X Factor Australia 6 – Live Show 5 (with VIDEOS)(updated with RESULTS)

I was over 1000% positive that this week was going to be a double elimination. The reaction shots the #hype all of it, but instead we get a twist from X Factor US season 2, where we reveal the acts from 1 to 7 and of course the bottom 2. I am always a fan of transparency during political elections, but in XFUS2 it did take the thrill out of who was going to be the final 2, it was guaranteed to be Carly Rose and Tate Stevens and guess who it was Carly Rose and Tate Stevens. Also guys I want to apologize about last week, I was fighting a serious cold that I am just now recovering from. So you missed out on my usual snark and delusions of grandeur. But on with the show like regular this week!

Dean Ray‘s “Budapest” every time Dean steps on to the stage he ensures to me that he belongs in the final 3 more and more. This week was no exception. Dean this week was light and fun and exciting and just enough mystery to give this show the X Factor that show and it’s audience craves. I love that Dean takes chances, I love that he delivers, and I love that he is having fun along the way. Dean Ray is an artist we will be hearing on movie soundtracks for years to come. I don’t know if he will ever be a star, but he will be successful in music. I wasn’t super keen on him in the top 24, but I am more than convinced now.

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Brothers 3‘s “Pompeii” another song that excites me, damn I love modern music. Bastille has EXCELLENT harmonies and counter melodies through out all of their album Bad Blood, which definitely deserves a listen on Spotify if you have never had a chance to that yet. These guys have made me a believer. I thought that Dannii had absolutely no chance to win and I still don’t but she may very well have an act in the final 3. This is the polished, modern group that Dannii envisioned that Brothers 3 could be and I love it. Australia loves them, puts them in the charts, and if they give me stuff like this and “Hey Brother” I will love them too.

Reigan Derry’s “Bang Bang” this song is my jam and grape jelly right now. And anyone who doesn’t respect Nicki Minaj as a judge on American Idol will get a side-eye from me. Ariana Grande is on fire and Jessie J is finally getting the attention she deserves in the USA with this track. I have faith Reigan is going to do awesome. No matter what props Redfoo throws at Reigan CAN and WILL rise above them. Rapping was worth a try, it wasn’t terrible, but probably don’t do it again in the context of the competition. Not as great as I would have wanted from her, but Reigan still is destined for final 3.

Caitlyn Shadbolt‘s “You and I” this song and “Speechless” constantly battle it out in my mind for my favorite Lady Gaga song, so I am always excited for people to do it. Caitlyn’s commentary on if this song is really country is laughable as if “Shake it Off” is country by any stretch, let’s be real here. Caitlyn delivers this song with the same stage presence of a professional. It always amazes me how professional she is. If I was in charge of a label based out of Nashville or Memphis or Topeka, I would be signing her when she inevitably gets 3rd to 5th place. She is a star in the making and she is almost ready to plucked into prime time.

Marlisa‘s “Let it Go” she looked like Belle and she was headed to the ball! The only thing that disappoints me with this performance is that it proves that she could be such a force to win this whole thing if she had more time. I have loved the defiant attitude that Marlisa tried to embody in this performance. She had some fantastic tonal moments, but unfortunately I think Marlisa is not going to make the final 3. That being said I think she needs to capitalize more on her quirkiness, I loved her Bjork song last week and between that and choices like “Paparazzi” I can certainly see what makes Marlisa a different kind of artist.

Rochelle Pitt‘s “Rolling in the Deep” as far as I am concerned no one could ever touch Misha B (XFUK8) doing this song, well that was until Jena Irene (AI13), this song is a bit overplayed, a modern classic, but if you can make it your own it can pay dividends. I will ignore those early lyric snafus as they will probably garner her as much sympathy votes as it would hurt her, so probably a net neutral. Rochelle didn’t particularly bring anything original to this track, but her comeback from her mistake is the narrative of this performance that will sell it’s lack of originality. Rochelle is talented, give her a song and she can sing it, I would have loved a version of this that was all Big Band horn-styled up. That was where this should’ve gone for her.

Jason Heerah‘s “She Came to Give it To You” I was just re-watching Simone Battle’s “Just Be Good to Me” because of the recent news. It is so sad to hear about anyone committing suicide, remember to reach out for help, you never know who will be there to aid you, never give up hope. On to Jason, this was good, very good, but like all Jason performances it feels good, but not great. Somehow I can never see Jason as relevant no matter what he does. Jason is such a cool, nice dude, but for some reason I don’t see a star, I don’t see X Factor, I just see a really talented person performing. Jason is going to have trouble surviving the next couple weeks and I would be surprised if he is even in the top 6.

Sydnee Carter‘s “Strong” London Grammar is such a cool group, they are like the accessible version of The XX, which is essentially make-out music for uber cool people. I wanted to love it, but this just didn’t quite work for me. It never felt like Sydnee exactly settled into the song. She was a little shrill-y on the high end and a little quiet on the low end. This is disappointing. Sydnee is so hit or miss. And this erred on the side of miss. She could’ve flipped this into a modern folk song that might’ve been a stronger choice for her.

