X Factor Boot Camp Night 2 – Videos & Recap

We’ve got our Top 32 who will go on to the judges houses.  There are some great female voices in there, including: Caitlin Koch, Tora Wolishin, Drew Ryniewicz, Jazzlyn Little, and Melanie Amaro. Oh geez. That’s pretty much the entire field. Rachel Crow had a great audition at boot camp. But at 14, I think she’s too young. So is Brian Bradley in the boys category.  Simon Cowell is of course mentoring the girls and it’s going to be amusing to watch him pull out all the stops to get one of his girls to win.

The boys are a pretty big yawn fest.  If Chris Rene makes the live shows, I’ll be holding my breath for him every week. Still think he should have concentrated on getting sober rather than try out for a TV show.  Nick Voss is a joke. But then so is Simone Battle and Dexter Haygood. I watched the British version, and Simon deliberately casts singers  who have no talent strictly for the lulz.

Leroy Bell and Josh Kracjic are the best of the overs.  The so-called cougar bait will probably come out of this “overs” group.  I think Stacey Frances is really overrated. She over sings and overacts. I just don’t feel it when she performs.

Do I have to talk about the groups? Because, poor Paula, she’s going to be left without much to do pretty fast, as I expect the groups to be the earliest casualties. Simon, nobody in the US cares about your damn groups. You will soon learn this.

Speaking of the judges. Simon has the girls, LA the boys, the better for a fun fake face off between the two record executives. And wouldn’t it have made more sense for Paula to get the overs (since she’s “over”) and Nicole the groups (since she’s been in a few groups)?  Maybe they figure Paula can teach the kids some dance moves. I don’t know.  Oh the kids. Those two new groups. If either makes the live show? Expect them to go out the very first week.

I’ll be live blogging the X Factor boot camp night 2 here. We find out who makes it to the Top 32. Judges houses are next week.

Pauler is still crying!

100 acts remain. Last night we saw groups. 5 more groups to go.

Brennin Hunt, Equality, Chris and Gina Rene, Marcus Canty, Ma’at Bingham Shango, Matthew Johnson – “What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye – Chris had been sober 94 days at the time of boot camp. His sister Gina is a rapper. A very young looking girl named Ma’at–she’s 12- takes the stage first. She’s off key and TOO YOUNG. Matthew, Marcus, Brennin–it’s a riff-off y’all. A really OFF KEY riff-off. The train has left the tracks people. But the judges seem to like it. Am I the only one who thinks these people sound mostly terrible?


Mathew Slovacek, Kingston, Tim Cifers, Hannah Bethel, Thomas Wells, Jeremy Easley – “I Won’t Let Go” by Rascal Flatts – Savan Kotecha is the vocal coach. A bunch of country singers are lumped together in this group. The first two singers were ok. Kingston, the twins who asked Lauren Alaina out on a date aren’t that great. This is mostly a pretty good group, except for the twins. Simon thinks Tim is “a contender”. Not a star but a great singer, says LA.


The Brewer Boys, Ryan Sims, Kyle Corr, Christa Collins, Hannah Jackson, Emma Henry, Henri Bredouw – “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol – The Brewer Boys want to win money and “become famous and stuff”. The teen boys are surprisingly not horrible. Yikes Christa. Emma Henry has this lazy phrasing going. Have no idea what’s going on. Henri was solid. These groups are so weird. It’s not showcasing these voices in the best light. Everyone sounds terrible together.


Now it’s time to make some cuts. “She’s got energy, but boy she can’t sing, ” line of the night from LA.

Contestants will be called to the stage in 3 groups and will be told either yes or no. The 1st group is cut. There’s crying and stuff! “MAYBE I’M JUST TOO TALENTED, ” cries one of the rejected.  Also the line of the night.

The second and third groups  make it through. “It’s not good news, it’s great news, ” Simon tells the 3rd group.

The next challenge for the 70 remaining contestants is to choose a song from a list of about 35, rehearse it in one day, and sing it in front of the judges and an audience. Actually, this round was split up into two 4 hour shows. The Top 32 will be split up into 4 groups: Girls, Boys, Over 30s and groups. Next week, they audition in the Judges Houses where they will be whittled down to the Top 16.

Rachel Crow – “If I Were A Boy” by Beyonce –  There’s a piano player playing live music for this round. Rachel is the 14 year old pimped one. I like this performance much better than her audition. This kid is pretty much killing it. I hate kid singers, but I am forced to admit that this is good. Nicole is crying.


The judges give no comments on the performances.

Audrey Turner – “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” – She’s Ike’s widow. She sang back up for him. She’s yelly, but good.


Paige Ogle From Baltimore – “Somewhere Only We Know” by Keane – She’s solid.


Tiger Budbill – “Billie Jean” – Slowed up version. He’s desperate–says his house is going to be auctioned off. He’s got some nice vocal tricks. Soulful.


Josh Krajcic – “Up to The Mountain” by Patty Griffin – Burrito maker with the overbearing mom. The only way to win is to not lose today. Huh? He gives a little speech at the beginning. He credits the song to Kelly Clarkson. Lolz. His voice is very gravelly but he’s got a ton of soul. Beautiful phrasing.


