X Factor Australia 5 – Results Week 6

The bottom two was exactly as expected, with an expected result. And I am very happy about it, sometimes it is could to be predictable and this is one of those cases.



THIRD D3GREE‘s performance was fun, fresh, wild and funky. Highlighting all of their best attributes. Same thing can be said for JTR‘s one of their best, but at this point. Looking at the two bodies of work from both of these acts. The answer was obvious: only one of them COULD maybe win, and that is 3D. So the judges saved 3D and sent home multiple bottom 2 appears JTR. I hope 3D learns from this and picks fresher more exciting material. This was your one big mess up, do it again and they will be walking the plank before Jai, Omar or Jiordan and frankly they should be able to do better than them.