X Factor Australia 6 – Live Show 8 (With Videos)(updated with Results)

This is Aussie week. A week dedicated to classic Aussie rock bands like Cold Chisel, INXS and of course 5 Seconds of Summer. Without watching the videos yet, I would be very concerned if I was Caitlyn, Jason or Marlisa as they are the most likely targets of elimination over the next two rounds. Here is hoping they stepped it up to go for gold!

Dean Ray‘s “Into My Arms” this guy was haunting and made me love a song that before this moment I never heard of. This guy was made to win this season, I know that isn’t how I felt at the beginning, but that is how I have felt for weeks now. He tackles themes and challenges that others actively avoid and he always make it his own. I loved how sensual and personal the vocal was, the closest thing Dean has had to a misstep is pitching the high bits of “Stolen Dance” a little too high, but just a little. Dean Ray, your next X Factor Australia winner.

Reigan Derry‘s “Burn for You” picking a John Farnham hit is a solid move by RedNotSuchAFoolThisYear. If she nails this, this could put her in a great spot. The arrangement is less is more and her vocal is weightless. So good, such simple staging. Redfoo knew how to turn the week 1-6 circus act Reigan into a viable artist and contender to lose to Dean Ray in the final 2, which is all you can hope for in this situation. So good. So solid. She is definitely, definitely safe and in a very good position to make the finale.

Brothers 3′s “Amnesia” first off I never know if it is ‘Brothers3’ or ‘Brothers 3,’ so I keep swapping it back and forth and back and forth if someone who like to tell me for certainly I would love to hear it. Picking a modern hit was smart for Dannii and the boys, the boys have been a little dated after last weeks “500 Miles” so a reminder of their relevance is what got them here “Pompeii” so it makes complete sense to continue that trend. Damn. Those. Harmonies. Sometimes they are off, but when they are on, they are on. Fifth Harmony would be jealous of these. This song didn’t blow me away by any means, but it is exactly the type of stuff they should be doing to guarantee them another week not in the bottom 2. So for that I am very satisfied.

Marlisa‘s “Super Love” it is so nice doing a Dami Im song, not probably my first choice for Marlisa on paper, but I am curious to see where she takes it. But I suspect a little bit of strategy, I mean if the reigning X Factor winner supports you, that has to be worth something right? I am not a fan of the melody in the verses, but in the chorus, O.M.G. So. HAWT. Marlisa delivered very well. Marlisa needs to be making very solid moves here, because as my predictive chart goes she would probably be in the next two to three people eliminated unless she does something about it, like right now. Was this the bowl me over moment, not exactly, but I think it will allow her scrap out of the bottom 2 for at least one more round.

Jason Heerah‘s “Like it Like That” a shout out to the original Australian Idol, previous X Factor mentor, and US Billboard Platinum certified artist for “Battle Scars” Guy Sebastian! Oh gosh I think I got carried away like a guest performance intro, I watched Australian Idol season 1, and although at the time I desperately wanted Cosima DeVito to win, Guy Sebastian has proven himself to be a solid artist with a long career. Jason delivered a very fun performance, but I don’t know if the song is special enough to change his fate, if he was in the bottom 3 after the excellence of “Latch” I am not sure if Jason can last to much longer with his shelf line in the competition coming to a end.

Caitlyn Shadbolt‘s “Bow River” Caitlyn is frankly lucky to be here, and I really don’t think she could even do much to save herself. Not everyone is going to have that Cece Frey/Katie Waissel/Kristy Lee Cook moment and push a little bit farther than they ever should of because of a magical performance. I don’t know if I am more tempted to vote for her after that segment or less tempted to vote for her. This was a very solid performance, but the pool is getting a little too small and people have such established fanbases that you need to do better than better, and this was just very good. This felt like Caitlyn, but it didn’t feel like a winner and that is what she desperately needed now.



1. Dean Ray
2. Reigan Derry
3. Brothers 3
4. Marlisa
5. Jason Heerah
6. Caitlyn Shadbolt

As I suspected coming into this week: Marlisa, Jason and Caitlyn should be scared (especially the later two) and after watching the performance I am pretty much in the same boat. Bottom 2 will be Jason and Caitlyn and Caitlyn will probably go.


Once again the answer is obvious in the battle of Reigan versus Jason. Jason has to go, what is surprising though is that Redfoo took this to deadlock and not just let Reigan stay by default. Is next week a double elimination? Or are there going to be four people in the finale? Or are they adding a week? So many questions, so few answers! Caitlyn dodged a bullet tonight, but can she do it again next week? If it is a double elimination I suspect not, if it is a single elimination probably not either.


Thanks for reading!