X Factor Australia 6 – Live Show 9 (Videos)(updated with Results)

The last show before the grand final, who will make it one more round and will make it up just a little short (my money is Caitlyn for that one). Having a final 4 finale is kind of a good thing, X Factor UK 7 did it and that season was bomb. These guys are doing it and it is OK. I think they should’ve had a final 16, did a bottom 3 for the first three weeks, with the judges only getting to save one, and then single eliminations from then until the grand finale with 4. But what do I know, lol.

Dean Ray “Lonely Boy” and “Crying” Dean is always taking risks, so this weeks almost seems unnecessary for him. He is made to win this competition, from week 2 onwards. His take on the The Black Keys track is serviceable, nothing special, but he has done so many special things in this competition, I can’t get mad at him for tackling this one straight on. “Crying” is Dean’s real crowning achievement this week. Slow, sultry and classic. Dean makes me melt sometimes, like for real. Dean needs to win this competition. I’ve said it before and I will say it at least one more time next week.

Brothers 3 “The Sound of Silence” and “Que Sera” ever since the Bros 3 were number 1 in week 5, I’ve pretty much written them in as a guaranteed spot in the grand finale and with Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence” they proved why they aren’t all just crazy fans, but back that up with solid harmonies and down-to-earth charm. “Que Sera” was the curve-ball for them this week and it was a solid choice for them. I am not familiar with the original, but I thought it was fun and with a little bit more aussie-fried-country-twang could definitely be the type of stuff they put out on to the charts.

Marlisa “Titanium” and “Over the Rainbow” Marlisa is the dark horse of this competition from beginning to end and after this week I think she may deserve to make the final 3 over Reigan. Marlisa shows such power  with David Guetta‘s modern classic. I loved the outfit, I loved the dance and well it was straight on like Reigan’s “Only Girl,” I still much prefer this one. Despite being flat on the first couple of notes, Marlisa quickly recovered and turned this into a beautiful song. I think I may have double standards for her and Reigan, when Marlisa just does something straight on it is innocent and beautiful, but when Reigan does it she isn’t trying hard enough. Some of this could be age that I am holding against Reigan and some of this could be ages I am giving credit to Marlisa. I think ultimately I am getting Marlisa’s personality in her song choices and pre-packages, but I am not getting it with Reigan’s song choices or pre-packages, so I am desperately hoping to find it in the arrangement of the songs, but alas I am consistently left disappointed.

Reigan Derry “Creep” and “Only Girl (In The World)” Reigan had it all coming into the final 13/12, but lately she has been slipping all the way down to the bottom 2. The Radiohead hit is a practically a singing show classic by this point. I love Reigan, but I didn’t believe it, not because she is too beautiful to be a creep, but I didn’t hear any desperation in her voice, and this song requires that yearning and Reigan just didn’t bring that to the table. On the other side this is one of my favorite Rihanna songs, dude when it comes on I still blast it in the car, and wishes someone loved me like a hot guy, lol. That being said Reigan sounds better on this track, but it didn’t feel anything special, just very very good. I wish Redfoo and Reigan would’ve done something with this track. Reigan better consider herself lucky, because if the finale wasn’t 4 people I am not so sure she would make it after this week.

Caitlyn Shadbolt “Before He Cheats” and “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” Caitlyn is walking into this week with a target painted on her back and I don’t know if she could even do anything to change that. It would have to be more than amazing to survive this round. Like literally Nikki McKibbin “Black Velvet” and “Edge of Seventeen” levels of turning this boat around. Ronan did the right thing by giving her two country songs let’s see if she pulls out a miracle. Unfortunately Caitlyn’s vocals compared to Carrie Underwood‘s seem weak and definitely pale in comparison. And her version of “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” didn’t exactly fire on all cylinders, sorry Caitlyn you needed a miracle, and I don’t even know if you even had a prayer.


1. Dean Ray
2. Brothers 3
3. Marlisa
4. Reigan Derry
5. Caitlyn Shadbolt

The right decision was made. That is really all there is to say about this bottom 2.