Tee‘s “Hold on We’re Going Home” on paper this song choice excites me. Christina Grimmie did this awesomely on the most recent season of the Voice US. I am unsure how Tee will do it, but I will keep an open-mind. What is with that old sounding organ in the background, not retro because retro is cool, this organ just sounds plain and out-dated. I think also that it was pitched a little too high for Tee, not that he struggled hitting the notes per say, but I feel like his voice would be stronger literally a key lower. And the biggest problem with this performance, the TEMPO, it was too fast. Listening to it, I felt uncomfortable the entire time, I wanted Tee to dig into those notes, but instead he just kept glossing over the whole thing. I know we spared him for XOX last week, but this performance didn’t really prove to me why we did that.

Well let’s see how wrong I am this time!

1. Dean Ray
2. Brothers 3
3. Reigan Derry
4. Caitlyn Shadbolt
5. Marlisa
6. Rochelle Pitt
7. Jason Heerah
8. Sydnee Carter
9. Tee

I think a lot of people could go, but if I had to put money on it, I would probably go with Sydnee leaving. She disappointed, doesn’t have momentum or a story arc on her side and she has already landed in the bottom 2 before. Next most likely to leave probably Jason, but that could be bias on my end. Do you think we will have a final 4 in the finale instead of a final 3?

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Edward Giordano

Updating with RESULTS!

Actual Voter Rankings:

1. Brothers 3
2. Dean Ray
3. Reigan Derry
4. Rochelle Pitt
5. Marlisa
6. Caitlyn Shadbolt
7. Tee
Bottom 2: Jason Heerah and Sydnee Carter

Honestly, I didn’t do that bad.

I would have preferred this going to deadlock, but honestly neither of them would be in a particularly good spot in the next two weeks. So good luck to Jason he is going to need it.


  1. Thank You Edward I am enjoying your posts :) I think Dean is growing on me !!

  2. Marlisa’s version of Hopelessly Devoted To You made me warm up to her some more. I hope Ronan continues to give her really good song choices. It will be interesting to see the voting ranks of all the contestants tonight. I have a feeling that Brothers 3 and Caitlyn or Reigan are the Top 2.

  3. Marlissa-well sung but she needs to change up songs a bit more, interpret them with some originality, or else she comes across as a young girl with a strong voice, a bright future, but a boring presence.
    Brothers 3-Do not agree with the judges, not at all. This was by far their best performance. Well sung, interesting and entertaining. This is the best they have sung. A total home run and I agree with the blogger, the 2nd best performance behind Dean.
    T-At least he sang in tune, but he did little else. T does nothing with songs. He is likable but he bores me when he performs. Wish he had gone home last week.
    Sydnee-She finally attempted something a bit different but again I agree with blogger that it was missed opportunity to take this different and make it her own. Use that beautiful tone to her advantage, instead of singing a song like the rest of the world. Did not enjoy this at all.
    Rochelle-Terrible song choice. So the judges praise her recovery from botched vocals but attack the boys for not having a big moment, when the song totally did not call for some big note. Foo is an idiot who needs to be voted off. His vocals would put him in the bottom 2 every week anyway. His comments, which I skipped after his attempt to sabotage Brothers 3, are generally inane.
    Jason-His voice is not that good. He can hide behind the gimmick of playing drums and singing or moving to a nice upbeat song like tonight, but in the end, he is not a strong or interesting singer. Enjoyable, but limited.
    Dean-Wow!!! Sung with originality, an inner joy and also note perfect, this performance was just absolutely killed. Brilliant in every way. I loved the falsetto yodeling. I loved his ability to project joy, while still being the moody rocker. I am disappointed in the show, but look forward to Dean and Brothers 3 every week, especially Dean. Simply fantastic.
    Caitlyn-I do not get all the praise. At times this held me, but at times, it was a total bore. Nat talks of how she finally was emotionally connected, Foo gives a standing O. I surrender.
    Reigan. I hate when a supposed singing competition is manipulated by the show that puts it on. I guess they decided they want Reigan to be the winner, perhaps to show that they are 100% right in keeping Foo as a judge. Whatever the reason, it disgusts me. Sure this was a good performance, but it was hardly the transcending, epic showing that the judges suggest. They pile on the praise here while they attempt to sabotage Brothers 3. It is clear that this manipulation is intentional. Dani cut Brothers 3 originally fearing that they are anachronistic and would not jive with modern day humans. So they get voted on as the wild card and prove her wrong. Now they are her only act. She is right when she said they have improved every week. This week they show they can be relevant in todays market. Tonight they showed that they could be a group that sells records. For their best performance by a mile they get the full fledged effort to get them off the show. Apparently, the show does not want to sign them, so we have to get inane comments from as expected Foo, but unexpectedly from Ronan, who comes up with dont forget who you are???? R u kidding me. They were Brothers 3 tonight and their harmonies were modern and terrific. I am sickened by this show that gives incessant standing ovations for mediocrity, that refuses to criticize and help make the contestants better and now decides it is time to manipulate the results. I hope Australia votes Brothers 3, all the way to the finals. And if Dean does not win, I sure as shit hope they do. What a joy that would be to screw the people behind the show.

