X Factor Australia 4 – Week 4

The top 9 take on the Legends like Madonna, The Beatles, Michael Jackson and more!


Fourtunate I do not know what happened to you guys, you had such a strong bootcamp and judge’s home performances, but since the live shows they have been seriously subpar.  I just don’t understand why they are performing so poorly, are they distracted by too much dancing? by Ronan’s poor song choices? Whatever it is I am pretty much done with with them, so either turn it around and prove me wrong, or just go home.


Carmelo Munzone sounds pretty decent on “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” but every judge pointed out his timing issues.  Carmelo can sound good, but he has serious lack of x factor.  I do not blame Mel B for picking Carmelo since the best boys were stolen to make The Collective.  And is it just me or did Carmelo look a little bit like a funeral caretaker in this performance.


Shiane Hawke looked age appropriate for the first time during the live shows and you can tell she is embracing her new found stardom.  I think she sounded good, but as Guy Sebastian pointed out this song had no dynamics, nothing special, nothing that made me want to pick up a phone and vote.  I want Shiane to do well, but when the judges were giving her critiques she looked on the verge of tears and the comments weren’t even that negative.  It isn’t gonna be all sunshine and daisy muffins, but you need to toughen up a bit if you want to win and I bet she does.


Samantha Jade did Whitney justice, she did it so clean, and she did look beautiful, but she is so damn boring.  Guy Sebastian is one of the best mentors this show has seen genuinely.  Samantha kills her performances, her looks, her style week after week, but when you ask me to name a list of contestants Sammie is someone I always pass over her.


This is the moment that I have finally considered Jason Owen a front runner, his take on “Dancing in the Dark” was shockingly very cool.  Like I am completely shocked, and how much I was like damn Jason killed it this week.  Can Jason win? Maybe.  Can Jason be in the final 3?  Almost definitely.  Will Jason deserve to be in the final 3 when he gets there because of a string of worthy performances?  Actually yes.


I have to be honest, I just love The Collective I want to them to win so it is hard to not be bias.  I liked the grit in their voices on this Beatles’ classic.  And although the suits were a bit daft, I thought they sold it, despite their cheesy choreography.  They haven’t been at their best since “Domino” but I think they have what it takes to go all the way.


Bella Ferraro is enchanting and I want to say she is growing each week.  Getting more comfortable on the stage that is for sure, but growing I am not sure if I can give her that much credit.  Her take on “Ray of Light” was many shades of beautiful especially in the verses, the chorus could use a bit more help.  I think of all of Natalie’s contestants, Bella is the only one she is managing properly.


Despite Nathaniel Williamse bottom 2 trip two weeks ago and near barely survival deadlock scenario against What About Tonight, Nathaniel is proving why he deserves to be in this competition.  His take on “The Scientist” hit the right notes of serious and sultry.  If Nathaniel wasn’t on a trajectory to be a contender for the title he definitely is now.


Angel Tupai is just coming off of her bottom 2 visit last week against Justin.  She tries to tackle “Dirty Diana” with aggression but honestly just fails, the staging was 10x more aggressive than she was.  Messing up the words didn’t bother me that much, but as Mel said that this is ‘unacceptable’ at this stage in the competition, but if truth be told if that was Angel’s only problem this week she wouldn’t even have problems.  She hits the notes, she looks committed, and she looks fantastic, but she cannot connect.  In the battle of the blandest I don’t know if Angel or Samantha takes the cake.  Both fantastic capable singers, but just not exciting.

Bottom Two




Truth be told I wouldn’t have been that sad to lose either Carmelo or Fourtunate at this stage.  Did the judges make the right choice?  Probably.  I do believe Fourtunate could pull out a fantastic performance, but Carmelo has already hit his peak.  So they probably made the right decision and vote splitting the boybands maybe a strategic move overall.  Leave a comment below!