X Factor Australia Season 8 Recap – Episode 16 (VIDEOS) (UPDATED with RESULTS)

The fourth live show (Episode 16) of X Factor Australia has aired and is now up on the official site! Here is the link. It is region locked to Australia, but thanks to the Chrome Extension Hola, you can watch it anywhere. Many of you may have used this extension to watch X Factor UK a day early via ITV’s website, but it’s even easier for X Factor Australia. No zip code or account is required.

But if you want to just watch performances and (with some videos) judges comments, and don’t care about the introductions, you don’t even need to use Hola. You can just watch the videos embedded below. Read on for my thoughts on Live Show 4 of X Factor AU featuring judges Adam Lambert, Iggy Azalea, Guy Sebastian, and Mel B.

We open with (as usual) a recap of last week’s show, and a preview of what’s to come tonight.

Our judges are introduced in typical over the top fashion. This week, everyone will sing twice for the first time this season. One song is for the theme “killer tracks” – playing to their strengths – and the other is for the theme “curveballs” which means something completely unexpected for the particular contestant, showing versatility. Jason Dundas makes a Trump joke in reference to Chynna Taylor.

Davey Woder is up first. He is going to perform Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival as his killer track. He is having trouble hitting some notes in rehearsal and so he breaks down. When he starts he screws up some of the lyrics. But the song is great for his gritty voice. It is very karaoke, but it’s good karaoke. Davey finishes the performance, and when prompted, screams that he forgot his lyrics, but recovered at the end. Mel says he was like a lion roaring from start to end, loved it. Adam says he’s getting better and better, calls him a rock star. Iggy loved it too, doesn’t want him to get in his head, says he has no reason to be nervous. Guy tells him to never admit he made a mistake, can’t wait for people to see his next song.


Amalia is next up. She’s singing Brave by Sara Barilles as her killer track. She loves the song, and is really happy when Adam tells her she’s singing it. She has trouble singing the high notes in rehearsals. When the performance starts, you can tell she really struggles with the belted high notes. And the struggle with those notes does take a lot away from the performance in my view. If this is the song she’s supposed to be killing, she’s in trouble. She was singing to her cousins in the audience. Iggy thinks she seems more like a star every week. Guy thinks this song suited her, apologizes to her for saying he hated last week, didn’t like her pointing on stage. Mel preferred last week to this week, says she’s more musical theater, felt self doubt and fear during the performance, says that it was vocally on point. Adam liked it, says that it was what she’d do if she was shooting a video for the song.


Vlado is up next. Mel points out that he is the most streamed contestant on Spotify. He’s performing I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston as his curveball song. The judges hated him last week, and it got to him. He has a rough rehearsal, admits he wasn’t trying too hard because he thought he would be going home. The performance starts and he’s still clearly fifth best out of five. When Isaiah, another relatively cute guy who can actually sing, is still in the competition, I don’t get why Vlado is getting so much attention. This is a mostly a train wreck really. Guy and Mel stand up for it though. Even Vlado knows it wasn’t that great, wasn’t sure how it went. Adam thought Mel lost her mind with the song choice, but thought it was the best he’s been vocally throughout the competition (WHAT?). Iggy hated giving him a negative review, calls him her favorite (WHAT???), didn’t like the first half. Guy was really impressed, liked the first half best. After Mel argues with Adam about his outfit, she says the rehearsals were crap but tonight he was amazing.


Isaiah Firebrace is up next. He’s singing FourFiveSeconds by Kanye West, Rihanna, and Paul McCartney as his curveball song. The VT starts with Guy and Mel hating him last week. He isn’t confident that he can pull it off. But the performance starts, and he nails it. He’s so obviously the best one left, and hopefully he wins. Adam is really getting into the performance. Adam stands for him at the end. Iggy loved the attitude, found it believable, and found that he did the song justice. Guy loved the styling, loves him, doesn’t think it was memorable. Mel loved the styling, didn’t find it to be a curveball, admits that he sang the crap out of it. Adam says that his voice is made for radio (he’s right).