Simone Battle – “Your Song” by Elton John – There’s no other artist like me in the world today. She’s going to be the next pop icon. Holy sh*t this sucks. She’s doing some horrible rap-r&b thing, completely changing the words.  COMPLETELY RUINING ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS. That was truly excruciating. GAH. How do people like Simone keep advancing?


Now a montage of terrible terrible singers. Kinda like Simone!

Makenna & Brock – “Billie Jean” – Holy Crap. Terrible


Siameze Floyd – WTF?


Little Ladiez – EEP


4 Shore – “Fix you” by Coldplay – MY EARS ARE BLEEDING.


Brennin Hunt – “If I Ain’t Got You” – I can guarantee that you haven’t heard it like this, says Brennin.  He brings a track and the judges don’t like it. I agree, It’s loud and not good, but I’m not sure why they are complaining. “Why are they singing all these weird versions, ” asks Simon. They ask why he didn’t just sing it with a piano. Brennin says he wanted to put his own twist on it. Oh drama. Brennin tweeted tonight, “This isn’t how any of this went down at all. hmmm (live at http://ustre.am/5hkF)”


The Stereo Hoggs – “Cry Me A River” – You look great! says LA. “Trying to look like you man, ” replies one of the natty singers. SUCK UP. Singer dedicates the song to his new born. This “Cry Me A River” is the standard. Very nice. Great harmonies and solid choreography. Lead dude has a great voice. They’d fit in on The Sing Off.  But, the judges think they are inconsistent.


Brian Bradley – He’s been practicing every hour every minute!


Phillip Lomax – “Summertime” – Nice old-school vibe


Chris Rene – “Every Breath You Take” by Sting – Making a life with his son! And continuing to stay sober, I hope.


Nick Dean – “Somewhere Only We Know” by Keane – A country version of “Somewhere Only We Know”? Hm. Simon didn’t think he rehearsed the song well enough.


Stacey Frances – “Summertime” – LA says her first audition was “groundbreaking”. Really? Her dad died the first day of boot camp. Cue the sad music. Hm. I would have left immediately, but that’s just me I suppose. She’s got a few nice vocal turns in her interpretation, but she oversings and overthinks. This does not feel organic. She gets a standing ovation from the judges, the audience. She takes a victory stroll though the audience and cries in Steve Jones’ arms.


Tiah Tolliver – “Man’s World” – Well, this is the best I’ve heard her so far. She looks ridiculous when she sings, however


Cari Fletcher –  Good, but generic.


Drew – I like this girl a lot. Great phrasing, interesting tone.


Caitlin Koch – “Cry Me A River” – Also really really good.


Leroy Bell – “To Make You Feel My Love” – He’s 59 years old, but does not look it. Nice, subtle performance. But I have a feeling subtle is not going to cut it on X Factor.  Leroy has a long history writing songs for the likes of Elton John and more. The judges make it sound like he’s been kicking around at the bottom of the entertainment food chain. Not so.


The Top 32 is Chosen

Now it’s time to make some cuts. The judges are making THE TOUGH DECISIONS!

The contestants are split into their respective categories. The judges will call out the 8 artists in each category who will move on:


Caitlin Koch
Tora Wolishin
Simone Battle (WTF)
Drew Ryniewicz
Rachel Crow
Jazzlyn Little
Melanie Amaro
Tiah Tolliver



Brennin Hunt
Brian Bradley
Nick Voss
Skyelor Anderson
Tim Cifers
Phillip Lomax
Marcus Canty
Chris Rene



2 squared
Liza Forero1

Deveraux Lavinia
Abighail Mary
Aimee Santos

4 Shore
Allynn Walker Bey
Jessie Nunn III
Daijreous Poole
Brandon Showell

Stereo Hoggs
Kregg Gibson
Jonathan Glenn
George Jenkins III
Justin Williams
Leeland Stephenson

Brewer Boys
Justin Brewer
Nathan Brewer

Lazaro Chavez
Ahmed Jaime
Richard Mason

The Anser
Gray Aydelott
Jarrett Burns

PJ Schwartz

Nick Dean
Francesca Duncan
John Lindahl
Emily Michalak
Arin Ray
Lauren Ashley Redmond
Ellona Santiago
Ma’at Bingham Shango
Austin Percario
Emily Wilson

Lakoda Rayne
Cari Fletcher

Dani Knights
Paige Ogle
Hayley Orrantia


Overs 30s

Elaine Gibbs
Tiger Budbill
Leroy Bell
James Kenney
Josh Kracjic
Christa Collins
Dexter Haygood (Pauler is balling)
Stacey Frances


They ask 14 people from the boys and girls categories to come back on stage, including, Ma’at Bingham Shango, Francesca Duncan, Nick Dean, John Lindall. Oh. They are putting together groups.  Two new groups will head to the judges homes.


Each Judge is Assigned a Group to Mentor

Nicole – Over 30s
LA – The Boys
Paula – The Groups
Simon – The Girls


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