  4. Brothers 3 were good! What is
    that with the judges? They did not do karaoke, it was authentic! Loved it! What
    is going on here? It is just wrong…

    Dean: Man from the first audition I saw him he was something different, one hell of an
    unique personality blessed with a huge artistry. He is such a fresh wind.
    Of course I watched his performance first, because the rest is just not as
    interesting. I loved this version of Budapest. It was happy, but he did not
    loose his mistery. That is also part of his artistry. Beautifull vocals as
    well, combine that witch a charismatic stage presence. He has got the royalty X
    As for the rest of the acts: not interested.
    The results were very surprising, brothers 3 over Dean, hahaha! I love brothers 3 but Dean should be number one imo and then a big silence. Then following: Brothers 3, Reigan, the rest.

  5. I think Brothers 3 already had a career with fans.. I just saw that somewere. Just like Reigan

  6. I think they got the proper bottom 2, although T could be in there as well. I also think they sent the right person home. Her save me performance was mediocre at best. Jason chose to get cliche, but that is what he does, hides his not so strong voice behind happy songs or by playing drums or dancing a bit. I think he was slightly better than Sydnee tonight, although I expect him and then T will be gone the next 2 weeks. I think Australia got it right, although I would flip flop Bros 3+Dean. I also hope this is the last time they reveal where everyone stands. It takes away most of the fun of the competition.

  7. Exact! I also hope they don’t reveal them in exact order anymore! I was like: Noooo! I doont wanna have a doomed winner.. Boring. But what delighted me was that Reigan was not above Dean.. Australia turns out to be appriciating the right original talent with the Hobbits and Dean, although they need to swith those two from position immidiately.

  8. It ruined what little chance X F US had. The 2nd season lost all its viewership for many reasons, trying to make Emblem 3 sing in tune and when the could not, telling them how amazing they are and how the girls love them etc, most of the talent was not very good, but I think you can get through much of that, if there is some excitement to be had by finding out if your act is safe or up for elimination. Every week on X F US the top 2 were the same. There was nothing to the show, so people stopped watching. Now X F Australia is a far superior product, but the judges this year refuse to give any criticism beyond a passing sentence here and there, continue to give standing os for mediocrity and last week tried to sabotage Brothers 3 with criticism that was both inappropriate and made no sense. They proved that they are no longer anachronisms, that they could fit, in todays market. They killed it this week and Foo, who obviously is a moron anyway, says they needed a big moment, WRONG!! The song does not call for it, the intricate melodies and harmonies throughout the song, were the big moments+Ronan said to not forget who they are, well they absolutely did not, they were Brothers 3 but with a bit more modern approach. The show has flaws, but if they chose to show the order of votes every week, you will see the ratings drop, week by week. Pretty soon, no more X F Australia. That would be very sad. Agree, Dean should be number 1 but I do agree that Brothers 3 are #2. The producers want Reigan to win and are doing everything they can to manipulate that result. Happily the Aussies can see right through that bullshit and are voting properly.

  9. Top 2 have to be … HAVE TO BE … Derry and Dean in that order. I am a HUGE Dean fan but Reigan has better vocals, she’s beautiful and I can see her hitting the charts with some massive singles. In 3rd place I see Tee making a come back but only if he’s given the right songs to sing. His vocals are amazing too but he hasn’t been allowed to really shine like he could.

    The three that ave to go over the next 3 weeks are Brothers 3 (next I hope. They are awful and the brown headed brother doesn’t do anything. He’s only there cause he’s a brother and not for talent. These boys need to go.) Marlissa is getting weaker and could leave early. Just like Tee she has been given terrible songs for her to sing. These so called coaches are really hurting the singers. Let the contestants pick their songs one week and you’ll see a huge difference. Lastly Sydnee. I hate to say that cause I really like her and she has a good voice but her vocals are week. I will be sad when she goes but of all the contestants she is the weakest link.

  10. WOW!!! Marlisa
    This is the worldwide ranking
    …2 day YouTube views
    1st Marlisa – Live Show 5 -94,557 views

    2nd Reigan Derry 87,598
    3rd Dean 52,336
    4th Sydnee Carter 43,652
    5th Caitlyn Shadbolt 39,797
    6th Brothers 3 37,059
    7th Jason Heerah 31,472
    8th Tee 25,719 views
    9th Rochelle Pitt 25,673

  11. Next song???????
    “New Sensation” INXS
    “Don’t Stop Me Now” Queen
    “Closer to the Edge” Thirty Seconds to Mars.
    “Nothing Else Matters” Metallica.
    “Seven Nation Army” The White Stripes
    “Heavy Cross” Gossip
    Reigan Derry “Boys in Town” Divinyls,
    “Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall” Coldplay
    could this be Marlisa’s concert?

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