Beatz are up last for round 1. They are performing Move by Little Mix as their killer track. They were in the sing off again last week, and were saved over Chynna. Mel is giving them tough love. They look up to Little Mix, were inspired by them when they started out. The performance starts and it’s good. This isn’t my favorite Little Mix song, but it’s probably a good choice for Beatz. The vocals are good, but not great in my view. And there isn’t enough amazing choreography to make up for the lesser vocals in my view. Mel stands for them. Adam says it was much better than last week, found the vocals better than last week, thinks they grew. Iggy liked it. Guy mentions that a group never won the X factor in Australia, but says if they keep it going they could change that, wants them to strip it back sometime. Mel says they killed it.


Davey Woder is up again for his curveball song. He’s doing…oh god. Billie Jean by Michael Jackson (the Chris Cornell version). This can’t end well. I’m such a massive David Cook fan that anything Davey does will suck in comparison. He talks about his kids. He’s never heard the song this way before, but all of us here on the blog sure have. It starts, and Davey gives it a valiant effort. But again, he’s no David Cook. Davey loves Guy, says without him none of this would work. Mel wasn’t sure what to think about the performance, likes him though, says he could sing anything. Adam found it disjointed, felt he was rushing through it a bit, found it manic. Iggy really liked it, liked that he made it his own (he didn’t). Guy says he didn’t hit the notes at the end, hopes he survives this week. Davey’s probably a goner, but who knows? The voting has been crazy this season.


Vlado is up again for his killer track. He’s singing Perfect Strangers by Jonas Blue. He loves meeting fans and signing autographs. He starts out in the middle of the crowd who all have glow up wristbands. He goes up to the stage and there’s a girl on stage who he’s singing to. This is so mediocre to me, not top five worthy at all. Adam thinks he’s done a really good job this week, liked the song choice, wishes he could find something to criticize because he sees Vlado as a threat, asks why he didn’t kiss the girl. Iggy sees a difference from last week, projects a career onto him. Guy says they are trying to find relevant acts, wants him to start dancing next time. Mel says dancing is not his thing.


Isaiah Firebrace is up for his killer track. Adam gave him A Change is Gonna Come, the same song Adam slayed on the Idol finale back in 2009. The grand final is on his birthday. Adam tells him to inject the song with some pain, give it some attitude. He does a stellar job with the song. Ends up on his knees. All four judges stand up-as they should. He totally deserves to win. Isaiah gets emotional when Jason talks. Iggy says it’s a crime if he doesn’t make it to the final. Guy says that song is the reason he started singing, loved the song choice, says he should win. Mel says “that’s what Im talking about…check check check booyah”. Adam is really proud of him, says that each week he is growing into his artistry.


Amalia is up for her curveball. She’s performing Faded by Alan Walker. And they are going to make her fly and put her underwater. Adam shows her a video of her friends from home. The song is pure EDM. They are going to make her float so it looks like she’s underwater. A lot could go wrong with this performance. The production is slightly distracting me, which I think is good because the vocals aren’t great. Adam and Mel stand up for her. Iggy loved the song choice, gave her a contemporary edge, sees where she would fit on the radio. Guy loved the song choice, loved the production, thinks it was too dramatic. Mel loved it, says it was her favorite performance from Amalia. Adam thinks that most pop stars are theatrical, argues with Guy a bit, eventually says that he found it stunning.


Beatz get the pimp slot, and they are performing Walk This Way by Run DMC. They fight with each other during rehearsal, attribute it to stress. The performance is good. But since I know the harmonies are mostly predone, it isn’t great in my view. They hug after the performance. Adam loved the arrangement, says they know what to do and what not to do. Iggy didn’t find it much of a curveball (she’s right), wishes they stripped it down (she’s right). Guy says that all they’ve seen is production, nothing has been different, blames Mel. Mel and Guy argue a bit, Mel and Iggy argue a bit, and eventually Mel thanks Beatz and hopes people vote for them.


My thoughts: This year’s Top 2 will probably be Isaiah and Vlado. I’m praying that Australia chooses wisely between the two. As far as this week goes, Isaiah’s second performance was the best one by a mile. My guess is that either Davey or Beatz go home this week.

Result: Well, we had another shocking bottom 2. But I’d say this time it was a good shock. Beatz were there, as expected. But joining them was VLADO. Naturally, all of the judges saved Vlado, because for some reason they all think he’s a star. Beatz going home is somewhat sad because I saw potential with them, but it wasn’t unexpected with them being in the bottom twice already. I hope that Vlado doesn’t bounce back from this bottom 2 appearance and win. Fingers crossed for Isaiah in next week’s finale.

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