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THE  X FACTOR: Rachel Crow is eliminated on THE X FACTOR airing Thursday, Dec. 8 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. L-R: Simon Cowell, Rachel Crow and Steve Jones.CR: Ray Mickshaw / FOX.

Rachel Crow is eliminated via DEADLOCK
Rachel Crow and Marcus Canty sing for their lives.

Oh. It’s official. I hate this f*cking show. Where do I begin? I don’t like that the judges ultimately pick who goes home every week, after an excruciating sing off.  But,  if you’re going to make the bottom 2 sing for their lives, the LEAST YOU CAN DO IS YOUR F*CKING JOB.

I’m looking at YOU Nicole Scherzinger. The tears, the histrionics, her refusal to make a decision at first. It was one of the more annoying displays of fake drama I’ve seen on X Factor, and there’s been PLENTY of stupid, fake displays.

I don’t watch singing competition shows to see the judges have manufactured fights and meltdowns. In the meantime, there’s a little girl on stage, a F*CKING 13 year old (!!!) who feels like her survival on the show is a matter of life or death. The past couple of weeks have demonstrated why the lower age limit should NOT BE 12. You don’t stick kids into a pressure cooker, or put them in situations where they might be humiliated.

I’d NEVER let my kid on a show like that. To be honest, I can’t wrap my head around parents who would allow their kids to participate in a reality show. But that’s another blog, and I’ll leave it at that. The age limit on these shows should be AT LEAST 16. I’d go for 18, myself.

So we go to deadlock, and Rachel is sent home because she’s got the lowest number of votes. Didn’t matter that she sung her heart out on stage. It’s buh bye, because Nicole refused to make a decision. Would she have picked Marcus if she were forced? It was pretty clear that Rachel sang circles around him in the sing off. She’s also never been in the bottom 2. This was Marcus’ 3rd trip.

Watching a tween-aged girl have a nervous breakdown on live television?  Falling, and crying and asking for her mommy?  Hey Simon! IT’S NEITHER FUN NOR FUNNY! Neither is  watching  14 year old Drew dissolve into tears after she’s eliminated. Watching Astro, a teenaged boy, act out and then cry after he’s dressed down by his mentors on TV? Not fun either. I don’t watch an entertainment show like X Factor so I can feel like sh*t when it’s over!

X Factor always leaves this horrible negative taste in my mouth with all that yammering that goes on about money (5 MILLION DOLLARS!!!) rather than the aspirations of an artist, and the emphasis on the judges’ disagreements, like it’s the fricking WWF instead of a singing competition. And when there is “emotion” it’s fake as hell. There isn’t an authentic moment to be had in this show. I feel ugly watching it.

I’m pretty relieved there are only a couple of weeks left. Of course I’ll be live blogging the rest, but my heart really isn’t in it at this point.

Live blogging the X Factor Top 5 results here. Who will be going home?

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Lenny Kravitz – Rock Star City Life

The results begin!

Josh and Chris are safe. Melanie, Rachel and Marcus await their fate!

With only 5 contestants left, there’s an awful lot of filler in tonight’s show. Backstage chat with the contestants still awaiting their fates? ZZzzzzz.

Melanie goes in and out of her Island Patois.

Mary J. Blige takes the stage to perform.

We’re back from break, and it’s time for an interview with Josh and Chris who are chilling backstage…safe.

Now…the third contestant to advance straight to the semi-final is…Melanie AmaroMarcus Canty and Rachel Crow will sing for survival.  I would say Marcus will finally be eliminated tonight.  We’ll see.

LA Reid introduces Marcus Canty who sings “I’m Going Down” by Mary J. Blige. He’s a little pitchy, Dawg, but he’s pouring everything he has into his performance.  I wonder if Paula and Nicole will allow their lady parts to dictate their decision?  Would they dare say FU to Simon 2 weeks in a row?

Simon Cowell introduces Rachel Crow who sings “I’d Rather Go Blind” by Etta James. Repeating a performance? Is that smart? She just sang this a couple of weeks ago.  She’s tearing up. It’s hard to tell if she’s afraid of being eliminated or moved by the song.  Paula looks super excited. Maybe she’ll pick Simon’s act this week.  Hm. Paula is whispering in Simon’s ear.

Rachel cries as we go out to commercial. Oh boy.


LA Reid is sending home: He was surprised by Rachel. He’s torn. But of course he’s going to stick with act. He is sending home Rachel.

Simon Cowell is sending home: Marcus Canty

Paula Abdul sends home: Marcus Canty

Nicole Scherzinger sends home: Rachel asks Nicole not to cry. She’s all dramatic and stuff! “Please I can’t make this decision.” She sends Rachel home so it goes to deadlock.

The act that got the lowest number of votes is Rachel Crow. The crowd is booing the CRAP out of Nicole, who is still acting like a drama queen. Hey beyotch, you’ll be returning to work tomorrow. RACHEL IS GOING HOME. Put your big girl pants on and STFU.

Oh. shit. Rachel collapses on the ground she’s sobbing like a baby. BECAUSE SHE IS A BABY PEOPLE FOR CRIPES SAKE. She’s crying for her mommy. TAKE HER THE F*CK of stage.


  • Josh Krajick
  • Chris Rene
  • Melanie Amaro
  • Marcus Canty (After surviving the Deadlock)

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