X Factor Australia 5 – Results Week 9

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting a bottom two last night. There was one for the Bella Ferraro v The Collective last season, but there wasn’t one for Johnny Ruffo vs Three Wishez the year before that. Combine that with the fact that there were three guest performers tonight (Imagine Dragons, Little Mix, Tina Arena). I just assumed we weren’t going to have enough to get through all of Redfoo’s musings on what makes a great performer fun, and Natalie feeling bad for anyone in the bottom two, and Ronan stating that he isn’t voting strategically and would get mad if someone was and that voting strategically. What was this article about? Oh yes results below.



THIRD D3GREE delivered a really solid vocal of fun and control on Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love.” I presume that one reason they opted for a bottom two was to try and eliminate Jai over 3D if he had been in the bottom two with them. But since it was Taylor Henderson instead, they had to contend with going to deadlock. I wish I could say that 3D deserved a spot in the finale over Taylor, but the performances that they did on the week 9 live show weren’t insanely better than everyone else to warrant the shift. Taylor did a safe performance of “Stand by Me,” but for him it is par for the course and it led him to the grand final. I’m glad we got at the very least to see one last performance out of 3D and I am glad it went to deadlock so that the fourth place vote getter went home, even if that act was 3D. I still think Taylor has a decent shot to win this thing. But maybe I should be taking note of the fact he was in the bottom two. I suppose in part I am expecting some voter backlash and resurgence in Taylor votes because of this bottom two appearance.


Best of luck to the final 3. Thanks for reading. Ed.