X Factor UK – Top 8 – Performance Recap

I dunno, my typical favorites were not my favs this week. I actually thought Katie was pretty good. She may squeak by another week. Paije also redeemed himself from a pretty terrible performance last week. I was underwhelmed by Matt and Rebecca. Who will go home? There’s been talk of a double elimination this week, but Dermot didn’t mention. Since Simon doesn’t care for rules, it does not mean it will not happen.

Whoa at Cheryl totally throwing Wagner under the Big Bus tonight when she brought up something he said to the press about her growing up in the projects. I think TPTB are more than done with Wagner. Don’t know who will go this week. Since Paije sang well, there will be no urgency to save him. Could Wagner finally end up in the B2? if he does, the judges will certainly take the opportunity to ditch him.

X Factor UK Top 8 performance show begins at 3 pm ET today!

It’s Beatles week on X Factor UK–check out the spoilers HERE.

According to Mary Byrne, the next two weeks will feature DOUBLE ELIMINATIONS!
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The judges enter to the strains of “Twist and Shout”. It’s Paul McCartney with a taped message for a kid. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Matt Cardle – (Dannii – Boys) – “Come Together” – Matt was gutted when Aiden left last week. Matt has dancers this week for the fist time EVER. Matt Cardle in a wife beater…with lady dancers…and he’s screaming the song. Does not sound good. Not really digging this. So many suitable Beatle songs to pick from. Dannii what the hell is wrong with you? Louis says, “Great song choice, There was something missing in the performance tonight.” Cheryl says, “Disagree with Louis, I got a sneaky feeling we could see you in the final.” Simon says, “He was missing his shirt. The whole styling thing went too much to the left. It looked like you were dragged from the loo to do a performance. I thought the vocal was fantastic.” Dannii says, “The girls would be happy if were dragged from anywhere.” The audience was screaming their heads off.

Cher Lloyd – (Cheryl – Girls) – “Imagine” – Wow. Cher is going to attempt to tackle “Imagine”? Seriously? Little girls who have no clue should NOT be singing “Imagine”. This is a pretty wretched interpretation. Her vocals are a’ight, but she brings no emotional heft to the song whatsoever. Louis says, “It was a great song choice. On that performance there was no rap, no choir, it really didn’t go anywhere for me. That was just a very lazy performance.” Dannii says, “I thought that was fantastic. You can do a bit of everything.” Simon says, “Part of me is happy that you did this, you showed the person you really are. It’s what Cheryl did with the half staircase–it was a ridiculous thing to sing on. Little girls look up to you as a complete role model. They aren’t going to like this” Cheryl says, “Sometime when we strip it back, it shows that your voice is not to be underestimated.” I love Simon saying things like “I read things about you in the paper…” when he’s the one planting the gossip in the first place.

One Direction – (Simon – Groups) – “All You Need Is Love” – That Liam with the curly hair is cute, but he sucks. They should put the stronger singers out front. They STILL sound terrible together. What’s with the massive reverb? Doesn’t really help. Louis says, “Thank god you came on, loved the arrangement. You lifted your game. You’re in it for the long haul.” Dannii says, “You guys were struggling with the vocals. You have to work as a group.” Cheryl says, “Another great performance from you guys. Why the platform?” Simon says, “As always, you worked hard you delivered a fantastic performance.”

Rebecca Ferguson – (Cheryl – Girls) – “Yesterday” – Rebecca is from Liverpool so… This song is so played out, it’s hard for me to hear. Rebecca is a little pitchy dawg. And boring. I know I’m being a downer today, but it’s the fricking Beatles. I can’t help but be tough. Rebecca has an interesting vocal quality but she CANNOT hold a note and stay on pitch. Louis says, “You bring class to this show. You so made it your own. It could be a hit again. I want to see you in the final.” Dannii says, “It wasn’t my favorite you seemed a little nervous.” Simon “This is the only time in a while I’ve seen you look nervous again. I think you feel the words of the song. That was the absolute perfect sing.” Cheryl says, “You’re such a gorgeous girl.” Rebecca admits she was nervous.

Mary Byrne – (Louis – Over 28s) – “Something” – Mary talking about herself in the 3rd person. Oy. Her old-fashioned rendition is solid, but her style is so dated. I get the feeling she’s performed this before. Apparently, Shirley Bassey covered this. Dannii says, “When you are on it, you are on it. You need to have that confidence.” Cheryl says, “I always feel relaxed when you sing. You sing with such experience.” Simon says, “Louis picked absolutely the right song for you. Much better than last week. You’ve got you confidence back. Louis says, “Mary’s got her mojo back.”

Paije Richardson – (Dannii – Boys) – “Let It Be” – Paije makes up for last week’s EJ trainwreck with a lovely gospelized version of “Let it Be”. Very nice. Here comes the choir! I liked the quieter beginning more. Paige is taking it over the top. Louis says, “You can win the competition. You’ve got you mojo back is well. Simon it was rude to say he couldn’t win the competition. You’re like a little Marvin Gaye.” Cheryl says, “You were just a little you. There was something angelic and beautiful about your performance.” Simon says, “I stand by what I said last week. You’ve come back with a brilliant song. A million times better than last week. Good staging.” Dannii says, “Happy Birthday. You’re lovable, you’re likable. Beautiful.”

Wagner – (Louis – Over 28s) – Mashup of Get Back, Hippy Hippy Shake and Hey Jude – Wagner is as horrible as every. Really really enjoying the special way he murders the Beatles! /sarcasm. He’ll probably SAIL through again next week. Dannii says, “I don’t know what else to say.” Cheryl says, “I’m very proud of my roots. Don’t focus on how lucky I am, focus on yourself.” I guess he dissed Cheryl in the press? Making fun of her council flats roots? Simon says, “It was the worst version of a Beatles song that I’ve ever heard in my life.” Louis says, “Every week he comes out and he gives it his best. He gets no credit.” Wagner tells Cheryl that the journalist twisted his words. They’re trying really HARD to bus Wagner at this point.

Katie Waissel – (Cheryl – Girls) – “Help!” – Katie whines that she does not deserve the criticism. Katie chose her own song. Is Katie wearing a Beatles’ wig? She’s got short dark brown hair now. This slowed down version is a little strange, but interesting. She’s better than she has been in a while. With the right song and arrangement she’s good. Louis says, “Vocally that was incredible” Dannii says, “I think it was the first time you put the energy you put in the save me songs in your performance. Each week it’s something completely different. Maybe you need to be acting.” Simon says, “This is why I’m glad you remained in the competition. It was stripped back, absolutely genius. You are actually a genuinely nice person. I like the fact that she comes back as a different person every week.” Cheryl says, “That was my performance of the night.”

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