X Factor Australia 6 – Live Show 4 (with VIDEOS)(updated with Results)

Top 10’s is always a good theme. It is a bit vague, but should give all the contestants enough room to find something that they are really good at. The problem, not that it is a super huge problem yet, but so far the themes have been Judge’s Choice, Legends, Decades, and now Top 10s. At some point it would be nice to get a more specific theme and challenge the contestants, in new ways. I just think back to David Cook on Mariah Carey week or Haley Reinhart on Carole King week or Diana DeGarmo on Gloria Estefan week or Camile Velasco on Elton John. Hey only one/fourths of those mentioned were complete disasters. Of that is American Idol, and this is X Factor. I will be back later to update these with my thoughts, but for the time being here are the videos of the top 10 singing top 10s.

Bottom two is Tee vs XOX, for the first week I really though Tee was a contender to be in that finale, but his pitch problems were going to lead him to this bottom 2 eventually. XOX, as much as I loved them, they were never going to be great, unfortunately they too had solid pitch issues. The right decision was probably made and I don’t fault the judges.