Spano is next up. He does west end but he wants to stop being a character. He sings Use Somebody by Kings of Leon and it’s his best performance so far. His soft voice is much weaker than the rest of his voice, which means that the performance is best in the middle. Adam loves that he just goes for it. Ayda says it would be amazing to see how he sounds doing swing – I disagree.

Danny Tetley is the last over to perform. He sings Somewhere Over the Rainbow. This is by several miles his best performance so far. For the first time, I see someone who could make top 5. Adam wasn’t expecting it at all, loved that he was in full control of what he was doing. 

Ayda, Adam, and Leona are now going to pretend to argue over who gets through.

Results time! Janice Robinson is the first to find out her fate. Ayda doesn’t even try to fake her out, says it was always going to be a yes. I honestly appreciated that delivery.

Ola and Louise are the next to find out their fate. Louise gets cut – honestly, it was a mess so I’m not too mad. Ola makes live shows. We have our novelty act.

Gio is up next.  He makes live shows. Ayda really faked him out.

Danny and Ricky are the last two to find out their fate. Is Ayda really about to send home her Golden X? Turns out, she is. Ricky is cut. Wow. I will say, it was 100% the right move. Danny is through and he also gives a Rylan-level reaction.

We end the episode with a preview of the final 16’s makeovers and they look great. Plus, we get to hear voiceover guy Peter Dickson say their names!

Final Four Overs:

Danny Tetley

Janice Robinson

Olatunji Yearwood

Giovanni Spano

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