X Factor 3 Top 6 Poll Results and Predictions


Two contestants will be sent home tonight by the end of The X Factor results show. Here are my predictions and YOUR poll results.

Alex & Sierra are clearly the stars of last night’s X Factor. Right now, they’re rendition of “Say Something” is #1 on iTunes and “Say My Name” is in the Top 20. If Simon was smart he’d stop pimping Restless Road, the mismatched trio he put together, and champion the duo. However, Restless Road’s acoustic version of “Wake Me Up” is charting at #23 at the moment. Simon must be proud.

You guys love Alex & Sierra and Ellona Santiago.  Ellona can sing and dance, but didn’t make much of an impact on iTunes. Jeff Gutt rounds out your Top 3, and his performance of “Without You” was a fav behind Alex & Sierra and Ellona.

The results can be unpredictable on this show, but I’ll take a stab at a prediction. Two acts are going home tonight. Insta elimination will be Rion Paige.  She was in the bottom 3 last week, and she hasn’t exactly stepped up her game since.  There was so much blatant pimping of Carlito Olivero last night, that I have to wonder if he’ll end up in the bottom again. Let’s say he’s bottom 3, facing off against Jeff Gutt. And in a weird turn of events maybe even Ellona Santiago.  I honestly think the judges would save Carlito vs anyone, except Restless Road (If they happen to make the bottom) or Ellona.

My Prediction: Rion Paige and Carlito Olivero or Jeff Gutt

Poll Results!

Favorite Performance

Alex & Sierra – Simon’s Groups – “Say Something” 48.13%
Alex & Sierra – Simon’s Groups – “Say My Name” 11.74%
Ellona Santiago – Demi’s Girls – “Applause” 10.97%
Ellona Santiago – Demi’s Girls – “If I Were a Boy” 9.16%
Jeff Gutt – Kelly’s Over 25’s – “Without You” 8.13%
Restless Road – Simon’s Groups – “Wake Me Up” by Avicci 5.55%
Jeff Gutt – Kelly’s Over 25s – “Daniel” 2.45%
Rion Paige – Demi’s Girls – “Glass” 1.16%
Restless Road – Simon’s Groups – “Red” 1.03%
Rion Paige – Demi’s Girls – “See You Again” 0.77%
Carlito Olivero – Paulina’s Boys – “Stand By Me” 0.77%
Carlito Olivero – Paulina’s Boys – “Let’s Get Loud”  0.13%

Favorite Act

Alex & Sierra 58.22%
Ellona Santiago 20.56%
Jeff Gutt 12.47%
Restless Road 5.57%
Rion Paige 1.99%
Carlito Olivero 1.19%

Who SHOULD Go Home?

Rion Paige 44.74%
Carlito Olivero 34.62%
Restless Road 13.58%
Ellona Santiago 2.66%
Alex & Sierra 2.53%
Jeff Gutt 1.86%

Who WILL go home?

Rion Paige 44.55%
Carlito Olivero 42.72%
Restless Road 5.52%
Jeff Gutt 3.68%
Ellona Santiago 1.84%
Alex & Sierra 2%

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