Who Won X Factor Australia 8? – Thoughts on the Finale (VIDEOS)

X Factor Australia 8 Crowns a Winner! And it is…


4th place – Amalia

3rd place – Vlado

2nd place – Davey Woder

WINNER – Isaiah Firebrace

First of all, a huge congratulations to Isaiah Firebrace from Team Adam Lambert, the deserving winner of X Factor Australia 2016! His new single, called “It’s Gotta Be You,” is out now on iTunes AU and Spotify, and I’m embedding the Youtube video of his final performance below. His self-titled album, which will consist of studio versions of songs that he performed on the show, will be out on December 9th.

X Factor Australia Season 8 Finale Recap

The season was too short, end of story. But I still felt invested enough to wake up early this morning and check the result at 5:30 am, so clearly it wasn’t short enough to be extremely problematic for me. And the talent was stellar, despite most of the best singers not making it very far. As some commenters pointed out, if the finale consisted of Chynna, Natalie, Ivy, and Isaiah, that would have been the best finale in X Factor history. Having said that, when the right person wins and nobody is bad enough that I have to fast forward, that’s a good sign.

I hope X Factor Australia comes back in the future. The ratings suggest it probably won’t, but hopefully that doesn’t hurt Isaiah’s chances at success. Maybe Adam Lambert could bring him on tour sometime in the future as an opening act-he did that with Allison Iraheta so it would not be totally unprecedented. Speaking of Adam Lambert, the panel this season was absolutely amazing. Everyone was invested (even Iggy cried after Isaiah sang Halo last night), everyone gave good critiques, the banter was great…they nailed it. Jason Dundas wasn’t my favorite host, but neither was Luke Jacobs. He was passable.

Overall, this season was a pleasure to watch with all of you. I appreciated every single comment on my recaps. I will continue to be commenting on all things X Factor here at MJs, and many other things too. Thank you all for reading, and if you want, follow me on twitter @eric_ascher.

Isaiah’s Winning Moment


Isaiah’s Winning Single Performance


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